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The Wine of Solitude

The Wine of Solitude [PDF] The Wine of Solitude | by Ü Irène Némirovsky - The Wine of Solitude, The Wine of Solitude Introspective intense and poignant The Wine of Solitude is the most autobiographical of all Ir ne N mirovsky s novels now available in English for the first time Imbued with melancholy and regret

  • Title: The Wine of Solitude
  • Author: Irène Némirovsky
  • ISBN: 9780701185572
  • Page: 101
  • Format: Hardcover

[PDF] The Wine of Solitude | by Ü Irène Némirovsky, [PDF] The Wine of Solitude | by Ü Irène Némirovsky, The Wine of Solitude, Irène Némirovsky, The Wine of Solitude Introspective intense and poignant The Wine of Solitude is the most autobiographical of all Ir ne N mirovsky s novels now available in English for the first time Imbued with melancholy and regret it explores the troubled relationship between a young girl her distant self absorbed mother and her mother s lover Max We follow the family through the Great War and theIntros. [PDF] The Wine of Solitude | by Ü Irène Némirovsky - The Wine of Solitude, The Wine of Solitude Introspective intense and poignant The Wine of Solitude is the most autobiographical of all Ir ne N mirovsky s novels now available in English for the first time Imbued with melancholy and regret

  • [PDF] The Wine of Solitude | by Ü Irène Némirovsky
    101Irène Némirovsky
The Wine of Solitude

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  1. Ir ne N mirovsky born February 11, 1903, Kiev, died August 17, 1942, Auschwitz, Poland was a Jewish novelist and biographer born in the Ukraine, who lived and worked in France.

  2. This is my fourth book by Irene Nemirovsky the others are Suite Fran aise, Fire in the Blood and David Golder She was born in 1903 about the time of the young girl in this story and this book is considered Nemirovsky s most autobiographical novel Spoilers Below A young girl grows up in a Jewish family in Kiev before the Russian Revolution The young girl hates her domineering, self centered mother who only scolds and denigrates her She wants to be French like her nanny She s an only child in a ho [...]

  3. Di Ir ne, per Ir ne.Ricordo ancora quando nel 2006 cominciai a notare Suite francese nelle librerie, nei supermercati, ovunque andassi che vendevano libri, al punto che chiesi anche a mio zio, lettore forte e punto di riferimento in famiglia per l a verso la letteratura, se l avesse letto e se, secondo lui, fosse importante farlo.Non sapevo niente della N mirovsky a quell epoca, per cui, quando mi decisi dopo qualche tempo ad acquistarlo e successivamente a leggerlo, mi accostai al romanzo con l [...]

  4. She loved studying and books, the way other people love wine for its power to make you forget What else did she have She lived in a deserted, silent house The sound of her own footsteps in the empty rooms, the silence of the cold streets beyond the closed windows, the rain and the snow, the early darkness, the green lamp beside her that burned throughout the long evenings and which she watched for hours on end until its light began to waver before her weary eyes this was the setting for her life [...]

  5. Avete presente la seconda parte del incipit di Anna Karenina Ogni famiglia infelice infelice a modo suoIr ne N mirovsky alias H l ne Karol questo lo sa molto beneAnche se crede che le famiglie infelici siano uguali esattamente come le infelici.Ma la nostra H l ne esattamente come Ir ne una combattente E se vero che da un infanzia infelice non si guarisce mai.Tuttavia ci si pu sempre vendicare di chi ce l ha resa tale in questo caso Bella no no tranquilli Twilight non centra.E scegliere l amaro c [...]

  6. Yet again, I ve picked up another N mirovsky book that I could not put down I was immediately pulled into this story about a young girl named H l ne who spends her loveless childhood watching her neglectful parents fall to their own vices, and how she tries to forge her own path in life H l ne s greatest struggle throughout it all is to find a way to forgive and forget There are echoes of Anna Karenina throughout the text, with allusions to its opening lines of vengeance is mine I will repay and [...]

  7. 3.5 Said to be her most autobiographical novel, the reader first meets Helene when she is only seven The daughter of a narcissistic and extremely self involved mother and a father she loves but is himself addicted to gambling He loves his wife to the point of self delusion We follow Helene as she ages, learns to hate her mother, the only love in her life is from her governess Madame Rose This is a novel about the quest for revenge against the backdrop of the Great War and the Russian Revolution [...]

  8. Tender, difficult memoir of the Russian diaspora during and after the Soviet revolution Nemirovsky has centered her narrative on the cities, Kiev, St.Petersberg, Helsinki, and Paris, each a stage in the flight across Europe, and in the maturity of her heroine Covering the ages of about fifteen to twenty, we get the full emotional uproar of the onset of womanhood, as experienced against a fairly catastrophic background Nemirovsky is interested in the fluid psychology of her protagonist than in t [...]

  9. Il vino della solitudine un calice amaro, malinconico, triste, difficile da bere per la N mirovsky.Un calice che ha il gusto della solitudine, della mancanza di a di cui Helene soffre Un gusto, un sapore che invade tutta la famiglia, un sapore difficile da digerire, ma che lascia alla fine qualcosa di aspro e inebriante , il cosiddetto sapore della libert che illumina la via e il cammino.

  10. Att inte vara barn n r det var tid f r det g r att man aldrig tycks mogna som andra man r vermogen p en sida och gr n p den andra, likt en frukt som alltf r tidigt uts tts f r kyla och vind

  11. The Wine of Solitude is one of Jewish Ukrainian author Ir ne N mirovsky s earliest novels The author, whose family fled from Russia to France in 1918, was tragically killed in Auschwitz in 1942 She is best known for her book Suite Francaise, a collection of her memoirs compiled by her daughters, which was first published in 2004 The Wine of Solitude opens with the character of eight year old H l ne Karol, an only child who lives with her parents, grandmother and governess in a tiny town in the U [...]

  12. In The Wine of Solitude Helene is a troubled, neglected young girl with a difficult self obsessed mother, a mother who in a slightly different incarnation appears in Le Bal It s hard not to wonder what Mrs Nemirovsy was like and how much her personality affected the young burgeoning writer that was Irene Helene her counterpart in The Wine of Solitude is a fascinating character and very apart from those around her She looked at the people around her They didn t even see she was there, but to her [...]

  13. This the second book written by Irene Nemirovsky that I have read Having read Suite Francaise a few years ago, I was interested in reading this book in order to learn about the author Autobiographical in nature, I found the story Nemirovsky s early life fascinating in many ways At times, I wondered how a child raised in such an atmosphere could ever emerge to become an author of such renown as Nemirovsky did Upon further reflection, I decided that her childhood certainly gave her much material [...]

  14. I think this book should ve been called The Wine of Loneliness Which Leads to a Drunken Need for Revenge.Catchy, non This might be my favourite N mirovsky reading experience The descriptions especially of nature were beautiful The cover says this is the most autobiographical of her novels Which is sad, regarding what happens, but also makes me think she was writing with a sense of nostalgia But she wrote in such a way that connected with some of my memories, so there were times I was feeling the [...]

  15. D un ton plus noir et amer que ces autres romans, Le vin de solitude de N mirovsky s attache l histoire d une famille juive, vivant en Russie, o la pauvret et les pogroms, marquent son quotidien Encore enfant, l h ro ne demande asile des lointains cousins, eux bien install s dans leur confort et leur richesse Et c est l qu elle tombe perdument amoureuse d Harry Lorsque sa famille fuit la Russie, esp rant trouver Paris la promesse d une vie festive et fantasm , la jeune femme comprend que rien n [...]

  16. A depressing but very good book about a girl growing into woman hood in Ukraine, Finland, and then Paris under an abusively neglectful mother and rich but gambling addicted father I like this author, previously read her posthumously released Suite Francais How tragic that this brilliant writer with so much to say about life died at the hand of the Nazis One interesting thing about The Wine of Solitude is how, throughout, the weather replicates Helene s moods and life events When an intricately d [...]

  17. Profondo Autobiografico Autoreferenziale Introspettivo Interattivo Costruttivo Il libro cos strutturato Pt 1 infanzia in uno sperduto paesino russo Pt 2 pubert e trasferimento a Pietroburgo Pt 3 trasferimento in Finlandia prime infatuazioni e primi baci prima presa di coscienza del proprio potenziale femminile Pt.4 giovinezza in Francia e punto di svolta nell accettazione del proprio passato rovinoso in virt di un futuro roseo in cui ripartire da zero, con la consapevolezza di aver gli strumenti [...]

  18. Irene Nemirovsky is a good writer I had read just a book prior to this book by her That was LE BAL And that story had the most different characters A mother who cares less for the daughter and the daughter who seeks revenge on the mother that I had come across till today That story stunned me Later I learnt that her book THE WINE OF SOLITUDE is similar and is told in an extended way Moreover I also learnt that these both stories are almost autobiographical In fact this novel is supposed to be ve [...]

  19. Originally published in 1935, this is Nemirovsky s latest novel to be translated into English Autobiographical in nature, it is very much a portrait of the artist as a young woman.The Karol family Boris, Bella and their daughter Helene moves from Kiev to St Petersburg to Finland to Paris as the events of World War I and the Russian Revolution unfold and force the family to flee Told largely from Helene s point of view, we see the life of a lonely girl whose only emotional stability is provided b [...]

  20. Irene Nemirovsky was born in Kiev in 1903 of Jewish parents Her family escaped to France in 1918 While living there, she became a successful novelist She died in Auschwitz in 1942 A number of her books have been translated into English in recent years and have been published in the UK and elsewhere to critical and commercial success The Wine of Solitude is the latest such book It is apparently a largely autobiographical novel The Wine of Solitude tells the story of young Helene Karol and her tra [...]

  21. il primo romanzo palesemente autobiografico di Ir ne N mirovsky, di certo il pi personale Ne protagonista e indiretta voce narrante H l ne, figlia unica di Bella e Boris Karol, prototipo delle tante nefaste coppie coniugali e parentali con cui la scrittrice ha inciso le pagine dei suoi libri.H l ne una figlia, un rimprovero vivente, un impaccioBella ferocemente donna, insoddisfatta, madre insofferente, nostalgica, superficiale e infidaBoris milioni, milioni, milioni e poi, parola appena sussurra [...]

  22. In English The Wine of Solitude The book is about a girl growing up in a Russian jewish family that rises to riches before and during WWI and is forced to leave at the start of the Russian revolution in 1917 The family ends up in Paris after having spent some time in Finland This text is an amazing piece of work The story has several layers to it the description of the character of a tyrannical and adulterous mother, the solitude of the girl who grows up without friends, the young Russian bourge [...]

  23. Quanto difficile liberarsi dalle illusioni, dalle finzioni, dalle buone maniere e dalle apparenze Forse difficile proprio perch svelata la realt resta soltanto la solitudine Forse cos che si sopravvive Nascondendo relazioni e amanti, gioco d azzardo e avidit dietro la perfezione estetica ed esteriore di una famiglia apparentemente perfetta Particolare il momento in cui la ancora piccola H l ne, seduta sempre in posizione perfettamente eretta, trova sul suo libro di testo una foto di una famiglia [...]

  24. i like everything Irene Nemirovsky writes honestly i would like to give it another 1 2 star i just can t bring myself to give it four i take my rating very seriously i gave both Dogs and Wolves and Suite Francais four stars and i just don t think The Wine of Solitude is the same quality not that Nemirovsky s writing isn t still great it absolutely is it is the overall story i was hoping the story would provide a better picture of the impact both w.w one and the revolution had on this family than [...]

  25. Irene Nemirovsky was indeed a talented author she died in Auschwitz in 1942 so we can only imagine what wonders she would have written if she had survived The Wine of Solitude follows the childhood of a young girl born into a complete train wreck of a family, an mother who verbally abuses her and a father hooked on gambling and speculating as opposed to fatherhood Her father leaves Kiev and makes a fortune in St Petersburg eventually moving his wife and daughter there where they become part of t [...]

  26. Un infanzia segnata dal non a.Come al sempre Irene non mi ha deluso neppure questa volta, grazie alla sua scrittura lineare e perfetta, ci racconta dell infanzia di una bambina che cresce senza l a della madre troppo occupata a farsi bella ed al suo amante, mentre il padre pensa a far soldi ed a recarsi nei casin Un racconto definito dalla stessa Irene autobiografico dove capiamo in maniera diretta e cruda quanto possono soffrire figli messi al mondo e non amati, lasciati soli, senza una carezza [...]

  27. Ir ne N mirovsky tarz ok de i ik buradaki helene nin duygular ok de i ik hissettirmi ti bana sevgisiz bir ailede rusyan n sava zaman nda yahudi bir ailenin k z olarak b y m , annesine besledi i nefreti kullanm ve sonunda her eyi b rakarak kendi zg rl ne ve yaln zl na kavu mu ilgin bir karakterdi g zel kitap vesselam ok s r kleyici de il dikkat ederek okumak gerekli not yazar bu arada auschwitz kamp nda soyk r mda ld r lm frans z suiti adl roman n da okumu tum o yar m kalm mesela e i ona ula may [...]

  28. Hmmm, a strange story, I wonder why it was written We have a child, ignored by her parents, stewing for twenty years, gradually thawing as she pities her parents as they age Neither parent quite deserves any sympathy, both are selfish in their different ways Makes me wonder if the globe trotting life of Russian oligarchs is still the same a hundred years later.

  29. Non ho paura della vita pens Sono stati solo anni di apprendistato Terribilmente duri, vero, ma che mi hanno temprata, hanno rafforzato il mio coraggio e il mio orgoglio E questo mi appartiene, la mia ricchezza inalienabile Sono sola, ma la mia solitudine aspra e inebriante.

  30. A beautifully written novel that evokes a remote place and time a hundred years ago, and the girl growing up in it as she wavers between hope and spite Wonderful descriptions and good reading.