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Look Into My Eyes

Look Into My Eyes Free Download Look Into My Eyes - by Lauren Child - Look Into My Eyes, Look Into My Eyes Ruby Redfort is a genius code cracker a daring detective and a gadget laden special agent who just happens to be a year old girl She and her slick side kick butler Hitch foil crimes and get int

  • Title: Look Into My Eyes
  • Author: Lauren Child
  • ISBN: 9780007334063
  • Page: 116
  • Format: Hardcover

Free Download Look Into My Eyes - by Lauren Child, Free Download Look Into My Eyes - by Lauren Child, Look Into My Eyes, Lauren Child, Look Into My Eyes Ruby Redfort is a genius code cracker a daring detective and a gadget laden special agent who just happens to be a year old girl She and her slick side kick butler Hitch foil crimes and get into loads of scrapes with evil villains but they re always ice cool in a crisis. Free Download Look Into My Eyes - by Lauren Child - Look Into My Eyes, Look Into My Eyes Ruby Redfort is a genius code cracker a daring detective and a gadget laden special agent who just happens to be a year old girl She and her slick side kick butler Hitch foil crimes and get int

  • Free Download Look Into My Eyes - by Lauren Child
    116Lauren Child
Look Into My Eyes

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  1. Lauren Child grew up in Wiltshire as the middle child of three sisters and the daughter of two teachers She has always been interested in the many aspects of childhood, from gazing into toy shop windows to watching American children s shows from the 1960s After attending two Art Schools, where Lauren admits that she did not learn much, she travelled for six months, still unsure about which career to embark upon Before Lauren starting writing and illustrating children s books she started her own company Chandeliers for the People making exotic, elegant lampshades It was only when she came to write and illustrate the book Clarice Bean, That s Me that she decided to devote her time to writing and illustrating books for children, which combines her fascination for childhood and her talent for designing and creating Lauren gets her inspiration from other people s conversations or from seeing something funny happen Lauren lives in North London.

  2. Shirley s One Sentence Summary Veronica Mars in Sin City for TweensI m a fan of the precocious teen girl.I lovedAnd most of allYay Show Aussie Ja mie Soo Hot King some love So therefore I should love Ruby Redfort, a rich and it shows, super smart, attitude laden spunky spy girl in Lauren Child s new lower YA detective series.The thing with rich girls is, no normal person actually really likes them, so they re best done with a tongue in cheek, almost satirical way because truth be told, we just w [...]

  3. Amazing I used to be a big fan of Charlie and Lola when I was little, then as I got older I d started to read Clarice Bean In the Clarice Bean books, Clarice is a big fan of a secret spy agent Ruby Redfort I had always wondered about this young spy, and the adventures she had Clarice thought she was brilliant Now I have to agree with her I was really excited when Lauren Child brought out the book Ruby Redfort, Look Into My Eyes and I d gotten a hard back I started reading and I was instantly hoo [...]

  4. Can I firstly just commend this book for it s AWESOME front cover I love hardbacks however ridiculously priced they may be and the design is really brilliant The actual book behind the cover is white, with a green fly on it I ve been a massive fan of Charlie and Lola and Clarice Bean ever since I was really little My parents would read me the picture books, and then when the first CB novel came out they read it to me as well When I read it on my own it was the first chapter book I had ever read [...]

  5. There s really not much to say about this book it s a very typical, very bland mystery It s not quite as predictable as it seems at first, but it s also not very likely to surprise any mystery fans The tropes on display the James Bond gadgets, the clever riddles aren t unique, and nothing new is done with them Ruby is meant to be kind of a subversion of the typical Harriet the Spy type heroine, but her brand of snarkiness just ends up becoming another cliche The writing was alright, I guess I do [...]

  6. Ruby Redfort is a perfect candidate for the spy world, so when a secret agency comes knocking, Ruby is ready for action Ruby is not your ordinary 7th grader She s smart, independent, and a bit quirky Solving puzzles and cracking codes are her idea of a good time At the same time, she s pretty much your average kid She has friends, plays sports, ignores her parents on occasion, and watches lots of crime shows on TV I guess she offers a little something for everyone The best thing about Ruby, thou [...]

  7. 2.5 starsIt was okay Nothing special The story was pretty weak But the one factor that I could not get over was the dialogue It physically hurt to read it You could tell the author English , who was attempting to set her book in America, failed miserably as no one here talks like that Now, maybe, maybe, if this book was set in the 40 s, I could forgive some of the dialogue, but it wasn t, so I can t.Hitch, the only character I liked, talked like this, Kid, if you don t listen to me, you ll end u [...]

  8. This is an incredible book for a younger and older audience If I could describe this book in three words, I would say it is comical, delightful, and neat I was amazed about how much I admired this book, and it s super cute and an easy read It is very creative with many bewildering and mystifying puzzles, that make you feel absolutely dumbfounded This is a change from what I ordinarily read, but I enjoyed it nonetheless If you are ready for a journey with many ups, downs, and in betweens pick up [...]

  9. One of the joys of introducing new books to children is that sometimes they return the favor Ruby Redfort Look into my Eyes is one of those books One of my students chose this book as part of a school project I d never heard of it, so I took the opportunity to check it out Ruby is a spunky kid with an independent mind whose powers of observation rival Holmes himself It s only natural that someone who subscribes to code cracking magazines would be approached by a super secret spy organization lik [...]

  10. This is one of my favourite book series and this book made me feel in a different place and always kept me going from start to end this would be a perfect book series for an 10 11 12 year old to read, I loved this and thought the idea was perfect and everything was so perfect, spectrum and the colours on the wall, all of Ruby s friends, and the whole town and the parents with their social life.

  11. The Ruby Redfort series by Lauren Child, 2011 2014 I read the first two of six total books The first four are titled Look Into My Eyes, Take Your Last Breath, Catch Your Death, and Feel the Fear The other two titles are not yet released, but will be in the next couple years.The reason I only read the first two is that the third and fourth are only available in hardcover until this summer and I simply didn t want to pay hardcover price, even though it was very tempting I don t really like hardcov [...]

  12. Ruby 1 of the main characters had a problem with a redhead.If you want to find out what the problem was,go read the book for yourself.

  13. Este libro fue un descubrimiento inesperado, hace poco hubo una feria del libro en donde vivo y este libro estaba en un puesto a 59 MX la verdad se me hizo muy barato y la raz n por lo que la compre fue porque el dise o de la portada es muy llamativo No ten a ninguna idea sobre la trama pero siempre es bueno experimentar.La trama es sencilla y entretenida, ya que al parecer est enfocada a lectores j venes aunque al final todos somos lectores y j venes de coraz n P Ruby Redfort es una chica de 13 [...]

  14. Ruby Redfort is a spin off from Lauren Child s, Clarice Bean and this first book in the series introduces us to Ruby s beginnings as a detective Some pretty weird things have being going on lately in Ruby s world and they are about to get a whole lot weirder now that she has being recruited by the secret organisation, Spectrum She finds herself in all sorts of sticky situations, cracking top secret codes and even risking her life occasionally With the help of her undercover butler, Hitch and her [...]

  15. Ruby Redfort Look Into My Eyes by Lauren Child I guess my only disappointment was that there were no illustrations in the book I kept picturing them as I read based on what Lauren Child s illustrations were in the past in books, but I know, it was mature than her other books I d say it is a terrific book for students who love Mysterious Benedict Society by Trenton Lee Stewart, Winston Breen series by Eric Berlin, Meg Cabot s Allie Finkle series, and Wendelin Van Draanen s Sammy Keyes mystery se [...]

  16. I wanted to like this than I did I love lauren child my daughter and I used to watch charlie and lola together I never read the clarice bean books ruby redfort was first introduced in them, apparently part of it is, I am just growing out of children s books at age 45 not all of them, but lately a couple of them have just bored me, the same way that some children s programs bore me I mean, if I m going to be reading a kid s book, I want it to be a treat, I don t want to slog through it ruby was [...]

  17. So here we go, another book of my sister s I m reading I ll admit that I really didn t like Ruby Redfort at first The story isn t all that original, the character s dialogue is wholly unbelievable, and the quality of writing is pretty bad on the whole.It wasn t though, as it turned out, a terrible book.Here s what impressed me The character Hitch was very cool, I got the sense of some action packed back story to him He was probably my favourite.The whole book had style, from Ruby s amusing t shi [...]

  18. A fun, contemporary detective story that will especially appeal to fans of Nancy Drew Ruby Redfort is a juvenile genius who has a knack for sensing anything out of the ordinary It just so happens that her family finds themselves smack bang in the middle of a detective case, and Ruby s quick observation and talent for code breaking is called upon to save the day Though the plot and puzzles will appeal to kids who like the idea of being smart, they ll need to tolerate the affected attitude talk of [...]

  19. i feel confused about this book i did like ruby, but probably because she is so precocious, most of the time she felt like an older teenager and the way she talked with her friends using old pal and old friend who is she colombo fO.oevery teenage character in this book felt stuck up to me perhaps, because they are rich kids , that s probably why i didn t like the story as much as i was supposed toyway, i can imagine that this book could be very appealing to my twelve year old self, so probably a [...]

  20. A delightful treat for girls and boys ages 8 12 A fan of Nancy Drew, Trixie Belden, Harriet the Spy and Enola Holmes Ruby Redfort has made her debut in this prestigous group of tween teen detectives Child has a winner in this tie in to her Clarice Bean books for middle grade readers Fan of Clarice You will certainly become a fan of Ruby In the Clarice Bean books, Ruby is Clarice s mystery solving hero In Look Into My Eyes, Ruby has been employed by a secret agency called Spectrum, to crack a cod [...]

  21. What s not to like about a smart, wisecracking, codebreaking thirteen year old who sees herself as a spy Well, there s not a lot readers won t enjoy about Ruby Redfort except maybe her clueless but well meaning parents Ruby has always been intelligent and observant, and as the prologue shows, she once watched as dognappers stole her neighbor s prize winning Pekinese After that incident, she started keeping notebooks about spying In this title, the first of a promised series, Ruby is hired by an [...]

  22. Three and a half stars.13 year old Ruby Redfort is a smart kid surrounded by perfectly clueless adults, and her code cracking skills draw the attention of Spectrum, a secret intelligence agency Spectrum has learned that a group of villains is planning to break into the town s unbreakable safe, and Ruby is hired to crack the code that will foil their plot The mystery and intrigue, murder and mayhem are presented with a light tone, making this novel a good choice for readers who like a good laugh [...]

  23. The cover got me A middle reader mystery novel about a precocious super spy It has some great elements and some gaping flaws I loved the relationship between Ruby and her best friend Clancy, and I felt like Clancy and Hitch Ruby s handler were well drawn Most of the other characters, Ruby s parents in particular and all of the villains in general, were flat flat flatter than flat even giving leeway for the genre I m guessing that young readers won t notice this stuff and just go along for a good [...]

  24. This excellent book is a spinoff from Lauren Child s Clarice Bean chapter book series Ruby Redfort, however, is for a slightly older audience Middle schooler Ruby Redfort is tasked with code cracking and villian thwarting all while maintaining her cool composure and signature style A word of advice this book must be read in the style of the old black and white detective shows It really brings out Ruby s character A.R 5.6

  25. After reading the Clarice Bean books a year or so ago, I expected this book to be a a short book with some illustrations, as that was the way the Clarice Bean books were laid out However, I was pleasantly suprised when the book was 300 and something pages long and I was very impressed with it Some of the chapters lacked in plot at times, but the very good times made up for that.

  26. I thought this book was good but It did take me about five chapters to get in to it but if you are going to read this book my advice to u is that don t give up with this book because it is amazing when you get in to it.

  27. Clever, funny, and wonderfully unique Jump into what promises to be only the first of many fast paced and hilarious adventures alongside the tenacious Ruby Redfort Reminiscent of both Nancy Drew and Harriet the Spy, Ruby Redfort is a spunky sleuth for a new generation.

  28. Loved this book It was very creative the way Lauren Child added clues to solve the mystery all the way throught the book I loved it because it added mystery to the book

  29. Very stylish and whip smart It has a retro feel to it even though the setting is undoubtedly contemporary.