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Kyla's Revenge

Kyla's Revenge Free Read Kyla's Revenge - by David Weaver - Kyla's Revenge, Kyla s Revenge The highly anticipated sequel to the best selling urban novel Bankroll Squad The men ruled the streets in the first book but now the women take center stage in this action packed dramatical love sto

  • Title: Kyla's Revenge
  • Author: David Weaver
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 285
  • Format: Kindle Edition

Free Read Kyla's Revenge - by David Weaver, Free Read Kyla's Revenge - by David Weaver, Kyla's Revenge, David Weaver, Kyla s Revenge The highly anticipated sequel to the best selling urban novel Bankroll Squad The men ruled the streets in the first book but now the women take center stage in this action packed dramatical love story David Weaver s clever plot twists will continue to shock and amaze you all the way to the very last page Picture Set it Off meets New Jack City meets Bonnie and CThe highly anticipat. Free Read Kyla's Revenge - by David Weaver - Kyla's Revenge, Kyla s Revenge The highly anticipated sequel to the best selling urban novel Bankroll Squad The men ruled the streets in the first book but now the women take center stage in this action packed dramatical love sto

  • Free Read Kyla's Revenge - by David Weaver
    285David Weaver
Kyla's Revenge

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  1. David Weaver Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Kyla's Revenge book, this is one of the most wanted David Weaver author readers around the world.

  2. David Weaver keeps the suspense going with the second installment of the Bankroll Squad series with Part 2 Kyla s Revenge Kyla is back with a vengeance and after her one true love David takes us through a roller coaster ride with Kyla seeking revenge on everyone and anything in her path to free her man, Malcolm Unexpected twists and turns keeps this page turner from being put down I read this in 24 hours and could not wait for the sequel We are introduce to some new characters that will blow you [...]

  3. I don t think there are spoilers, but It looks to be spoilers ladiikeiii.wordpress 2017 SPOLIERS ALERT Omg, I knew that girl Sunshine was going to be a problem I hope they light a fire to her Especially for leaving Malcolm, like really I wish Rain would ve told Kyla that Sunshine psycho self likes I mean loved her And I agreed with Malcolm he Catfish should ve gotten his girl off the streets now look what happened smh I tell you, catfish will never be the same I got part 3, so I will read it soo [...]

  4. AWESOMENESSStraight fyahhhhhhhhhh action pack notably Amgel escapes I need this is straight like watching a movie just don t want to go off so I can talk about it this is my second time around read it but I just got to say KEEP YOUR GRASS CUT THERE S ALWAYS A COBRA IN THE MIDST Kayla rock this she wreck havoc POOR CATFISHMY BABY DONE LOST HIS MIND RIP TRICIA A TRUE RYDAHHHHFREE MACOLM SUNSHINE GOTS TO DIE

  5. Great readBy far this is one of my favorite series.If you are reading my review please read this series you will love it

  6. The best is yet to comeThis author keeps the suspense coming and action like no other I m hooked Keep it coming there is never a dull moment.

  7. Couldn t stop reading Y all I read this book in ONE day I could not put it down If you haven t started reading TBRS, what are you waiting for

  8. I listened to this on audible.The improvement was the transitions They were clear The story was somewhat interesting, unrealistic, but enough to make me want to finish.Book 2 made little sense The reactions and actions of characters did not always go with the scene or of what little you ve learned or was told about the characters thus far of the characters The writing had a sophomoric feel just as book 1 Those who were in power did not make what one would call boss moves It was hard to believe t [...]

  9. Move Get out the way ,By Marilyn DiamondThis review is from Bankroll Squad 2 Kyla s Revenge Kindle Edition David Weaver is a beast and to think that he wrote this novel while incarcerated should give us all hopeKyla is no joke and when a woman loves a man she will move mountains I appreciate the fact that as a woman making money she invested and stocked her monies When you live by a lifestyle you will get caught up by that life style I appreciated the story line and could not wait to continue hi [...]

  10. BRS Kaylas revenge glad that Kayla came.out of her comaw she is back to get revenge on everyone that has betrayed her or the squad in this story Kayla shows how loyal she is to Malcolm and what she will do to get her man out of prison withthe rest ofe squad Brink and catfish Luther is still being loyal to Malcolm since he is the only one that is kn the streets PrinceTron has became an informant to the feds to save his ass on going to prison Jennifer has true into a full blown crackhead.his story [...]

  11. This did not disappoint I was very pleased to see that Kyla made me really dig her character BRS had me wanting her to ditch the funky attitude until this book made me see why she had one I love how she rode for her man and didn t give up when she knew she deserved him and knew he loved her too She was pulling no punches when it came to getting whatever needed to be done to get her man back in her arms and to freedom I started BRS 3 immediately because this was so good I HAD to

  12. This book picks up where the first one left off, and while the players remain from the first book, I loved the introduction of some new folks The chicks in this book are straight up off the wall, and will definitely ride or die for their men If you are looking for a book with love, betrayal, and revenge, then this is the book for you And the ending will definitely have you on the edge of your seat I can t wait to start the next installment

  13. BangerThis book was all about Kyla getting the guys their freedom but the government was some shady characters All the witnesses doing all the lies yes this is going on now Back to this story it s was so good that I couldn t put the book down it was so much betrayal going on that you couldn t believe how those who were the most loyal turn against the code You need to hurry up and one click this banger you will not be disappointed.

  14. After recovering from her near death experience, Kyla awakes to much drama than she could imagine First, she finds her man and his two main men are locked up for murder, then she finds the ones that claim to be loyal are really working with the police Kyla puts together a plan that will get revenge for her and the remaining loyal members But everything doesn t go as planned

  15. I knew that Kyla was gone come back and kill the game but she came back so reckless and fearless I know Malcolm couldn t believe it himself I was so in shock at the end I just knew all was well i cant wait to read Pt 3 to find out how things ended in the jet when Kyla notices Malcolm not on board I feel sorry for ol girl.

  16. Loved it David is a beast with the pen I would love to have a woman like Kyla, she loyal and is willing to do whatever needed to be done to save Malcolm That Sunshine chick got on my damn nerves and I can t wait to read part 3 to see if she gets what she got coming About to start 3 so I can get to his new one The Power Family

  17. Bankroll Squad 2 Kyla s Revenge by David Weaver picks up right where part 1 left off Kyla is out for revenge after the events of book 1 There were a lot of twists and turns that I definitely did not see coming Th ending had me shocked and I cannot wait to see how it all unfolds in part 3 This is a must read series

  18. It was a repeatthis novel had me fooled at first thinking that it was a different story line than the original bank roll squad book but if you have read the first one then this one is a repeat.

  19. This was a good sequel Love was surley Kyla s drive to do all she could to get her man back This one had deciet, jelousy, revenge, and alot of killing This just showed what a woman will do when she is put against a wall The series was very good alittle out drawn but all in all a good read.

  20. I thought this was an awesome follow up to bankroll squad It picked up where one left off I love how kyla not matter what happened continued to love and support Malcom and the rest of the squad tbrs

  21. This book was awesome It took the meaning Scheme to entire different level I am a for sure fan of this series I love it

  22. Not as good as part 1, but still a good book The story line will make you read each book of the trilogy.