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The Kill

The Kill [PDF] Download ↠ The Kill : by L.J. Smith - The Kill, The Kill The bestselling author of The Vampire Diaries now completes her terrifying romantic horror trilogy Before disappearing into the Shadow World Julian takes Jenny Thornton s boyfriend and cousin To get

  • Title: The Kill
  • Author: L.J. Smith
  • ISBN: 9780671874537
  • Page: 197
  • Format: Paperback

[PDF] Download ↠ The Kill : by L.J. Smith, [PDF] Download ↠ The Kill : by L.J. Smith, The Kill, L.J. Smith, The Kill The bestselling author of The Vampire Diaries now completes her terrifying romantic horror trilogy Before disappearing into the Shadow World Julian takes Jenny Thornton s boyfriend and cousin To get them back she must go on a treasure hunt To lose means paying the devil himself Consumer sweepstakes. [PDF] Download ↠ The Kill : by L.J. Smith - The Kill, The Kill The bestselling author of The Vampire Diaries now completes her terrifying romantic horror trilogy Before disappearing into the Shadow World Julian takes Jenny Thornton s boyfriend and cousin To get

  • [PDF] Download ↠ The Kill : by L.J. Smith
    197L.J. Smith
The Kill

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  1. I have a new blog about my Vampire Diaries fanfic author_blogL.J SMITH, Lisa Jane Smith, is the New York Times 1 Bestselling author of The Vampire Diaries, The Secret Circle, The Forbidden Game, Dark Visions, Wildworld and Night World series She has written over two dozen books for children and young adults, and has enjoyed writing every one of them She lives in the Bay Area of California, with a backyard that is full of flowers, which she adores, especially with many different shades of roses.She loves to visit a friend s little cabin in the Point Reyes National Seashore area, which has lots of trees, lots of animals, lots of beaches to walk on, and lots of places to hike Once, while hiking, she saw a snow white buck which allowed her to follow it nearly half a mile She also likes to collect things angels they remind her of her late mother , tiny boxes from different countries or of fanciful shape, nineteenth century children s literature, and books about quantum physics especially about the mystery of the dark energy in the universe A militant optimist, she is also part of the Velociraptor Sisterhood a fancy way of saying that she likes to read, write and discuss books with strong female characters , and she has traveled extensively in Europe and the Far East The two countries she loves to visit most are Great Britain, with its historic monuments and amazing country landscapes, and Japan, with its bustling urban life and exquisite mountain scenery.Her favorite current writer is Terry Pratchett, the author of the Discworld series, for its wild and witty satires on life, death, war, love, assassins, coppers, and Australia Her favorite classical writer is Jane Austen Her favorite poets are Robert Frost and Emily Dickinson Her favorite movies are The Seven Samurai and Avatar analyze that She doesn t have a favorite TV show, because she doesn t have time to watch TV and only owns one for playing movies.Her favorite people are her readers, each of whom she cherishes with deep and lasting affection.Note L J Smith wrote books 1 7 of The Vampire Diaries series After that, a ghostwriter took over the rest of the series L J wrote books 1 3 of The Secret Circle series After that, a ghostwriter took over the rest of the series L J did not write any of the Originals or Stefan s Diaries These were written by Kevin Williamson and or various ghostwritters.

  2. I m just gonna come out and say it I LOVE THIS SERIES SO FREAKIN MUCHThe Kill by L.J Smith was the last book in the forbidden game trioligy In this book Jenny plays the final game and enters the shadow land She will have to try and win back zach and tomARACTERS Okay, so Jenny was as amazing as ever and she really let her true feelings show in this book, which was hella awesome Julian was such a smol bean in this book My heart will forever love him ROMANCE The romance between Julian and Jenny jus [...]

  3. why on earth did jenny choose tom over julian tom was nice yeah, but he was kinda boring and plain julian was so compelling and seductive, i wish he was real forget about jenny, if he wanted a girl that could appreciate him S i m not obsessed with him or anything, and i know he s just fiction, but LJS has created a truly unforgettable character the endind of this book was soooo sad when julian died i was crying so much at the beginning he was the typical bad guy, but at the end he proved himself [...]

  4. I actually picked this up at the same time that I picked up the second book My father had bought me them with one rule set in place Do not read these in one night Sadly, I did not follow his rule, but I don t think he found out at the time I read a lot, so thusly I cost him a lot of money since I was fond of owning the books rather than getting them on loan from a library.This was a very exciting end to this series, which also ended up tying up some loose ends and giving a little relief to anyon [...]

  5. The amusement theme park was a fun and campy setting for Julian s latest game Everything gets resolved in the bittersweet end.

  6. I finishedThe Killless than five minutes ago and my mind is still reeling from the sheer perfection of it I think the hardest part about writing a series or even a book for that matter is finding a way to wrap everything up perfectly Rowling is one of the few authors who has been able to write a completely satisfactory ending, and I am proud to add L.J Smith to that category as well Did anyone else notice how their names have two initials and then their last name.cidence much I m sure you can al [...]

  7. Rating 4.5 5The Kill is the third and final book in The Forbidden Game Trilogy and for me it was also the best one In this book Jenny and her friends are once again faced against Julian s Games and nightmares for one final time, and they have to win in order to save Tom and Zach from the Shadow World The Game this time is a Treasure Hunt and it takes place in an amusement park That was by far the scariest setting, with so many creepy possibilities I loved that in the final book we got to see a s [...]

  8. What a series ender May I say that it was Unexpected but it was a real good ending Seriously The KILL is the BEST ADVENTURE and game of the 3 I loved that the book explained a lot of history etc Kinda wrapped up the series when Michael said the FIRST game was a race since it was time constrained SEcOnD game was like solving puzzles as they try to make out of the riddles and try to save each lives, the LAST game was treasure hunting, as they search for gold doubloons coins to be able to get Tom Z [...]

  9. Very good THIS WAS THE BEST PART OF STORY I liked it A nice and sad ending Nice chalenges liked it wizards of viurly Place .

  10. This was a brilliant end to the series.I loved that it was set in an amusement park It made the story even creepier.Leo defiantly gave me the creeps I remembered what happened at the end The main part, anyway so i should have been prepared for it but i still found it really sad view spoiler Julian hide spoiler I m really looking forward to re reading L.J Smiths other fantastic books

  11. One of my faves as a kid growing up Julian is probably the most memorable male character from ANY book I ve read Also, the occult and mystic aspects have a very unique slant to them including Norse runic elements , as does the obsession Julian has for Jenny, whom he has shadowed since her childhood Smith heavily researches her topics and it s admirable this is evident in many of her series including my favorite Secret Circle books All Smith books are entertaining for women of any age

  12. This entire series is amazing, the imagery is wonderful and sucks you into the story It is right up there with Christopher Pike and R.L Stine s top books from the early 90s, fashioned towards the young female readers bordering middle school and high school.I had these books for years until the mysteriously disappeared I bet my roommate in college DID take them and have been looking for the author s info ever since.

  13. Still crying my eyes out, the last chapters, were amazingly beautiful and bitter sweet.I dislike Tom very much.Julian was the real hero in this book No, I ll dream another dream, he said I ve made up so many things, now I ll just go into one I ll be part of it I really wish there was a sequel to this, or that someone would carve his name , so he would come back.

  14. It took me ages to find this one in the shops but my god was it worth it, again one of the few PH books I ve kept It is a fantastic finale to the trilogy and has you gripped at every word and every turn of the page.

  15. 4 stars with caveat of you really need to read the first 2, definitely not a standalone, but great and solid finish to the series Check out the podcast episode where we chatted about it for of my review papercutspodcast p 1097

  16. He was he was the most impossible the most infuriating She had never met anyone as as And he scared her She didn t want to try to imagine what he might do next.

  17. I read this series over 20 years ago, but I remember being so into it Julian was probably one of my first fictional crushes.

  18. Julian is playing one last game with Jenny and her friends He has captured Tom and Zach and trapped them in the Shadow World It is up to Jenny, Dee, Audrey, and Michael to find them and bring them back But, as they previously learned, Julian doesn t like to lose What will Julian do if Jenny wins Will he step aside and let everyone go home or does he still have one trick up his sleeve There is no doubt in my mind that this trilogy was inspired by Labyrinth At lest a small part of it.There are tw [...]

  19. I actually liked this book better than the first one The reason I m giving it 3 instead of 4 stars is that the whole story could have ended after the first book and again after the second book The story is dragged on and not much is added with each new book, and I got a little tired of reading the same premise three times in a row.That being said, I liked the amusement park treasure hunt aspect of this book, and the additions of P.C and Slug and the grandpa were CREEPY Most of all, though, I LO [...]

  20. I was left a little disappointed with the first two books after I had built this series up in my head, but this third book made it all worthwhile I began reading the series because I had heard that there were parallels between Julian and Jareth from Labyrinth, and I love Labyrinth, although obsess would be a accurate verb, so I had to read the books I wasn t disappointed on that score, which is why I still gave the first two books 4 stars There was a lot to remind me of Labyrinth, which made my [...]

  21. This is for the second time that I wanted evil to live Well, the story s about seven friends, an evil force and a game a forbidden one A game for which you would have to sworn an oath and that would be irrevocableSeven friends include Jenny, Tom, Audrey, Michael, Zach, Summer and Dee And the evil Well, the evil is a shadow man who s responsible for showing you, your darkest nightmares but this time he wants He wants Jenny Why Whyyyy Because He was evil Cruel, capricious and dangerous as cobra [...]

  22. Rating 4.5 5When Julian took Tom and Zach to the Shadow world, Jenny was determined to follow and bring them back Now she and her friends, Audrey, Dee and Michael, have come to her Grandfather s house to search for a way into Julian s Realm But when they find themselves in Joyland Park, the amusement park Jenny loved as a kid it seems their plan hasn t worked However, like everything else in the Shadow World, nothing is as it seems and soon the four are involved in a treasure hunt for three Gold [...]

  23. Book 3 of 3 The Forbidden Game trilogy Very good Middle school level reading However, has many classic themes that all ages will enjoy Find, read, and re read put on keeper shelf This time the Game is a quest Julian had taken Tom and Zach at the end of The Chase and invited the rest to the Shadow World If you want them, come on a treasure hunt But remember if you lose, there s the devil to pay The only way Jenny knows to get to the Shadow World is through her grandfather s basement in Pennsylvan [...]

  24. So I finished last book of The Forbidden Game trilogy and I cried like a baby I couldn t say that these books are my favorites of all time, but I love them deeply It s something special about Julian ant his games, I just couldn t get enough of it It s one of those times, when you love a villain than your every other characters in the books And last game was amazing, I really, really loved it Only horrible part is ending And yet, even I totally hate how things ended with Julian, I can t imagine [...]

  25. Well, I do have to thank the TWILIGHT phenomena for one thing at least, and that s that the collected trilogies of Lisa Jane Smith have been pulled out of the Simon and Schuster publishing vault, given brand spanking new covers, and re released for both a new reading audience, and old time fans who are ready to fill in the gaps on their bookshelves.Out of all Smith s body of work, it was The Forbidden Game that I was least familiar with First published as a trilogy, the middle book was on the sh [...]

  26. omg, let me just say that this book was amazing Actually from the first book, I could tell that it was different from the books I usually read spoiler The ending was a little bitter sweet for me I love Julian but maybe it was probably for the best for Jenny and everyone that he s gone I need a minute to collect myself from Julian s loss Okay, so as I was saying I would much rather Jenny be with Julian But of course there is Tom whom is also equally perfect That is unless they break up yeah Maybe [...]

  27. The Kill is the third book in The Forbidden Game series Jenny s boyfriend, Tom, and her cousin, Zach, are taken by Julian So Jenny and her remaining other friends must play one final game and go on a treasure hunt In this book, Jenny sees a new side of Julian, a vulnerable side, which surprises herThat ending had me in tears Seeing an almost good side of Julian and the good things he did just added on top of why I love Julian And Jenny most certainly did have feelings for him but because of the [...]

  28. My favorite of the series My only problem was that i dearly wanted Jenny to end up with Julian Again, I know hes the bad guy but I can t help it He was the character with the most depth Every other character had an area and they pretty much stayed in it Dee was the tough, fight back chick Audrey was the pretty cheerleader type Zach the odd ball artist Jenny the sweet girl next doorbut Julian was different He was a shadow, so technically evil but he saved Summer He loved Jenny, true evil can t lo [...]