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Windmills of the Gods

Windmills of the Gods Unlimited Windmills of the Gods - by Sidney Sheldon - Windmills of the Gods, Windmills of the Gods This classic best selling thriller races from the White House to the romance of Paris and the shady menace of Cold War Bucharest as a young woman ambessador faces unseen and powerful enemies plotting

  • Title: Windmills of the Gods
  • Author: Sidney Sheldon
  • ISBN: 9780006174424
  • Page: 158
  • Format: Paperback

Unlimited Windmills of the Gods - by Sidney Sheldon, Unlimited Windmills of the Gods - by Sidney Sheldon, Windmills of the Gods, Sidney Sheldon, Windmills of the Gods This classic best selling thriller races from the White House to the romance of Paris and the shady menace of Cold War Bucharest as a young woman ambessador faces unseen and powerful enemies plotting her and her children s destruction. Unlimited Windmills of the Gods - by Sidney Sheldon - Windmills of the Gods, Windmills of the Gods This classic best selling thriller races from the White House to the romance of Paris and the shady menace of Cold War Bucharest as a young woman ambessador faces unseen and powerful enemies plotting

  • Unlimited Windmills of the Gods - by Sidney Sheldon
    158Sidney Sheldon
Windmills of the Gods

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  1. Sidney Sheldon 1917 2007 was an American writer who won awards in three careers a Broadway playwright, a Hollywood TV and movie screenwriter, and a best selling novelist.His TV works spanned a twenty year period during which he created I Dream of Jeannie 1965 70 , Hart to Hart 1979 84 , and The Patty Duke Show 1963 66 , but it was not until after he turned 50 and began writing best selling novels such as Master of the Game 1982 , The Other Side of Midnight 1973 and Rage of Angels 1980 that he became most famous.

  2. It could have been 5 stars but I found the beginning somewhat slow paced But the story, as a whole, was good.I would like to talk about some of the charactersEdward What happened to him was heartbreaking An innocent party that took the fall for the benefit of others.Groza Below was what happened to him his family Scenes of his wife and his daughter being raped seared through his brain It was a gang rape, and the laughing soldiers went from the woman to the child, their pants pulled down, waiting [...]

  3. We are all victims Anselmo,Our destinies are decidedby a cosmic roll of the diceby the winds of the starsthe vagrant breezesof fortune that blow fromthe windmills of the gods.As I turned away from my boyfriend s supple arms, I took a book I had read over a million times, with its dog eared pages and put it aside And picked another book I decided to reread, Windmills of the Gods, which I had last read in 2010 Having taken 7 years to revisit the book, I thought it would be nice to traverse the cou [...]

  4. I think I just forgot how to spell the word OSM as in the impression saying how you were extremely impressed and inspired with great admiration to something, apprehension def extremely good excellent because this book is than just OSM crying, tears of joy lol Anyway, setting that emotion and the feeling that my mind has been Sheldonized aside hahaha Windmills of the Gods is a 1987 thriller novel written by my all time favorite American writer shall I say his name uh gain yep Sidney Sheldon I th [...]

  5. This is actually my favorite SS book It wasn t as dynamic or surprising as the other books he have written but there is something in it that draws you This book felt so different from the other books he had written I mean different Like isolated LOL Anyway teh plot is great kinda ordinary compared to some of his works that went extreme in a great wayh but as gripping as the othersI thnk the fact that the pro and the man never kissed or made love increased the excitement I was waiting for them to [...]

  6. I have never liked Sidney Sheldon before But after reading his novels consecutively, i learned to appreciate his works at full blast He s an easy to understand writer No highfalutin words, no overdescriptions, just fitted for an average reader i also liked how he made WOMEN heroes of his novels and how he leaves his readers at awe and question WHAT HAPPENED AFTER that we wish there s a part 2 of that novel.Likewise, i loved how he connected his stories very relevant, very current, something that [...]

  7. This is the first Sidney Sheldon book I ever read and I simply loved it.I found the characters very dimensional and they grew through out the story I enjoyed every minute that I was reading and was in a moment of awe after finishing it.It is definitely one of my most favorite books of all time

  8. This is one hell of a book Like damn you I started this book 3 years back and stopped in 4th page After all these I came back on it and surprise surprise What twist, marvellous plot My eyebrows are still raised Did I just read it Even with the 4 star rating I gave This book is just delicious.

  9. How a story is presented in the beginning, middle, end is an essential factor that keeps the readers of into pages Sidney Sheldon did it well on his Windmills of the Gods, successfully placed a strong ingredient that surprises readers every now then The pacing is perfect The plot is excellent The story itself is well researched Windmills of the Gods is one of the greatest suspense stories I ve had read, and Sidney Sheldon succeeded in hooking me up with such a breath taking story, a fast paced j [...]

  10. This shortish novel was a pretty speedy easy read The plot was Ok in parts but other partts just did not ring true I just cannot imagine that an American Ambassador to Communist Rumania would have been allowed to walk unescorted through the streets of Bucharest, surely sercet service agents would have been close by Consequently the whole premis of the staged abduction was flawed I liked the complexity of people involved the secret society manipulating things behind the scene, and its continuatio [...]

  11. The characters in this book are compelling and keep you on your toes One thing I didn t like about this book though, is it seemed to constantly jump all over the place Not that it was hard to keep track of everything though I was quite surprised at the end when Mike turned out to be the good guy That caught me completely off guard I was truly hoping Stanton would be the man he had been portrayed as, also, but that wasn t the case, either Everyone in this book wasn t who they seemed to be I enjoy [...]

  12. Overwritten, full of unnecessary junk, and rather predictable Wasn t the maestro s one of the worthier efforts, truly.

  13. Sidney Sheldon s Windmills of the Gods is the story of Mary Ashley, a Junction City, Kansas wife, mother, and university professor plucked from obscurity to become the US Ambassador to Romania Ashley has never left Kansas City and plenty of high level political figures are understandably against the ambassadorship The appointment of Mary Ashley is questionable and sets the reader up to expect some hefty shenanigans The beginning of the novel is exciting Covert meetings are taking place and the s [...]

  14. The good, old political espionage thriller The typical Sheldon style A heroine, Mary Ashley, who is an ingenious personality and who is going to change the scenes around Romania with her power as the American Ambassador Despite this book being the formulaic portrayal of a political thriller, in which none can be trusted and faith is a stupid term, it certainly gets unpredictable at times The reason being, the projection of multiple characters as villains.Mary Ashley is supposed to bring changes [...]

  15. This is the first Sidney Sheldon book that I ve read and it didn t disappoint me I found the first part of it kind of slow paced, but when I got latter part, I just couldn t stop myself from flipping through the pages Sidney definitely has a way with words I cannot imagine an author with such amazing diction He s an author who doesn t expound much on a certain topic he conveys clear ideas to readers with help of minimal amount of words I am not a fan of politics, let alone international politics [...]

  16. I really liked the book At first, the book was slow paced, but it was acceptable convincing, since the writer had to explain some things to those who has no idea about politics like me It was a really awesome book I really like the plot, it was complex, with lots and lots of twists and turns And just when u try to figure it out who s culprit, a very desirable twist can change the wits, which I loved the most The plot kept changing until it thickens so much that a reader has to go the last page t [...]

  17. Yet another great story from Sidney Sheldon His stories are fun, entertaining reads that I look forward to Windmills is a Cold War era thriller with plot lines that still resonate in the post 9 11 world.While reading this, I thought of events that happened in Eastern Europe a few years ago These events were perfect bookends to what happened in Windmills.Sheldon s stories in some respects are eerily becoming true.

  18. The only sheldon book I ever read.Plus As he is famous for, femininity is very well portrayed.Minus For creating the suspense he used the same old trick You could guess the the main so called suspense half way itself At many places the unnecessary over usage of erotic content reduces the quality.

  19. Windmills of the Gods was my 10th Sidney Sheldon novel, and also my favourite The brisk pace of the book, the choice of locations, and the character Angel, give readers so much to enjoy than the average Sidney Sheldon novel I take my words back, no Sheldon novel is Average

  20. ini novel pertama yang aku baca dari sidney sheldon, dan ceritanya keren banget terutama suspensenya, belom pernah aku baca novel dengan suspense sebaik ini dan setakterduga ini.

  21. Tiene mucho suspenso, lo que te hace mantenerte siempre curioso por lo que pasar despu s Aunque en partes se vuelve algo tedioso y rid culo, de inmediato se arregla y la trama te vuelve a atrapar.

  22. One of the best book I have ever read Unpredictable ending which makes it the best Most books are pacy but do not end properly This is one has a perfect ending