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Chocolicious [PDF] Chocolicious | by ☆ Geraldine Solon - Chocolicious, Chocolicious A week after Blair Nightingale s husband Larry dies she learns she s about to lose everything she owns due to a foolish mistake Larry made In an instant Blair s life is transformed from rich Sili

  • Title: Chocolicious
  • Author: Geraldine Solon
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 439
  • Format: ebook

[PDF] Chocolicious | by ☆ Geraldine Solon, [PDF] Chocolicious | by ☆ Geraldine Solon, Chocolicious, Geraldine Solon, Chocolicious A week after Blair Nightingale s husband Larry dies she learns she s about to lose everything she owns due to a foolish mistake Larry made In an instant Blair s life is transformed from rich Silicon Valley trophy wife to poor widowed single mom Her only goal now is to provide for her daughter As Blair begins to pick up the pieces George Larry s best friend and thA week after Bl. [PDF] Chocolicious | by ☆ Geraldine Solon - Chocolicious, Chocolicious A week after Blair Nightingale s husband Larry dies she learns she s about to lose everything she owns due to a foolish mistake Larry made In an instant Blair s life is transformed from rich Sili

  • [PDF] Chocolicious | by ☆ Geraldine Solon
    439Geraldine Solon

One Comment to Chocolicious

  1. chicklitaholicWhen I first heard about Geraldine Solon s new novel Chocolicious there was only one thing that came to mind my love of chocolate The cover instantly had me running to my cupboard to crap a chocolate bar before settling down to devour this novel almost as fast as I devoured the chocolate bar Chocolicious is about much than chocolate though, and predominantly centres around going through hard times in life and coming out the other side Blair Nightingale is devastated when her husba [...]

  2. A fantastic emotional rollercoaster, that leaves you with a renewed sense of faith in people If I thought that Geraldine s debut novel Love Letters was great, then Chocolicious has gone one better, in all ways.Geraldine has improved in all aspects of her authorship The writing itself flows easily, the storyline is fluid with the characters coming to life and being animated, to the point where you are completely consumed by them and start to think of them as real people.As for that very decade [...]

  3. What a fun book Not only is the cover alluring, with its lush concoction flirting with our eyes, but the writing is fresh and a treat to read The plot is well planned, that becomes obvious from the first few pages There is a bit of tension at the beginning, as Blair starts to realize her husband has left her in an economic lurch, and the reader really begins to feel for the heroine What I enjoyed most is the way that she refuses to fall into self pity, and instead finds a way of getting out of h [...]

  4. This is a sweet romance There were two sex scenes that seemed unnecessarily explicit If these were removed or toned down, this would make a great clean romance.I found the characters quite well developed Blair was very naive and gullible when it came to Larry, and she unfortunately paid for it Speaking of Larry, for a character who wasn t really present in the story, he sure can generate an emotional response from me And not in a good way what a jerk He seemed like he should be a nice guy, but t [...]

  5. Chocolicious That cover makes me drool I d love the recipe Everything in Blair Nightingale s life has not been sweet, addicting comfort.As a young woman Blair didn t really know what she wanted Her sister, Vicki, said that she all she did was spend her time dreaming about new exotics places and wild adventures She had gone to college and gotten a degree in psychology, but she had wanted to escape the routine dullness of her life in small town, Lakepoint, Indianna When she met charming, wonderful [...]

  6. Note received kindle version for review from the author Thank you Ms Solon.Read my reviews atA Sakura Between Pages Wow I ve never read such a realistic and moving story After years of reading YA and idealistic books, I ve grown accustomed to a perfect book with all the components that you want it to have Chocolicious was slightly different Blair went through some nasty things after her husband, Larry, died First, all of her possessions were taken away because of Larry s mistake Instantly, she f [...]

  7. Interest I ve read Solon s first book Love Letters and wanted to read of her work.Title Thoughts I love it Cover Thoughts I like it.WARNINGS There is sex here and there.There is just something about Solon s books where she can keep me wondering through out the book whether I will like it or love it By the end of the book, I realized how wrapped around Solon s finger I was Even though I had a feeling how things would go, Solon has a way of writing it that makes me get just as consumed in these c [...]

  8. When Blair Nightingale s husband, Larry, dies,its a week later that she learns she s about to lose everything she owns due to a foolish mistake her husband made.Blair s life is transformed in almost an instant from rich, Silicon Valley trophy wife to poor, widowed single mum Blair s only goal now is to provide for her daughter So Blair begins to pick up the pieces, she realises that Larry s best friend George always seems to be around Blair really resents George When Blair is overwhelmed by all [...]

  9. Officially sitting on the fence in this book, a great story and I was moved to read until the end to find out where Blair would find herself in the end Although there were something things that bothered me about the plot and the structure, so I think this is a good read, but I would warn that there were some things that I would have tweaked if I had been an editorOne change I would make in the telling of the story was throughout the book, the author quickly changed from speaking in the present t [...]

  10. Let me start by saying I am a total chocaholic, so the title Chocolicious intrigued me from the outset I whole heartedly empathize with the idea that eating chocolate is the cure for most of what ails me That said, this novel left me a bit hungry for of the soothing flavor of chocolate and possibly for recipes for the chocolate treats mentioned by the author Blair Nightingale, the main character, finds herself in an untenable position when her young husband dies right before she gives birth to [...]

  11. I am going to finish this book I don t dislike it, Blair, though a little whiny with reason of course, but I digress is a likable character with some really dung filled things happening to her George, the best friend of her deceased husband is in love with her and hiding a few things, but I get the feeling I have one twist to go before the HEA Happily Ever After Unless the author surprises me no worries, I ll come back and update.Though the story itself is compelling enough, there is something [...]

  12. The redeeming power of chocolate No one can stay mad at anyone when chocolate is in the air Chocolicious is a story about second chances Blair s life is destroyed when her husband died and left her with nothing, not even a life insurance policy.Alone, with her newborn daughter, Blair fends for herself while having no job experience Her late husband s best friend, George, looks out for her, but hides his secret involvement in Blair s late husband s scheme.Everything blows up, but Blair and her si [...]

  13. Reviewed By JoAnneReview Copy Provided By AuthorFrom the beginning this book captured my attention and I didn t want to put it down It had deception, intrigue, romance and real life angst throughout You had no choice but to hope that Blair s life as well as her newborn daughter s would turn out well Family and friends played an important role and everyday life often got in the way I m not sure I would classify what Larry Nightingale did as a mistake as much as illegal and dishonest but however i [...]

  14. livetoread krystalThis book is full of surprising twists and sweet treats The cover will pull in any reader, especially women Blair is a sympathetic character, she recently lost her husband and she learns that she may be losing a very large sum of money possibly her livelihood So what does she do when she seeks solace She bakes She goes back to the basics, taking up a recipes her grandmother taught her when she was little Soon, Blair realizes that her cupcake baking endeavors could be the soluti [...]

  15. This review was originally posted on my bloglratrandom 2012 0I wanted to like this book but I almost felt as if I was just going through the paces while reading it Nothing really struck me It s about Blair who is grieving due to recently being widowed, then she gives birth to her baby Shortly after she finds out her husband left her with literally nothing The story follows her through her struggles At first it s one bad thing after another and then some things seem to come too easy for her One [...]

  16. From riches to rags, Blair loses everything after the sudden death of her husband in Geraldine Solon s Chocolicious It s all too easy to resent George, who saw of her husband than she ever did, and all too hard to accept his help But Blair has a baby to care for, and memories to mend.Though it takes a while to appear in the story, chocolate, baked with love, is the key to this tale Returning home to her small town roots, Blair rediscovers the world she left behind But will she find purpose, and [...]

  17. WHAT I LIKED The main male character stayed around regardless of the main female character s difficulties He really cared.ahhhh Great love interest development.Emphasis on family traditions was fantastic Makes you wish for if you never had.Nothing like sisterly love to carry you through.WHAT I DID NOT LIKE Passion was distasteful and could have been written without adding a lump of syrup to two servings of just the right amount of sugar coated love I m not a prude It s just that reference to coc [...]

  18. Chocolate and family together does solve some of our problems Solon once again comes with a beautifully written inspirational piece She tells the tale of a trophy wife from Silicon Valley who has it all until her husband passes away She also learns that her husband made a poor decision in life which has left her penniless and pretty much to fend for her daughter and herself So what does Blair do She goes back to the basics with an amazing treat that her grandmother once taught her, a three layer [...]

  19. This is the story about how Blair Nightingale found what she truly wanted In the beginning, all Blair wants to do is escape her small town for the wonderful world of opportunities outside it Larry is just the handsome man to give her the opportunity she desires Within a few months Blair is transplanted from her quiet Indiana home to the noise of California Blair s dreams seem to have come true until Larry dies of a heart attack, and Blair s world is thrown into chaos.I absolutely loved the inter [...]

  20. In Geraldine s romance widow fiction, I would say she has done a great job in potraying Blair as a vulnerable, yet a woman who has strive hard to persevere to stay alive, for the sake of her only child This book had taught me alot of issues between a man and women From relationships to marriage, second chances, the life that entails each individual At the end of the day, Blair s daughter had brought the ultimate cupcakes recipes to share with everyone Chocolates does makes everyone happy When li [...]

  21. This was a story of rags to riches back to rags again although that was just the money aspect If you are thinking about the relationships in the story then it was the opposite, riches to rags back to the wealth of riches While there were tough times, the plot line was fun It was a feel good book that you knew would have a happy ending, and I was correct near the start about exactly how the book would end This is the first book I have read by Ms Solon and I will be looking for of her work.

  22. So the only reason I read this book was because it was free on Kindle It sounded like a cute book The story lines about how the main female character gets her jobs is ridiculous That just oldfast Then I thought if they say one time three layered chocolate cupcakes I was going to scream I enjoyed the ending and after she moves back with her sister Maybe this book needs editing I m interested in reading Love Letters by Geraldine Solon We shall see how that one is

  23. What would you do of you lost everything and had a newborn daughter to take of That s the question Blair hAd to ask herself after her husband Larry dies and her baby is born in her living room.When Blair realizes her dreams and goes back to the only thing that never let her down Choclate A classic tale of when the dust clears where will you be standing

  24. Enjoyable romance pretty smooth writing The plot was good, but I had the entire story figured out before I was a third of the way through I know that romance novels give you the happily ever after and I like that but I don t want to see it coming from the start The characters were good and I enjoyed the writing style.

  25. Would have been a really cute little story and pretty well written if not for the two graphic sex scenes and some foul language I m not gonna recommend it to anyone I know.

  26. Why did I bother to finish reading this book Guess I kept hoping there d be a recipe for the famous triple chocolate cupcakes.