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True Mates

True Mates [PDF] Download ✓ True Mates : by Zena Wynn - True Mates, True Mates Book TRUE MATESKiesha Morgan is a plus sized bi racial business woman who lives life on her own terms Her life is all about controlher control She owns her own business her own condo and conducts

  • Title: True Mates
  • Author: Zena Wynn
  • ISBN: 9781596326279
  • Page: 382
  • Format: ebook

[PDF] Download ✓ True Mates : by Zena Wynn, [PDF] Download ✓ True Mates : by Zena Wynn, True Mates, Zena Wynn, True Mates Book TRUE MATESKiesha Morgan is a plus sized bi racial business woman who lives life on her own terms Her life is all about controlher control She owns her own business her own condo and conducts her relationships the same way she runs her business by her rules Any man that doesn t like it is welcome to leave Alex Wolfe is the town of Refuge s only veterinariaBook TRUE MATESKiesh. [PDF] Download ✓ True Mates : by Zena Wynn - True Mates, True Mates Book TRUE MATESKiesha Morgan is a plus sized bi racial business woman who lives life on her own terms Her life is all about controlher control She owns her own business her own condo and conducts

  • [PDF] Download ✓ True Mates : by Zena Wynn
    382Zena Wynn
True Mates

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  1. Zena Wynn is a multi published author of erotic and sensual romance in various romance subgenres Interracial, Contemporary, Paranormal, Sci Fi Fantasy, and Inspirational She writes the type of stories she loves to read stories with great characters who, through love and determination, overcome all the challenges that come their way Her heroes and heroines are passionately, lovingly, devoted to each other Zena wants her characters to stick with readers long after The End.

  2. So this was mostly porn More than halfway through the book the porn settles down and you get some sort of a plot I like the idea of soulmates but this came nowhere near to be satisfying in that regard Literally, this book was sex and a hint at a plot No time for conflict, apparently Normally I don t LIKE conflict Normally I m yelling at the characters to get over themselves and just give in to loving the other character This time I was like, REALLY You re just going to accept this with no questi [...]

  3. Description A bi racial woman who works too hard and plays too little is unexpectedly transported to a meadow, where she is literally left hanging for her true mate werewolf He finds her oh, does he find her But will her need for control kill their newfound relationship The Good Well, the sex comes fast and hot But at the same time I completely believed that these two passionate people would hook up from the jump off Ms Wynn does a great job setting up the story in that regard And it s a great s [...]

  4. There is a fine line between an alpha and an asshole and this guy is the latter He s not trying to be, but he keeps neglecting to tell the girl things that are vitally important among other douche moves and she s just cool with it.It could have been a lot better if the female lead was a stronger character, but she was weak and annoying Boo

  5. This book includes True Mates and Nikolai s Wolf I absolutely loved both stories True Mates 5 stars This is the story of Kiesha Morgan and Alex Wolfe Kiesha is kidnapped and hung on a tree naked by a friend who believed in werewolves She wakes up and is suddenly surrounded by a pack of wolves One of them shifts into a man Alex the alpha and claims she is his true mate He has been awaiting the arrival of his true mate for twenty years and now that he has found her, he is determined to keep her I [...]

  6. So I m almost done with this book Here is my opinion If you re looking for porn aka erotica, then this is for you Don t get me wrong, I love reading sex scenes in books I mean jesus, it s why I read romance books Add that with paranormal and you ve got me sold Yet, despite reading a bunch of reviews on this, I had high hopes it would have maybe a little bit of a plot or storyline going on It doesn t You pretty much start off with her tied up in the woods and it just goes immediately into several [...]

  7. The first book in the True Mates series was good There wasn t anything too special about it unless you count the author and how she always mixes up the races Usually black and white being together in a book I m not usually into books with mixed races, I tend to stick to the white books Don t worry, I m not racist, I hate everyone equally However we all have our own preferences The storyline in this one was a bit unreal Like hello, the heroine just happened to wake up in the woods, tied to a tree [...]

  8. It has been a little while since I read this book but here is what I recallI love the series Yummy romance involving shifters Plenty of steamy action and a touch of humor Definitely a series to get into I started it and didn t stop until I reached the last book that was released I am always looking for the next book If you like steamy shifter romances this is a series to look into

  9. 4 stars This book was interesting, even though it felt like I was in a History class when the moment the teacher decides to talk about the Myths of Werewolves and Vampires Now it doesn t mean that I didn t like it, it meant that it was like the french says Como Si, Como Sa The characters hmm, the plot, hmm Yeah that much says it all.

  10. meh not the best writing, I couldn t relate to the characters since they didn t make sense most of the time, like Kiesha being ok with a stranger pretty much raping her while she was unconscious and after that, all the senseless sex just made it worse.

  11. This is the first, but also the weakest, in the True Mates series It basically sets up the characters and world builds I recommend you keep reading because it does get better.

  12. I read this book after reading books 2 4 of the series I really liked it and it kept nicely in theme with the other books but I wish it was slightly longer I felt it ended too abruptly.

  13. I did not like this book The characters reacted strangely and I think the h took things or situations way over the top It started out not so bad but the I read the I disliked the book Some things seemed to happen out of nowhere and I had to go back to make sure I hadn t missed something.

  14. I just really don t like the concept of soul mates, it s really trite and I don t like the fact she was kidnapped and then some random guy slept with her and she never considered going back to her life Well written though

  15. it wasn t a bad read but it didn t really drag me in the plot was fairly thin and i didn t like either of the main characters or their actions and reactions not too sure at this point whether i will continue with this series

  16. Zena Wynn True MatesISBN 9781596326279Steamy Hot Page Turner Alex Wolfe is a werewolf, the alpha of his pack He wants to wait for his true love, his soul mate His friend, Conor has the uncanny way of sniffing out one s true mate and he does so for Alex, leaving her tied to the tree in the forest Keisha Morgan, a woman who is used to being in control isn t exactly sure how she likes being told she is Alex s woman She thinks Alex is one gorgeous man who knows how to make her feel all so much like [...]

  17. So funny things I often don t read book blurbs or if I do, it s weeks or months after putting it on my Nook where you can t read the book blurb , so it is totally a surprise what I end up reading at times Especially when you ve got over 400 books chilling on your Nook waiting to be read.Which means it wasn t for 79 pages out of like 104 that I realized Keisha was biracial It wasn t that I imagined her as white I just didn t imagine her as anything other than there was a comment about her having [...]

  18. So, I have mixed feelings about this one I liked the story, but there was so much sex going on I sort of lost track of the plot The beginning annoyed me that Alex didn t wait to get in Kisha s pantsup her shirt I mean, she wasn t wearing pants and all at the timeyways He just helped himself to her with she was tied to a tree unconscious Kisha was really accepting of everything and Alex didn t tell her anything She had to learn it all from his beta, and even then she wasn t told everything She wa [...]

  19. To be truthful I could not finish this book I couldn t even get to the middle of it The beginning started out with the heroine tied up in the middle of the woods by her friend and the gentleman who is the hero basically scares her enough to faint by shifting from a wolf to a person, then is all oh she s my mate let me essentially f k her while she is sleeping So the book fundamentally begins with a rape that just slides right on by since the heroine ends with an orgasm, fun fact just because you [...]

  20. Warning Spontaneous combustion may occur while reading this dangerously sexy storyThis book has some steamy love scenes that is for sure If you love to read books that have tons of erotica with a little plot added to make it interesting then you are in the right place True Mates will have you panting over the sinfully delightful sexual encounters between the two They do not go too over the top though no bondage or whips The hero is also a werewolf who will do anything to keep his mate with him [...]

  21. I really like werewolves and such It s pretty interesting The first part or first meeting was absolutely amazing The way he sniffed her and she was just like hanging there It was damn awesome I love the change in the character, how she tried to cope with things and make decisions I especially like the character of Kiesha and the only thing I had a problem is with the perfectness of the wolves They seem like Gods or something, it s too much praise and no blemish That s what I was not okay with, i [...]

  22. The first book in the True Mates series suffers from a lack of edition and proof reading The story is interesting, but the author spends too much time on the erotic angle and not enough on the heart of the story Keisha is getting older and has not found any one to marry She is totally and thoroughly independent She knows there are shape shifters, because she has been told about them by her friend Conor One night she awakens in a forest hanging from a tree Suddenly wolves appear and Keisha s life [...]

  23. I skim read most of this and I am not sure how I even came to have a copy among my To Read folder Kidnapping the oblivious heroine and hanging her up in the forest for her true mate to find her is just start of what I did not find attractive about this story I will never again make the mistake of reading a shifter story where there are not at least two men as the couple This is mainly because I find the term pussy is just stomach turning I think I will need to re read Kim Dare s Pack Discipline [...]

  24. I got this book for free And STILL think I spent too much money on it It made zero sense, switched viewpoints at random points, gave zero back story, zero perspective and well, was just generally blah I went ahead and read it, simply because I m stubborn I can only remember one book that I never finished in all my years of reading, but I was seriously considering making this book 2 if it hadn t been super short, I d probably have MADE it 2.

  25. Honestly I can t remember when I started or finished this but I do remember wanting to take my time because I read the books out of order and I had finally gotten a hold this first book of the series Zena s writing is good as usual but her style has definitely matured in her later works which is the only reason I left off one star for this I encourage any and all to read the whole series though because this was the start of something amazing

  26. These were two god books with a lot of heat My only complaint was the length I feel like since the two stories were being combined here, they should have each been just a little shorter There was a lot of repetition in Nikolai s Wolf and the extended amount of time we had to wait for them to get together caused me to lose interest early on in the story.

  27. If a friend did to me what he did to her, not caring for my well being I would try to kill him, not Wh ing myself to some strange man who turns to wolft my thing at all, i will be careful on taking recommendations in the future friends and I are on the same page when it comes to what we consider romance.This ain t it.

  28. Lots of sex but little that added anything new to the shapeshifter genre Not terrible, by any means, but lacking in tension Kiera took to everything thrown at her so quickly and easily that I kept waiting for the other shoe to drop and it never did Kelly Reading the Paranormal

  29. This book totally rocks Keisha finds herself away from home away from all that she knows and is comfortable with and faced with the prospect of everything she could ever want to be happy and content with her life There s only one catch her happily ever after comes in the form of a wolf shifter Is it for real and can she accept things for what they are