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The Kabbalistic Murder Code

The Kabbalistic Murder Code Unlimited The Kabbalistic Murder Code - by Nathan Erez - The Kabbalistic Murder Code, The Kabbalistic Murder Code The Kabbalistic Murder Code is an original and innovative Israeli thriller that was written for all those having an interest in Kabbalah It incorporates two seemingly unconnected elements a string of

  • Title: The Kabbalistic Murder Code
  • Author: Nathan Erez
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 458
  • Format: Kindle

Unlimited The Kabbalistic Murder Code - by Nathan Erez, Unlimited The Kabbalistic Murder Code - by Nathan Erez, The Kabbalistic Murder Code, Nathan Erez, The Kabbalistic Murder Code The Kabbalistic Murder Code is an original and innovative Israeli thriller that was written for all those having an interest in Kabbalah It incorporates two seemingly unconnected elements a string of strange murders and the deciphering of ancient Kabbalistic texts along with their hidden and mystical meanings A professor from Jerusalem an expert in decoding ancient He. Unlimited The Kabbalistic Murder Code - by Nathan Erez - The Kabbalistic Murder Code, The Kabbalistic Murder Code The Kabbalistic Murder Code is an original and innovative Israeli thriller that was written for all those having an interest in Kabbalah It incorporates two seemingly unconnected elements a string of

  • Unlimited The Kabbalistic Murder Code - by Nathan Erez
    458Nathan Erez
The Kabbalistic Murder Code

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  1. Nathan Erez is a scholar of Jerusalem who is interested in many disciplines He was born and raised in Israel At the age of twelve, he was sent to Jerusalem to study, and since then he has lived there He has many degrees including a doctorate in mathematics, computers, law, criminology, and humanities, from leading universities worldwide In addition, he studied nine years in a Yeshiva Rabbinical College.He served in the IDF Ard Corps as a Tank Commander.Erez has been involved for many years in martial arts and has a black belt in several systems.In recent years, he has worked in a classified service position for the State of Israel.

  2. A Outstandingly Captivating Unique Thriller The Da vinci Code Indiana Jones, mixed well with a splash of infinite mysteries and hidden knowledge served perfectly chilled inside a outstanding story I love that it is NOT your avarage kickass, well trained super hunk , with ex military police spy background that has the hero role, because that is so stereotypical This well defined protagonist is a soft spoken scholar, brains than brawl type A family man, with intelligence and knowledge, wit and a [...]

  3. I can t decide what I like most the sort history essay starting each chapter or the story itself Both are well done and made me want to keep reading I m not familiar with the Kabbalah so I don t know how accurately the author depicts it I very much enjoyed absent minded Elijah and his adventures Who knew ancient documents could be so exciting

  4. This book was interesting from a history standpoint, but far from a thriller Probably deserving of closer to a 3 star, but kind of fell flat for me in the second half and the confrontation resolution at the end was weak However, if you are interested in it from a historical point of view, assuming the facts are correct, I actually learned a lot Often the history lessons took away from the story, rather than adding to it.

  5. A difficult readThere are few people to whom I could recommend this book Not being conversant with any teachings of the Kabbalah, I am not in a position to judge what might be fact and what might be fiction I did feel that the author had tremendous knowledge which he tried to impart to the reader However, I m afraid that I felt the book was a vehicle to impart history rather than history being used as a framework for a story Although I read the whole book, I m afraid I feel no enlightened or en [...]

  6. This is a jim dandy of a mystery set in modern day Israel, featuring Elijah, a scholar of ancient languages and texts The written word He doesn t much care about the content He is into scripts, and their wiggles and serifs and forms and handwriting styles of the ancients He is also a student of the various conquests of Jerusalem, the history of this ancient city.He is a modest guy, living a modest life, hoping to get tenure at the university where he teaches He is called into the office of his s [...]

  7. There are two books here The history of Jerusalem is seen through its conquerors It s where the author s strength lies, until it is conquered by one of his or the translator s major weaknesses the inability or refusal to proofread The mystery story begins with a complex but interesting premise that stretches kabbalah legend to the breaking point Add the author s inability to flesh out characters, an irresistible need to begin far too many paragraphs with, Suddenly along with a preposterous beat [...]

  8. I love a good Middle Eastern mystery, thriller book This is certainly a good read and I found it hard to put down at times but I also found it quite confusing at times.It centres on Elijah an expert on ancient script and documents connected to the Jewish way of life He is approached by an aging American and asked to decipher clues hidden within 7 nearly identical scrolls He is paid in amounts of money he has never seen before and jumps at the chance Little did Elijah know that although having th [...]

  9. The Kabbalistic Murder Code is a suspenseful mystery novel following Elijah in his efforts to decode an ancient file, but without giving away any spoilers, conflicts arise to make Elijah s job even harder I enjoyed the way the plot unfolded and surprised me and especially uncovering the history of the Kabbalah as I read This was my first time reading an international thriller, but boy, what a great place to start Having been burned out on reading for a while this was just the thing to kick start [...]

  10. I thoroughly enjoyed reading this book If you re a fan of mystery novels, The Kabbalistic Murder Code is definitely the next book to add to your list to read It is full of excitement, it has some well thought out surprises and twists.As a bonus, there is a ton of historical information on Kabbalah, which I also found fascinating I really liked that the author took the time to take parts of Jerusalem s history and begin each chapter with various lessons from it.The book is written well, it is ver [...]

  11. Really intriguing book, filled with historic details about Jerusalem and its conquests as well as about the Kabbalah Intriguing mystery, also But the writing sometimes was overly simplistic and errors got in the way I felt sometimes it had been translated, but poorly, but in the Kindle edition, I could find no record of that Still, I liked the characters and would give this author another shot Very reminiscent of the recent Da Vinci Code kind of genre in being a mystery based upon spiritual and [...]

  12. If I knew about Kabbalah I might have enjoyed this The history of the conquests of Jerusalem by various people was very interesting my favorite part of the book The professor s lack of the understanding of normal human interactions and lack of knowledge outside his narrow academic field might be a stereotype but I ve known people like that Elijah s awkward behavior and his naivet blank face look was funny.Strange ending There were a few copy reading issues.No sexNo violence

  13. I love thriller books but The Kabbalistic Murder Code takes it to a whole new level It is very fast paced and not only entertaining but also educational with all the history nuances included inside Elijah, the main character is very likable and I felt like I knew him right from the beginning If you enjoy thrillers this is a definite must have Nathan Erez did an amazing job and I thing I have a new favorite author 5 stars

  14. Right off the bat I knew that this was going to be an interesting story From the first chapter I was hooked and reading so I could find out what was going to happen next The Kabbalistic elements, and all the mysteries that surround them made for a good story that was unique and readable Overall, I m happy I decided to give this book a read I d recommend this to anyone who is looking for a mystery that will keep them engaged.

  15. Wow this book is bursting with facts and information on Jerusalem and it s conquerors as early as 638 C.E Numerous other facts regarding the Jewish religion, the customs of Kabbalah and the developments of the Hebrew scripts are described Enjoyed much of this book especially the development of Elijah, our hero But found it all a bit heavy threading.

  16. Not murder annihilationI was consumed with the first half of the book, however the second part became a bit farfetched and I believe He could have done a better job with the ending.

  17. KabbalahI have been researching Kabbalah , I thought could see how the author found his resources for writing this novel This book was rather a slow read The characters were flat uninteresting.

  18. I couldn t even get past the second section of this book because I felt like I was in a history lecture Don t misunderstand, I enjoy historical fiction but there was not anything thrilling to keep me reading.

  19. This book is the best I have read in a long time It covers several genres, and it is unique and I had trouble putting it down It is History and mystery and touches on several genres It is well worth your time It made we want to learn about several things it touches on.

  20. Great Kabbbalah Based mysteryVery fantastical but keeps u turning the pages Practically impossible me to believe it keeps u wondering Are there such people

  21. Very interestingThis book made me aware of the Jewish faith and had me looking up a lot of different texts that were talked about.

  22. Great mysteryNathan Erez has crafted a compelling story It pulled me in and left mW wishing I knew about this fascinating faitrh.

  23. I received a free advance e copy of this book and have chosen to write an honest and unbiased review I have no personal affiliation with the author I found this book to be a truly enjoyable read A professor becomes involved in a series of murders as he deciphers ancient Hebrew manuscripts This is an extremely well written historical thriller with a complicated plot that piques the reader s interest, full of intrigue, adventure, danger, and murder I found this book to be very informative as I lea [...]

  24. I really wanted to enjoy this book, the blurb sounded great and I do enjoy a good mystery thriller Unfortunately I found that although the premise and the plot were actually quite good, the way the book is written is far too pedantic and with way too much information which isn t really vital to the plot and, for me, quite boring, as I am not particularly interested in the full historical details of many of the conquests of Jerusalem, nor am I a scholar of the Kabbalah So unfortunately the book, [...]

  25. Suspense and surprising endingsThere was a lot of information Elijah was an expert on ancient Jewish manuscripts He had been hired to translate some and they were scattered around the world He finally decided to take his wife into his confidence, and tell her about his suspicions The descriptions were great, you could imagine the surroundings, the wall, even the ancient houses The characters seemed life like as did the dialogue He did like to talk to himself The plot is complicated, the author t [...]

  26. A lot of research went into the writing of this book You will learn a lot about the conquering of Jerusalem thru the ages as told by Elijah Elijah is an expert on Hebrew manuscripts and gets asked to work with the Luzzato Institute to verify authenticity of some Kabbalistic scrolls In the course of studying these scrolls, he becomes entangled in dangerous and deadly situations He must figure out the true purpose behind their secrets to stay alive He starts out as an introverted weak man who beco [...]

  27. I enjoyed this story about Elijah, an Israeli professor that is offered a lot of money to decode some manuscripts He accepts and things go terribly wrong I really enjoyed the historical information and the information on the Kabbalah That is something that I have never studied and found it very interesting There were some twists in the plot, but it was easy to follow And the action kept you reading without ever becoming bored I definitely recommend this to anyone that enjoys historical thrillers [...]