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Drachenspiele [PDF] Drachenspiele | by ↠ Jan-Philipp Sendker - Drachenspiele, Drachenspiele Die gro e China Saga geht weiter Paul lebt schon so lange in China dass er glaubt das Land und die Frau mit der er sein Leben teilen m chte zu verstehen bis ein Brief aus der Vergangenheit alles

  • Title: Drachenspiele
  • Author: Jan-Philipp Sendker
  • ISBN: 9783453408050
  • Page: 499
  • Format: Paperback

[PDF] Drachenspiele | by ↠ Jan-Philipp Sendker, [PDF] Drachenspiele | by ↠ Jan-Philipp Sendker, Drachenspiele, Jan-Philipp Sendker, Drachenspiele Die gro e China Saga geht weiter Paul lebt schon so lange in China dass er glaubt das Land und die Frau mit der er sein Leben teilen m chte zu verstehen bis ein Brief aus der Vergangenheit alles ver ndert Paul kommt einem Verbrechen auf die Spur das von h chster Stelle gedeckt wird Sein Gerechtigkeitssinn zwingt ihn zum Handeln und zu sp t wird ihm klar dass erDie gro e China. [PDF] Drachenspiele | by ↠ Jan-Philipp Sendker - Drachenspiele, Drachenspiele Die gro e China Saga geht weiter Paul lebt schon so lange in China dass er glaubt das Land und die Frau mit der er sein Leben teilen m chte zu verstehen bis ein Brief aus der Vergangenheit alles

  • [PDF] Drachenspiele | by ↠ Jan-Philipp Sendker
    499Jan-Philipp Sendker

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  1. Jan Philipp Sendker, born in Hamburg in 1960, and, longing to travel the world, became the American correspondent for Stern from 1990 to 1995, and its Asian correspondent from 1995 to 1999 In 2000 he published Cracks in the Great Wall, a nonfiction book about China The Art of Hearing Heartbeats is his first novel, and since then, he has written 3 further novels, including a sequel to The Art of Hearing Heartbeats , A Well Tempered Heart In 2013, he received The indies Choice Honor Award in the category Adult Fiction for The Art of Hearing Heartbeats He lives in Potsdam with his family and is currently working on the third installment in his China trilogy artofhearingheartbeats

  2. Jan Philipp Sendker has a way with words His prose is simply beautiful Melodic even He writes about characters whose lives you want to care deeply about And it is because of this that I truly wanted to love this story And yet, it left me wanting I wanted from Jan Philipp Sendker Because I know he has it to give I witnessed it in his first novel, the Art of Hearing Heartbeats, and I know he is capable Unfortunately, here he didn t deliver 3.5 Stars The Language of Solitude is a beautifully writt [...]

  3. The Language of Solitude is the story of Paul Leibovitz who travels to a village outside Shanghai with his partner Christine when she receives a letter from her long assumed dead brother There, he uncovers a terrible incident involving the villagers health and the most powerful chemical company in China There may be some mild spoilers below I struggled with reading this work I found the characters dislikable and pigeonholed into characteristics and, even worse, stereotypes The main character Pau [...]

  4. 3.5 I don t think this book was as good as his previous two books, it lacked the poignancy of The Art of Hearing Heartbeats and A Well Tempered Heart.

  5. 3.5A somewhat familiar tale foreigner with perfect Chinese language skills and a fixation on Asian women Throw in a theme of present day corruption as China strives to put a wide screen TV in every apartment and proliferating cars obliterate the landscape Well, what s left of the landscape after it was deforested and polluted The main character Paul s self fixation doesn t end and one is almost continuously treated to overwritten angst as he dissects his every move and emotion but remains insens [...]

  6. Probably anyone could sit down and ink out a story if they put their mind to it But there are only those most talented who can show as story as well as tell in language that penetrates beyond the emotional word Sendker offers that excellence in this suspenseful of a journey of discovery in a world of Chinese politics.Reviewed in djadamson le coeur de

  7. The Cultural Revolution in China left scars deeper than our Civil War In easy prose, but with great detail of Hong Kong, Shanghai and Chinese villages, this is an intrigue, a romance, and a story of family healing after the horrors of Mao s nightmarish regime Think of A Civil Action, but in a place where asking questions can get a whole family in deep trouble We see Chinese culture through the eyes and filter of Paul, an American who has lived in China for decades He gets involved in solving a p [...]

  8. I really enjoyed this novel of Hong Kong through the eyes of an expat who has lived there for decades but is caught in the sorrow of losing his child His love for Christine, a Chinese woman from the mainland, and their trip to her native village to see her estranged brother form the knot that holds this lovely story together There s a lot of Chinese government involvement over an environmental disaster that has destroyed the community and eventually violence against her niece and nephew What mad [...]

  9. Without giving too much away, this reminded me of a Chinese version of Erin Brockovich one of my favorite movies dealing with an environment scandal here in the US There are lots of hidden messages in the Chinese proverbs of I Ching, including coping with life to the best of our abilities The differences between Chinese and Western cultures are apparent But Sendker counters the harsh realities of the Cultural Revolution and the after effects, with a tender love story, providing balance to yet an [...]

  10. This author is one of the best i have ever read This author fills your heart and soul with words and images through his amazing storytelling I will read every book he ever writes just to hear with what words he writes next.This story itself was amazing It was about China and the Communist party and a little village and the hardships they faced and makes you understand through the story that love and sadness and joy are what makes people have some of the sameness.

  11. This book amazed me mostly because I have never enjoyed reading about China before, and because of the beauty of the writing, which was extraordinary The story was one of Chinese politics and the attempted cover up of an environmental disaster The characters were magnificently described and none was unimportant There was tragedy, deceit, and great love this book absolutely had it all I have not read this author before, but I intend to now This was just wonderful.

  12. Set in Hong Kong, Shanghai, and in a very small village outside of Shanghai, this book has several stories and messages The character descriptions are not long and yet I felt I knew their core beings The writing is average as is the action but I could not put this book down because the characters were intriguing Differences in western and Chinese cultures were highlighted to the detriment of neither.

  13. I was not sure what to expect from this book but have to say I very much enjoyed it It reminded me in ways of Sarah s Key I enjoyed seeing the differences and at different times clashes of culture It was a great reminder of differences between not just individuals but also customs and how sometimes the law does not always protect those that need it and is at time a guideline depending on the circumstances I would definitely recommend this book.

  14. A bit sick of the whole trope White man who likes asian women who happens to be fluent in Mandarin and Cantonese and English and German who can literally do anything But this is actually a great book, gives a great insight into Chinese culture and government, and the main character was surprisingly likeable.

  15. Every time I discover the new book by this author it is a fantastic read I recommended his books to numerous customers and friends He writes about China in a unique way, his language is very special especially as the book was originally written in German.Here is a very talented writer who takes you on a journey that stays on your mind for a long time.

  16. I was drawn to this book for the author and the premise, and really enjoyed the first 3 4 of the book, but felt the end was rushed and disjointed Perhaps I lost interest and that is why it became disjointed.

  17. 4 stars Suspenseful Investigation into mysterious illness unveils modern day Chinese policies and politics communism with a thirst greed for money interesting blend of love story and murder mystery

  18. Sendker does not disappoint This second Chinese mystery follows another adventure of Paul Leibovitz as he gets involved in solving the mysterious death of his girlfriend s sister in law I loved the story and could not put it down.

  19. A solid 4 for me Exotic locale, well written, suspenseful, lots of atmosphere Not so keen on Christine, a character who was not fully developed Also, the ending was both rushed and an little over the top.

  20. This one was like a John Grisham lawyer novel, with dark secrets from the Cultural Revolution Fizzled out at the end I need to lighten up

  21. Not a bad read but I found the story a little forced I thought the motivations of Christine and Paul slightly unbelievable, and the actions of the children in China naive.

  22. I liked this book but it seemed like 2 books in one as if the author could not decide what kid of book he wanted to write.

  23. This is the second book in a trilogy and, although it can be read as a stand alone novel, I think that you would get much from it by reading the prequel, Whispering Shadows In that novel the reader was introduced to Paul Leibovitz, an American journalist who has lived in Hong Kong for over thirty years, and his Chinese girlfriend Christine Wu, who has lived in there since her father died and her family was torn apart during the Cultural Revolution Paul was living a reclusive existence in an iso [...]

  24. Dragon Games Jan Philipp Sendker5 unequivocal stars The diverse realities of modern day China, brought to lifeSendker has done it again When I was asked to review Whispering Shadows earlier this year I was blown away by the power of his writing I was mesmerised by the fully rounded plot line and the quality of the writing, and delighted to be offered this to review.In this book, we revisit the relationship between Paul Leibovitz and his Chinese girlfriend Christine since Whispering Shadows they [...]

  25. Jan Philipp Sendker has done it again Yet another one of his books which has totally captivated me I have only read his books in German but if the English translations have captured the beauty of his writing, then I also cannot recommend this one enough when it is released in English It is part two of his China trilogy Such a wonderful story which gives us a clear insight into modern day China and its people as well as into the country s recent history, especially the Cultural Revolution and you [...]

  26. The story was enjoyable to a point, but this book succeeded in doing something no other book has before I have never disliked a fictional leading character in a novel than Paul Leibovitz He s a self righteous a hole who refuses to or simply can t see beyond what he wants, and he totally disrespects and disregards every other character in the book If you want to read a book with a lead character that personifies every smug trait that you hated about all of your exes, this is the book for you