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Summer Kisses

Summer Kisses Free Read Summer Kisses - by Sarah Morgan - Summer Kisses, Summer Kisses This summer the sun has gone to everyone s headsFlora and Jenna should be working busy shifts but something fun has come up Two new arrivals have blown into Glen and life at the hospital could get tri

  • Title: Summer Kisses
  • Author: Sarah Morgan
  • ISBN: 9780263897623
  • Page: 332
  • Format: Paperback

Free Read Summer Kisses - by Sarah Morgan, Free Read Summer Kisses - by Sarah Morgan, Summer Kisses, Sarah Morgan, Summer Kisses This summer the sun has gone to everyone s headsFlora and Jenna should be working busy shifts but something fun has come up Two new arrivals have blown into Glen and life at the hospital could get tricky So it s time to set some rules Flora s summer is simple Avoid kissing Connor MacNeil He may be gorgeous back in town and singlebut he snogged everyonThis summer the sun has gone to. Free Read Summer Kisses - by Sarah Morgan - Summer Kisses, Summer Kisses This summer the sun has gone to everyone s headsFlora and Jenna should be working busy shifts but something fun has come up Two new arrivals have blown into Glen and life at the hospital could get tri

  • Free Read Summer Kisses - by Sarah Morgan
    332Sarah Morgan
Summer Kisses

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  1. About SarahUSA Today bestselling author Sarah Morgan writes romance and contemporary women s fiction and her trademark humour and sensuality have gained her fans across the globe She is a 3 time winner of the prestigious RITA Award from the Romance Writers of America and has been nominated five times Sarah lives near London, England, and when she isn t reading or writing she loves being outdoors Look out for MOONLIGHT OVER MANHATTAN, Sarah s latest release in her series set in New York City, and HOW TO KEEP A SECRET, Sarah s first standalone women s fiction novel, coming June to the UK and July to the US Join Sarah on Facebook facebook AuthorSarahMFollow Sarah on Twitter twitter SarahMorgan_ Follow Sarah on Instagram instagram sarahmorganFollow Sarah on Pinterest uk.pinterest SarahMorgan_ Website sarahmorgan Librarian Note There is than one author in the GoodReads database with this name See this thread for information.

  2. Luckily I ve read this romance before seeing that these were originally two cheap novels called The Rebel Doctor s Bride and Dare She Date the Dreamy Doc because I would never picked them up These titles are hilarious Both stories were nice quick holiday reads Of course there was a story formula to all of it but I didn t mind because I hadn t expected anything else.

  3. Been so long since I read a medical romance and this was like hearing a song you used to love on the radio put a lovely big smile on my face I feel the first story in this duet had a little story and character depth, the second story felt like it ended a little too abruptly Nevertheless, I found both stories completely charming.

  4. Lovely read, I have read a few of Sarah Morgan s book, in my mind this particular book isn t as good as others but still enjoyed it It s two diffrent stories, the second one is about two years after the first It s two diffrent couples, two diffrent stories but some of the characters are in both

  5. The Rebel Dr BrideI totally loved this book Once again SM proves that she is a great storyteller.Nurse Flora has the shock of her life Conner the famous bad boy is back on Glen island She had a crush on Conner but she was a shy teenager and she may be the only girl he didn t kiss back then Conner has done good by himself He has become a doctor and Flora can t help herself falling for him all over again But the islanders doesn t trust him They still see the troublemaker bad boy It took a miracle [...]

  6. I ve just finished reading the first story of Sarah Morgan s medical romance double Simply called Flora, after the heroine, I LOVE LOVE LOVED THIS STORY Conner, the island s bad boy is back and no one will beleive in what capacity Not many women can resist this bad boy, not even sensible, shy Flora I felt so happy and uplifted after reading this story, it was great The second story in this double is Jenna This story is as fabulous as the first A few angst filled moments but still a really happy [...]

  7. This book has kept me up past my bed time for two nights now Absolutely loved the bad boy Connor in the first story, and the troubled Ryan in the second Both stories are set on a remote island, where the newbies have to be liked by the locals Both flora and Jenna are very lovable characters who I instantly connected with Overall both great stories.

  8. absolutely loved this book you just fall in love with the characters and want to know what is going to happen do they find happiness or not Great for a holiday read

  9. 2 short stories not much substance and felt both very similar Set in the same location about 2 different Dr s 2nd story rather confusing would have been better if Connor s leaving had been explained in the 1st chapter

  10. An enjoyable light hearted and uplifting read about Flora and Jenna and the doctors practice where they work.Just what i needed as a break from all the thrillers4

  11. Was really enjoying the first half of the book and then it moved to a different characters halfway through and it felt like starting a new book, not for me.

  12. I m starting this review with exactly the same disclaimer as I gave the previous book.When I bought this book I purchased it is part of a trio on the Book People for a huge 0.02 At the time I didn t realise that it was a series of stories, or novellas, incorporated in one book I also didn t realise that they were published by Mills and Boon That s not to say that Mills and boon aren t any good I ve just never really giving them a go before Once again it was trashy, once again the perspectives ch [...]

  13. Another two for one book from Morgan this one focuses on the island of Gle off Scotland, where the islanders all know each other s business and keep the Doctor s practice in regular business When Logan McNeil, the main doctor and owner of the practice, loses his second in command, he calls in reinforcements to help deal with the heavy workload.Book One The doctor that comes to assist is his cousin Connor McNeil A former islander with a reputation as a bad boy, who d also kissed all the girls on [...]

  14. I absolutely loved the cover of Summer Kisses, I am a fool for bright covers with that added helping of glitter, so I had to pick this one up I didn t realise until I got home that it is actually a Mills and Boon book and I was a little worried as my nan used to read their books and our taste in books are worlds apart This summer the sun has gone to everyone s headsFlora and Jenna should be working busy shifts but something fun has come up Two new arrivals have blown into Glen and life at the h [...]

  15. Hmmm to start with this book hasn t been particularly well proof read Pages 301 and 302, in particular, have some glaring errors where the author has mixed up the characters of Ryan and Logan, having written Logan when she should be referring to Ryan, being a prime example This is frustrating because at times these errors distract from what is actually a heart warming book.Two stories in one book The story of Flora first, followed by Jenna s story a few years later the stories are set on a Scott [...]

  16. Ok, so I admit now that this is a review of only half the book and that s because the book itself is split into two.The first half follows the story of Flora, a single Girl who works and lives on the small island of Glen And Connor, who was once the islands bad boy, who comes back looking for a better life, and to make amends It is focused round the islands doctors surgery, where both Connor and Flora work.It is a simple story and quite predictable and has all the ingredients for a Mills and Boo [...]

  17. This was quite a good one When I pick those kind of books I expect some funny,nice and enjoyable story they needn t to be very unpredictable or changable or overexciting ,you never choose such a kind of book because of those items But when I read one of this I want a male character which knock me off my feet,which make me think gosh yeah gorgeous,which make me smile,well lets face it I want the bad,handsome bloke with a mysterious aura,which is of course irresistble and gets the girl in the end. [...]

  18. Downloaded Free from ITunes.Not having read a Mills and Boon book since pinching a couple of my Mum s many years back, I wasn t sure what to expect here, but, I was really pleasantly surprised Split into two separate stories, the Scottish island Of Glen plays host to two new romances.Bad boy Conner returns to the island to join his cousins practice Now a qualified doctor, he has to work hard to regain the islanders trust and convince Flora, the shy practice nurse, that he has fallen for her.Jenn [...]

  19. I bought this book thinking by the cover design, that it would be chick lit This is of a romance novel than chick lit I still enjoyed this very much There are two stories in this book, both set on the Island of Glen There is adult content to the romances but that is not the main focus of the story I enjoyed reading about the developing friendship and love of the couple in the first story Flora and Connor, and loved the ending The second story was also enjoyable but of the two, I think that I en [...]

  20. Nothing can beat a good Mills Boon book And this is a double hit of super sweet romantic summer goodness Sarah Morgan always nails the medical romance, and this was no different Both stories were sweetand adorable, and the people of the island just can t help themselves It is never easy being the new person on the island, even so when you want to start a relationship when everybody knows your business.As all mills and boon go, they have a happily ever after, and Sarah s book is great because it [...]

  21. Two lovely romantic reads, in the first a new doctor is starting at the surgery and little does Flora suspect its a person she knows, Conner Macneil the local Lothario who kissed EVERY girl in town but Flora, surely as adults the big, bad Conner with the bad boy reputation cannot find Flora attractive In the second story Jenna Richards moves to Glen with her daughter Lexi after her marriage breaks down to take up a new job at doctors surgery but little does she know that she is destined to fall [...]

  22. This was a fun summer read, although it was a bit intense than I thought it would be in a good way though The book is split into two, first recounting the story of Flora and secondly the story of Jenna, revolved around a small island called Glen The story continues but it s about four or different lives Sometimes, it was a bit far fetched, but that s romance for you Still, it was a fun summer read which was also a rollercoaster of emotions, especially since it was about doctors and nurses, and [...]

  23. Like some of the other reviewers I didn t realise this was a MB book I decided to give it a go though and I was pleasantly surprised I like the fact that the book was split into two but there was still continuity in both parts It is an easy holiday read.For me though, it was a little too predictable From page one you knew what was going to happen There weren t many twists and turns to make you feel differently throughout the book either There is also a mix up between two characters part way thro [...]

  24. What a treat this book holds as it has two stories Flora and Jenna in one book Both are based on the remote island Glen and are centred around the sole GP surgery, Glen Medical Centre on the isle Medical romance features strongly in both stories with each women falling for two doctors who are sizzling hot Local gossip is prolific as you would expect in such a small community but the characters it holds are colourful, enchanting and at times interfering.I love this book and as usual Sarah Morgan [...]

  25. I picked this book as the cover design appealed I normally read chicklit I guess the best way I can describe it is Doc Martin meets romance It s based in a remote island medical centre, with the struggles of an all seeing local community and how they deal with newcomers.The big surprise for me was that there are actually two separate stories in this book, based on the same island two years apart, so some of the characters overlap.The writing flowed well and overall I enjoyed the book

  26. Two short stories, they were enjoyable Nothing complicated in the storyline just a nice simple romantic storyline It was simple and not too much It did get me wanting abit , I would have liked to know where did Flora and Conner moved to and what were their life together like and I would have liked to know about the wedding with Jenna and Ryan and if they did get kids But overall it was short and light which is nice to read sometimes Nothing too much.

  27. Maybe 2.5 It was okay, it passed the time, but I m glad this wasn t the first Sarah Morgan book I read because I felt it was rather weak by comparison so would probably have assigned her to my list of authors to avoid Unlike other books I have read by Sarah Morgan, this was published by Mills Boon so that might have something to do with it or am I just being unkind to MB It has always been a name I associate with high volume and low quality.

  28. I was a little shocked to finish the story and only be half way into the book Was very into the story and that disappointed me a lot Would have liked to have read about flora and Connor The writing was good and enjoyed it just wish it was longer and in depth The 2nd story was also good and could also have been done in depth as a 2nd book maybe I would read her again but make sure it s just the one story next time

  29. Didn t even realise this was a Mills Boon Was a light easy read 2 stories in one which was a bit strange Flora set in remote Scottish Island of Glen Jenna also set in Glen but 2 years later There is no real overlap between the 2 stories which was disappointing,could have made so much of this book had the two been overlapped There is also a glaring character mix up in the second story But overall just a real happy ever after book.

  30. This was the perfect cheesy, predictable and cute romance novel that I needed I ve read a Sarah Morgan book before and I absolutely loved it I may need to buy a couple She certainly knows how to write a love scene I ll tell you that right now Her writing is very enjoyable and her characters are very easy to fall in love with Particularly the male ones.

  31. I downloaded this book from iTunes, but I don t like reading books on my phone however once I started reading this book,I couldn t really put my phone down I though it was a good book, different from all the other books I ve read I say this for all the books I ve read but I didn t really like the ending, I always want to know what happens after But lts a good book