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Forged by Fire

Forged by Fire [PDF] Forged by Fire | by ✓ Sharon M. Draper - Forged by Fire, Forged by Fire When Gerald was a child he was fascinated by fire But fire is dangerous and powerful and tragedy strikes His substance addicted mother is taken from him Then he loses the loving generosity of a favor

  • Title: Forged by Fire
  • Author: Sharon M. Draper
  • ISBN: 9780689818516
  • Page: 302
  • Format: Paperback

[PDF] Forged by Fire | by ✓ Sharon M. Draper, [PDF] Forged by Fire | by ✓ Sharon M. Draper, Forged by Fire, Sharon M. Draper, Forged by Fire When Gerald was a child he was fascinated by fire But fire is dangerous and powerful and tragedy strikes His substance addicted mother is taken from him Then he loses the loving generosity of a favorite aunt A brutal stepfather with a flaming temper and an evil secret makes his life miserable The one bright light in Gerald s life is his little half sister Angel whoWhen Gerald was. [PDF] Forged by Fire | by ✓ Sharon M. Draper - Forged by Fire, Forged by Fire When Gerald was a child he was fascinated by fire But fire is dangerous and powerful and tragedy strikes His substance addicted mother is taken from him Then he loses the loving generosity of a favor

  • [PDF] Forged by Fire | by ✓ Sharon M. Draper
    302Sharon M. Draper
Forged by Fire

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  1. Sharon M Draper is a professional educator as well as an accomplished writer She has been honored as the National Teacher of the Year, is a five time winner of the Coretta Scott King Literary Award, and is a New York Times bestselling author She lives in Cincinnati, Ohio.

  2. Were you born with a reckless mother Have you ever had an abusive stepfather Some people grow up having a hard life, dealing with drama, and fighting through struggles That s the problem that Gerald has to deal with in the book Forged By Fire Gerald is a kid with a troubled past and a troubled future With all his struggles and losses he still survives As a young boy his mother leaves him alone he starts a fire and almost dies His mother is immediately arrested for child abandonment and sent to p [...]

  3. So far this book is about a young boy who is only 3 and has been neglicted by his mother and one day when she leaves him alone he starts a fire while playing with his G.I joe toy When he is released from the hospital he goes to live with his auntie On his nineth birthday his mother came back into his life and the same day his aunt passed away He was forced to move with his mother and step father His step father beat on both him and little sister Then he found out that his step father had been mo [...]

  4. These books, to me, feel oversimplified and shallow.However, these books also somehow manage to make suicide, drunk driving, sexual molestation, drug abuse, and rape school appropriateFOR MIDDLE SCHOOL CHILDREN.I don t even care that I think these books could use character development, nuanced conflicts, and less melodrama All I care about is the fact that I have a remediation class of fifteen kids who ALL hate reading, and who all have become OBSESSED with these books, to the point that a bun [...]

  5. Alana I would have to say that this book is fantastic It jus became my favorite story The way the author created the situations are so much like real life and that s what made me like it so much I thought it was going to be just like any other book, but guess what I was wrong It exceeded my expectations It is about a boy named Gerald that is faced with child abuse and a drugged mom He was very brave and this story had a very suspenseful ending My favorite part was when I found out what was happe [...]

  6. Second in the Hazelwood High trilogy.Gerald s story is like a bad soap opera We frist meet Gerald, a battered and neglected child, when he is severely burned in a fire after being left home alone by his addict mother, Monique He finds a safe and loving home with his Aunt Queen When he is nine, his mother and her abusive new husband take him back into their home The only bright spot for Gerald is Angel, his four year old half sister Gerald finds out that Angel is being sexually abused by her fath [...]

  7. Okay so, I read this back in middle school I think and let me tell you I WAS NOT READY.We didn t have any warnings when jumping into this book Unfortunately, this actually caused some problems in our school which I ll talk about here because I think it s important.This book deals with a lot of emotional and physical abuse It s the kind of abuse that is actually too realistic and caused a lot of triggers in my other classmates Although it is an outstanding book, please be warned if abuse is a pro [...]

  8. This was a phenomanal book, I enjoyed it from start to finish Not to make the book better than it is but I was gasping every five minutes Gerald is such a great kid and what he is put through in the book could really scare a reader They briefly talk about Andy s death GOD REST HIS SOUL and Robs death Gerald s life is just totally messed up he has a horrible father, addicted mother, and still dealing with the death of two of his best friends The plot doesn t get better than that I would recommend [...]

  9. This Book Sucked The characters were cardboard, the plot was contrived, too much time was covered in too short a space, and everything was told rather than shown It was like Sharon Draper was trying to cram as many issues as possible into the story and they all ended up spilling out, leaving an empty shell There are so many other, great books out there that deal with the same themes please look elsewhere

  10. Not for me, but great for kids who want a sympathetic hero who goes through every possible trauma and drama Every chapter contains another catastrophe 75% of the kids I talk to love this author, so she is clearly hitting a nerve.

  11. I remember really liking this when I read it one of the better Sharon M Draper books I ve read Much better then Out of my Mind.

  12. Forged By Fire is by Sharon M Draper I just got done reading Tears of a Tiger which is also by Sharon M Draper It hasn t been that long that i stared reading his book It s the second in the Hazelwood High Trilogy Forged By Fire is a story that focuses on a boy name Gerald He is an African American boy Gerald is struggling with his life after the death of his aunt So far this book is good.

  13. His strengthGerald is survivor I can never understand how someone is so sick that they would abuse a childI m happy that he had the ending he deserved.

  14. Gerald is a boy who has a troubled childhood and a troubled teen life His mother, Monique, a drug addict who neglects her son everyday for drugs Gerald is only a small boy at the time He grew up without love and affection from his mother Gerald s does not just neglect him, she also abuses him To teach him a lesson, Gerald s mother purposely took a cigarette lighters and burned the palm of his hand because he was playing around with it a few days earlier On one of Gerald s darkest days, his mothe [...]

  15. I chose the book because my brother had told me that the series is good So took his word on what he said and cheaked out the book.The whole thing had begun with all four of the friends Gerald, T,J, Rob, and Andy at the basketball practice They were are doing drills on the cort.The main character of the story well is Gerald and his little sister Angel I the story Gerald and the sister are being abused by there mom when they are little When they get older thought the mom meets a man and he comes i [...]

  16. I recommend this book to all ages Because this book shows how some people lives are bad and they get abused from family and they need help And its shows to the people that are getting abused that there are people out there This book is about a young Child Named Gerald who is only three years old, and gets abused by his mother Gerald always remember his mother being a pretty woman who did drugs and wore a lot of dresses Gerald almost dies in a fire His mother goes to jail and Gerald gets to live [...]

  17. the book Forged By Fire is about a kid named Gerald who lived with his mom Monique when he was three Overall his mom treated him ok till she left him alone, with a lighter Being a three year old kid he thought it was fun then it caught the house on fire and the police came and arrested his mom So his aunt queen took him in and they lived happily for six years until his mom came back with a husband Jordan and a new daughter Angel and they wanted Gerald to live with them His aunt died by a heart a [...]

  18. This book was about a boy named Gerald He had a hard life at the beginning living with his aunt that took care of him when his mother was in jail Also when he met his mom again for the first time in 6 years he was very unhappy with her because she was already out for a year and he didnt know that Later on his aunt died while he was outside playing and didnt realize it Soon after he moved in with his mom, abusive step father, and little sister that he just found out about His abusive father did n [...]

  19. i picked this book up because it looked intresting I thought the book was really good because it just cought my attention alot and it was intertaining it was sad and shooking , it was very easy to read and definetly a page turner forged by fire , begins witha little boy whos mom is on drugs and she then gets arrested for leaving her child home alone , then his aunt queen gets custedy of him for sum years until his mom gets out of jail and he finds out he has a sister and a step dad he first seem [...]

  20. this book is non fiction the book contains many internal conflicts this books lexile score is a 780 Book Review this book is about a boy who s mother is a drug addict and one day she leaves him at home by himself This is a really intriguing and interesting book Plot Summary During the course of the day he puts the house on fire later on in he book geralds aunt comes and takes custody of him, but then she dies gerald has to go live back with his mother who is msrried and has another child he real [...]

  21. Forged By Fire Is such And Inspiring Book It Gives You A Sense of How Life Feels Depending On How A Household Is Or Issues In A Teenage s Life Female And Male Point Of View This Book Touch Me In Ways I Felt As Though I Have Been Through The Same Situations The Book Details In I Would Recomend This Book To Anyone Who Ask s Me About A Good Book To Read I Actually Cried During Some Chapters I Normally Don t Like To Read and Usually Would Give Up On A Book After An Hour or two, But This Book Was The [...]

  22. I thought it was a good book Its about a kid named Gerald who grew up with a tough life with a mother that was a drug addict He then had to leave his mother to live with hes grandmother Then one day his mother came to visit Gerald on his Birthday, she brought Gerald a surprise it was his sister that he never knew he had Gerald loved his sister by first look Gerald s Grandmother then passed away, so he had to live with his mother and a abusive dad Which made things hard and stressful for Gerald a [...]

  23. This book really showed how tough kids can be Not only was his life hard and faced him with trials and temptations but he moved passed them At such a young age He is truly an inspiration and this is a book everyone should read This book puts you in the room with him through the fire, through the hospital and through all his beatings My heart went out to him and his situation.

  24. I think the book was really good but if molestation bugs you I wouldn t recommend you to read it When the little girl was molested by her father he was sent to jail, soon to be let out of jail But when he was let out mama didn t believe her kids so she let him back into their lives so the abusing continued But in the end of the book mama finally realizes that family deserves better.

  25. This was a great book It made me sad that Gerald and his little sister, Angel, go through so much I didn t expect for Jordan, the abusive step father to come back when he went to jail It surprised me that Monique, Gerald s mother, realized all till the end that she wasn t giving her kids much love and was failing as a mother This book was one of my favorite this school year.

  26. Forged by Fire is my favorite book of all time It is amazing Anyone that likes books with drugs, and drama this would be perfect The main character Gerald went through many obstacles in life in both his childhood, and when he was a adolescent.

  27. I love the book and I want to read the rest of her books I did a on slide presentation about Jordan beating Angel and I love how there is detail and when the reader reads it in there head ,I can close my eyes and it s like being right there beside Gerald.

  28. This was such an amazing book that s why I give it 5 stars Another reason I give it 5 stars is because it talked about a kid who s parents didn t care about him or his younger sister This book is really sad.

  29. Another powerfully written story by Sharon M Draper A mix of highly likable, resilient African American characters you ache and cheer for, foiled by a few disturbed and struggling individuals Like how Draper shows the ways we can build communities of support.