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Mr. Mercedes

Mr. Mercedes ↠ Mr. Mercedes ☆ Stephen King - Mr. Mercedes, Mr Mercedes Now an ATT Audience Original Series WINNER OF THE EDGAR AWARD FOR BEST NOVEL New York Times bestseller In a high suspense race against time three of the most unlikely heroes Stephen King has ever c

  • Title: Mr. Mercedes
  • Author: Stephen King
  • ISBN: 9781476754451
  • Page: 115
  • Format: Hardcover

↠ Mr. Mercedes ☆ Stephen King, ↠ Mr. Mercedes ☆ Stephen King, Mr. Mercedes, Stephen King, Mr Mercedes Now an ATT Audience Original Series WINNER OF THE EDGAR AWARD FOR BEST NOVEL New York Times bestseller In a high suspense race against time three of the most unlikely heroes Stephen King has ever created try to stop a lone killer from blowing up thousands Mr Mercedes is a rich resonant exceptionally readable accomplishment by a man who can write in whateverNow an ATT Audience Ori. ↠ Mr. Mercedes ☆ Stephen King - Mr. Mercedes, Mr Mercedes Now an ATT Audience Original Series WINNER OF THE EDGAR AWARD FOR BEST NOVEL New York Times bestseller In a high suspense race against time three of the most unlikely heroes Stephen King has ever c

  • ↠ Mr. Mercedes ☆ Stephen King
    115Stephen King
Mr. Mercedes

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  1. Stephen Edwin King was born the second son of Donald and Nellie Ruth Pillsbury King After his father left them when Stephen was two, he and his older brother, David, were raised by his mother Parts of his childhood were spent in Fort Wayne, Indiana, where his father s family was at the time, and in Stratford, Connecticut When Stephen was eleven, his mother brought her children back to Durham, Maine, for good Her parents, Guy and Nellie Pillsbury, had become incapacitated with old age, and Ruth King was persuaded by her sisters to take over the physical care of them Other family members provided a small house in Durham and financial support After Stephen s grandparents passed away, Mrs King found work in the kitchens of Pineland, a nearby residential facility for the mentally challenged.Stephen attended the grammar school in Durham and Lisbon Falls High School, graduating in 1966 From his sopho year at the University of Maine at Orono, he wrote a weekly column for the school newspaper, THE MAINE CAMPUS He was also active in student politics, serving as a member of the Student Senate He came to support the anti war movement on the Orono campus, arriving at his stance from a conservative view that the war in Vietnam was unconstitutional He graduated in 1970, with a B.A in English and qualified to teach on the high school level A draft board examination immediately post graduation found him 4 F on grounds of high blood pressure, limited vision, flat feet, and punctured eardrums.He met Tabitha Spruce in the stacks of the Fogler Library at the University, where they both worked as students they married in January of 1971 As Stephen was unable to find placement as a teacher immediately, the Kings lived on his earnings as a laborer at an industrial laundry, and her student loan and savings, with an occasional boost from a short story sale to men s magazines.Stephen made his first professional short story sale The Glass Floor to Startling Mystery Stories in 1967 Throughout the early years of his marriage, he continued to sell stories to men s magazines Many were gathered into the Night Shift collection or appeared in other anthologies.In the fall of 1971, Stephen began teaching English at Hampden Academy, the public high school in Hampden, Maine Writing in the evenings and on the weekends, he continued to produce short stories and to work on novels.

  2. Warning Some Stephen King fans Of which I am one may be angered by this review and feel the need to tell me one or of the following 1 I missed the point.2 I haven t written a best selling book and therefore have no right to be critical of someone who has.3 I should quit being so nitpicky and just relax for gosh s sake 4 It s called FICTION, not REALITY Idiot 5 I should burn in hell for all eternity for daring to impugn the honor of their favoritest author ever and this super awesome book So to [...]

  3. I have been a King fan since I was 9 years old, which I d say qualifies as lifelong fandom I ve read every book he s written that I can get my greedy fangirl hands on but this This was a clusterfuck I had to literally force myself to finish it a first in my 20 years of Constant Readership Even his weakest books have always kept me turning the pages out of a need to know what happens next But this one I truly didn t care It was my need to be a King library completionist that kept me going The boo [...]

  4. Is this book perfect Nope Did I go completely fan girl over it Yep.Stephen Fricking King You never fail to surprise me.This book did lag in a few spots for me There was a insta love going on I don t give a sheeet.Hodgesa 64 year old retired cop gets a letter from one of the worst characters I ve ever met in a book The hunt is on I got swept up in this book and now I m crying a little yes my cold heart does that occasionally This book has characters that I was cheering so hard for by the end of i [...]

  5. Every religion lies Every moral precept is a delusion Even the stars are a mirage The truth is darkness, and the only thing that matters is making a statement before one enters it Cutting the skin of the world and leaving a scar That s all history is, after all scar tissue.Detective Bill Hodges is 62, overweight, divorced and retired He lives alone and has an uncomfortably familiar relationship with his father s pistol The two spend long hours together in front of the tube, taking in the sort of [...]

  6. Let s talk about three star reviews for a minute I feel like three star review in today s world means whatever is being reviewed isn t good And, man, I just don t know if that s fair I feel like our expectations are too high now, and I m right there in the mix thumbing at my nose at anything rated an average three stars ExamplesI m currently in freaking Honolulu hot damn Hawaii which I think is the closest thing we have to what heaven will be like and I m finding myself on Yelp or TripAdvisor ch [...]

  7. This is only the second Stephen King book in which I ve actually managed to get past the first few pages I don t know what is about his writing, but it really does not draw me in This, however, was an exception The fast nature of the plot resulted in a novel that was a real page turner, but it s not without its faults.A cold trail Detective Hodges has solved all of his cases but one the Mercedes massacre Just a few months before he was to retire a madman drove into a crowd of job seekers with a [...]

  8. Freakishly fantastic book Stephen King is one of the authors that never disappoints me And Bill Hodges is a new book character favorite of mine

  9. Comparison is the thief joy Theodore RooseveltThe above sentiment couldn t be true, even in the context of comparing books This comparison may be a small insult to these novels but for me, Mr Mercedes read like a less clever cross between Death Note by Tsugumi Ohba You by Caroline Kepnes.The dynamic between depressed, retired cop, Bill Hodges your friendly neighborhood psychopath, Brady Hartsfield, is reminiscent of that between L Light Yagami Two intelligent men caught up in a game of cat and [...]

  10. I can t deny that I still need to read a lot to get to know Stephen King s work in novels Basically my contact with his work has been on the adaptations of his works on films, mini series, and on, that in that regard it has been quite a lot since I have watched almost all the major adaptations made.However, I thought that this book can be a priceless option since not only didn t require having read any other book before, but also, himself had described as his first hard boiled detective novel, s [...]

  11. A madman driving a Mercedes plows into a crowd of job seekers, killing eight and injuring many A year later, the retired detective formerly in charge of the case gets a letter from the killer, taunting him Can retired Detective Hodges bring in the killer before he kills again Stephen King tries his hand at writing a straight up thriller in this outing Was he good at it Of course he was Mr Mercedes is a page turner, a cat and mouse thriller pitting a retired detective against the one that got aw [...]

  12. MR MERCEDES has an opening that epitomizes Stephen King s mastery of character In a few short pages, King captures with well placed dialogue and introspection the struggles of two people who are trying to keep their heads above water in our unstable economy Then everything goes terribly wrong for these two people three, if you count the most unfortunate soul in the crowd , and the reader realizes that anything, and everything, is possible in this shocking and brilliant thriller.When we re introd [...]

  13. VS The Cuckoo s Calling 2013The Silkworm 2014Career of Evil 2015 References 2009 2010 2009 , 7 , , , , , view spoiler Plot twist hide spoiler Every religion lies Every moral precept is a delusion Even the stars are a mirage The truth is darkness, and the only thing that matters is making a statement before one enters it Cutting the skin of the world and leaving a scar That s all history is, after all scar tissue Revival 25 2015 30 2015 br br br br br br br br br br br br br br br br br br br b [...]

  14. This is a case where the star system really fails me, or I feel like I must explain my rating Four stars does not make Mr Mercedes one of King s best In fact, stacked up against some of his better known works, it pales and withers fraught as it is with giant plot holes, some incredulous leaps in logic and a hero who behaves moronic than heroic if you want a list of these weaknesses look no further thanKemper s excellent reviewwhere he takes King to task on all these matters and .Kemper has a po [...]

  15. Verdict is It s Lukewarm at Best Stephen King Still, not as notoriously awful as recent literary attempts yuck Dr Sleep yuck There is notable strength in the back story of the sociopathic killer Also, a healthy handful of Stephen King elements that makes one chuckle for their inclusion in such a, well, pedestrian tale of savagery woe Regular tokens such as the car as weapon, retiree as hero and death of secondary protagonist midway are all happily included in this tome.

  16. Find all of my reviews at 52bookminimumWhen I first saw the cover art for Mr Mercedes I thought , Awwwww, how sweet Stephen King wrote a book about a guy who drives an ice cream truck I didn t bother to read the synopsis I rarely do especially when it comes to anything by King He writes it I read it End of story Then the ratings started coming in, and boy were they polarized I still didn t bother reading any blurbs or reviews, I just braced myself and prepared for the worst.I m telling all you K [...]

  17. Quote from The Shining A thrilling rec from my GR friend, Anish Thank you This is my second King I ve read The first one was The shining , I was amazed, terrified and discouraged to read King s books further Apparently till now It seems I just needed a lighter take from King and I got it in Mr Mercedes.This cop killer chase is overwhelming and merciless The suspense is highlighted using the means of speech, words in bold, words in capital letters or italic to emphasize the urgency And the world, [...]

  18. For a suspense thriller this was pretty average, and for a Stephen King novel it s pretty weak Mr Mercedesis a departure from most of Mr King s other work in the sense that it has none of his trademark mixture of the fantastic with the ordinary it is a pure thriller, dedicated to James M Cain and prefaced with the opening line of his noir classic, The Postman Always Rings Twice.Mr Mercedes opens somewhere in the American Midwest, in a depressed, unnamed town hit hard by the recession A crowd of [...]

  19. MR MERCEDES by SPEPHEN KING was an action packed, fast paced, and highly enjoyable crime mystery novel that held my interest from start to finish.I started off listening to the audio version of this book but I wasn t able to get into the story like I needed to so decided that it would be best that I read the print copy instead The narration was really good by Will Patton but with books like these I tend to get distracted really easy and miss a lot of key points.I was expecting a little bit exci [...]

  20. Sorry for being sentimental, however I am probably in the most depressive state I have ever been within This book has helped me, bizarrely as it is about a hard boiled ex cop and a well created mother loving charismatic and clever serial killer.I do not give many books five stars and Stephen King with his commercial success I did not think this day would ever come except perhaps the Dark Tower series which I did appreciate I can t start to analyse how good this is I am depressed reviewer so let [...]

  21. Bill Hodges is a retired detective in a city that s seen better days For that matter, Bill has seen better days himself He s divorced, living alone, and now spends most of his time in his recliner watching dopey daytime television shows while playing with his gun and wondering what it might be like to just stick it in his mouth and end it all He s let himself go to seed and is now twenty pounds overweight clearly, he s on the downhill side of life.Like a lot of retired detectives, though, Hodges [...]

  22. This book washahaha, yeah right, this book hasn t even come out yet I wish I read itybe I can time travelStephen King you sly dog you, you have done it once again This book, no lie, starts off slowly, but you don t care, because his writing it so amazing that you are just entranced by that fact alone I once again did not read ANYTHING about this book so I went into it blindly and I am glad that I did I enjoyed the hell out of this book I found it nearly impossible to set down It s not like his u [...]

  23. Me sorprendi bastante, interesante, intrigante y adictivo Este es un g nero que he aunque me atrapa bastante he probado muy poco y este autor en particular, no lo hab a le do antes Esperaba mucho inicialmente ya que todos hablan del maestro con gran admiraci n luego le que este no era su mejor libro sin embargo a mi me ha encantado, no tiene cap tulo malo, no tiene escenas al azar ni mucho menos relleno, la historia es espeluznante e interesante a parte iguales Espero seguir leyendo no solo al a [...]

  24. 4.5 STARS People can be stunningly unobservant RTCThis book be fucking crazy, yo Tell us how you really feel, King.Stephen King meets Will Patton Just look at these beautiful covers.

  25. and I thought the chances were at least 50 50 that I would get caught I didn t care And I SURE didn t know how it would haunt me afterward I still relive the thuds that resulted from hitting them, and I still hear screams Then when I saw the news and found out I had even killed a baby, it really came home to me what a terrible thing I had done I don t know how I live with myself That was actually just a load of bull he was feeding someone I mean he got off on what he had done Literally And once [...]

  26. Update 2015 I heard they re developing this into a limited TV Series Can t wait to watch it Here s the linkA psycho madman with a Mercedes ran over a crowd of unemployed people resulting to 8 deaths and 15 injuries He escapes Months later, Bill Hodges, the lead detective, is still having nightmares about the crime incident He contemplates suicide, and watches a lot of TV shows with his gun on his lap Out of the blue, he receives a letter from the psycho madman, and then the story of cat and mous [...]

  27. With Stephen King books, it s usually either a hit or miss with his writing, that is to say, sometimes it s just cheap filler and other times it s totally incredible Mr Mercedes luckily is on the incredible side of the spectrum Reading it had me thinking of films such as The Poughkeepsie Tapes with its shocking crimes and bizarre events This book is original, riveting and definitely worth reading.

  28. This one was terrible I can t go any further, and is going into the abandoned book shelf This is really disappointing because I ve been a Constant Reader since Carrie was originally published The characters have no compelling personalities, the antagonist is vile and seems to have been written by King as one with every bad evil quality he could think of The protagonist is completely unrealistic, as well, and I would venture to say that he s insane than the bad guy And what s with the sidekick s [...]

  29. I m sitting here, trying to collect my thoughts about the book, trying to come up with something good about it, but it s hard, mostly because there are so many things that bother me.The biggest issue I had with the book was that Hodges never contacted the cops which I found puzzling since he from the beginning never had a reason for a vendetta except for the fact that he never caught Mr Mercedes before he retired Of course, later on, he got himself a reason to wanting the killer dead, mostly bec [...]

  30. I seem to be bucking the trend with my views on this one I absolutely loved it I will start by saying I listened to this offering on audiobook and I truly believe this added to the pleasure It was superbly read by Will Patton, who for me picked out just the right voice, just the right pace and just the right phrasing for every character, be they male or female I felt in tune with all the players from the very start and got totally immersed in what I thought was a credible ok, mainly credible tal [...]