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The Innkeeper's Song

The Innkeeper's Song Ç The Innkeeper's Song ✓ Peter S. Beagle - The Innkeeper's Song, The Innkeeper s Song The Innkeeper s Song is the story of young Tikat s search for the lover whose death and resurrection he witnessed It is a search that will lead him into a world of magic and mystery beyond his compreh

  • Title: The Innkeeper's Song
  • Author: Peter S. Beagle
  • ISBN: 9780451452887
  • Page: 229
  • Format: Hardcover

Ç The Innkeeper's Song ✓ Peter S. Beagle, Ç The Innkeeper's Song ✓ Peter S. Beagle, The Innkeeper's Song, Peter S. Beagle, The Innkeeper s Song The Innkeeper s Song is the story of young Tikat s search for the lover whose death and resurrection he witnessed It is a search that will lead him into a world of magic and mystery beyond his comprehension for his wild ride sets him on the trail of three women who are blessed or cursed to undertake an impossible mission of their own Each of the three has secrets from thThe I. Ç The Innkeeper's Song ✓ Peter S. Beagle - The Innkeeper's Song, The Innkeeper s Song The Innkeeper s Song is the story of young Tikat s search for the lover whose death and resurrection he witnessed It is a search that will lead him into a world of magic and mystery beyond his compreh

  • Ç The Innkeeper's Song ✓ Peter S. Beagle
    229Peter S. Beagle
The Innkeeper's Song

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  1. Peter Soyer Beagle born April 20, 1939 is an American fantasist and author of novels, nonfiction, and screenplays He is also a talented guitarist and folk singer He wrote his first novel, A Fine and Private Place , when he was only 19 years old Today he is best known as the author of The Last Unicorn, which routinely polls as one of the top ten fantasy novels of all time, and at least two of his other books A Fine and Private Place and I See By My Outfit are considered modern classics.

  2. A plot summary of this book might go something like this A wizard and his former students fight against another former student who has traded his life to the darkness for power It would be accurate, but totally misleading So what was the book really about Stories Singing Love Hate Obligations Responsibilities Death Rebirth Redemption.If I had to describe The Innkeeper s Song in a word, it would be this chewy Some books are like milkshakes You just drink them down easily and go on to the next one [...]

  3. The Innkeeper s Song isn t overly memorable to me, however it s a gripping, philosophical story of a person s search for the answers to the mysteries of life and death.

  4. Honestly I m not quite sure how to sum up my feelings for this booksor just say anything about it I found it awesome I also think many people might find it terribly dull, which I somehow also understand but I still think it s awesome.Well what s it about There is a boy who sets out to save his true love turns out she doesn t want to be rescued , there are two very beautiful and very misterious women, one of which has a name that reads like someone s been sick over a scrabble board it just gets a [...]

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  6. Isn t it annoying when a book ends that you don t want to end Then, you sort of feel weird because a world has closed You can reread it, reenter the world, but you ll never be the you that you were when you first read it, so it won t be the same That s how I feel about The Innkeeper s Song just like I do about The Last Unicorn Beagle is a magician, a good Arshadin, someone you know immediately is a master who you ll never surpass But you don t mind because you get to experience the magic That s [...]

  7. One of those amazing experiences that come along every now and again was hearing Peter Beagle read from scraps of this book before it was published And when it was published, what a novel Nobody has ever kept so many point of view characters dancing in such an elaborate and intricate tale, with it all ending as it should, something only a true master of the art could pull off.

  8. A fantasy book for those that don t particularly like fantasy like me Beagle, also a songwriter, actually wrote the song excerpted below and then several years later, he wrote this book because he wanted to find out what the hell the song was really about There came three ladies at sundown one was brown as bread is brown,one was black, with a sailor s sway,and one was pale as the moon by day.The white one wore an emerald ring,the brown led a fox on a silver string,and the black one carried a ros [...]

  9. I quite enjoyed the shifting perspectives of this book for some reason, though, I wanted every chapter from a new person s point of view Perhaps this was because the initial discovery of each character s distinct persona through a first person lens was so exciting and entrancing, I just wanted that to keep going Once I adjusted to that, and what all was going on plot wise, it became a somewhat introspective, at times almost mystical, fantasy More creative than most, I dare say this is Beagle, a [...]

  10. This was one of those something to think about books Crossroads, change, endings and beginnings The infamous bedroom scene actually grounded the story in a way that was necessary with all of the wizards battles and heroes adventures It wasn t really a story about wizards and heroes even though many of the characters fit into those catagories Like The Book of Atrix Wolfe, there s a strong element here of common people mixing in with wonder and a conscious and unconscious search for identity It to [...]

  11. When three strange women one black, one brown, one white arrive at a wayside inn called The Gaff and Slasher, Karsh, the innkeeper, takes them in against his better judgment Two of the women Lal and Nyateneri are searching for their former mentor, a powerful magician who has summoned them to save him from destruction and worse at the hands of his most powerful pupil, Arshadin The third, Lukassa, is a village girl whom Lal resurrected after she drowned and whose childhood love, Tikat, pursues the [...]

  12. The Innkeeper s Song is a wonderful addition to Peter S Beagle s astounding repertoire of fantastical stories It deserves to be remembered with his classic works such as The Last Unicorn and A Fine and Private Place The story starts with death Lukassa and Tikat are very much in love They grew up together in their small fishing village, sharing joys and sorrows their entire young lives Until by cruel twist of fate, Lukassa falls into the river, and though Tikat valiantly tries, he ultimately fail [...]

  13. I ve loved The Last Unicorn for years, but never read another Peter S Beagle book till now I enjoyed this story, but it s a very different book from The Last Unicorn, though both deal with wizards and magic and quests The Innkeeper s Song has at its heart the intersection of many lives and quests a young boy who watches his lover drown in a river, only to be resurrected by a mysterious woman that mysterious woman and her traveling companion, both past students of a powerful wizard the staff and [...]

  14. After reading Peter Beagle s The Last Unicorn, which I thought of as a reflection on beauty in the form of a fairytale, I picked up The Innkeeper s Song, which turns out to be in keeping with what I think of as fantasy I m always amazed at the creativity and imagination of authors who do fantasy well This book is remarkably impressive in this way Beagle s plot unfolds chapter by chapter from the perspectives of different characters, which is a cool way of giving us insight into the character s [...]

  15. Because doesn t allow a half star, I m placing this one at three stars, though I think it s like 3 1 2 I am a big Peter Beagle fan, but this book just didn t hit the mark for me He tells it from the perspectives of at least 6 different characters, and there just wasn t enough difference in some of the voices to keep me from getting confused Also, the one thing Beagle does best in some of his other works is create a world that draws you in I never got that here until just about the end of the bo [...]

  16. I was brought to this book by a song The German progressive metal band Blind Guardian, which is one of my favorites, wrote a song called Road of No Release and I could not stop listening to it I looked up the lyrics, which is habit for me when it comes to music, and saw that almost every verse was a telling of a character So I had HAD to see what story they were from and found this book and knew it was a must read.I m glad I did read this and would recommend it but only to those who like both fa [...]

  17. I ve been a fan of Peter Beagle s literary fantasies since A Fine and Private Place and The Last Unicorn The Innkeeper s Song is set firmly in the same tradition, but with a complex and mature sensibility.The language is simple yet beautiful, evocative and piercing in its lyricism The characters may seem like the stock fantasy tropes, but we soon realize that this is an entirely different take on the wizard, the swordsperson, the lovesick boy, even the fox, one of the most engaging shapeshifter [...]

  18. i read Giant Bones quite a few years ago and loved it for those unfamiliar, Giant Bones is a collection of short stories why i mention it here at least two of the characters in The Innkeeper s Song are in the book Giant Bones as well Lal and Soukyan i immediately fell in love with the old warriors in that book and started wondering if they appeared elsewhere in one of Mr Beagle s novels when i discovered The Innkeeper s Song, i was THRILLED to pieces it was like being reintroduced to a couple of [...]

  19. I loved some of this author s other work, and an online review of this book seemed to strike the right chord So I ordered a copy, and it is now one of my favorite books But it didn t start out that way.It was a bit difficult at first to get used to the rotating points of view, and I wondered if this book was a single, coherent story, or a collection of loosely related tales Anyway, I got discouraged with this book and I set it down I m sorry to say, I set it down for months Then one day I picked [...]

  20. If you re thinking about reading this book, lemme tell you something It s amazing Peter S Beagle has created the simplest world with very little, yet it amazes me how thought provoking this fantasy is It s the story of 3 women and the mischief they cause an innkeeper Yes, it has wizards and magic and all that cliche fantasy stuff, but Beagle has something very few authors have in this genre Wit and humor His style of writing is so unique It s told through POVs Now if you re thinking Martin, that [...]

  21. I found the unusual writing style of this author a little difficult to get used to for the first couple of chapters, but then I became engrossed in the story and ended up really appreciating the way he portrays his protagonists in an almost poetic, strangely enchanting way All written in first person narrative, each chapter is a monologue related by different characters describing their experiences as the drama unfolds I particularly enjoyed the fox, who surreptitiously steals the limelight and [...]

  22. This wasn t a book I was really suited for It s slow paced and lyrically written Sedate might be a good word to describe it I had to struggle to keep with it.Three strange women arrive at an inn, searching for a wizard two of them once knew The story s told from many different perspectives the women, the innkeeper, the stable boy, a boy who s searching for his dead fiancee, and a shape shifting fox are the main POV characters, although there s a few others like the barmaid or the pot boy Some of [...]

  23. Like several million people, I read The Last Unicorn when it was the big thing probably around when the movie came out not when it was first published I m not THAT old still, it was years ago, I don t remember it that clearly, but it just didn t really strike me for whatever reason Since then, Beagle s writing hasn t really been on my radar but I m going to have to change that.I got this book after reading Beagle s short story Chandail in the anthology Salon Fantastique, and loving it I was deli [...]

  24. I think I remember reading somewhere that this is Peter Beagle s favorite book that he s written I don t know if I agree, but he is certainly in his element here, juggling nearly a dozen narrators and voices and plot threads and weaving them into a tapestry so magical that I suspect it could fly.I saw elements of many of his other works here most notably, Lukassa feels like a strange homage to Amalthea , but this story belongs only to itself And is predictably full of the same agonizingly beauti [...]

  25. While this book is not Peter Beagle s best, it is an intriguing fantasy novel of interwoven stories I had heard him sing the song long before reading the book, and part of it is included in the book.Issues of power, life and death are at the heart of the tale, as two of the disciples of a wizard try to find him The only clues have led them to a small village, and along the way they acquired another woman, formerly dead The boyfriend of the formerly dead one, the innkeeper, the innkeeper s stable [...]

  26. This was another reread, but that didn t make it any less amazing.After the Last Unicorn screening, and getting to meet Peter Beagle, I was craving his writing, and I hadn t read this book since I first bought it as a hardcover, as soon as it was published , so I picked it back up and dove in.I love this book Not surprising I have yet to find anything by Peter Beagle that I don t But this book is a bit different from his usual fare It s slow and dreamy and lyrical and a bit serious, and complex [...]

  27. The consequences of three strange women stopping at an inn are recounted, in alternating chapters, by Lal, a sailor and swordswoman searching for her old mentor by Lukassa, inadvertently raised from the dead by Lal by Nyateneri, a woman being chased by assassins by Tikat, chasing his lover Lukassa by Rosseth, the worshipful stable boy by the Fox, Nyateneri s mysterious shape changing companion by Karsh, the bitterly singing innkeeper himself and by the other curious inhabitants of Karsh s inn Th [...]