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Κάλιξ: Η γυναίκα λυκάνθρωπος

Κάλιξ: Η γυναίκα λυκάνθρωπος [PDF] Unlimited ↠ Κάλιξ: Η γυναίκα λυκάνθρωπος : by Martin Millar Μπακοδήμου Αγορίτσα - Κάλιξ: Η γυναίκα λυκάνθρωπος, Runaways

  • Title: Κάλιξ: Η γυναίκα λυκάνθρωπος
  • Author: Martin Millar Μπακοδήμου Αγορίτσα
  • ISBN: 9789600438956
  • Page: 265
  • Format: Paperback

[PDF] Unlimited ↠ Κάλιξ: Η γυναίκα λυκάνθρωπος : by Martin Millar Μπακοδήμου Αγορίτσα, [PDF] Unlimited ↠ Κάλιξ: Η γυναίκα λυκάνθρωπος : by Martin Millar Μπακοδήμου Αγορίτσα, Κάλιξ: Η γυναίκα λυκάνθρωπος, Martin Millar Μπακοδήμου Αγορίτσα, Runaways. [PDF] Unlimited ↠ Κάλιξ: Η γυναίκα λυκάνθρωπος : by Martin Millar Μπακοδήμου Αγορίτσα - Κάλιξ: Η γυναίκα λυκάνθρωπος, Runaways

  • [PDF] Unlimited ↠ Κάλιξ: Η γυναίκα λυκάνθρωπος : by Martin Millar Μπακοδήμου Αγορίτσα
    265Martin Millar Μπακοδήμου Αγορίτσα
Κάλιξ: Η γυναίκα λυκάνθρωπος

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  1. Martin Millar is a critically acclaimed Scottish writer from Glasgow, now resident in London He also writes the Thraxas series of fantasy novels under the pseudonym Martin Scott.The novels he writes as Martin Millar dwell on urban decay and British sub cultures, and the impact this has on a range of characters, both realistic and supernatural There are elements of magical realism, and the feeling that the boundary between real life and the supernatural is not very thick Most of them are set in Brixton, Millar s one time place of residence Many are at least semi autobiographical, and Love and Peace with Melody Paradise and Suzy, Led Zeppelin and Me both feature Millar himself as a character.As Martin Scott his Thraxas novels are a fusion of traditional high fantasy and pulp noir thrillers.In 2000, he won the World Fantasy Award for best novel for Thraxas.

  2. Neil Gaiman loves this guy Need I say Perhaps not but I will anyway I must admit that when I walked into Elliot Bay I was drawn initially to the cover of the book and then I realized it was an author I d previously enjoyed I loved Millar s The Good Fairies of New York for its irreverent take on the fair folk Lonely Werewolf Girl doesn t disappoint It was good balm for my psyche after getting sucked into the world of Twilight A couple things to keep in mind 1 It s laugh out loud funny beware of [...]

  3. The thing is, this was actually a good story I liked the ideas, the history, and some of the characters Had this story been written better and perhaps organized a little differenlty, it could have easily been a captivating series of two or three books But the writing was awful Really, really, awful It s a shame.Before starting Lonely Werewolf Girl, I read a few reviews on and found it curious that so many people said this book read like a first draft, or that it needed a better editor I mean, ho [...]

  4. I really need to reread this, because I wanted to takes some notes while I was going through it, possibly make a paper or something out of it, because these are these are the kinds of books I like to keep my critical teeth sharp on Anytime you have characters who most people would think unlikely to be interested in fashion, that is typically where you will find me writing critical analysis.So fashion obsessed fire elementals practically pull the harbrace handbook off the shelf while the cross dr [...]

  5. I ve never read any Millar before, so I wasn t sure what to expect Neil Gaiman gives him the highest praise, but then he also praised Jody Scott, whose I, Vampire left me almost completely cold But not to worry Lonely Werewolf Girl is brilliant, disjointed, hilarious, convoluted and whimsical The characters are all a little crazy, the overlapping love triangles are somewhat labyrinthine and the family relations are dysfunctional, but it all makes for a very good read, the kind that kept me up un [...]

  6. Beautiful anorexic depressed teenage runaway werewolf drug addict self cutter Do you even need a verb to sell a concept like that Despite being 558 pages, this was a quick read It was fun, but I expected a lot given the praise lavished on the author from the likes of Neil Gaiman and the Guardian The plot was its greatest strength, quite entertaining The premise werewolves exist, and while there are numerous lone wolves spread across the world set in the present , most belong to clans that ladde [...]

  7. The sad thing is that this has a very well developed world, a large cast of interesting, believable characters, and a refreshing take on the werewolf mythos.But the actual prose is just appallingly bad There s stylistic choices, and there s times where you just need to fire your copy editor this would be one of the latter I almost get the impression that this was a movie or comic book script that got turned into a novel one of Millar s favorite tricks is to describe a scene or relate a piece of [...]

  8. Weird, tripy even Witty enough Supposedly fun and funny Somehow not what I was expecting But I liked it well enough Though I ll admit it, the three stars are for the cover Last Words, support indie writers better, fiercely, then you wouldn t have to read misplaced stuff like this one The reason I brought that up is the excellent Only Human I just finished.

  9. Reviewed by Candace Cunard for TeensReadTooThe first thing that hit me about this book was the richness of backstory and the sheer size of the cast of characters Although the plot centers around the titular lonely teen werewolf, Kalix MacRinnalch, she lives in a rich world populated with numerous other characters whose actions interfere with or drive important developments in the story Fifteen year old Kalix is the youngest daughter of the Thane of the MacRinnalch Clan of werewolves She s strong [...]

  10. Also posted on my blog, Rinn Reads.Wow Whatever I was expecting when I picked this book up, it was not this.From first glance, I thought it looked like a typical YA paranormal novel, admittedly I didn t really read the blurb properly What it actually is, however, is a witty, paranormal YA novel filled with black humour and pop culture references, that cleverly and effectively weaves the supernatural into our world I mean, what s not to like about the idea of a family of aristocratic Scottish wer [...]

  11. I picked up this book after seeing a bit of praise from Neil Gaiman about the author.The story focuses on Kalix, an addict, a teenager, and an outcast, hunted member of werewolf royalty First and foremost, Kalix is a teenager She s emo she cuts although this is not a major theme in the book, it does occur for those wishing to avoid anything triggery She whines and complains.She also can t read or write particularly well, wishes Joan Jett was her mother, and thinks Sabrina, the Teenaged Witch is [...]

  12. I don t even know what to say, my love for this book is so immense It says 5 up there, but it s a solid 8 stars.Read the description of the book up above, if it sounds like something you would like, then it probably is I don t want to say anything else about it here because I will gush and cause spoilers to happen For me this book was a master class in How To Tell A Big Story So here are my notes to self There are over 200 chapters, but something amazing happens in almost every single one The ch [...]

  13. This Book Is Terrible.Here, for illustration, is a brief excerpt that does a good job at exemplifying what made this book sound like fan fiction written by a 13 year old Daniel is explaining to his roommate Moonglow that he doesn t want to pursue a werewolf Moonglow Does it mean anything to you that I don t want to be chopped up with a machete or eaten by a werewolf Of course I don t want you to be chopped up or eaten I d miss you terribly Really You d miss me terribly Of course Daniel was pleas [...]

  14. I m very glad to have finished this I m pretty ambivalent about it as the story was good but the writing was dreadful.Not only was it written in tabloid journalism style of very short sentences for the quasi illiterate it told us everything and showed nothing It also employed that horrific device of explaing again with a which means that on a very regular basis, just in case we were too thick to get it the first time I find that excruciatingly frustrating.All of that said, the story was good, in [...]

  15. This is an odd book None of the characters are truly likable for any character, pick two or of the following crazy, violent, criminal, pathetic, annoying, stupid, or heartless And yet they and their story captivated me.Lonely Werewolf Girl is also well written from a literary standpoint Characters are hardly described at all all the characterization stems from other sources action or dialogue An incredible number of characters and plot threads are woven together in a seamless and perfectly comp [...]

  16. Kalix MacRinnalch is a 17 year old runaway who happens to LOVE the Runaways and wishes Joan Jett were her mom She s clinically depressed, she s addicted to opiates laudanum, really , she cuts herselfd she s a werewolf princess.Really, Martin Millar s Lonely Werewolf Girl shouldn t work It has an unwieldy cast numbering in the dozens with almost as many PoVs , the main character is sort of an emo Mary Sue she s got this long gorgeous hair, when she s not starving herself everyone notices how beau [...]

  17. It was the worst of books it was the best of books Lonely Werewolf Girl was honestly an odd one and I am not certain exactly what I thought of it I read it with one of the groups and am looking forward to discussing it My quickly written review followsThe editing was just plain badme think that is someone s besides the author s responsibility Not sure about that, if it s the author s work is he not at least somewhat responsible Repeating of words and actions was annoying at the least I m not con [...]

  18. My brother gifted me this book, because he know I like werewolves and Neil Gaiman I read it all hoping desperately to find any redeeming quality, but it was a moot quest This book is horrible The characters are all completely unlikeable or two dimensional caricatures Everybody is really really ridicolously good looking, and the plot is a tangled mess Kalix is clearly interchangeable with Enoby Dementia Dark ness Ravenway or Felice Fawn for that matter, cough cough and the prose is what I expect [...]

  19. I really tried But I could tell something was wrong by the way I kept trying to convince myself I was too busy tired to read, and kept putting it off until tomorrow I should know better by now I always have time for a good book This wasn t a good book And much as I hate leaving books halfway through a stubborn obsession of mine which has gotten me through lots of other bad books , Lonely Werewolf Girl is now part of the Unfinishable s list.It sounded like a really fun and tongue in cheek concept [...]

  20. I loved this werewolf book All of the characters, their complicated relationships, their varied abilities and motivations, and the well thought out plot engaged me Even the humor got several laughs out loud from me, and lots of smiles I look forward to reading Martin Millar.

  21. The sad thing is that this has a very well developed world, a large cast of interesting, believable characters, and a refreshing take on the werewolf mythos.But the actual prose is just appallingly bad There s stylistic choices, and there s times where you just need to fire your copy editor this would be one of the latter I almost get the impression that this was a movie or comic book script that got turned into a novel one of Millar s favorite tricks is to describe a scene or relate a piece of [...]

  22. Overall, I enjoyed this book The idea was entertaining and I liked the pacing and off beat feel of it BUT I got really annoyed with the whole Thrix fashionista sub plot mostly because I didn t give a damn and got really bored with the constant repetition of Malveria or whatever her name was throwing the exact same fit over and over again Also, the constant reiteration of how thin all the main females were got pretty old I understand that in some contexts it was some form of mockery, but come on [...]

  23. This was a meh kind of read I was expecting when I got it I don t think it was intended to be a book for a young adults but that was how the writing came off some of the time The character development was interesting but the dialogue kind of made you cringe at times In a who the hell says that kind of way And the ending was not kind exactly what I was expecting so that was refreshing A good read by the pool with an en duble margarita.

  24. Valutare questo libro per me davvero difficile.Appena iniziato, ho subito notato un livello di scrittura piuttosto basso L autore non descrive mai nulla, se non l aspetto dei personaggi e comunque solo per farci sapere che sono tutti bellissimi e affascinanti , non sembra conoscere la famosa regola show, don t tell e il libro pieno di momenti ripetitivi di cui si poteva benissimo fare a meno.Eppure, ho apprezzato tantissimo il suo umorismo, l assurdit dei suoi personaggi, che, sebbene non fosser [...]

  25. When I found myself avoiding picking it up today I thought it was because my back hurts and it s such a big book Then I chose a 600 page hardback to read next using my wonderful book stand and realized that that wasn t the problem I don t dislike the book There are a lot of things I like about the book But I don t really care about it It a too big, too slow, too full of detailed family history and politics that I don t care about It s kind of like a clever and original version of all of those J [...]

  26. Explaining a Millar book takes a long time and requires a good deal of patience from your listener reader Suffice to say, this book fucking rules It is hilarious, violent, and insightful proof that a so called fantasy novel can plumb the depths of human well, and other beings emotions, friendship, love, and interaction just as well as literature and have killer werewolf battles to boot Basic set up 1 The youngest daughter of the ruling Scottish werewolf clan has attacked and killed their Thane, [...]

  27. Usually urban fantasy isn t my thing.This book changed my mind.A lot of things impressed me about this book.First of all the protagonist is a teenage girl werewolf with a lot of issues.She is depressed has panic attacks and when she feels too bad she cuts herself because that makes her feel better.Most importantly she is a fierce werewolf because she was born under the full moon in a werewolf form.She attacked the chief of the most ancient werewolf clan who happens to be her father the Thane.Aft [...]

  28. Martin Millar has two things going for him as a writer with regards to this book He s good at plotting pacing, and he s got a wink in his eye sense of humour, which makes some of his characters a delight to read particularly Malveria and Agrivex, it has to be said Unfortunately, there are many, many flaws in this book, starting with the dire need for a proofreader oh, the punctuation, the typos, the spelling mistakes Probably at least one on every page , and continuing to the strange tendency fo [...]

  29. Apparently many people like this book, and Neil Gaiman recommended the author, but I just couldn t get into it I read nineteen pages and just wanted to take a red pen to it Some of it was almost funny I could see where some of the melodrama, if developed properly, could be quite amusing But the execution was feeble, and I couldn t stomach reading another 539 pages like the first 19 I know this may be ironic as I read Laurell K Hamilton s books like candy, but something just rubbed me wrong about [...]

  30. Great fun, and very compulsive reading raced through this I love his stories, because they are very familiar lots about London, and students, and bands playing gigs but they also manage to include all sorts of strange stuff werewolves for instance that seem to fit in so well with the rest of it I can almost believe that I ve met werewolves too.However, one thing irked me about this book it seems as though proof reading consisted largely of running a computer spell check since there were quite a [...]

  31. 5 10Pur con una scrittura quasi per nulla descrittiva, l autore riesce a stiracchiare una trama da 150 pagine fino a farla diventare un malloppo il risultato che non si capisce a che punto parta la storia, che compie diversi scarti in corsa e termina a met , lasciandoci con un pugno di mosche in mano Qualche idea buona, ma praticamente buttata via, e personaggi con del potenziale vengono annacquati nello stereotipo Kalix, Malveria Non ho visto nemmeno le risate di cui molti parlavano.