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Deal With This

Deal With This [PDF] Deal With This | by ↠ Lucy Monroe - Deal With This, Deal With This Alan Hyatt could do his job in his sleep and when the Goddard Project sends him to investigate a case of high tech espionage in the Vancouver film industry he finds a perfect reason to work in bed B

  • Title: Deal With This
  • Author: Lucy Monroe
  • ISBN: 9780758211804
  • Page: 438
  • Format: Paperback

[PDF] Deal With This | by ↠ Lucy Monroe, [PDF] Deal With This | by ↠ Lucy Monroe, Deal With This, Lucy Monroe, Deal With This Alan Hyatt could do his job in his sleep and when the Goddard Project sends him to investigate a case of high tech espionage in the Vancouver film industry he finds a perfect reason to work in bed But sizzling actress Jillian Carlyle also happens to be his landlady and she s got a hard and fast so to speak rule that keeps her from dating her renters While Alan s covAlan Hyatt cou. [PDF] Deal With This | by ↠ Lucy Monroe - Deal With This, Deal With This Alan Hyatt could do his job in his sleep and when the Goddard Project sends him to investigate a case of high tech espionage in the Vancouver film industry he finds a perfect reason to work in bed B

  • [PDF] Deal With This | by ↠ Lucy Monroe
    438Lucy Monroe
Deal With This

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  1. Award winning author Lucy Monroe had her first book published in September 2003 Since then she has sold than 70 books to four publishers and hit national bestsellers lists in the US and England She writes sexy category romance for Harlequin Presents including her own ongoing mini series, The Royal Brides If you prefer a longer book, but want to keep it steamy, try her Mercenary trilogy or Goddard Project series from Kensington Brava If you re a historical fan, Lucy s written a sensual trilogy for Berkley as well as her Children of the Moon series, sexy shape shifters in Medieval Scotland She s also published a historical single title with Samhain as well as two Inspirational romances under the pseudonym LC Monroe Lucy just plain loves romance She s a passionate devotee to the genre and loves to chats with readers, authors and industry professionals Her highly charged, sensual stories touch on the realities of life while giving the reader a fantasy story not easily forgotten Whatever the type of romance, Lucy s books transport her readers to a special place where the heart rules and love conquers all.

  2. I really liked the hero, Alan, but the heroine, Jillian not so much Alan is an undercover agent posing as a reporter, sent to a film set in the hopes of finding who is selling technological secrets at a high price including murder Jillian is an actress on the set, and also coincidentallly his lanlady There is instant attraction for both of them, however his view is I m on the case , and she s I don t sleep with my boarders This whole situation seems to drag on through 2 3 of the book and I found [...]

  3. I did not like this at all too much pondering too much telling not showing.The first 90 pages consisted primarily of his and her thoughts about wanting each other but not having each other After that, too much of the book was spent on the two characters pondering their feelings and wondering about each other Toward the end, after Jillian realizes that she is in love with Alan, she gives him the silent treatment Because she is doing it, he does the same thing in return Soon after that, maybe a da [...]

  4. What s funny about this book is that I liked the secondary characters than the main ones I just never connected with Jillian and Alan Alan is smart, looks like a God and is great at his job sure but I just didn t see him and Jillian together Perhaps it was because Jillian spends the majority of the book swearing her and Alan aren t going to hook up because he is a boarder undercover at her house and her main rule is no sex with the room mates I mean, how many times can one girl say that to hers [...]

  5. Jillian actress, future producer, stars in a scifi show in Canada, owns and runs a boarding house with tenants from the show, currently 3 gay men actor, gaffer, editor fun, personal rules, father a tempermental artist, stepfather upstanding in community, hit her mom when drank, younger brother, follower of White Tigress, Jade Dragon philosophy of sensuality, likes sex, rarely with penetration, but since her best friend got married sex for sex not as attractive, anti long term committmentAlan exF [...]

  6. Contemporary romance with protected sex There s a lot of sexual activity in this book, but the heroine is part of a group called the White Tigresses They are good at all things sexual, but don t allow actual penetration Unless of course, their partner is The One This was just OK for me The case Alan was working on seemed dull took a back seat through most of the book The resolution was tame.What s interesting to me is how LM tied THREE other books to this one.Jillian, the heroine, is Amanda s be [...]

  7. This was my first book of Lucy Monroe s.Jillian, well, not only couldn t I connect with her, but she really wasn t a very nice person I couldn t understand her hatred for any relationship, once her past came to light The two didn t seem to mesh She takes in roommates boarders if you will , and swears to never get involved or have sex with a roomie Alan, investigating a case of espionage, goes undercover as a reporter, and becomes a roomie He s good at what he does, he s a hunk, and a real nice g [...]

  8. This comedy suspense romance book made me snort and laugh out loud I picked it up partly because of the promo quote on the front cover by Debbie Macomber, and partly because I read on the back cover that it was set in Vancouver BC my home town , related to the city s film industry I loved the incredible characters Lucy Monroe peopled this novel with they were so believable, even when somewhat caricature like I could see them, hear them, smell them I began to care about each one of them as the st [...]

  9. I am sooooo in love with this hero it s funny.Both hero and heroine start at a I ain t gonna love nobody attitude and they shake it off as the book developes but in a credible way wich is very satisfying.When they finally realize their feelings they manage quite well to accept them and find a way to make things work, they don t hurt each other through out the story wich is good and they have a very good relationship.We get to see Simon and Amanda from The Real Deal again and it is too cute for w [...]

  10. My first book from Lucy Monroe.I might read some others but will not specifically try to look for it.It was a quick and light reading, bordering on the too light and too easy I liked the hero, Alan, who s undercover on an investigation relating to technology spying His behaviour seemed very normal and not really like a super hero, like it often happens in romantic suspenses However he seemed real and nice.The heroine, Jillian, however, was not so real and not so nice either I did not fully buy h [...]

  11. In Japanese Osae kirenai omoi Boring from the beginning Jillian, an actress and an Goddard project agent, Alan Hyatt Alan goes to live in Jillian s rented room trying to figure out who is a spy in the tv shooting setting Vancouver, Canada Alan has given up on love after his fiance, Beth left him and married another agent Jillian did not want a relationship, either because of bad male figures in her life.Terrible I did not get into either of the characters Conversations and translation were cumbe [...]

  12. 3 stars Rounded up half a star because it ties in with The Real Deal , which I also liked.I ve been skimming and dropping many of Lucy Monroe s books, but this was engaging I would recommend these two books together for a sample of what L.Monroe can but doesn t always do.

  13. Agent Alan Hyatt began work for The Goddard Project despite the fact that his ex fiance had recently married another agent at the firm The company rents him a room at a Vancouver boarding house run by Jillian Carlyle Hyatt s investigation involves the Vancouver film industry and Jillian also happens to be an actress Security is tight at Frost Productions where Jillian works Under his cover as a reporter, she opens many important doors to him which would otherwise have been closed.

  14. This is a story about an FBI agent going undercover to discover what is going on at a production company He falls in love with the main actress for the company She is very independent and owns a house that she has converted into a boarding house One of her main rules is that no boarders can mess around But then she finds herself wanting to break her own rule with the FBI agent who has moved in.

  15. Alan goes undercover to do this job His landlady Jillian rents out rooms to quirky actors, grips or like him a reporter well so he his job is to act like one He must get close to Jillian and all the people that will be his flatmates.Jillian and Alan s relationship grows while his investagation continues.This story has lots of humor I enjoyed it You will also meet back up with characters from an older book by Lucy Monroe Real Deal I Loved that Book too

  16. Not my favorite of Monroe s books I liked Alan but Jillian irated me For two people who did not believe in love and forever, they did not fight it Jillian was supposed to be all about truth and honesty in all matters, no exceptions but she accepted Alan s lies and false name with a bat of an eye I loved Perry and Gavin and would love to have of them The so called mystery was not much of one Still it was a fun and quick read.

  17. I picked this book up from the library because of the male model s torso I was not about to pass this book up Well, it was erotic and the ending was a happy one with a side of captured culprit This is the first Lucy Monroe book I have read and maybe I should not have started it with this Nonetheless, there are a few of her novels I have read the synopsis on and marked as want to read.

  18. I could not get into the plot on this one The entire story just made my eyes glaze over The love scenes were hot though and for that alone I m giving it 3 stars Otherwise, the story deserves 2 stars I did also enjoy the story of Alan and Jillian It was nice to see Alan finally get the girl.

  19. I was glad to see they made a book with Alan Although they made him into kind of a jerk in the book prior, it turns out he just hadn t found a girl to make work 2nd in his life Good story line and great chemistry with the girl.

  20. I m very curious about this author Strong feminist take on female heterosexuality and sexual empowerment in many ways, but other of her novels have included a pro life version of unplanned pregnancies Better sex scenes than Suzanne Brockmann but not as absorbing stories.

  21. Was a little disappointed with this one The romance part was a little on the boring side and the sub plot was not interesting at all.

  22. I didn t like it as much as Ms Monroe s previous book, Satisfaction Guaranteed, but it was still a good book.

  23. I liked the secondary characters than Alan and Jillian I was kind of disappointed because I really loved the mercenary trilogy.

  24. I really should have tried reading this series in order because i m trying to make comparisons to characters that i m not even sure i ve met