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The Golden Door

The Golden Door The Golden Door Best Download || [Emily Rodda] - The Golden Door, The Golden Door The start of a stirring fantasy trilogy from Emily Rodda the internationally bestselling author of Dragons of Deltora The walled city of Weld is under attack from ferocious flying creatures that raid

  • Title: The Golden Door
  • Author: Emily Rodda
  • ISBN: 9781862919129
  • Page: 101
  • Format: Paperback

The Golden Door Best Download || [Emily Rodda], The Golden Door Best Download || [Emily Rodda], The Golden Door, Emily Rodda, The Golden Door The start of a stirring fantasy trilogy from Emily Rodda the internationally bestselling author of Dragons of Deltora The walled city of Weld is under attack from ferocious flying creatures that raid in the night bringing death and destruction The Warden calls for Volunteers to find and destroy the Enemy sending invaders and the heroes of Weld answer the call one by oThe start o. The Golden Door Best Download || [Emily Rodda] - The Golden Door, The Golden Door The start of a stirring fantasy trilogy from Emily Rodda the internationally bestselling author of Dragons of Deltora The walled city of Weld is under attack from ferocious flying creatures that raid

  • The Golden Door Best Download || [Emily Rodda]
    101Emily Rodda
The Golden Door

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  1. Emily Rodda real name Jennifer Rowe was born in Sydney, Australia and graduated from the University of Sydney in 1973 with an MA Hons in English Literature Moving into a publishing career, first as a book editor, and finally as a publisher at Angus Robertson, Rodda s first book was published in 1984.

  2. Damn, I love this hook Yay monsters and walled cities and quests through strange lands But pair those awesome standbys with this hook and I m sunk Rye s brothers volunteered to hunt down the monsters that swoop down upon the walled city years ago Now Rye and his mom are destitute and must go work for the government So Rye decides to lie about his age and follow in the footsteps of his brothers hopefully to find them and bring them back When he gets to the room there are three doors One gold, one [...]

  3. I finished this book an hour or so ago, and I m still trembling from the suspense.OH MY GOSH This is for kids THIS IS SCARY I felt like a coward reading it and I m an adult laughs The Golden Door is a fantastic story, it s about a teenage boy who leaves his city under aged, in hopes to find his lost brother and rid of these terrifying monsters called skimmers from destroying any of their homeland in the Weld I really, really, really liked the plot The story is extremely suspenseful and adventur [...]

  4. In the first book of her new trilogy, master storyteller Emily Rodda weaves her magic once again The Golden Door introduces Rye, youngest of three brothers His brothers, and others, have vanished one by one while seeking to stop the deathly flying skimmers which attack and kill the citizens of The Weld.Rodda unfolds a story full of magic, danger, chance encounters and strange characters who offer assistance at critical junctures Accustomed to thinking less of himself than his heroic sporty eldes [...]

  5. f you are looking for a book that will introduce your young reader 8 or so years old to the delightful tropes of the Quest Fantasy, you can read The Hobbit out loud, which is a lovely thing to do However, if you want said child to read independently which so many of us do , you could do much worse than offer him or her The Golden Door Which is to say, I think it achieves what it set out do it tells an entertaining story in a very appealing way.Weld is a world within a wall Not a big worldtually [...]

  6. My kids loved The Belt of Deltora series and one of them got this book for Christmas We decided to read it aloud and all of us just loved it Full of adventure, mystery, and even magic, this series is another winner.Rye and his two older brothers live with their mother in the Weld, a city surrounded by walls Every night, skimmers come and attack the village, especially those houses that aren t sealed up and silent If they get a taste of blood, they ll be back, totally demolishing anything in thei [...]

  7. This is a perfect Middle Grade school fantasy for any kids who enjoy adventure and a bit of magic in their books The characters were memorable and likable for the most part As an adult reading this book, I found myself happily carried along by the flow of the story It was a quick, fun read and I can see myself happily continuing on in the series I can t wait to find out if the other books in the series continue to follow Rye on his adventures or if they follow one of his brothers point of view E [...]

  8. The Golden Door is the first book in a new middle grade fantasy series by Emily Rodda Rye is the youngest of three brothers living in the walled city of Weld Their city has been under attack by creatures they have called Skimmer, that swoop in during the night and kill and destroy The Warden of Weld calls for young men to leave the city through a hidden exit and discover the secret of who is creating and sending the Skimmers, but none that are sent return Rye s bothers each take their turn, and [...]

  9. This book hooked me in right away, but left me eager for the sequel As a young adult novel, The Golden Door is a winner with well developed characters, an engaging plot, and a truly unique story.Emily Rodda is known for her hit series, Deltora Quest, a fantasy series that made her a household name for millions In The Golden Door, she has another gem that focuses on Rye, the youngest of three brothers living in the fantasy city of Weld Weld was established ages ago by the Sorcerer Dann as a safe [...]

  10. Seen at Scott Reads ItEmily Rodda is an international best selling author and her Deltora Quest series has sold over 15 million copies across the globe There is even a Deltora Quest anime in Australia yet I hadn t even heard of Emily Rodda until recently I m a fantasy junkie and I bet I would have loved Emily Rodda s books during elementary and middle school The Golden Door is my first Emily Rodda and I don t expect it to be my last The Golden Door is a short but sweet middle grade novel that wi [...]

  11. The first in a new fantasy trilogy by the wonderful Australian children s author Emily Rodda, with all of her trademark suspense, adventure and touches of horror, The Golden Door introduces a new hero, Rye, the youngest of three brothers living in the walled city of Weld, which is terrorised by giant skimmers that fly over every night The city decides to send heroes to find and destroy the source of the skimmers one by one, the young men of the city set forth, choosing one of three magical doors [...]

  12. Rye lives in the city of Weld, protected by a giant wall from invaders but not however from the Skimmers which come at night When the Warden offers a prize to those who can track the origin of these skimmers and stop them, Rye s two older brothers jump at the chance When they don t return it s up to Rye to find them, and maybe stop the skimmers while he s there.What started out as an oddly stiff and formal writing style quickly adapted itself to the action and intrigue that we desperately wanted [...]

  13. i read this book and it was awesome i love it i am trying to get the silver and wooden door books too i would recomend this book to people who want thrill and suspense like me i am a natural rock climber and i love suspense and thrill so if you are stuck inside and are a thrill seeker this is the book for you and i had the best time reading this book its awesome so please go hit the shelf for good books.

  14. I have always loved Emily Rodda More than any other author I ve discovered, her books get reluctant readers to read, especially the Deltora Quest series When I saw she was beginning a new series, I jumped for joy and immediately requested an ARC My daughter, who is currently obsessed with dragons, scooped it up when it arrived in the mail, so I had to wait until she was finished reading All I heard for days was, This book is SO GOOD, mama She loved it, like I knew she would Emily Rodda is a SURE [...]

  15. I love how this fits into a very recognisable fairy tale trope a quest is announced, one brother sets out and doesn t return, then a second, then finally the third brother realises it is down to him, despite his lack of obvious skill Rodda makes this story her own and I was there for every step of the way Looking forward to the next two.I did start reading this aloud with Una 7 but it was too sad for her Frederique 9 is reading it to herself and really enjoying it meeting Emily Rodda today will [...]

  16. I love love love Emily Rodda s books The plot is pretty predictable, in the way that something bad happens and the small weak protagonist goes and tries to save the day What s not so predictable is what happens along the way.It always amazes me how Rodda somehow makes it all seem so new without being repetitive and dull I was flicking from page to page, wanting to know how the story was going to play out This is a great start to Emily Rodda s new series.

  17. Rye sets off to find his two older brothers who are lost, presumed dead, after they accepted a quest to find the source of the skimmers which are attacking the city of Weld Accompanied by an unwelcome orphan, Sonya, Rye soon discovers there is to his quest than he expected.The kids gave me this book for Fathers Day ulterior motives, perchance We finished it together in a week Classic Emily Rodda Only downside is now we have to wait months for the next instalment.

  18. I loved this book it brought me back to my childhood days of reading Deltora Quest Rye reminds me a lot of Lief from DQ and Rodda s writing remains to be captivating and magical Can t believe it took me this long to pick up the first book of this series Definitely 5 stars and recommended to anyone who loves children s adventure quest type books.

  19. A solid beginning to Rodda s new series I did get a sense of deja vu while reading it, since it is to a large degree not only drawing on the world of Deltora but also on many of the themes and tropes and general structure of her fantastic three part series However, the Golden Door was overall an enjoyable book, perfect for a quick weekend read for fantasy fans.

  20. This book was a great book if your looking for a risky, dangerous adventure I picked this book off the shelf because of the name I found that this book carried me away for hours at a time I recommend this book for people that are hanging out for an adventure.

  21. This book was a great one to read to a class The characters were strong and each chapter left the kids wanting .w I have to read bk 2 in the series I think this book is very similar in theme and writing style to Deltora Quest, but is suited to 10 yrs and up.

  22. Lyn is a judge for the Aurealis Awards This review is the personal opinion of Lyn herself, and does not necessarily reflect the opinion of any judging panel, the judging coordinator or the Aurealis Awards management team I will be reviewing and rating this once the AAs are announced.

  23. Probably the best book in the entire world Emily Rodda has an alien imagination that absolutely no one can beat It was fantastic and I can t wait until I get the second book.

  24. A fabulous new Emily Rodda novel due out later in the year A wonderful quest fantasy that her fans are going to love

  25. Skimmers, an island, and a volunteer order to save the village Who would have thought it That a small 16 year old boy could become the hero of his town Well this introduces us to Rye, third son of Lisbeth, citizen of Weld Emily Rodda s The Golden Door entertained me with its humorous plot and chivalrous actions This story takes place in a world where magic is only a thin of legend It starts out in the village of Weld, protected by the Wall, which has been upheld for many centuries Legend is that [...]

  26. 3.5 Stars So, this one was interesting There was the fact that Rodda very much writes in a classic children s fantasy style than the modern style, though this book was published in 2012 she also wrote the Deltora Quest books, which I remember seeing in the library all the time as a kid but never actually picked up, though the games on the website were always super cool , and so this had a much Narnia vibe than say Percy Jackson, which is what MG seems to be emulating these days And there s no [...]

  27. remember when in Tangled Mother Gothel brushed Rapunzel s hair and she becomes young again that s exactly how I feel reading this bookI feel as if I m once again 11 years old and had opened the city of the rats and suddenly drown into an amazing world It s just wonderful how the very basic idea of The Three Doors Trilogy is quite same as Deltora, however, Emily Rodda has succeeded in making another great story I have read lots of other books which are their author s attempt to once again bring t [...]

  28. Emily Rodda is an amazing writer and really makes you feel like you re there Even though it s a kids teens book, it s still interesting for adults to read as well Really should be 4.5 stars.I suppose every book after Deltora series is now going to be compared to that but it doesn t reach that 100% amazing level as the Deltora series does BUT there are so few really good authors out there, this series is well worth a read and your time will not be wasted.A great story, interesting read Well worth [...]