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Soupy Leaves Home

Soupy Leaves Home Soupy Leaves Home Best Read || [Cecil Castellucci Jose Pimienta] - Soupy Leaves Home, Soupy Leaves Home Pearl Soupy Plankette ran away from her abusive father but has nowhere to go until she stumbles upon a disguise that gives her the key to a new identity Reborn as a boy named Soupy she hitches her s

  • Title: Soupy Leaves Home
  • Author: Cecil Castellucci Jose Pimienta
  • ISBN: 9781616554316
  • Page: 193
  • Format: Paperback

Soupy Leaves Home Best Read || [Cecil Castellucci Jose Pimienta], Soupy Leaves Home Best Read || [Cecil Castellucci Jose Pimienta], Soupy Leaves Home, Cecil Castellucci Jose Pimienta, Soupy Leaves Home Pearl Soupy Plankette ran away from her abusive father but has nowhere to go until she stumbles upon a disguise that gives her the key to a new identity Reborn as a boy named Soupy she hitches her star to Remy Ramshackle Smith a hobo who takes her under his wing Ramshackle s kindness and protection go a long way to help Soupy heal from her difficult past But RamsPearl Soupy Pl. Soupy Leaves Home Best Read || [Cecil Castellucci Jose Pimienta] - Soupy Leaves Home, Soupy Leaves Home Pearl Soupy Plankette ran away from her abusive father but has nowhere to go until she stumbles upon a disguise that gives her the key to a new identity Reborn as a boy named Soupy she hitches her s

  • Soupy Leaves Home Best Read || [Cecil Castellucci Jose Pimienta]
    193Cecil Castellucci Jose Pimienta
Soupy Leaves Home

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  1. Cecil Castellucci is an author of young adult novels and comic books Titles include Boy Proof, The Year of the Beasts illustrated by Nate Powell , First Day on Earth, Rose Sees Red, Beige, The Queen of Cool The Plain Janes and Janes in Love illustrated by Jim Rugg , Tin Star Stone in the Sky, Odd Duck illustrated by Sara Varon and Star Wars Moving Target A Princess Leia Adventure Her short stories have been published in various places including Black Clock, The Rattling Wall, Tor, Strange Horizons, Apex Magazine and can be found in such anthologies such as After, Teeth, Truth Dare, The Eternal Kiss, Sideshow and Interfictions 2 and the anthology, which she co edited, Geektastic.She is the recipient of the California Book Award Gold Medal for her picture book Grandma s Gloves, illustrated by Julia Denos, the Shuster Award for Best Canadian Comic Book Writer for The Plain Janes and the Sunburst Award for Tin Star The Year of the Beasts was a finalist for the PEN USA literary award and Odd Duck was Eisner nominated.She splits her time between the heart and the head and lives north and south of everything Her hands are small And she likes you very much.

  2. Pearl runs away from an abusive father and reinvents herself as a boy named Soupy As she leaves town, she meets Ramshackle, an older hobo who shows her the ropes and helps her heal her wounds Ramshackle shares with Soupy, a unique magical outlook on life, wonderfully imagined by Jose Pimienta Over the course of the next year riding the rails, she determines what she wants to do with the rest of her life It s a coming of age story, set in the romanticized life of Depression era hobos Received a r [...]

  3. Soupy Leaves Home is a beautiful and moving story about a young girl named Pearl, who leaves an abusive home, cuts off her hair, and cross dresses as a boy known as Soupy, so she can ride the rails as a hobo safely during the Great Depression era I picked this book up at Toronto Comic Arts Festival TCAF where the author and illustrator signed my copy, and having read the book, the things they included mean so much This story made me cry when Pearl emerges as someone formed and steady and she tr [...]

  4. I have read all but maybe 2 or 3 of Cecile Castellucci s and for me, it s always a guarantee I will not be disappointed I enjoyed soupy especially all the information about being a hobo I had no idea there was a code or that there was a difference between a hobo and a bum I really liked the incorporation of the various signs to signal different things to the hobos and even so that they were real One thing that I love about Cecile Castellucci is that she writes endearing characters such as Ramsh [...]

  5. this found family of hobos bond over vagabonding and train hopping is so warm and tender let me wrap you all in my arms feels

  6. Soupy Leaves Home by Cecil Castelluccl tells a realistic story that some readers can relate to Overall, I enjoyed reading this graphic novel and would recommend this story to all readers Personally, I was able to relate to this graphic novel in numerous ways I was raised by a single father just like Pearl was Unfortunately, Pearl s father was physically abusive which led her to running away This leads Pearl to changing her identity and becoming a boy named Soupy Not only is this graphic novel a [...]

  7. A moving story set during the Depression era in which a young girl runs away from her abusive household, cuts her hair, and roams the country as a hobo disguised as a boy She develops a very close bond with Remy, a weathered old man who is also has some demons, and in the process grows up and into an independent person The language with which the story is told is so poetic and each line and the word choice is carefully considered The story is expertly paced and the characters are so beautifully [...]

  8. The book that I selected to read this week is called Soupy Leaves Home by Cecil Castellucci I personally have not read a lot of Graphic Novels, so reading this type of genre was a first time experience for me I ended up really enjoying the book and thought I could relate to any human on a relationship stand point I loved the idea that they were two misfit characters that found each other and created a friendship I feel like this day in age with society everyone can feel like a misfit In some pla [...]

  9. Soupy is the moniker adopted by Pearl, a girl on the run from her abusive father who finds a home with a group of friendly hoboes One of these hoboes takes her under his wing, teaching her how to hobo on her own and believing her to be a boy right up until he gets sick and heads out west to end his days Soupy follows, hoping for a chance to say goodbye It s a pretty simple story, but wonderfully illustrated and nicely told.

  10. Sweet story about a young woman who wants to live her own life during the Great Depression but leaves home after a fight with her dad, cuts her hair and lives as a hobo, riding the rails Great history and story about empowerment and honesty.

  11. Spectacular Found myself openly crying at least twice An important story of a bygone age that resonates today.

  12. This was not good I find the wise hobo trope a bit offensive in general I just couldn t stop wandering, that s why I have no home You don t need food, you just need dreams and happy thoughts Our imaginations will keep us warm The story itself was sometimes hard to follow due to unclear transitions, and the ending is totally implausible with view spoiler Remy magically having a valuable patent in his name, Pearl s grandmother doing a complete 180, and Pearl s father deciding it s OK for her to go [...]

  13. I very much enjoyed this coming of age story Her struggle to finally do what she wants to do in life was well written I like the story itself, I think it depicted life in that time well, in terms of what was expected of you as a woman and what inventions existed.I love how the pictures brought the story to life The colors on the page helped to show the tone and emotion of the characters The color scheme was muted colors and that made it easier to read I noticed that some times the flashbacks wer [...]

  14. A perfectly executed graphic historical fiction This text seamlessly weaves color, layout and text to tell the story of Pearl Soupy as she hits the rails and meets her hobo mentor Ramshackle As she runs from her troubles she learns the ways of the hobo community and finds her place in the world The hobo signs sprinkled throughout the book are guaranteed to make readers attentive and curious The story itself is a bit of history that often goes unnoticed Grades 6 8 should find great appeal.

  15. A coming of age story set on the trains and travels during the Depression Great illustrations and I loved the bits of history.

  16. More reviews and no fluff on the blog surrealtalvi.wordpress There have been some great graphic novels in the past five years set in the American Great Depression period of history With Soupy leaves home, Cecil Castellucci explores the surprisingly close and self regulated society of 1930s hobos and how they traveled the US via rail cars There is quite a bit of pathos here with some magical realism mixed in If the subject is perhaps highly over idealized, we still have a lovely story of finding [...]

  17. I have never read a graphic novel before, and I m not sure how I felt about it The pictures were beautiful, but I noticed that most of the story was left to the reader s interpretation The written text included only dialogue and some of Soupy s inner thoughts, but the pictures themselves showed what was going on There weren t written words describing the settings or inner details, the reader had to get those from the graphics I m so used to picturing an entire story in my head, that having to ga [...]

  18. I wasn t quite sure what to expect from this one, other than that it s a historical graphic novel It takes place during the Great Depression, and offers the reader a glimpse of the hobo lifestyle.At first, I wasn t thrilled with the style, as it appears to be monochromatic It is but those colour palettes change throughout the book While we never get true full colour illustrations, the pops of contrast work well enough to highlight certain important objects and plot points in the story.The book i [...]

  19. I think there s a part of everyone that s drawn to the idea of hopping on a passing train and leaving their old life behind to start a new one For most, it s just a fantasy but, for Pearl Plankette, a young girl being dominated and regularly beaten by her widowed alcoholic father, hopping that train is her only means of survival So she runs away from home, cuts her hair short to pass herself off as a tough boy, adopts the name Soupy, and joins the hardscrabble but honorable world of itinerant ho [...]

  20. This book was something that was very new and interesting to me I can honestly say a graphic novel would have never been something I would have gone to the library and picked out on my own, but I enjoyed it a lot than I expected to This book was very interesting and had a really good storyline It was very easy to follow and was short but still included so much information both with the words and the pictures I really thought each picture added a lot to the story I liked having pictures there to [...]

  21. Soupy Leaves Home is about a young woman named Pearl who ends up running away and becoming a hobo named Soupy As she s trying to come up with a plan she ends up meeting a hobo named Ramshackle who takes her under his wing and protects her on their travels together across the U.S.During her travels with Ramshackle she learns how to see things in a different way, the Rammy way What one person may see as garbage, to another they may see as treasure She starts to learn this as well as how to read pe [...]

  22. Soupy leaves home during the Great Depression and is tentatively befriended by a hobo named Ramshackle who rides the rails from place to place as he tells Soupy, When we need a star to guide us, a man goes north North is steady We know where we are in the world East and west, that s the sun s path But when a person wants to get lost, like I suspect you do, you go south 15 Soupy is running from something both have secrets from one another, but they forge a bond and explore the country together I [...]

  23. I was immediately drawn into this period piece, about an abused teen running away from home during the Depression The story is sometimes dreamy, sometimes gritty, as it tries to convey the how and why of people choosing a life of wandering over the seemingly easier life of settling down To that extent it is somewhat successful, but stillke other fictional stories it mostly avoids dealing with the pain of those left behind with the recent Anne of Green Bagels by Buller and Schade, the author is r [...]

  24. A depression era coming of age story, Pearl now going by Soupy runs away from home after some kind of altercation She luckily runs into a friendly hobo Ramshackle who takes her under his wing and teaches her the hobo way of life.I found this story interesting despite generally disliking historical fiction It flowed at a decent pace and didn t get bogged down in too much text The bits about hobo codes and ways of life reminded me a little of the pirate code and were pretty much fascinating The ar [...]

  25. This story about a young hobo learning to ride the rails and survive is really a coming of age story, about identity, confidence, and rising up to the challenge of fighting for control over one s life I think it does a decent job talking about abuse, and the ending has kind of a happy simplicity that makes it a decent piece of escapism There is a conversation here about this kind of coloring using simple, mostly single color shading i.e a page or two would be brown, then the next couple would be [...]

  26. An interesting historical fiction tale of a young girl, Pearl, who discovers much about herself while living life on the rails during the Great Depression After she escapes her abusive father, she cuts her hair and ditches her dress so she can masquerade as a boy Pearl quickly befriends an older man, Ramshackle, who dubs her Soupy and takes her under his wing With a strong emphasis on the importance of following our dreams and being our true selves, Pearl s journey serves as a powerful look at t [...]

  27. Not only was this book captivating in terms of story line, but I also ended up learning a thing or two about the Depression era and hobo culture I like that this book didn t have all the answers for me just like Ramshackle s dreams, the events of the story can wander into the abstract.I also liked that, despite a young woman traveling among men, there was little in the way of sexual content even after finding out that Soupy is actually Pearl, the men still generally treat her like good people It [...]

  28. I ve read a couple of Cecil Castillucci novels, but this is my first graphic novel This historical novel set in the 1930 s, features Pearl, a young girl who runs away from an abusive family She becomes Soupy, a boy, and takes to the hobo life under the tutelage of Ramshackle, an ailing old man Ramshackle teaches Soupy how to dream and find goodness and beauty all around them Through their journey Soupy finds self worth and confidence Powerful images portray life in hobo jungles At the end of the [...]

  29. Disguised as a boy, Pearl runs away from home after her father begins beating her She meets a hobo named Rammy, who takes her under his wing and teaches her how to survive on the road This is a quiet coming of age story that idealizes life on the road I wasn t sure until the end in what time period it was set, and there isn t terribly much plot, but I still enjoyed this a lot The art is really lovely, and the friendship formed between Rammy and Soupy Pearl is so heartwarming Suitable for middle [...]