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Whose Panties Are These?

Whose Panties Are These? Unlimited Whose Panties Are These? - by Jennifer L. Leo - Whose Panties Are These?, Whose Panties Are These Misadventures from Funny Women On The Road Sequel to the Bestseller Sand In MY Bra A collection of humorous short stories that is a great summer read

  • Title: Whose Panties Are These?
  • Author: Jennifer L. Leo
  • ISBN: 1932361111
  • Page: 373
  • Format: Paperback

Unlimited Whose Panties Are These? - by Jennifer L. Leo, Unlimited Whose Panties Are These? - by Jennifer L. Leo, Whose Panties Are These?, Jennifer L. Leo, Whose Panties Are These Misadventures from Funny Women On The Road Sequel to the Bestseller Sand In MY Bra A collection of humorous short stories that is a great summer read. Unlimited Whose Panties Are These? - by Jennifer L. Leo - Whose Panties Are These?, Whose Panties Are These Misadventures from Funny Women On The Road Sequel to the Bestseller Sand In MY Bra A collection of humorous short stories that is a great summer read

  • Unlimited Whose Panties Are These? - by Jennifer L. Leo
    373Jennifer L. Leo
Whose Panties Are These?

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  1. Problogger and new media consultant Los Angeles Times Web Buzz columnist This Week in Travel podcast host Editor of the Travelers Tales Sand in My Bra Series Co founder of BestKidsApps One of Elliott s 50 Travel Twitterers to Follow

  2. I don t read a lot of short stories And I was reminded as to why with this book It always seems that some of the stories are amazing, some are ok, and others just fall flat Whose Panties Are These is a novel of collected stories from women who travel They are funny, enlightening, enriching, traumatizing, and or shocking Most recount a particular moment from the writers travels and you can tell that others are just a short snippet of a larger piece of work I tended to find that the longer the sto [...]

  3. A short collection of stories of female travelers, each chapter a different story relaying an experience that at the time was probably not quite as funny as the present retelling More than just tales of missing a bus, these are female centric stories attempting to purchase a new pair of underwear in an Indian market where all of the vendors appear to be involved in finding the American sized item, a need to obtain hemorrhoid cream from a confused pharmacist complete with descriptive body languag [...]

  4. Being in a constant state of wanderlust, I always enjoy reading listening to stories of travel This book offers great short essays of a variety of circumstances encountered while travelling, and I enjoyed every one of them

  5. Neither entertaining nor well written I only read halfway before abandoning it Life s too short to read books like this.

  6. Ok, so the only reason I m reading this book and the 3rd one in the series is because they were lent to me and I was told I have to read them Otherwise, after the first book in this series, Sand in My Bra, I would have just stopped as I did not enjoy it This one, while a little better, still wasn t that great.The whole premise of these books is that they are funny travel narratives written by women This means that these stories take place all over the world and even in the United States for diff [...]

  7. Each chapter is from a different author who shares a personal story of unlikely happenings or personal revelations during travel With a title describing misadventures from funny women I expected a little humor from this book Some of the essays were an absolute riot, others were just dull as could be Some of the reflections provided are poignant and it s a bit of a disservice to them to have them grouped under such a title because the lessons might be lost on some readers only looking for comedy [...]

  8. Collection of short, light hearted travel stories by women All the stories were pretty much equally average, though there was some interesting insight into other cultures Some of the bios read like resumes The only story that stood out was an excerpt from the book No Touch Monkey And Other Travelers Lessons Learned Too Late by Ayun Halliday The rest of the stories were generally unremarkable as far as writing, one author sounded very much like another I think it made me chuckle twice, but other [...]

  9. I learned my lesson s really isn t a good idea to judge a book by it s cover I saw this book many times, before purchasing it and finally just had to get it, because the picture on the cover made me laugh The back cover promised hilarious travel misadventurese picture on the cover is the funniest thing about the book.Although the book had many interesting travel stories, few were as funny as the book promised It may have had many good qualities, but the book just didn t deliver in the way I was [...]

  10. I than didn t like this book this book is so horrible that I actually ripped it half, down the spine Books are sacred to me, so that is a radical action, believe me This book was so obnoxious and ethnocentric it s ONLY merit is for fodder for a study on how exploitative and insipid travel writing can be, but at this point in my life I couldn t be bothered to finish it even to analyze it I d give a negative rating if I could.

  11. eh, an OK book if you want a mindless read Another short story book all about travel misadventures around the world they are not all about underwear, but some are Some of them were funny, but those were all at the start of the book Some of the stories were gross, or just wierd My favorite was one of the first stories where an american woman was trying to buy underware in a rural, small Indian town.

  12. Collection of short stories about women s travelling misadventures Very poorly written, not at all funny and very cumbersome to read Stories such as getting ants in their pants, missing the cable car down from the Great Wall of China, getting felt up on a subway in Japan and having an affair on a business trip in Miami Not real adventures, not even funny mishaps It was overly written with too many unnecessary metaphors and forced wit.

  13. Another funny collection of travel stories These were a bit grosser and shocking A great quote from the editor There is a big difference between misadventurists and whiners May I always approach travel follies as a misadventurist I must work on making travel happen to me Even if only finding adventure in small ways.

  14. Not as funny as I Hope They Serve Beer in Hell, but definitely appropriate for sharing with your seatmate while on the way to the zoo with your class Has some good giggles about women and their traveling mishaps My favorite of which involves a sharp burning sensation in the bits and pieces and the surrounding women smiling in understanding and breathing the word hormigas.

  15. This is the second book in this series I have readwasn t the best, wasn t the worst Some of the stories are laugh out loud hilarious, some just so sobut I enjoyed them alle these writers have a way of putting you in their shoes.d hey anytime I can step out of mine, I m a happy camper All in all another enjoyable book for anyone who likes this genre Which is me

  16. Women submitted stories from their travels around the world and Jennifer Leo editor complied the best of the submissions Several are very funny All show you something new about a country and can whet your appetite if you ve been wanting to be a globe trotter I learned something new about many cultures from these anecdotal tales.

  17. Non fiction collection of stories by female travelers There are only two books in memory that I have laughed aloud during, and this is one of them Probably relevant for women particularly women who travel , but I don t see why men couldn t find at least parts of it funny as well.

  18. Humorous stories written by women all over the world who have traveled the world over Strange and comical happenings in new places and cultures will leave yoou chuckling and wanting to pull out that passport

  19. I wouldn t call it high literature, and some of the stories are even quite badly written, but it s great stuff to read while you need to while away the time, say on a train Very diverting, and also recognizable.

  20. It s not what you think and it s hysterically funny I love travel writing, this is a great collection of travel stories by women I found it because I was looking for other titles by one of the contributing authors.

  21. very light but entertaining reading highlighting some of the mishaps that commonly or not so commonly happen while traveling.

  22. A fun little book to read on the beach preferably with drink in hand Much like the other books in the series, the short stories that comprise it are pretty hit or miss.

  23. As with Sand in My Bra and Other Misadventures Funny Women Write from the Road, some of the stories are funny but some are boring It s a quick read, though.