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You Can Make Anything Sad

You Can Make Anything Sad You Can Make Anything Sad Best Download || [Spencer Madsen] - You Can Make Anything Sad, You Can Make Anything Sad None

  • Title: You Can Make Anything Sad
  • Author: Spencer Madsen
  • ISBN: 9780988750364
  • Page: 434
  • Format: Paperback

You Can Make Anything Sad Best Download || [Spencer Madsen], You Can Make Anything Sad Best Download || [Spencer Madsen], You Can Make Anything Sad, Spencer Madsen, You Can Make Anything Sad None. You Can Make Anything Sad Best Download || [Spencer Madsen] - You Can Make Anything Sad, You Can Make Anything Sad None

  • You Can Make Anything Sad Best Download || [Spencer Madsen]
    434Spencer Madsen
You Can Make Anything Sad

One Comment to You Can Make Anything Sad

  1. Spencer Madsen Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the You Can Make Anything Sad book, this is one of the most wanted Spencer Madsen author readers around the world.

  2. this book was difficult to read because i had to set it down every other page in order to tweet lines with the hashtag youcanmakeanythingsad i wonder if my followers realized that i was quoting poems and not just tweeting sad things, because i usually just tweet less eloquently sad things, so they probably noticed.i also included spencermadsen in a few tweets and he favorited the first one, and i felt like he was my friend, but none of the others, including one where i asked him if i could name [...]

  3. you know that thing where in rom coms they show usually the gal reading a letter and at some parts she smiles and puts the letter to her chest for a second because she recognizes herself so hard in its truth you know that thing

  4. I would give this book two stars if there were words on it I think the price is a bit steep for what it is You CAN make anything sad, young man, if you just try a little harder Think of all the kitties in the shelters who are missing good homes Sad And here you go on talking about Not Much The cover looks like something disrespectful like street grafitti and Pepto Bismo One time someone spray painted gang tags on the side of my grandkid s school and it was a real shame Government dollars in use [...]

  5. This is a book of, like, poems or journal entries, or poetic essays, or cultural criticism, or snapshots, slapshots, nuggets, juicings, emotion collages, epigraphs, epitaphs, life advice, diaries, travelogues to the warm part of the bed, and I found them all very reaffirming.

  6. A masterpiece of introspection, curated and crafted with an intensity far in excess of Spencer s earlier work Full review forthcoming, but I m pretty sure I loved this book Maybe hovering around a 4.5, but I feel like it deserves the extra half star so neither of us feels guilty 3

  7. One never really finishes reading a book of poems Poetry is meant to be read and re read Something I will surely do with Spencer Madsen s You Can Make Anything Sad Spencer s poetry reads like quotes or slogans that you might want to put on a bumper sticker They are fun and meaningful The book is divided into two kinds of poems There are his dated poems spanning from September 26, 2012 to March 8, 2013 Take for example this from his November 13, 2012 poem In life there is usually someone nearby h [...]

  8. This book of modernist poetry starts other seeming like it s trying just a little too hard, but as the poems progress in journal like fashion , the author really starts to pick up steam and find his pace.

  9. it s true, u CAN make anything sad but u have to be feeling sad already when ur experiencing it or thinking it otherwise it ll just be.

  10. Written like diary entries, with month date year titles, segued with poems that recommend or ponder, Spencer Madsen is the author and subject of his collection YOU CAN MAKE ANYTHING SAD A narrative of sorts emerges from the pieces that, at first, read to me as disjointed, funny, observant, clever and deep aphorisms But it all comes together to pack a wallop Bigger than its parts, parts that are moving, transparent, like the invisible man woman models I had as a kid The poems or essays or stories [...]

  11. I m not much of a poetry reader the last time I really looked at poetry was at school but the title of this really stuck out at me It reads quite like a diary or journal entry, commenting of his feelings towards experiences from the day, his relationships and the media, with a few random lists They are seemingly disjointed but come together as you work through I found it laugh out loud funny in places, but reading too much at once took away the emphasis of what was being said Its definitely a bo [...]

  12. WOW Loved it Some of my favorite lines Understanding that people are always a worse version of who they want to be is a way of loving them I really appreciate aggressive hugs Oh and I don t know how to be in a relationship where I m not immediately in love The worst part of talking to people is when they want you to respond This collection is existential without all the pompous frills you find in so many books I definitely want to keep a copy of this one for my personal library collection.

  13. Existentialist and emotional aware of their artifice, yet sincere and inviting list y and meandering yet cohesive I greatly enjoyed this book These poems are difficult to write about cogently, which may be the highest compliment I can give them or the saddest statement I can make about my own language abilities.

  14. it was a good poetry book during the first pages new, surprising and unconventional, full with a lot of personal reflection reflecting youth tribulations, however it gets monotonous and boring as the tone doesn t change and it gets egocentric however, it still has several poems quite interesting as it makes poetry the dullness of an ordinary life.

  15. There are lines in these poems that I wish I could crawl up into forever because I feel it so deeply Also a lot of lines I m mad I didn t come up with and tweet first Spencer Madsen s poetry flows along quietly like it s your own consciousness I was truly sad when I read the last page because I wanted to stay inside that quietly flowing stream.

  16. There s a simple loveliness to this collection of poems that I really enjoyed They are sometimes as sad as the title indicates which, as the winter settles in, had a bit of a negative effect on my mood.

  17. You know those twilight hours where you hit your second wind and your perception seems sharper yet a little loopy Read this then I frequently found myself laughing to contemplative to just flat out, Huh , within most every page.

  18. Lately I feel like i can t relate to the poetry I used to love because I m in a healthy and fulfilling relationship Spencer Madsen, though, still has a beautiful way of articulating the millennial condition, whatever the fuck that means You know what I mean He gets it.

  19. I started reading this in Nashville, then finished it at home in Balti, but everything in Spencer s book is still true It s never like how you thought it would be for as long as you thought it would But you keep going.

  20. Humorous Sad Honest Digestible in an uncomfortable way I enjoyed reading the collection of poems by Spencer Madsen which was a raw depiction of human feelings of insecurity, loneliness and that complete muddled feeling when you don t fully have a direction in life.

  21. i love binge reading i m afraid if i begin to say goodbye, it will cut me off and become noon uuh deep TTT___TTT

  22. I took my time with this, and really enjoyed it It s definitely odd, and modern, but once I got into the flow of Madsen s poetry style, I liked it a lot.