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The Long Divorce

The Long Divorce The Long Divorce Best Download || [Edmund Crispin] - The Long Divorce, The Long Divorce Gervase Fen is summoned by a friend to a pretty village whose inhabitants are thrown into distress by a spate of anonymous poison pen letters

  • Title: The Long Divorce
  • Author: Edmund Crispin
  • ISBN: 9780140013047
  • Page: 354
  • Format: Ebook

The Long Divorce Best Download || [Edmund Crispin], The Long Divorce Best Download || [Edmund Crispin], The Long Divorce, Edmund Crispin, The Long Divorce Gervase Fen is summoned by a friend to a pretty village whose inhabitants are thrown into distress by a spate of anonymous poison pen letters. The Long Divorce Best Download || [Edmund Crispin] - The Long Divorce, The Long Divorce Gervase Fen is summoned by a friend to a pretty village whose inhabitants are thrown into distress by a spate of anonymous poison pen letters

  • The Long Divorce Best Download || [Edmund Crispin]
    354Edmund Crispin
The Long Divorce

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  1. Edmund Crispin was the pseudonym of Robert Bruce Montgomery 1921 1978 His first crime novel and musical composition were both accepted for publication while he was still an undergraduate at Oxford After a brief spell of teaching, he became a full time writer and composer particularly of film music He wrote the music for six of the Carry On films But he was also well known for his concert and church music He also edited science fiction anthologies, and became a regular crime fiction reviewer for The Sunday Times His friends included Philip Larkin, Kingsley Amis and Agatha Christie.He had always been a heavy drinker and, unfortunately, there was a long gap in his writing during a time when he was suffering from alcohol problems Otherwise he enjoyed a quiet life enlivened by music, reading, church going and bridge in Totnes, a quiet corner of Devon, where he resisted all attempts to develop or exploit the district, visiting London as little as possible He moved to a new house he had built at Week, a hamlet near Dartington, in 1964, then, late in life, married his secretary Ann in 1976, just two years before he died from alcohol related problems His music was composed using his real name, Bruce Montgomery source homepage.ntlworld philipg N.B A biography by David Whittle, Bruce Montgomery Edmund Crispin A Life in Music and Books ISBN 10 0754634434 was published in June 2007.

  2. THE LONG DIVORCE 1951 Edmund Crispin .In the village of Cotton Abbas, an epidemic of scandalous letters sent to the local villagers threatens to bring down the usually harmonious nature of its village life The letters each reveal to the recipients some little known fact of their former lives that threaten their status in the neighborhood if that information gets out Along comes a walker from London a Mr Datchery Walker His goal was to walk the byways of London, touring some of the older regions [...]

  3. Go with me like good angels to my end,And as the long divorce of steel falls on me,Make of your prayers one sweet sacrifice,And lift my soul to heaven Shakespeare Henry VIII 2.1.92 95 These lines, spoken by Buckingham just before his execution, provide Edmund Crispin with the title for one of the best of the Gervase Fen mysteries.Fen comes to the village of Cotten Abbas in the guise of Mr Datchery to investigate a series of anonymous letters Datchery is a mysterious character in Dickens Edwin Dr [...]

  4. This mystery novel is set in the UK in 1950 It is old fashioned, not because of that setting, but because there s no real violence, no car chases, no foul language, but just a puzzle of a mystery It turns out I ve become habituated to the action hero type of modern mystery which usually isn t much of a mystery at all and I didn t realize how much I miss the puzzle mystery genre until reading this fine book This book is also a reminder that there was a time when folks used a very broad vocabulary [...]

  5. I love Edmund Crispin s mysteries, and I am thrilled to see that most or all of them are back in print These are British mysteries with Oxford don Gervase Fen as the detective They re funny Crispin has a great sense of humor and quirky in kind of postmodern way For example, Crispin might have a real person stroll by as the characters take note There goes C S Lewis, remarks Gervase Fen as he glances out the window of the Eagle and Child Bird and Baby, where the Inklings used to meet in Oxford Or, [...]

  6. In this entertaining story of anonymous letters and murder Gervase Fen is undercover in the village of Cotton Abbas asking questions and generally finding his way into everything which is going on In his inimitable fashion he soon uncovers all the villagers secrets, the author of the letters and the murderer.This is a light hearted story with plenty of amusing incidents and some marvellous characters including the cat, Lavender, who chases Martians and destroys everything in his way Though the b [...]

  7. As much as I really liked The Moving Toyshop for the playful way with the story and characters, The Long Divorce has far less engaging characters and story I can still clearly recall many parts of the Moving Toyshop and can hardly recall much of The Long Divorce The writing is fine for a mystery The setting is well defined, especially the rural areas The characters are also illustrated well but with less spark than in The Moving Toyshop There is a significant and needless plot device used, it se [...]

  8. I was a bit dubious about this going in, because I fairly recently reread another Crispin and found it irritating and not quite able to decide on whether it was being meta about the genre, humourous, or a serious puzzle mystery in the context of having read around the same time some other Silver Age British mysteries which had similar issues But I thought this one was a whole lot better, not to mention the period details such as Fen pretending to be a Mass Observer, and the whole blood grouping [...]

  9. Very good mystery ignore the blurb on the back of the book, as it is completely misleading Although I managed to work out parts of the solution, I couldn t see how it all went together Crispin also threw in a suspenseful side plot towards the end which kept me from being able to ponder on the clues Fen is incognito for the majority of the book, although for readers familiar with him it was easy to spot who he was on first appearance Visiting the village of Cotten Abbas to investigate a spate of [...]

  10. Have just re read this after many years and was thoroughly justified in picking it up again I just love this man s style of writing Such wonderful prose with wit and humour A bit like a slightly high brow Colin Watson, my other favourite writer Fen is a great character and although he doesn t feature all that much in this story, his presence is important at the end There are plenty of clues and it wasn t difficult to figure out who did what but that didn t detract from my enjoyment at all.If yo [...]

  11. Deliciously humorous village life and a sympathetic treatment of female characters I was grateful that Crispin exposed Fen s incognito immediately to readers, because his deprecatory humor is a lot of the fun.

  12. Love Edmund Crispin he writes so well but his main character Fen is quite sarky and feisty which is great, although he can be stern and angry when he wants This book romps along happily with great descriptions of the exciting scenes with a love interest as well for good measure I first read most of the Fen books a long time ago so it s good to come back to them now.

  13. Literate mysteriesCharming cozy mystery with a complicated but believable solution add humor and a quaint English town and it would take a real curmudgeon to ask for Perfect as far as I m concerned.

  14. The title seems to have nothing to do with the book and some events strain suspension of disbelief but I enjoyed the heck out of this book For me it s been the best of the series so far.

  15. The cat, named Lavender dreams of chasing Martians well, it IS 1951 Mrs Babington lies ill with influenza in June The reader learns that Constable Burns is self taught on amongst other esoteric subjects forensic chemistry, Egyptology, religious heresy, and the identification of perfumes Meanwhile, Mr Datchery, as a Mass Observer, is studying aspects of rural life Crispin cooks the perfect English village mystery murder I really simply cannot understand why no writer has produced a screenplay to [...]

  16. Another Gervase Fen mystery, although this time he s theoretically undercover or at least going by an alias as he investigates a series of poison pen letters murder in a picturesque village It took me a while for me to get into it and for the characters to grow on me, but it they did eventually And really, a while is a relative term, since the books read so quickly once they get going And yes, as twisty as I ve come to expect, although not quite as ha ha ha Really enjoyable, though.

  17. It was such a delight to come upon this wonderful classic British mystery from 1950 and remember why they were so popular The sleuth was too clever for us mere mortals this was not a book where the clues were likely to be unraveled by the reader although SOME people might do so If so, then they have REALLY convoluted minds , but Fen made it all seem logical.Enjoyable characters and no graphic nastiness Thoroughly entertaining BUT I DO NOT UNDERSTAND THE TITLE CAN ANYONE HELP

  18. This book sat on my bookshelf forever without me touching it because I thought it was about a long divorce boring However, there was nothing about any divorce in it and it turned out to be a cute mystery romance After reading it I searched for a clue to the title, and on the title page it says The long divorce of steel from Henry VIII, Act 2, scene 1, which is where someone gets killed so the title is a bit abstract, but the book is worth reading.

  19. Just recently discovered the Gervase Fen series and I adore it It s a perfect example of Golden Age detective fiction and reminds me a lot of my beloved Christie The novel is short so many of the supporting characters aren t as fleshed out as I d like but the mystery is intriguing and I enjoyed the novelty of the author s final solution.

  20. This 1950s mystery was lent to me by a serious mystery reading family It was very well written with great descriptions and vocabulary The ending seems inevitable until it turns out it isn t at all Very much enjoyed it.

  21. Nice setting again for this Fen book I remember long walks in the English countryside most evocative the near suicide at bridge over a scenic river It s all about poison pen letters and the local watering hole and an attractive gal coming out of her shell.

  22. The Gervase Fen mysteries are always enjoyable This one was peopled with excellent characters and while the plot which included poisoned pen letters seemed trite, the way in which it was handled was original and in the end quite entertaining.

  23. Fen spends much of his time incognito, but if you pay close attention to what he s doing you ll be directed as to who is doing what Probably the most well flushed out writing of various characters of all his books.As usual well done, though I do miss Fen s antics which fill other books.

  24. This was a short and enjoyable British mystery involving anonymous letters and a couple of murders No divorce the title refers to a line in Shakespeare s Henry VIII.

  25. I love Fen, and was unsure about how much I d enjoy this one since he has a smaller part, but I was happily carried on by the other characters.