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Eagle Against the Sun

Eagle Against the Sun Eagle Against the Sun Best Download || [Ronald H. Spector] - Eagle Against the Sun, Eagle Against the Sun Traces the Pacific war from Pearl Harbor to the atomic bombing of Hiroshima Nagasaki examining major battles campaigns AcknowledgmentsIntroductionPreludeStates of mind American States of mind Japanes

  • Title: Eagle Against the Sun
  • Author: Ronald H. Spector
  • ISBN: 9780517684795
  • Page: 319
  • Format: Hardcover

Eagle Against the Sun Best Download || [Ronald H. Spector], Eagle Against the Sun Best Download || [Ronald H. Spector], Eagle Against the Sun, Ronald H. Spector, Eagle Against the Sun Traces the Pacific war from Pearl Harbor to the atomic bombing of Hiroshima Nagasaki examining major battles campaigns AcknowledgmentsIntroductionPreludeStates of mind American States of mind Japanese Orange Some last minute changesThe issue is in doubt The short unhappy life of ABDACOM The vital flank From Midway to Massacre ValleyRoutes to Rabaul JungleTraces the Pacific. Eagle Against the Sun Best Download || [Ronald H. Spector] - Eagle Against the Sun, Eagle Against the Sun Traces the Pacific war from Pearl Harbor to the atomic bombing of Hiroshima Nagasaki examining major battles campaigns AcknowledgmentsIntroductionPreludeStates of mind American States of mind Japanes

  • Eagle Against the Sun Best Download || [Ronald H. Spector]
    319Ronald H. Spector
Eagle Against the Sun

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  1. Professor Spector received his B.A from Johns Hopkins and his MA and Ph.D from Yale.He has served in various government positions and on active duty in the Marine Corps from 1967 1969 and 1983 1984, and was the first civilian to become Director of Naval History and the head of the Naval Historical Center He has served on the faculties of LSU, Alabama and Princeton and has been a senior Fulbright lecturer in India and Israel In 1995 1996 he was Distinguished Visiting Professor of Strategy at the National War College and was the Distinguished Guest Professor at Keio University, Tokyo in 2000.

  2. This book, often viewed as a classic, was published in 1985 as a part of the Macmillan Wars of the United States Series It covers the war with Japan from its antecedents to and beyond the surrender of Japan in 1945 There are, at present, 14 books in the series, which seem either to address specific conflicts or the history of the individual American military services At over 500 pages, this isn t an overview of the Pacific Theater of World War II It is a very detailed look at various aspects of [...]

  3. If you are not familiar with the war against Japan, you can hardly go wrong starting with this one A very thorough account of the lead up to and conduct of the war The only major flaw is the lack of maps to guide you through the various theaters and engagements 4 Stars due to this oversight but it is a compelling, exciting read nontheless This book covers all the major players, not just the US forces A good deal of time is spent on lesser known actions, such as the New Guinea campaigns the China [...]

  4. This is a book that covers the Pacific and Asian theater of World War Two and while it mostly focuses on the United States and Japan it does manage to give some pages to the other players in this complicated and ever lasting conflict At times it seems to want to go further into the discussions about China, Britain or Australia, etc but just pulls back when the pages nearly lose sight of the titlesakes focus Spector manages to fit concisely with great detail and consideration many aspects of the [...]

  5. This must receive five stars, as it accomplishes its mission perfectly I wouldn t recommend it to everyone if you are not into the history of WWII I see no reason why you would ever read this book But it is the first book I would recommend to anyone wishing to learn about the Pacific theater of WWII It appears to cover absolutely everything it is understandable and quite readable the chapters are just about the perfect length and the author does not shy away from his own opinion, so when he beli [...]

  6. Dad was involved in the invasion of the Philippines so I ve long held an interest in that theater of the war From this, a military history, I wasn t expecting much maybe some mention of Dad s unit yes , his command yes and his ship no , certainly a third opinion about the Pearl Harbor attack yes, albeit inconclusive about which I d recently studied Otherwise, I expected the work of a professional military historian to be detailedd dry.Well, Spector is detailed as regards the events he chooses to [...]

  7. As advertised, this is a good perhaps the best comprehensive overview of the war against Japan in World War II Spector does a solid job in showing the broader strategies of both the U.S and Japan, the logistics and materials issues and the intramural turf wars, as well as the specific battles.However, here are the flaws of the book 1 First and foremost, this really suffers from the absence of maps There is but one map, of the entire Pacific theater, with little detail Spector s descriptions of v [...]

  8. Sits alongside Retribution and The Rising Sun as one of the three most fascinating and insightful books I have ever read about World War II in the Pacific It provides a wonderfully balanced view of the war, reserving time for under reported aspects such as the experiences of Japanese detainees in America, WACs and the often neglected China Burma India theater Highly recommended as the best one volume history of the Pacific War, especially for those new to the topic.

  9. I ve read books on The Second World War for 20 years but never really touched upon The Pacific This had a lot to do with the geographical difficulty of all those battles and the absence of a single volume to give a readable overview But that has been always there since 1984 when than 30 years ago Ronald H Spector published this magnificent book It is very much readable and goes in chronological order from battle to battle, and explains why certain invasions were chosen and how those decisions c [...]

  10. Very good one volume of the American war against Japan in the Pacific It follows the events relatively in chronological order, with a few diversions Most of the battles are well covered, of course not in depth, as many of the major battles have books of their own A couple of caveats some of the details can be bewildering The battle for Peleliu is covered in exactly a page and a half, yet there is an entire chapter on how the American soldiers found many of the cultures they encountered so strang [...]

  11. Good readMany insights on the political aspects leading to the conflict as well as the strategies employed Would recommend this book

  12. Good read Gives broad coverage of the lead up to the conflict Missed an opportunity to review the hapless ship that delivered the bomb and got sunk with numerous sailors left to die awaiting a much delayed rescue.

  13. An excellent 1 volume overview of the Pacific War in WW II The book focuses on US and Japan history What struck me was the lack on coordination, interservice rivalry, missed opportunities, and unexpected successes from both sides.The book also helped me understand many of the design decisions made in the boardgame about this same conflict, called Empire Of The Sun.

  14. Considered by some to be the best single volume account of World War Two in the Pacific Theater, Spector s book is comprehensive and readable without being so detailed as to be mind numbing Spector provides adequate background to Japan s expansionist goals and activities subsequent to World War One so that the reader has a context in which to understand the issues leading to the attack on Pearl Harbor that ushered in America s official entry into the war It was clear for some time before this si [...]

  15. Eagle Against the Sun The American War with Japan,hasil karya Ronald H Spector merupakan sebuah buku mengenai Perang Dunia Kedua di Pasifik atau turut dikenali di dalam bahasa Inggeris sebagai Pacific Theater of Operation P.T.O Di dalam buku ini,penulis lebih memfokuskan penglibatan Amerika Syarikat di dalam P.T.O menentang Jepun.Walaupun hanya dihasilkan dalam satu jilid volume sahaja,tetapi,penulis dilihat berjaya merangkumkan fakta fakta penting dengan baik dan teratur Ia termasuk segala fakt [...]

  16. Spector s single volume history of the Pacific campaigns in World War II is a marvel of breadth and clarity He begins with American and Japanese societies just prior to the war and ends with the unconditional surrender following the nuclear bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki Spector is mostly concerned with the conduct of the war itself, so he only hints at its larger significance the change in the balance of power between Japan and China, the rise of a democratic Japan, and the demise of Europe [...]

  17. I m started reading this book with only the most fundamental and vague memories of World War 2 from high school days Yet I found it to be a completely accessible read despite my starting place of nearly zero The focus, as surmised from the title, is on the American perspective of the war in the Pacific, though there are occasional glances into the Japanese perspective The book goes into quite a bit of detail with each major battle and campaign Again, despite knowing little of that particular sub [...]

  18. I picked this up because all my knowledge of the American Japanese conflict during WWII, I learnt from films like Pearl Harbour Not the most objective view, you ll probably agree This is a quite comprehensive history of the conflict, starting from just before the Pearl Harbour attacks and ending in the aftermath of the Atomic bombing It s a bit dry in places, where the author resorts to listing names, dates and ship specifications, but interspersed with that is some human moments the stuff that [...]

  19. This was a very informative account of the World War II battles in the Pacific theater Even though I had learned about WWII in school, they focused mostly on Nazi Germany and the holocaust The war with Japan was not coverted extensively and the focus was on Pear Harbor, the bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, and the internment of Japanese Americans in thye U.S Eagle Against the Sun is an excellent account of the war with Japan and the various battles on land, sea and air It was definitely a wort [...]

  20. An outstanding book, highly recommended.However, the large number of errors, both factual and typographic, distracted this reader Also, the repetition of material became tiresome A good editor or even a graduate student could have avoided this.But by far the greatest shortcoming of this book is its lack of maps It is inconceivable that a narrative covering four years and fully half of the earth can lack detailed maps The reader should equip herself with a set of good, detailed maps of the Pacifi [...]

  21. For one volume, this covers everything about the war in the Pacific No detail is left out At times, it s almost information overload But I think that s a good thing I wanted to read a thorough, to the point book about the Pacific theater in WWII, and that s what I got If you re into specific military history, I definitely recommend this book It s, exceptionally well researched, and objective Success and failures alike are examined for both side Long, but worth it.

  22. This is a very good general account of the American portion of the Pacific War against Japan It largely excludes the other allies contributions to the overall war effort My biggest criticism is the lack of maps There are 2 identical maps at the beginning and end of the book of the Pacific including the China Burma India theaters as well but they aren t depicted in great detail, so following the narrative is difficult There are also a few spelling errors sprinkled throughout the book.

  23. From memory this book read very well I was attracted by it s presentation and bought the 2000 publication, although it was originally written in 1984.I read the book without any interruption and remember it was written almost as an enthralling thriller.The writer told the story with an exceedingly easy to read style for the layman and I enjoyed it throughout.I very much recommend it, indeed you can buy my copy for a small amount if you like.

  24. This is an excellent overview of the Pacific War between Japan and the USA It gives a great strategic view of the conflict while also giving insights from well researched details of individual battles and situations It is the best one volume history that I have read on the Japanese American war I would recommend it to anyone wanting a balanced view of The War in the Pacific, 1941 1945

  25. This is a 589 page textbook on the war with Japan It suits a war studies program Each chapter has 20 to 80 footnotes referencing the source of the material used in developing the chapter It is a long read but well written If the subject matter attracts you, you will end much informed than before you started.

  26. This was the first book I read on the War in the Pacific It began my quest to learn as much as I could about this theatre of war I picked up this book in the summer of 2001, just after my father passed away He served in Macarthur s 5th Air Force during War Spector provides the perfect introductory overview of of the struggle between the United States and Japan.

  27. I would say condensing the Pacific theater into one volume is a daunting task Spector does an exceptional job recounting the events on the battlefield and political intrigue in Washington, London, Chungking and elsewhere.My only wish is that there a few maps spread throughout the book to help the reader.

  28. A tour de force on the Pacific War written in a concise and fluid style This should be required reading for any history buff, history major or person with historical inclinations The segment on Iwo Jima was terrific Spector very skillfully explains the conditions and circumstances that led to the decision to end the war with the dropping of the bomb.

  29. This is the de facto standard of the Pacific Campaign in WW II I read this book originally in college for a History of Naval Sea Power class I had to buy and read it again This book is a little dry, as it contains so much information It was better than Cats , I d read it again and again.

  30. If you read one book about the Pacific War, make it this one After reading this, you may then want to explore other writings about the Pacific War that are far less comprehensive, but perhaps a little focused on their respective topics.

  31. After reading so much sometimes overly sentimental soldiers perspective ww2 history books, I almost forgot how some authors manage to both look at it from the ground and provide an overall picture Kudos to Spector