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Pivot Point

Pivot Point Pivot Point Best Download || [Kasie West] - Pivot Point, Pivot Point Knowing the outcome doesn t always make a choice easier Addison Coleman s life is one big What if As a Searcher whenever Addie is faced with a choice she can look into the future and see both outcom

  • Title: Pivot Point
  • Author: Kasie West
  • ISBN: 9780062117373
  • Page: 150
  • Format: Hardcover

Pivot Point Best Download || [Kasie West], Pivot Point Best Download || [Kasie West], Pivot Point, Kasie West, Pivot Point Knowing the outcome doesn t always make a choice easier Addison Coleman s life is one big What if As a Searcher whenever Addie is faced with a choice she can look into the future and see both outcomes It s the ultimate insurance plan against disaster Or so she thought When Addie s parents ambush her with the news of their divorce she has to pick who she wants tKnowing the outcome do. Pivot Point Best Download || [Kasie West] - Pivot Point, Pivot Point Knowing the outcome doesn t always make a choice easier Addison Coleman s life is one big What if As a Searcher whenever Addie is faced with a choice she can look into the future and see both outcom

  • Pivot Point Best Download || [Kasie West]
    150Kasie West
Pivot Point

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  1. I write YA I eat Junior Mints Sometimes I go crazy and do both at the same time My novels are PIVOT POINT and its sequel SPLIT SECOND And my contemporary novels THE DISTANCE BETWEEN US, ON THE FENCE, THE FILL IN BOYFRIEND, PS I LIKE YOU, and BY YOUR SIDE My agent is the talented and funny Michelle Wolfson.

  2. I don t think of myself as the type of reader and reviewer who gives every book they love the full, five stars There are some, if not most books I give four stars to that I say I love, and most if not all of the books I give 4.5 stars to are ones I say I love But I tend to save five stars for books that are practically flawless to me for books that, no matter how many minutes, hours, days, etc I spend trying to find something that I didn t like about it, I still come up with nothing Pivot Point [...]

  3. 3.5 starsThis book was exactly what I needed to read right now After a series of books focusing on the depressing, the gory, the serious and various roads leading to the apocalypse, Pivot Point is a refreshingly bright novel brimming with fun From the light hearted and hilarious dialogue between the characters, to the sheer likeability of the protagonist Addie who doesn t bog down the novel with melodrama and angst but leads us through a story that is completely enjoyable and practically unputdo [...]

  4. Can anyone tell me where to buy a Trevor from Because i m in a serious need of a cute, shy, innocent, strong quarterback with those smexy biceps and amazing art skills to draw Lucewood fanart with SPOILERS EVERYWHERE UNMARKED Mind powers Secret hidden world from the Normal boring one MC who loves reading and feels the emotion of the characters Relatable MC TREVOR SWEET HEART Likeable MC Pain Pain and PainOk, so the first half of this book was very meh bc it was so contemporary like and I was rea [...]

  5. Kasie West is a certified writer of fluffy reads Even a dystopian sort of novel can become fluffy when she writes it As usual,she has this way of manipulating my feelings for her male characters Is there something wrong with me if I admitted that I swooned for both Duke and Trevor Lol.The first half of the story is indeed all fluff At some point, it was too fluffy it has become a bit of a drag If I used the word fluffy one time here, you re allowed to hurt me already Lol But wait It s not all f [...]

  6. Pivot Point, I m not quite sure what you are but I think I kinda loved it I have this issue where I feel the need to categorize things I can t explain it, I guess that s just the way my brain works Pivot Point was really an enigma for me because I just couldn t tell what genre it would fall in From the blurb, it clearly screams sci fi, but when you start reading it feels so contemporary And that was a very, very pleasant surprise because the novel kept me guessing from beginning to end.Addison l [...]

  7. 3.5 stars Enjoyed reading this, and there are numerous things I thought were very well done a Sliding Doors type story, which is uncommon in YA Interesting paranormal abilities some genuinely cute romantic moments a story that moves quickly and keeps the reader s interest a solid ending that commits to the path it takes A few things that could have been explored in depth the powers are fairly straightforward, and your usual X Men paranormal types all the characters would have benefited from la [...]

  8. 3.5 I don t care when people think I m an antisocial, controlling bookworm because that s what I am It s when they interpret me wrong that I have a problem I don t know how long it s been since a book kept me hooked and awake well into the night Pivot Point did it, and this is always a thing that I not only take into account, but highly value.In spite of this, the book does have a couple of flaws the kind of flaws that made me roll my eyes and grunt unhappily as a form of protest against the dum [...]

  9. I think I will read everything that Kasie West writes because I just love her and everything she writes She is 100% an auto buy author and although this is slightly different to what she usually writes I still enjoyed it just as much.This is such an interesting paranormal world in where Addie lives in a community of gifted humans who all have powers, I don t mean the powers to fly or anything like that but these are powers such as having the ability to see the future, persuade someone, change so [...]

  10. 3.5 stars because I m feeling especially generous today.First, let me get one very important fact out of the way technically, Pivot Point is practically flawless There s nothing in it that bothered me or set my teeth on edge, but while I was reading it, I couldn t help but think of how much better it could have been Because it s true there were so many ways to tell this story and Kasie West chose the least interesting one But I should start from the beginning Addie grew up in a top secret parano [...]

  11. I really couldn t get into this book and was about to DNF when I was about halfway through, until I got past the beginning and middle Then I was hooked It went from boring me to death to a complete plot twist with the murders happening Now I really need the 2nd book ASAP Favorite character that I completely loved was Trevor that guy is something unique and amazing He saved this from being a 2 Star read

  12. Buddy Read with my two lovely ladies, Kat and Chelsea click for their reviewsNOW So at first I was all likebut then after a couple of chaptersFirst off, this is a paranormal romance Or sci fi I m not sure, all I know is that this is a romance and nothing else, really, and I probably would have known that had I read the blurb other than the first time when I added this to my tbr than a year ago So why am I going on about this Because for some reason I was expecting some action packed perilous sh [...]

  13. This book was a birthday present from Anna thank you, crazy alien friend D And I buddy read this with my hilarious sarcastic friend, Kat and asked lovely Mela to join along 3.5 Stars.I think He grabs hold of my hips and pulls me forward You didn t fail me tonight You saved me I must ve looked like the biggest idiot I shake my head no, his hands on my hips making my breath come in shallow sips What s wrong He asks You re confusing me Really And here I thought I was making things clear Phew Now t [...]

  14. This review is also available over at my blog._____________________You know that feeling where you read a book that you were really really excited for, and at first you re worried that it might not live up to your high expectations, but then after you read it further and finish it, you realize that it not only lived up to your expectations, but exceeded them I just love that feeling And it was exactly what I felt with Pivot Point 3In the world of this book there are humans with special mind powe [...]

  15. para nor mal adj not scientifically explainable supernatural Merriam WebsterMeet Addison, or preferably Addie Clairvoyant Divergent Addie has the unique and thought provoking ability of being able to see both sides of the coin In other words, when she has a decision to make, she can see the future of each choice and pick the one that s best Fascinating, no But what happens when you don t want either future you foresee This plot revolves around Addie s venture into two futures after she was asked [...]

  16. Pivot Point was a wonderfully fast paced and exciting read I was mesmerized from the first page While it didn t leave off on a cliffhanger, it s going to be torture waiting for the next installment Addison is a girl with special powers living in a city held secret from the outside world a city where other paranormals live and perfect their abilities Addison has the ability to search her future and see the outcome of a path she takes She doesn t use her ability all the time, so when her parents a [...]

  17. Can someone please come and erase my memory such that I can fall in love again with this story in 2014 I really have a hard time believing that I will be able to sit still and wait a whole year for my favorite part of this story I am even scared I saw Addie fall in love 2 times and I loved both love stories well, one than the other and now I expect the next beginning to be just as sweet.I know, this is not the way to start my review, but how do you expect me to focus on writing when the ending [...]

  18. I sense a disturbing new trend in young adult books of borrowing high concept ideas from other genres, slapping it over your typical relationship drama like a crude veneer, and passing it off as the innovative new thing and I don t like it Case in point, Pivot Point, which takes the common enough science fiction idea of alternate futures serving as sort of a life lesson or teaching moment and turns it on its head with all angst, all the time Believe me, I totally get the appeal of an ability tha [...]

  19. Two Paths One Choice.3.5 stars but the ending was 5 stars, so hurry up book 2.Poor Addie I have a hard time trying to figure out which restaurant to go to or which movie to watch when given a choice If you told me to pick between two paths which would lead my life in complete opposite directions, yet both paths might come with their own set of problemsrget it I would probably end up having a nervous breakdown.3 second basic story concept Addie s parents are getting a divorce Addie has powers whi [...]

  20. This book had a very similar feel to the Gwyneth Paltrow film Sliding Doors except with a heavy paranormal aspect Addie is part of a section of society that have exceptional cognitive powers and abilities making them sorta super human They live separated from the norms in a specially designed secret compound When there is a decision to be made in Addie s life her unique ability means she can search her future to see the possible outcomes of her choices So when Addie is given the decision to leav [...]

  21. 3.5 Stars When I read, I feel emotion all on my own Emotion no living person is making me feel This is why I read too PS I love you, Addie Spoilers Beyond Read Your Own Risk DThings I Liked Trevor and Brody is the definition of a good boyfriend in my book Does anyone know where I can obtain a Trevor The ending, which completely took me by surprise I m so dumb and didn t realize the whole book was a freaking search Sometimes, I m so stupid when it comes to reading, I swear Anyways, the twist that [...]

  22. Sometimes perfection reveals the lie, not the truth Addison is a Searcher, she is able to see all the alternate paths when she has to make a decision Basically, she s able to see, and live through, all the ways a certain choice will change her future and where that decison would lead This story is set in a modern day world, where a secret society of Paranormals with special mind abilities lives in a technologically advanced Compound, only rarely mixing with the Norms the ordinary people not able [...]

  23. shelved under childhood reviews I m not much of a review fanatic any, but I will say this don t let the rather bland first half bore you into giving up.Trust me, it gets much better I mean, I went from reading the first 100 pages and then tucking it away for the next three months, to finally overcoming reader s block and flying through the book within a DAY.The end will not disappoint.I just hope I ll be able to say the same for Split Second fingers crossed

  24. I don t know why, but I pre ordered this book 3 months before it came out, and I am so glad I did Pivot Point glues you to it s pages, and I finished it in one night.The book starts out very quickly Addie comes home from her supernatural school to hear the news that her parents are getting a divorce Her mom is staying in the Compound, while her dad is moving to the normal world Addie has to pick who to live with.She calls her best friend over and, to help decide, uses her powers as a searcher to [...]

  25. This book had me hooked from the beginning and it was the ideal book to push me into reading Pivot Point was a light and easy book to read compared to many other paranormal sci fi books It didn t require a lot of thought and it was easy to get lost in the story I didn t exactly know what to expect because I ve read all of Kasie West s other books which were all contemporaries I wouldn t say this book is a big difference, it s similar to her other novels but with a twist It was very difficult to [...]

  26. Argh I m so mad at this book Addison lives in a town where people have developed their human mind and are able to access a part of their brain which gives them superpowers For instance, her father is a human lie detector, her mother can convince you to do anything and her best friend can erase memories.Addie has the ability to see the future Sort of.When she has to make a decision, she can see her life into the furture of every alternative, so that she can choose which path to take.When her pare [...]

  27. VIDEORECENSIONE youtube watch v QcvdyLa trama si prospettava interessante fin dall inizio ci sono delle persone che vivono tra di noi nella massima segretezza e che hanno delle speciali abilit mentali Ci sono i telecinetici, i telepati, i persuasivi e poi c Addie che ha il dono della divergenza che le permette, se messa davanti ad una scelta, di vedere i suoi potenziali futuri Il suo potere le torna particolarmente utile quando i suoi genitori le dicono che stanno per divorziare e che sar propri [...]

  28. I had a sneaking suspicion that I might hate this book and when I found out it was set in a secret high school for teenagers with special abilities Like the movie Sky High lol I was thinking Oh crap Abort, abort I don t think I have really enjoy a paranormal book set in high school since Vampire Academy and I must admit I was expecting this book to be something along the lines of The Time Travellers Wife But this book is nothing like anything I have read before WOW Addie lives in a secret commu [...]

  29. I m going to lay out two possible futures for you Are you ready So, you walk into a bookstore, and there on the shelf sits PIVOT POINT In your pocket is your most recent wad of book money, which you had intended to spend on your ever growing collection of books about vampires But then you see PP, a book that is completely vampire free, and you think Hm Maybe today, I should try something different These are the two futures, as laid out for you by me, the Knower of Futures 1 If you buy PIVOT POIN [...]

  30. BookNook Young Adult book reviewsIf there is any book in the world that can give you a book orgasm, it s this one.Pivot Point is not just one of my favourite books Screw favourite book of the month, or favourite book of the year Screw favourite paranormal or favourite science fiction This is at THE TOP As in favourite book ever As in the best book I have EVER read Pivot Point was always really good, but when I got to the ending, my mind was completely blown, and this book soared to the top of my [...]