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The Reckoning

The Reckoning The Reckoning Best Read || [Sharon Kay Penman] - The Reckoning, The Reckoning Penman s characters are so shrewdly imagined so full of resonant human feeling that they seem to be on the page Most compelling is the portrait of the Welsh as wild and rugged as their landscape SAN

  • Title: The Reckoning
  • Author: Sharon Kay Penman
  • ISBN: 9780345378880
  • Page: 375
  • Format: Paperback

The Reckoning Best Read || [Sharon Kay Penman], The Reckoning Best Read || [Sharon Kay Penman], The Reckoning, Sharon Kay Penman, The Reckoning Penman s characters are so shrewdly imagined so full of resonant human feeling that they seem to be on the page Most compelling is the portrait of the Welsh as wild and rugged as their landscape SAN FRANCISCO CHRONICLEHere alive from the pages of history is the compelling tale of a Celtic society ruled by Llewelyn Prince of Wales on a collison course with a feuda Penman s charac. The Reckoning Best Read || [Sharon Kay Penman] - The Reckoning, The Reckoning Penman s characters are so shrewdly imagined so full of resonant human feeling that they seem to be on the page Most compelling is the portrait of the Welsh as wild and rugged as their landscape SAN

  • The Reckoning Best Read || [Sharon Kay Penman]
    375Sharon Kay Penman
The Reckoning

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  1. Penman received her bachelor s degree from the University of Texas at Austin, she majored in history, and also received a Juris Doctor J.D degree from Rutgers University School of Law, and later worked as a tax lawyer Penman suffered from an eighteen month bout with mononucleosis.The Sunne in Splendour, a novel about Richard III of England is one of the most popular books on the Historical Novel Society s list of best historical novels In 1996, following the success of When Christ and His Saints Slept which dealt with the Anarchy and the early career of King Henry II of England , Penman ventured into the historical whodunnit with four mysteries set in the court of Eleanor of Aquitaine during the reign of Richard I The mysteries did not enjoy the same success as her straight historical novels, to which she returned in 2002, with Time and Chance, again covering the life of Eleanor of Aquitaine and Henry II In 2008, she published Devil s Brood, the final book in her trilogy about Henry II and Eleanor of Aquitaine, and her latest novel,about their son, Richard Coeur de Lion, titled Lionheart will be published in the US in October of 2011, Down Under in November of 2011, and in the UK in March of 2012.

  2. My gosh All I can say is I m so sad it s over This was by far the best trilogy I have ever read Some day I will go back and read them all over again.Penman can introduce a ton of characters and somehow she writes where you can keep them all straight in your head She makes you FEEL for these characters until you think you actually know them I caught myself slowing down and wanting to stop reading because I didn t want it to end Wonderful Everyone should read this trilogy

  3. This was the third book in this engrossing and fulfilling trilogy In book 1 Here be Dragons we are introduced to Llywelyn the Great He was The Prince of Wales for over 40 years In Book 2 Falls the Shadow we see the rising of Simon de Montfort who fought for the people of England s civil rights and the continuation of the English and Welsh wars Falls the Shadow continues the family drama of Llywelyn s children and his grandchild and namesake Llywelyn aka Llelo In this final trilogy, without givin [...]

  4. Rating 4.5 starsThe final book in Penman s Welsh Princes series is even better than the first two less political, emotional, and in the last 100 pages, totally heartbreaking Adorable little Llelo from Falls the Shadow has grown up into Llewelyn, Prince of Wales, as courageous as his namesake grandfather from Here be Dragons, and facing the same adversaries in the form of treacherous kin and arrogant kings And talking of kings, I hated Edward I in this, hated him What a dirty, double dealing, un [...]

  5. This book concludes the trilogy to a wonderful Historical novel, centering around the vying powers of Wales and England It is written in a manner where most readers can relate to the powers on both sides difficult to do especially in the second and third book, when Longshanks or Edward I, comes into the spotlight.Wales is losing ground and, for the first time, England has a powerful ruler who can take advantage of it And, he does.And, as the rulers of Wales plot against each other, Edward grows [...]

  6. So far, this has been one of the best book series I ve read, and undeniably one of the most heart wrenching, too I think the last time I have allowed myself to become this dreadfully upset over a book and ended up being a monumental cry baby was after reading The Kite Runner and A Dog of Flanders I never realized I d actually foster the same sentiment for Simon de Montfort and the two Llewelyns who lived so many centuries ago, came from halfway across the globe, and did not even grace the pages [...]

  7. The Reckoning is a solid read and a better book than Falls the Shadow, so I give it four stars despite some reservations This last installment of Penman s Welsh trilogy covers the years 1271 1283, as Edward I wages war on Wales in his determination to bring the entire island under English rule Llewelyn ap Gruffyth, grandson of Llewelyn Fawr, is Prince of Wales and, in the same vein as his grandfather, is determined that Wales remain independent and united Other Welsh lords, most notably Llewelyn [...]

  8. Edward I, Edward Longshanks, Hammer of the Scots doesn t even get a mention in a list of Worst Kings of England The usual suspects appear along with a couple of Queens, which scarcely seems fair For me, there is no question he was the worst, the very worst King England ever had We use the word ruthless these days as if it were a concept in and of itself ruth has become an archaic concept it means a feeling of pity, distress or grief Compassion Edward had little of any of that he was ruthless.He [...]

  9. Completing the trilogy that began with Here Be Dragons and continued with Falls The Shadow, this novel,almost impeccably historically accurate, depicts the struggle by Welsh national hero Llywelyn ap Gruffydd to maintain sovereignty for Wales against the machinations of the ruthless and unscrupulous Edward I of England.After Simon De Montfort is defeated and killed, his charter of freedoms is destroyed and King Edward reigns supreme as England s king.After his bride Ellen , the daughter of the l [...]

  10. This one was definitely the most emotional book out of the trilogy actually, it s the most emotional SKP book I ve read yet Though I always enjoy Penman s characterizations, I got so attached to the characters in this one view spoiler that I was really depressed when certain inevitabilities happened I think that s why Penman introduced Hugh and Caitlin they served as fictional protagonists that she could actually give a happy ending to But even that was kind of bittersweet, knowing all they d lo [...]

  11. What a great book Along with an engrossing story I learned much about English history that I had never heard of before I have to admit, some of the things that came up during the courtship marriage of Llewellen and Ellen seemed absolutely bizarre, and then I searched the internet on these characters and they did actually happen Edward I was and is an absolute two timing double faced snake in the grass I won t give it away, but a scene at the end of the book was so heartbreaking I literally cried [...]

  12. Sometimes, it s really difficult reading the novels of a writer whom you know takes great pains to be historically accurate while still telling a sweeping, dramatic and emotionally fraught tale So it is with Penman who, in this last book of The Welsh Prince series, brings the story of the struggles of the Welsh prince, Llewelwyn, and the machinations of Edward Longshanks, King of England, to a close For those who know the history, you understand the ending is not a happy one and it s this that m [...]

  13. I can now say I ve read all of Penman s novels, a baker s dozen of them, and my favorites remain The Sunne in Splendour and the first novel in the Welsh Princes trilogy, Here Be Dragons I d say this ranks just the next level down a four and a half, rather than a five Not to be counted among my favorite books of all time and it didn t move me to tears but great as historical fiction nevertheless I m newly impressed with Penman s skills as a historical novelist Her research is evident, she definit [...]

  14. Fantastic conclusion to Penman s Welsh trilogy This book tells the story of Llewellyn the last and Simon de Montfort s children, who are inextricably linked due to the cruelties of England s King Edward Longshanks, son of the ineffectual King Henry, and Llewellyn s planned marriage to Eleanor Ellen de Motfort The novel illuminates King Edward s medieval English version of manifest destiny and his ruthless desire to destroy Wales as an independent principality Penman does a masterful job at turni [...]

  15. This trilogy was a fantastic adventure from king John and Llywelyn Fawr to king Edward longshanks and Llywelyn the last, it s been a heart wrenching experience The magistral writing of SKP in this books achieves greatness She takes the reader inside the story as an spectator, one can be witness of great moments in history and at the same time of the very personal lives of its characters I came to love so many characters in this books, that almost dreaded to read the author s note were she would [...]

  16. Two things spurred me to read this trilogy after I first became aware of it the fact that although I had read a fair amount both fiction and non fiction on the Tudors Plantaganets, I had not ventured to the Welsh side of the story so to speak the other was because our Mum was Welsh A blanket statement would be that I liked the books, which in a way was almost a given because of the subject matter succinctly put, I like her writing style So, putting the two together and adding a soup on of histo [...]

  17. This book was heartbreakingly good I ve read three other books by Penman and each one is such a pleasure to read I look forward to my bedtime so much and go to bed even earlier because I have one of her thick books to read.You probably already know how marvelous Penman is with her research, but she has a way of building the story that makes it seem so real well, real er than a history book I was so upset when certain characters died, so sure that they WOULDN T die because it just wasn t TIME I [...]

  18. Summary Brings to a close the struggles between Wales and England under Edward I, the complicated relationship between brothers Llewellyn and David ab Gruffyd, and tells the story of the women who loved them a true tale of love and loss.Last month, I reviewed the second volume of the Welsh Princes Trilogy, Falls the Shadow, which focused on Simon de Montfort and his campaign for the rights of the people with their king In that book, the ongoing power struggle between the English and the Welsh re [...]

  19. In my memory, this third of the Welsh Trilogy was a bit of a re tread and a bit weaker than the other two On this reading, I found that I was much engaged than in the second one, and much gutted by the ending A beautiful, well written, education, meaty Historical Fiction Nobody does this better than Sharon Kay Penman.

  20. This is the third and last book in the Welsh princes series You already know that Wales is doomed as a separate political entity from England, but Penman frames the story in such a way that you grieve for the personal tragedies as well as for the unique Welsh way of life, in which, for example and this is in the Middle Ages , a woman may leave divorce her husband for any reason Most wars led by royals or nobles are fought only for personal aggrandizement Thomas B Costain writes of Edward, the Bl [...]

  21. What a wonderfully written book Ms Penman captivated my interest from the first page This book was the 3rd in a trilogy written about Wales I cannot say that I had a favorite book of the three, but this final story drew me in quickly than the first two I found this book to be emotional for me than the first two as well I had very little knowledge of the history of Wales before reading this trilogy, and I loved the historical details that were a character in and of themselves in these books I l [...]

  22. This final instalment of Sharon Penman s Welsh Princes trilogy charts the fortunes of Llewelyn grandson of the Llewelyn of Here Be Dragons and his wife, Ellen daughter of Simon de Montfort of Falls the Shadow and their struggles against the ruthless Edward I who is determined to crush Welsh independence It s no spoiler to say that there is no happy ending as obviously we know Wales is not a separate state and that the title Prince of Wales is held by the heir to the British throne The Reckoning [...]

  23. Wow These people lives such amazing lives I have truly loved this 3 book series, but I didn t love the other books as much as I ve loved this one What an amazing story I fell in love with the hero and heroin of this book They went through so many hard things together and apart, but a lot of amazing things, too It made it so much fascinating to know that the main events truly happened Thoroughly loved their love story I felt like screaming at the injustices of things they went through But, I fel [...]

  24. Penman finishes her Welsh Princes trilogy with this book, and it is bang up, just like the first two Once again, I found the real events in the history she recounts gripping than a novel The characters are simply remarkable, and so are the things that happen to them Once again, I also learned so much I had not known about this period of British history, about Wales, and about historic figures I either knew nothing about before this trilogy Llewellen ap Gruffydd, Elen de Montfort, etc or only kn [...]

  25. The last of the Welsh trilogy I can t do better than Penman when looking through the local librray She adheres strictly to chronicled facts meticulously researched, and the past is portrayed in beautiful prose I picked up one of her books ten years ago recommended to me and became an avid fan from then on in I m sitting on the edge of my seat waiting for Penman s next novel.

  26. The entire series is wonderful I was so sorry to see it end I loved the characters and felt as though I knew them as they fought for the right of self rule for Wales against King Edward For those who enjoy reading about the lives of those who went before us, I highly recommend this series This brings our history to a personal level and makes us appreciate the lives of those who shaped our world, for good or evil We see their struggles, weaknesses and strengths A great series.

  27. The Reckoning by Sharon Kay Penman was hard for me to read I am a fan of Wales and to see them fall was hard As it was written in the Welsh chronicler after Llewelyn ap Gruffydd died, and then all Wales was cast to the ground There was no way Davydd could keep it together I found Edward mean and insufferable, He was a liar and was fickle and untrustworthy Not a very good King in my opinion.

  28. Sharon Kay Penman has done it again.Very compelling and oh so educational Everything I know about the 13th Century I learned from Sharon and it didn t hurt a bit Is this series a bit romance and a bit less history Not sure, I have not followed her books chronologically so it is difficult to say if that is her current direction Well, I am a guy and love that ole blood guts My only regret, I have almost run out of her novels.

  29. LOVED everything about this series except for the ending, but there s not much that I can do about that This is definitely ranked as one of my favorite series.

  30. This series is incredible Truly, I love it so much, the writing is just so beautiful and there is so much love and history behind it Overall a truly wonderful read.