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Sought [PDF] Sought | by ↠ Evangeline Anderson - Sought, Sought This Book is a Super Plus length novel words longOne Woman Two Hot Guys A Galaxy of ProblemsKat O Connor is no pushover She s a no nonsense girl with a commonsense approach to life But there

  • Title: Sought
  • Author: Evangeline Anderson
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 421
  • Format: Kindle Edition

[PDF] Sought | by ↠ Evangeline Anderson, [PDF] Sought | by ↠ Evangeline Anderson, Sought, Evangeline Anderson, Sought This Book is a Super Plus length novel words longOne Woman Two Hot Guys A Galaxy of ProblemsKat O Connor is no pushover She s a no nonsense girl with a commonsense approach to life But there s nothing common about what s happening to her lately First she was forced to have a kinky mind m nage with two of the hottest and most irritating men in the galaxy TwiThis Book is a Super Plu. [PDF] Sought | by ↠ Evangeline Anderson - Sought, Sought This Book is a Super Plus length novel words longOne Woman Two Hot Guys A Galaxy of ProblemsKat O Connor is no pushover She s a no nonsense girl with a commonsense approach to life But there

  • [PDF] Sought | by ↠ Evangeline Anderson
    421Evangeline Anderson

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  1. Evangeline Anderson is a registered MRI tech who would rather be writing And yes, she is nerdy enough to have a bumper sticker that says I d rather be writing Honk if you see her She is thirty something and lives in Florida with a husband, a son, and two cats She had been writing erotic fiction for her own gratification for a number of years before it occurred to her to try and get paid for it To her delight, she found that it was actually possible to get money for having a dirty mind and she has been writing paranormal and Sci fi erotica steadily ever since.

  2. The second star is for making me laugh in a bad way, but still The first star is for the dubious honor of being one of the most eye roll inducing books I ve read in a loooooooong time Let s discuss Heroine is smart and funny but overweight and feels unappreciated on Earth Two hot aliens want to make her their lov ah because obese girls are called elites on their planet and they ve both got boners for her annoying ass Heroine can t, like, deal, because zomg Decisions are HARD and the light twin s [...]

  3. I have to ask, why am I the only person who notices bizarre penis stuff in romance First it was the penis eating in Love Bites, now it s penis merging The penises of our twin heroes literally become one humongous shlong when they have sex with their mate Even aside from the obvious weirdness of penises merging, I can t get my mind around the logistics of it It sounds incredibly uncomfortable for all concerned Yet I didn t see one other reviewer mention this And it just occurred to me who would r [...]

  4. Really not a fan of menage trois, but I found the Kat character interesting and wanted to know about the brothers, Lock and Deep The Twin Kindred all have super odd names that sound like bad Native American names, but luckily they abbreviate them to something sort of nickname ish Kat, who didn t annoy me, accidentally bounds with Lock Deep in order to save her friend, Sophia, waste to save that one , in the previous book and now she s connected to the guys psychically and feels their emotions T [...]

  5. You know what I have discovered These heroines are a crazy bunch, I mean you have GOT to be, if you have two guys wanting to share you both extremely hot, extremely hung and extremely hung up on you, would you run off No If that were me I would be sticking to them like glue, you wouldn t be able to pry me off with out an industrial sized prying thingy I don t think some of these heroines deserve such amazing guys.So now that I have finally got that off my heaving bosoms I can now talk sense abo [...]

  6. 4.5 Stars.Gack Heartstrings they hurt Another awesome book in one of my new favourite series Mmmhm I mean, I liked Deep going into it, from the first books but damn Yeah Tortured, prideful guy I m allthefuck over that like white on rice Oh man.Definitely not enough Sylvan up in there yep, he s still my special favourite thus far , but all the Deep drama made up for it These books are crack I don t know what s gotten into me but oh mah gawd I canna stop reading them And now I ve got to go load up [...]

  7. Book set in space for the MacHalo Reading Challenge.Okay, the results are in The Scourge are definitely the highlight of this series The overall plot is compelling enough to make me want to binge read this series and I have the feeling that once that is resolved I ll loose interest The threesome of this book have great chemistry Too bad that between all three of them there like 2 brain cells Why do they don t talk to each other You would think that because they re capable of feeling each others [...]

  8. Main characters Locks Tight, Stamps Deep and KatType of Kindred bonding Twin Kindred If you manage to survive reading about a few awkward sex scenes that involve a bonding fruit, a wooden stick, a fifilalachuchu blossom and some weird fusing during the bonding ceremony, this is actually a than desent sci fi romance.Twin Moons is a planet that worships threesomes and plus size girls Kat is like a Supermodel for twin brothers Lock and Deep who fall madly in love with her But Kat has her inferiori [...]

  9. SummarySought Brides of the Kindred is book three in the Earth Girls are Stupid series This series of books is intertwined so they cannot be read independently The heroine, Kat, is a plus size girl who uses twins Deep and Lock when she wants to help her friends then treats them like lepers the rest of the time There are unintentional side effects to their previous assistance efforts which threaten Kat s life, but that is still not enough to convince her to have sex with them Her fear of a menage [...]

  10. I really enjoyed the progression of the plot lines in this book I just hated the issues of Kat and the twins Seriously, super hot guys want you Get over it and get busy with them I never really understood her reasons for holding back with them, it was flimsy at best Beyond that, the Scourge plot was fascinating There was so much happening in that dynamic Finally, we get much of the backstory with these guys and the Kindred I hope there is to come on that front The steam here was much like the [...]

  11. Sought is the eagerly awaited third book in the Brides of Kindred series by Evangeline Anderson and it doesn t disappoint For those new to the series, it s highly recommended that you read both Claimed and Hunted first You ll be delighted that you did because these books are wonderful I m not normally a reader of sci fi fantasy but Ms Anderson is an excellent story teller and the reader can t help but be intrigued by the worlds that she s created Her heroines are smart and sassy, her heroes true [...]

  12. Not much to say hear folks Author stays true to the previous formula of having an annoying heroine I must say though, the writing was a little better and a tab bit complex not much Also, I like the fact that the twins LOVE LOVE LOVE plus size women and that the whole planet worships plus size women That s a refreshing change Also, it dawned on me as I was reading this, there are so many lonely women on Earth, why not ask for volunteers There are enough brides to vouch for the wonderfulness of t [...]

  13. I read this a while back But I noticed it wasn t marked as read Crazy I enjoyed this book I thought Kat was funny and strong I love the yin and yang of the twins, as well as the growth of it all I love the stretchy fruit If you read it, yiu ll know what I mean Very funny book as well Kat is plus sized and therefore revered on Twin Moons Every set of twins wants her It s funny to watch that unfold Atone looking for an affordable, fun, sexy series I always recommend this one

  14. Great read I really got into the whole light and dark twin sharing one women thing It s especially hot how they revere plus size curvy women and consider them elite We got to visit the Twin Moons homeworld this go around As usual, Evangeline manages to make me crack up with the weird bonding fruit, convo pillarc We also got some progress on the Scourge story line with view spoiler Xairn finally breaking free of his crazy dad and rescuing Lauren I think their story is up next view spoiler hide sp [...]

  15. I ve been considering what I should say, and what not So if you read this is your own decision Be warned.Was I looking forward to the Twin s book YesWas I looking forward to getting to know Kat YesDid it turn out to be what I expected NoGonna sum it up real fast My idea of Kindred warriors is exactly that Warriors Big brawny guys who doesn t stand back for anything Guys who have a deep respect for woman and who love fiercely should they give their heart and bond But even with their respect for t [...]

  16. In this third installment is stays true to the course There are men slavish in their love and devotion to a woman resisting til the end despite her bodily and emotional needs.I guess the naughty thrills nudity touching impure thoughts are actually all the better because of the will exerted to resist them If our heroine Kat swooned over her Twin Kindred suitors from the outset and spent the rest of the book thoroughly consummating their marriage, it would be fun and allbut not quite as thrilling. [...]

  17. Kat O Connor is a stubborn minded woman trying hard to fight her feelings for the twin kindred warriors that have entered her life She s torn between her love for them, and her fear of their relationship turning into her parents She s struggled with their constant bickering, and has vowed that she ll not be stuck in a relationship unless she s positive that the man, or men in this case will absolutely love her unconditionally The problem is that before Deep and Lock entered her life, they were d [...]

  18. Rapture Yearning Passion Sought by Evangeline Anderson will take you on a celestial journey If you ve had the pleasure of reading Evangeline s Brides of the Kindred series, you will finally have the answers you have sought Sought brings us Kat s story we began in Hunted Sought is an action packed treat of galactic proportions, filled with love, danger, and passion Evangeline Anderson has created a world that any erotic connoisseur will love Congratulations Evangeline, to another wonderful book

  19. 2 3 2 stars C One theme I noticed in the other Bride of the Kindred novels was the earth women protesting and resisting to the point of stupidity At one point Kat behaves stubbornly stupidly and seems to realize I it and says I m so stupid and I was thinking, yeah, no kidding I finished the book otherwise i guess I d give it one star Evangeline Anderson has so much talent as a writer but this kind of heroine she has created just turns me right off.

  20. Really enjoyed this book was different with opposite twins not agreeing Lock is light twin happy looks on bright side, Deep is brooding pessimists and holding back from fully embracing Kat and Lock At times this book drags and I think could moved along faster in story but in long run was a good book and even though Kat Deep and Lock were captured by bad guys like in previous books it did help story.

  21. The way the continued books are written are so wonderful the previous books characters are drawn into each continued book which makes each new book even better This series is WONDERFUL I LOVE IT This book was funny, drew tears, was scary and very romantic with great sex too lolHas all the things for the making of a great book, With each book in this series get ready for a long read EAch book is 350 480 pages at least and the author has priced them all at.99 cents to 2.99 to encourage readers to [...]

  22. I have to say that this is the oddest take on menage that I could have possibly thought of Scratch that, I would have never been able to imagine this one on my own and I am not sure that I am too keen on it I don t really like that the menage is among a set of twins and a mate although there is no real sexual contact between the brothers However, what the twins have to do to complete the bonding to their mate kind of gives me he heebie jeebies It would have been better for me if the males had no [...]

  23. Katrina O Connor, or as her friends call her, Kat, is a seriously strong woman, but she doesn t give herself that much credit She s a plus size beauty who has always struggled with her size, that is until she met a sizable problem during Liv and Baird s claiming wedding The name of the problem is Lock and Deep, twin brothers from the planet Twin Moons.They find her beauty compared to a goddess and consistently, they flatter her Her best friend, Sophie, had been kidnapped previously and she was f [...]

  24. Loved this book There is so much craziness that goes on this book, but at the same time it makes so much sense and I loved every second of it For being a sci fi, erotica, new adult book, I couldn t get enough of it I loved the relationship between Kat, Deep and Lock the amazing twins , they have such a frustrating relationship and yet it works so well I do like how we are able to still see the other characters from the previous books, they complete the story The new characters that are brought i [...]

  25. As you can see from the cover this is a book about Adam, Eve and Steve Book three brings us a story about Twin Kindred and a female lead that is a plus sized girl Ms Anderson succeeded to incorporate an unusual three way and a curvatious babe in her story without tipping the scale from erotica to trashy porn AND MOST IMPORTANTLY the main female lead DID NOT sound like an insecure whiny bitc Sure she is bouncy in all the right places and trough the story she did have a shy moment or two, she did [...]

  26. Although I ve really enjoyed all the BotK series so far, Sought didn t resonate with me quite the same as Claimed and Hunted Anderson did a great job in continuing the main storylines binding all the books together She also continued the deep, well developed world building of the BotK universe, and that s my favorite part of this series I m unsure how well or how poorly Anderson s work measures up to other SF Fantasy books, but she includes than enough to satisfy my curiosity and make this univ [...]

  27. So, this is the third installment in the awesome Brides of the Kindred world Earth was attacked by a race of creeps called the Scourge they re looking to fulfill a prophesy where an Earth girl can give them beh behs and the Kindred came in to save the planet So, just outside their atmosphere, there is a war going on between the Scourge and these hunky Kindred boys What do the Kindred ask for in return Why mates, of course Neither of these races are very good and reproducing females, so lots of h [...]

  28. This Review contains minor spoilers I love Sought s cover The Direct mixed with hidden meaning the spacecraft gives a nice touch Sought was another great Kindred adventure This serious has become one of my top favorite Adult series Chapter 1 of this book is one of the best chapter 1, that I have ever read An intense page turner and a awesome opening into the story I have seen all the Wild Thing movies, but this is the 1st time I ve read about a threesome Because it s Sci fi, I became intrigued a [...]

  29. This review here covers a lot of the points I d like to make, but couldn t be bothered typing But a few things I d like to elaborate on Apparently Kat s most attractive quality to Lock Deep is her size Every time she s feeling unsure about what s happening, the boys jump in and tell her that her size is beautiful and even revered I think her personality was mentioned once I get it, Kat s a big girl But it felt like all this book focused on was the fact that Big is Beautiful to the Twin Kindred H [...]

  30. okay, wow i bought this book after reading hunted i actually read hunted before reading claimed but had to be persuaded by my husband to do so i ve never read a meange a trois book before, so i was a bit intimidated, but after getting into it, i enjoyed it so much that i finished it in two days i appreciated how straight forward and fiesty kat was, and the constant bickering between her and deep at times was humorous in the way he handled it i also liked the way the world of the series is set up [...]