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Livro do Desassossego

Livro do Desassossego ☆ Livro do Desassossego ☆ Fernando Pessoa - Livro do Desassossego, Livro do Desassossego Fernando Pessoa was many writers in one He attributed his prolific writings to a wide range of alternate selves each of which had a distinct biography ideology and horoscope When he died in Pe

  • Title: Livro do Desassossego
  • Author: Fernando Pessoa
  • ISBN: 9789723704761
  • Page: 143
  • Format: Paperback

☆ Livro do Desassossego ☆ Fernando Pessoa, ☆ Livro do Desassossego ☆ Fernando Pessoa, Livro do Desassossego, Fernando Pessoa, Livro do Desassossego Fernando Pessoa was many writers in one He attributed his prolific writings to a wide range of alternate selves each of which had a distinct biography ideology and horoscope When he died in Pessoa left behind a trunk filled with unfinished and unpublished writings among which were the remarkable pages that make up his posthumous masterpiece The Book of DisquieFernan. ☆ Livro do Desassossego ☆ Fernando Pessoa - Livro do Desassossego, Livro do Desassossego Fernando Pessoa was many writers in one He attributed his prolific writings to a wide range of alternate selves each of which had a distinct biography ideology and horoscope When he died in Pe

  • ☆ Livro do Desassossego ☆ Fernando Pessoa
    143Fernando Pessoa
Livro do Desassossego

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  1. Fernando Ant nio Nogueira Pessoa was a poet and writer.It is sometimes said that the four greatest Portuguese poets of modern times are Fernando Pessoa The statement is possible since Pessoa, whose name means person in Portuguese, had three alter egos who wrote in styles completely different from his own In fact Pessoa wrote under dozens of names, but Alberto Caeiro, Ricardo Reis and lvaro de Campos were their creator claimed full fledged individuals who wrote things that he himself would never or could never write He dubbed them heteronyms rather than pseudonyms, since they were not false names but other names , belonging to distinct literary personalities Not only were their styles different they thought differently, they had different religious and political views, different aesthetic sensibilities, different social temperaments And each produced a large body of poetry lvaro de Campos and Ricardo Reis also signed dozens of pages of prose.The critic Harold Bloom referred to him in the book The Western Canon as the most representative poet of the twentieth century, along with Pablo Neruda.

  2. Here is the only Portuguese literary joke I know Q Who are the four greatest Portuguese poets of the 20th century A Fernando Pessoa Trust me, it s funny But it does take a little explaining.Fernando Pessoa, in order to express various philosophical and poetic moods, constructed a series of what he termed heteronyms The heteronym, although similar to the mask or persona, differs in that each one is equipped with a name, a personality, a biography, and a physical description, as well as a distinct [...]

  3. Humans are social beings, to the extent that those who prefer solitude to the company of others are usually perceived as troubled individuals, outside of the norm it took me a long time to feel comfortable with being alone, with dampening the guilt that flared up in me every time I begged off going out with a group of friends It is always a welcome reinforcement when I come across a book penned by a fellow recluse and The Book of Disquiet could be a solitary soul s bible, so powerfully does it s [...]

  4. I have this habit of keeping a pencil close by when I m reading a book which I know is going to have some passages I want to remember So, whenever I come across a sentence or a paragraph that strikes me for some reason, I underline it.Well now, what s mostly happened with my copy of the The book of disquiet by Fernando Pessoa is that there is something underlined in almost every page of the book Which is the same to say that this is a memorable book on the whole I d even dare to say that this is [...]

  5. 1Some books wrap me up in dreams and fantasy, creating a protective bubble in which I can leisurely gaze at the world in comfort The opposite happened when reading The Book of Disquiet , a book that lives up to its title like no other I didn t get wrapped up in anything With every sentence I read I felt myself being unwrapped, as layers of self deceit and unconsciousness were shed 2I held the book in my hands I could decide to open and close it I could decide to put it away But despite all that [...]

  6. We re well aware that every creative work is imperfect and that our most dubious aesthetic contemplation will be the one whose object is what we write But everything is imperfect There s no sunset so lovely it couldn t be yet lovelier, no gentle breeze bringing us sleep that couldn t bring yet sounder sleep Almost all my feelings As soon as I turned the last page, I realized how much I was going to miss The Book of Disquiet For it has been my faithful companion for over two weeks, as my friends [...]

  7. I follow the course of my dreams, making them images into steps toward other images folding casual metaphors like fans into grand pictures of interior vision I untie life from myself, and I toss it aside as if it were a too tight suit Fernando Pessoa, The Book of DisquietYou know a writer is great when he makes you want to learn a new language to understand his work in the original The Book of Disquiet is easily the best book I ve read this year, and possibly the one I ve copied the most quotes [...]

  8. If I write what I feel, it s to reduce the fever of feeling What I confess is unimportant, because everything is unimportant I make landscapes out of what I feel I make holidays of my sensations 42 He who does not know how to populate his solitude, does not know either how to be alone in a busy crowd Charles Baudelaire, CrowdsSome dreams want to transcend our minds They want to feel alive, be outside and become reality We all have dreamed about things that, even after we woke up, we are not sure [...]

  9. Qu s Qu busco Qu siento Qu pedir a si tuviese que pedir La vulgaridad es un hogar Lo cotidiano es maternal Despu s de una incursi n prolija en la gran poes a, hacia los montes de aspiraci n sublime, hacia los pe ascos de lo transcendente y de lo oculto, sabe mejor que bien, sabe a cuanto es c lido en la vida, regresar al albergue donde r en los necios felices, beber con ellos, necio tambi n, como Dios nos ha hecho, contento del universo que nos ha sido dado y dejando lo dem s a los que escalan m [...]

  10. My soul is a hidden orchestra I know not what instruments, what fiddlestrings and harps, drums and tamboura I sound and clash inside myself All I hear is the symphony An Orchestra of over 70 musicians, playing their own instruments, each producing an individual sound, a discrete voice, adding up from each corner, playing the distinctive notes of solitude, dream, rain and tedium, rising at one place while falling at another and producing a symphony so striking in its completion that it cannot be [...]

  11. Flow lightly, life that does not even feel itself, a silent, supple stream beneath forgotten trees Flow softly, soul that does not know itself, a murmur hidden from view by great fallen branches Flow vainly, aimlessly, consciousness conscious of nothing, a vague, distant glimmer through leafy clearings, with no known source or destination Flow on, flow on and leave me to forget Flow smoothly, book that does not realize its influence, supple prose poem with ignitions of profundity Read slowly, re [...]

  12. A manifesto, a guide, a book of prayers I return to it again and again, to take my almost daily portion of saudade Not to be read in one sitting, it can become toxic

  13. Heternonymy 101This be possibly the biggest, most self indulgent pre PoMo existential angst wank fest Ever 500 pages of self centered, whiny, petulant, attention seeking, self important and self obsessed essays, which, were they written by a woman, would no doubt have been classed as the insipid diary blather of sexually frustrated spinster in need of a good seeing to The main thoroughfare here is a subdued Munchian scream about the tedium of life, examined from every angle a diary of emotional [...]

  14. Like a Version Touched for the Very First Time This is an exceptional book or work or whatever you want to call it.However, ultimately, I found it both fascinating and just a little bit frustrating.One source of frustration is that, upon completing it, I discovered that the version I had read translated by Margaret Jull Costa was 262 pages, whereas the Penguin Classics version translated by Richard Zenith is 544 pages I hate it when this happens I feel duped Nothing had forewarned me of this pos [...]

  15. A trifecta of absolute favorites Well, not favorites Existence definers, then I ll have to say though, this self discovery wasn t nearly as enjoyable as it was with Of Human Bondage or The Magic Mountain I d turn a page, and there was one of my innermost thoughts, laid out on the page in all its proud solitude.Solitude It takes one intimate with this word and all its facets of life to appreciate this book The author created an entire world of characters in himself, seeing no journey important t [...]

  16. Oh, God, this is amazing.I ve covered the whole thing with frenzied annotations I need to lie down and think for a moment This is a beautiful and melancholy look into the loneliness of the dark of the human spirit Overwhelmed Pessoa is a genius at describing solitude and dreaming.Will come back to write something fitting later.

  17. The Book of Disquiet is incredibly aphoristic one can take almost any sentence at random and use it as an aphorism And so, not knowing how to believe in God and unable to believe in an aggregate of animals, I, along with other people on the fringe, kept a distance from things, a distance commonly called Decadence Decadence is the total loss of unconsciousness, which is the very basis of life The Book of Disquiet is an anthem to the futility of life and a hymn of life s preciousness And so we wer [...]

  18. The Review of DisquietKen O O BachEdited and Translated by Junta1I was born in a time when possibilities were expanding by the day However, so did the proportion of young people who lost touch with their dignity It seems the trend will only continue Visible and invisible disparities.2I love the idea of myself I am proud, but not vain I know my defects are too strong for me to love myself as much as the idea of myself.3The idea of living is tedious One is much comfortable living inside the mind. [...]

  19. I can only speak of this book in hushed, reverential tones This is one of my most, most, most favorite books, which I ve been reading for years and still have not finished It s like an endless diary of daily life, written by the strangest, most deleriously unhappy but sometimes happy , brilliant but sometimes simple , intensely thoughtful old man Pessoa is best known for writing poetry using heteronyms, meaning that essentially he had multiple personalities who all were writers He never intended [...]

  20. I begin because I don t have the strength to think I finish because I don t have the courage to quit This book is my cowardice It sometimes occurs to me, with sad delight, that if one day in a future to which I won t belong the sentences I write are read and admired, then at last I ll have my own kin, people who understand me, my true family in which to be born and loved But far from being born into it, I ll have already died long ago I ll be understood only in effigy, when affection can no long [...]

  21. The Book of Disquiet is less a novel, the diary of a sensitive and reflective outsider a dreamer, who compulsively chronicles his contemplations, believing them to be the true manifestation of his soul ignore the awkward blundering fool who stands before you, these words are the real me who lives apart from humanity and imagines a future in which his genius will finally be understood and celebrated Is it any wonder this book is so beloved by writers Much has already been written of the brillian [...]

  22. B of D is a work of pure genius written in gloriously lyrical, existential prose it wants to be poetry and, at times, it is Pessoa is a profoundly introspective and honest writer who defined existential themes based upon his frank study of his own life and dreams it s possible that Pessoa is the most honest writer who ever lived He is highly self critical, self effacing and suffers from the disquiet of his simple life as a bookkeeper in Lisbon He wrote B of D in that richly germinal literary era [...]

  23. The four months it took me to read Fernando Pessoa s posthumously published collection of thought fragments have been some of the most fraught and chrysalis splitting days of my adult life This book will forever be synonymous with transition and grief, exploration and longing I could read only bits at a time, for Pessoa s struggle to understand the world and his place in it mirrored my own and my many gasps of recognition left me breathless Of course, this is not a book to be read in an orderly [...]

  24. In your mind, picture an old man who dines in a nearby cafe everyday He works in an office as a bookkeeper, probably few years before his retirement He is living alone in his apartment a block away from that cafe You oftentimes eat in that restaurant and whenever you do, you see him on that chair facing the window, silently eating the same meal, talking to no one except nodding to the waitress and once in a while glancing at the view outside You hesitate to talk to him Probably he seems to be to [...]

  25. We never love anyone What we love is the idea we have of someone It s our own concept our own selves that we love OMG This is the best book I ve read in a loooooooong time I was thinking that I would never have a favorite writer other than Fyodor Dostoyevsky, or a favorite book other than The Brothers Karamazov Fernando Pessoa and his Book of Disquiet changed that I m shocked, but I have to say this from now on, Pessoa along with Dostoyevsky is my favorite writer, and The Book of Disquiet along [...]

  26. In utter solitude I reread this sacred piece of art 3 Sadly I write in my quiet room, alone as I have always been, alone as I will always be And I wonder if my apparently negligible voice might not embody the essence of thousands of voices, the longing for self expression of thousands of lives, the patience of millions of souls resigned like my own to their daily lot, their useless dreams, and their hopeless hopes.In these languid and empty hours, a sadness felt by my entire being rises from my [...]

  27. I found this last night, which I scribbled down about 8 years ago when I first read this I will let it stand as is I am reading a new translation of The Book of Disquiet by Fernando Pessoa These fragments shoved in a trunk speak in a voice so close to my own, secret, internal wanderings that I feel like a shadow slowly recognising the body it follows This is not to suggest I am anything near his genius but simply that he writes what I remember feeling, or I remember feeling their rough, uncertai [...]