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Sophie & Carter

Sophie & Carter ☆ Sophie & Carter ☆ Chelsea Fine - Sophie & Carter, Sophie Carter This is a novella While other high school seniors are dreaming about their futures Sophie and Carter are just trying to make it through each day Carter is overwhelmed by issues at home as he struggle

  • Title: Sophie & Carter
  • Author: Chelsea Fine
  • ISBN: 9781935089445
  • Page: 409
  • Format: Paperback

☆ Sophie & Carter ☆ Chelsea Fine, ☆ Sophie & Carter ☆ Chelsea Fine, Sophie & Carter, Chelsea Fine, Sophie Carter This is a novella While other high school seniors are dreaming about their futures Sophie and Carter are just trying to make it through each day Carter is overwhelmed by issues at home as he struggles to support his mother Meanwhile next door neighbor Sophie is left to care for her three younger siblings in place of their absent and troubled mother All that holds This is a novell. ☆ Sophie & Carter ☆ Chelsea Fine - Sophie & Carter, Sophie Carter This is a novella While other high school seniors are dreaming about their futures Sophie and Carter are just trying to make it through each day Carter is overwhelmed by issues at home as he struggle

  • ☆ Sophie & Carter ☆ Chelsea Fine
    409Chelsea Fine
Sophie & Carter

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  1. I write, I paint, I drink coffee and I love superheroes I fail at cooking and putting laundry away and I have a minor addiction to reading Okay, major Friend me

  2. Sophie Carter I have no idea how to explain the book It was short and sweet and I loved it I wouldn t have minded if it was a bit longer, because I loved the characters from the minute I heard about them I thought this picture described how I felt when it was over.Yup, Frustrated I still don t know how to explain the book So a list 1 So, the book starts with Sophie being late to English happens to me a lot , and it progresses on from there It talks about Sophie Carter s home lives, their school [...]

  3. I have a theory which may offend some people but the truth is almost always offensive and, as the old adage goes, it hurts.Theory For the most part these big name publishers are churning out mediocre if not crappy books disguised with pretty covers The smaller publishers are actually working harder to write quality material but they are overshadowed by the flashy covers C mon readers All that glitters is not gold Just because the cover is great doesn t mean the book will be And vice versa.The po [...]

  4. Yup Five full stars Lovely little novella Made me cry for all the wrong and right reasons Made me smile A lot.

  5. Okay, so I almost didn t read this book because of the cover And then I almost didn t finish reading this book because Sophie s POV in the beginning was so sappy and annoying that I just ugh.But I could not be glad that I pulled through, because damn, that was quite a story It was definitely heartwrenching, but of course I wish it was longer and in depth.Although I understand how Sophie and Carter helped each other, part of me wishes that the focus was about their dysfunctional families and a [...]

  6. wiping the tears It looks like I ve developed some new sense for books that will make me cry I can feel it on the page one I think So this sweet little book really made me cry I loved description of connection between Sophie Carter They re so sweet.Yes it will have 5 stars from me, although it could have been a bit longer So much about now I m quoting myself I won t give 5 stars to every book that make me cry , pff I m not the woman of my word when it comes to that To be honest I don t care, I e [...]

  7. 2.5What this story lacks is DEPTH This book is a quick read I read it in just over an hour which hinders the story It just needs MORE character development, plot development, complexity The writing felt a bit amateurish at times, and several phrases were overused.The premise has a lot of potential, but the writing needs to delve deeper and increase the complexity and further explore what s been created.If you re looking for a moving story about abuse, I d recommend Cindy C Bennett s book Heart [...]

  8. Sophie Carter, in one word, was freaking adorable See what I did there I hyphenated it to make it one word I m so clever.Sophie is this sweet, young girl whose mother has abandoned not only her, but her three younger siblings, as well She lived the kind of life that is hard to imagine it was or less a nightmare but she still had this sense of sweet innocence to her, and although she was wise beyond her years, she gave off this vibe of na vet that, to me, made her feel all the real.Carter was a [...]

  9. Sophie s mother is a drug addicted prostitute, leaving Sophie to take care of herself and her three siblings Carter s father abused both he and his mother leaving Carter physically and emotionally scarred and his mother with severe dementia Every day after school Sophie comes home to take care of the littles her siblings and Carter comes home to help his mother rid the house of whatever imaginary demons that currently plague her Their only solace is the time they spend together every night on So [...]

  10. The story is about Sophie and Carter obviously, right who live next door to each other They both have shit home lifes, where Sophie s mom is the forgetful prostitute with 4 children, Carter s daddy beats him and his mother on a regular basis Sophie doesn t date, I mean seriously who could when you re raising your mother s off springs, trying to pay bills, finish high school without the children being taken away I did mention her mother forgets she has 4 children, right Carter also plays a parent [...]

  11. Rating 3.5 Stars I ordered this from and I laughed when it arrived I didn t realize how short it was, so when this little tiny thing came in the mail I was quite surprised The story sounded great, though, and I picked it up last night as a quick read before I called it a night Overall, it was a cute story with likeable characters, and their situation was something that drew me in and kept me reading Sophie and Carter have lived right next door to each other since they were in elementary school [...]

  12. Sophie Carter is about one hundred and four pages It s a short read, but it s a powerful one There s no way you will put this book down until the last word And it s even longer from your heart to let it rest I m still crying as I write this review.Chelsea Fine has written a beautiful, heart melting story She s an astonishingly talented author I m amazed at how strong and beautiful this story is, and can t wait to see from this author Sophie has lived next door to Carter since the third grade, a [...]

  13. Ho mille libri in lista di attesa ma non riesco a resistere alla tentazione di vagare sul web, nei blog o semplicemente su alla ricerca di nuovi titoli interessanti.E cos che ho trovato questo libro, un racconto breve che si legge in una sera, una piccola perla piena di dolcezza, tenerezza, speranza ma anche dolore.Sophie e Carter stanno per diplomarsi, sono vicini di casa, cos vicini che dalle reciproche finestre possono vedere e sentire tutto ci che accade nella casa dell altro Proprio tutto.A [...]

  14. 4.5 estrellas Admito que puedo estar exagerando un poco porque estoy sensible por haber estado leyendo libros rom nticos y viendo pel culas de este tipo desde hace dos dias pero buenoLa historia es s per f cil de leer, avanza rapid simo y es imposible no amar a los personajes principales Ademas como un episodio lo cuenta ella y el otro l, podemos saber exactamente como se siente cada uno.Esta historia es puro amor a pesar de la dif cil vida que llevan ambos protagonistas, pero no quiero decir mu [...]

  15. A touching little read filled to the brim with love, loss and hurt Have you ever heard of that quote the best of things come in small packages , well if you look up that quote you should get a picture of this book to illustrate it The characters are beautiful, inside and out, they are brave and inspiring I like how Sophie and Carter both have each other, all the time, I like how they have an understanding It s lovely There s no real twist or plot or anything, just two complicated seniors in love [...]

  16. 4.5 of 5 starsI love this book Really It s sweet, heartwarming and touching I love every part of it Its an easy and quick read though I wouldn t really mind if the story is longer I would love to see of Sophie and Carter I admire their friendship, their relationship and their devotion to each other They understand each other even without speaking, they know each others hurts and struggles and they know that they could trust and depend on each other It was great and really heartwarming Reading t [...]

  17. I loved this book s guts Sophie Carter is a boy and girl next door young adult story unlike anything I ve ever read It follows 18 year old Sophie Hartman and her same aged next door neighbor Carter Jax through their last weeks of high school The reader learns early on that their lives are anything but typical But they re very good at pretending otherwise.Ms Fine does an amazing job of making the two main characters, whose circumstances are quite heartbreaking, anything but pitiable They re stron [...]

  18. My mother in law is a reader A causal one, of course, because she unlike myself has a life, but the fact remains that she is indeed a participant in that nightly brain numbing ritual so many of us hold so dear This her need to read is a heartily welcomed habit in regards to our relationship aka I don t have much else in common with her, and sometimes find myself struggling for topics of conversation while in her presence She is sweet, well meaning, and always on the go, all qualities I admire, b [...]

  19. Ok, so normally I read happy go lucky, romantic tension filled, light, fun reads This was not that kind of book But not in a bad way It was heartbreakingly beautiful and sweet There was to this novella than some full length novels Not all teenagers lives are cotton candy filled existences, where the biggest problem is deciding what to wear to school Sometimes their lives suck and they are forced to be adults long before their time Such is the case with Sophie and Carter They are seniors in hig [...]

  20. I loved the synopsis for this book and it kind of reminded me of Forbidden by Tabitha Suzema, just without the incest part The two main characters have big shoes to fill being the head of their households and somehow find solace in each other.Carter s mother has a mental illness which leaves her unable to care for herself The illness was brought on by too many blows to the head by Carter s father Not only did Carter s dad beat his mom, but he was also abused as a child until he put a stop to it. [...]

  21. Sometimes life deals you then you ever thought you could possibly handle And, sometimes we are blessed with that one person that is always there for us, picks us up from our impossible lives and urges us forward regardless of the situation or circumstance and this story tells the tale of just that Best friends and next door neighbors, Sophie and Carter are forced to take on unimaginable responsibilities and grow up entirely too fast because of their difficult and dysfunctional lives As the two [...]

  22. Autographed Book Giveaway Review I don t recall how I learned about Sophie Carter by Chelsea Fine, only that something about the synopsis for this story caught my eye and touched my heart I do know that I contacted the publisher and asked to review it, and with fingers crossed asked if they would sponsor a book giveaway Not only has the publisher provided a novel but it s an autographed copy, which is so cool You know I don t traditionally review romance novels, unless there s something unique a [...]

  23. This is a very different narrative twist and I loved the way the author shifted back and forth between the two perspectives of the dual MC s It was truly riveting to see, fish bowl style, their dysfunctional and tragic lives up close What was really interesting is how much alike they were on the inside, regardless of gender.Two kids that live next door to each other witness the systematic abuse of the other over their mutual childhood and find solace in each other friends When graduations looms [...]

  24. Our moment is over so I slowly release her She moves away from me and a piece of me dies Oh boy suffers from a total cuteness overload I got my copy of Sophie Carter for review earlier today and started it immediately fast forward a few hours And here I am now, writing this review with a big happy smile on my face.117 pages long, this novel had me aww ing, smiling, feeling sad and sorry all in once Sophie and Carter, the two main characters and narratives, had been through hell of a life, dealin [...]

  25. Es un libro muy corto, pero no voy a decir que es ligero Llor literalmente durante todo el libro Literalmente.Todo.El.Libro.Admito ser sensible, pero esto no fue por m , es un libro triste y que, siendo tan corto y explicando tan poco sobre tantas cosas, te deja casi con ganas de haber le do m s acerca de esta historia Que todo fuera narrado desde el principio, desde que ellos comenzaron con esa amistad que los convirti en aliados en busca de la felicidad que se encontraba tan lejos, desde que s [...]

  26. Lately, my top choice when it comes to the books are those with stories about music and people who love music But this one wasn t of that kind I wanted to read something else, but title caught my attention I remembered that one of my friends had read this book and she liked it I opened it just to read first few sentences something I do when I m not sure what to read next , and before I knew it, my Kindle shown me that I was on 80% of the book You can read complete review on my blog Ja itam, a ti [...]

  27. Yo sab a justo en el momento en el que comenc el libro que lo iba a amar con todo mi ser La verdad es que la portada no me convenc a mucho, pero eso ya es otra cosa.Hay momentos que de verdad son tan dolorosos, pero hay otros en cambio que son tan felices y llenos de esperanza Aunque pens que el final iba a ser m s tr gico, tuvo un final feliz Y bien merecido.Me hubiese gustado que fuese un poquito m s largo, aunque justo as es m s que perfecto.

  28. Es una historia muy linda a pesar de las dif ciles vidas que cada uno tiene.Carter es un amor, y juntos hacen una pareja perfecta La historia podr a haberse desarrollado mucho m s, al igual que los personajes pero igual me gust mucho, aunque un ep logo no hubiera venido nada mal.