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Dead Island

Dead Island [PDF] Dead Island | by ☆ Mark Morris - Dead Island, Dead Island What will you do How far will you go What will you become Welcome to Banoi a tropical island where you can leave the stresses of the world behindWelcome to the Royal Palms Resort which offers its gue

  • Title: Dead Island
  • Author: Mark Morris
  • ISBN: 9780857501035
  • Page: 195
  • Format: Paperback

[PDF] Dead Island | by ☆ Mark Morris, [PDF] Dead Island | by ☆ Mark Morris, Dead Island, Mark Morris, Dead Island What will you do How far will you go What will you become Welcome to Banoi a tropical island where you can leave the stresses of the world behindWelcome to the Royal Palms Resort which offers its guests from around the world the ultimate in luxury and relaxationWelcome to the holiday paradise where your dreams should come truebut where a nightmare is about toWhat will you do How far w. [PDF] Dead Island | by ☆ Mark Morris - Dead Island, Dead Island What will you do How far will you go What will you become Welcome to Banoi a tropical island where you can leave the stresses of the world behindWelcome to the Royal Palms Resort which offers its gue

  • [PDF] Dead Island | by ☆ Mark Morris
    195Mark Morris
Dead Island

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  1. Mark Morris became a full time writer in 1988 on the Enterprise Allowance Scheme, and a year later saw the release of his first novel, Toady He has since published a further sixteen novels, among which are Stitch, The Immaculate, The Secret of Anatomy, Fiddleback, The Deluge and four books in the popular Doctor Who range.His short stories, novellas, articles and reviews have appeared in a wide variety of anthologies and magazines, and he is editor of the highly acclaimed Cinema Macabre, a book of fifty horror movie essays by genre luminaries, for which he won the 2007 British Fantasy Award.His most recently published or forthcoming work includes a novella entitled It Sustains for Earthling Publications, a Torchwood novel entitled Bay of the Dead, several Doctor Who audios for Big Finish Productions, a follow up volume to Cinema Macabre entitled Cinema Futura and a new short story collection, Long Shadows, Nightmare Light.

  2. I still don t have a better knowledge of the Dead Island as a game other than an extremely short look at a article This is the case, still, even this is my second look at the brand in written word Maybe I should wise up, and pick this as our summer game with the hubby Be a total pro with the zombie axing at the paradise That said, I can t read Dead Island inside the brand but read it like any other zombie novel, and ogle it as I would ogle any other movie and TV series ever made out of the rotte [...]

  3. 3.5 starsDead Island marks my first video game to book adaptation I have ever read You ve seen these types of books Imagine your favorite video game or franchise getting a book I wasn t expecting one from Dead Island though.For those of you who don t know, Dead Island the video game is about a group of 4 survivors who are at an island called Banoi, enjoying the tropical scenery when BAM, zombies appear Now they must fight their way through hordes of zombies in order to escape the fresh hell know [...]

  4. A page turner novel with well developed characters.Really not bad for a book based on a survival horror videogame franchise.Far better than expected.

  5. I finished Dead Island the novel today I wasn t expecting the changes they made to the story in the video game Then again how does one craft a story around a game full of crafting magical weapons that can shoot lighting out of it Taking a serious route with the story was a smart choice Though a sequel to the book is unlikely I would of enjoyed it if this was made into a series I will add that I actually cared about these main characters, where in the video game I couldn t of cared less about th [...]

  6. I ve been a fan Mark Morris books for a while and I ve enjoyed reading this novelisation a lot He does wonders to disguise a series of game missions into something that feels like an organic story I haven t played the game yet, because I ve already got a pile of Xbox games to work through and some of the reviews have been less than kind, so I can t compare directly but as a zombie survival horror this novel certainly stands proud in an overcrowded sub genre.The characterisation is the strongest [...]

  7. Despite the fact that most reviews for this book were negative I could not put it down once i began reading it I really liked this book, kept me on the edge of my seat I also enjoyed the video game that inspired this book also called Dead Island

  8. Although the storyline was thrilling, the book went way too in depth with gore The similes were child like and the language was much too simple for any exciting reading.

  9. This one caught my eye because it was is originally a PC game of the same name Even the cover is the same It made me borrow it just to see how the heck they turned a game into a story Having sucked majorly at the game and not able to get out of the resort, I was excited to read the book to see if it shed light on the game Of course, having not finished the game I don t know what s accurate Maybe I ll try the game again on the lowest level of difficulty.Anyway, onto the book I quite enjoyed it Wh [...]

  10. The 4 star rating is a clear average I d give the beginning and end a 3 5 but the middle a solid 5 5 I loved the game even though I could never complete it my console crashed And as far as I know this book follows the story of the game pretty much Overall the book is really compelling and tells its story pretty well but I have the feeling a lot is left out I like when they leave a little to the imagination but sometimes I feel like I missed a whole adventure I also feel like the beginning of the [...]

  11. Dead Island is a story about four characters who find themselves on Banoi, a tropical island paradise that turns out to be nothing like paradise after a plague breaks out on the island, turning nearly everyone into zombies It sounded good and it was okay but a bit disappointing The novel was very easy to read but I found the story a little dull and repetitive after a while There was a lot of gore and zombie action, but it wasn t what I expected, hence the lower rating, but that s probably my fau [...]

  12. Okay so i picked this book up from a shop in clearance for 50p and i got it because i had nothing to read at the time and the cover looked decent.However i am not a zombie fanatic or anything of the sort, when i found out the book was dealing with zombies i was little skeptical, although the start was a little dull for my liking the story itself got very intense and thrilling I ended up loving this book, even telling all my friends about it and detailing the characters to them and the plot, alth [...]

  13. If you like fiction, suspense you will like Dead Island What will you do How far will you go What will you become That is the deciding factor as the four main protagonists get dragged into the world of Banoi Guests go to the paradise island for a relaxing weekend, or so they think Soon almost everyone on the island become the undead flesh hungry corpses of their former selves For our four main protagonists and a couple of other vacationers who are immune to the plague, they must come face to fac [...]

  14. Great zombie book On the paradise island of Banoi people are becoming infected and going mad Four people are summoned by a stranger to get off the island Little do they know that there is a mission involved They continue to work together to complete the tasks laid before them, hoping it will lead to a way off the island I liked how these complete strangers came together to help each other They run into a whole mess of trouble with something delaying them at every turn They also meet several peop [...]

  15. I never finished the game because the gameplay bored me, but I found the plot interesting so I thought I ll read the novel instead.The book is an easy read and the story stays interesting and entertaining from beginning to the end, but there were a few things that bothered me.The characters didn t have any depth, lacked any emotion and behaved very unrealisticly in a lot of situations The worst of the main characters was Logan Carter, an annoying sexist jerk who made stupid jokes all the time Gl [...]

  16. 5 points dead island by mark morris.Dead island is a book about for survivors that are all on the island for there own reasons i well not go into the reasons why becuase they are spoilers but i well name the four Sam B, Naomi Travis permae four are all at the island at the same time but they didnt come for what they expected a random zombie apoclpyse has sprong out and they all must work together t get out alive and struggle dde to eachothers realtonships and strugglese only problem i have with [...]

  17. I had never played Dead Island before and never heard of Mark Morris before this book I was recommended this by a friend who also bought it but never actually finished reading it.I read it in two days flat, probably the quickest I ve read a book It s fast paced and for someone who is unfamiliar with the plot, always keeps you guessing I loved every bit of bit and would recommend this to others.After reading this, I played the game for a bit and it s good how accurate Mark keeps it The characters [...]

  18. This isn t a masterpiece or even something to rival some of the best work by Morris, but it s still bags of fun with skilful characterisation and a plot that kept me hooked until the very end It s apparently based on a computer game Since I don t bother with games much these days, I hadn t even heard of it, let alone a desire to play it My interest was in it being a fresh title from a favourite author of mine After reading and enjoying this thoroughly satisfying caper, I think I ll seek it out a [...]

  19. I picked up this book just because the introduction got me interested, although I ve not played nor even known the game And I enjoyed it quite much It was indeed a game like story, when one goal was reached a new one took place, which helped keeping me interested through to the end Fast paced, exciting, easy read.But I was not content with the ending, because it was not really the ending I guess maybe the game will have a sequel in that case will this novelization also have a sequel

  20. This book was very well done, but having played the game I think it should have had a of Logan and Xian Mei Most of the story seemed focused on Purna and Sam Kind of a bummer there won t be a next book since it stopped at of a cliff hanger than the game did I mean I suppose it could tie into riptide pretty easily, but from what Kevin Cheron said it also could be completely different Overall a great book though.

  21. One of the better video game adaptation novels, it clearly defines the storyline that got twisted in the game If you played the game you ll recognize the plot and the locations though it s not a pure retelling of the game If you haven t played it but are a fan of zombie stories then I highly suggest you read this.

  22. I really enjoyed this novel, came to it from the video game, and I have to say it was a lot better than expected So why the three star rating Well honestly, I hated the ending won t give any spoilers here , it just wasn t to my taste, which let it down Otherwise though, a surprisingly good read.

  23. The toy calculates the most young The soft trash disadvantages the heritage A blank beef discriminates The built coat impresses a spokesman The recipient inhabits a combined flavor opposite a legend.

  24. This book is absolutely perfect and goes hand in hand with the video game If you like the game, this is a great way to fill you in on how everything went down in Banoi before the virus spread Great read

  25. Sam Wise The Black, Someone s Property Purna, Turning Japanese Xien Mei and El Loo Hooney Logan all brought great persona to a modern day manic jizz fantasy well done if i could describe it with a face, then i would have to pull a Grimace face.

  26. Wow.I ve played all the games and I love this book So detailed and the story was amazing Love it Five stars.

  27. This wa a good book it is limited how many different ways you can describe zombie spatter but Mark Morris did a fantastic job