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For Love of the Game

For Love of the Game Free Download For Love of the Game - by Michael Shaara - For Love of the Game, For Love of the Game Billy Chapel is a baseball legend a man who has devoted his life to the game he loves and plays so well But because of his unsurpassed skill and innocent faith he has been betrayed Now it s the fina

  • Title: For Love of the Game
  • Author: Michael Shaara
  • ISBN: 9780345408914
  • Page: 330
  • Format: Paperback

Free Download For Love of the Game - by Michael Shaara, Free Download For Love of the Game - by Michael Shaara, For Love of the Game, Michael Shaara, For Love of the Game Billy Chapel is a baseball legend a man who has devoted his life to the game he loves and plays so well But because of his unsurpassed skill and innocent faith he has been betrayed Now it s the final game of the season and Billy s got one last chance to prove who he is and what he can do a chance to prove what really matters in this life A taut compelling story ofBilly Ch. Free Download For Love of the Game - by Michael Shaara - For Love of the Game, For Love of the Game Billy Chapel is a baseball legend a man who has devoted his life to the game he loves and plays so well But because of his unsurpassed skill and innocent faith he has been betrayed Now it s the fina

  • Free Download For Love of the Game - by Michael Shaara
    330Michael Shaara
For Love of the Game

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  1. Michael Shaara was an American writer of science fiction, sports fiction, and historical fiction He was born to Italian immigrant parents the family name was originally spelled Sciarra, which in Italian is pronounced the same way in Jersey City, New Jersey, graduated from Rutgers University in 1951, and served as a sergeant in the 82nd Airborne division prior to the Korean War.Before Shaara began selling science fiction stories to fiction magazines in the 1950s, he was an amateur boxer and police officer He later taught literature at Florida State University while continuing to write fiction The stress of this and his smoking caused him to have a heart attack at the early age of 36 from which he fully recovered His novel about the Battle of Gettysburg, The Killer Angels, won the Pulitzer Prize for Fiction in 1975 Shaara died of another heart attack in 1988.Shaara s son, Jeffrey Shaara, is also a popular writer of historical fiction most notably sequels to his father s best known novel His most famous is the prequel to The Killer Angels, Gods and Generals Jeffrey was the one to finally get Michael s last book, For Love of the Game, published three years after he died Today there is a Michael Shaara Award for Excellence in Civil War Fiction, established by Jeffrey Shaara, awarded yearly at Gettysburg College.

  2. When it first came out, I thoroughly enjoyed watching the baseball movie For Love of the Game starring Kevin Costner as an aging star pitcher close to retirement I was moved by the premise of the movie even if it might not have had my age group in mind as the target audience I recently found out that the screenplay had originally been a book by Pulitzer winning author Michael Shaara that his children had published after his death Being the fan of baseball that I am, I knew that Shaara s work was [...]

  3. When you read a book after seeing the movie you hope for some clarity or depth of meaning that may have gotten lost in movie production but there is none here The movie has better character development and improved the characters The book isn t without some merit because I like to read the descriptors and form my own impression of what is going on I especially enjoyed the game because you get so much out of reading what is going through his mind rather than trying to pick it up from the actor w [...]

  4. Michael Shaara is one terrific writer judging by For Love of the Game, a manuscript discovered by his estate after his second heart attack and too early death in 1988 Although I have not yet read his most famous book The Killer Angels, it won the 1975 Pulitzer Prize for Fiction For Love of the Game is a wonderful love story about the love of baseball, flying, music, parents, friends, teammates, a special girl, an old boss, competitors, the mountains and wide open spaces It is filled with wonderf [...]

  5. The novelist who wrote the brilliant historical novel Killer Angels was ill served by his son in publishing this posthumous novel about baseball, made, I realized too late, into a conventional but somewhat nuanced and credible but still saccharine movie with Kevin Costner Shaara s body of work is too slender to survive the insertion of such a gimpy effort Nor does the encouraged comparison to Hemingway help It is not totally unwarranted but not as intended Hemingway s oeuvre includes three mast [...]

  6. This book wasn t as good as I thought it was going to be The constant sentence fragments were a stylistic choice that I found annoying and distracting I didn t like Carol, and the attempts at writing people s accents was irritating We re told a great deal of things instead of shown, which isn t effective Billy Chapel wasn t much of a character, really, and at the end, I wasn t really sure what the point was At least it was short.Still, it wasn t nearly the worst thing I ve ever read, and if you [...]

  7. I really wish this author had written than two books, since the two that he did write are two of the best stories I ve ever read His son has done a good job continuing with the Killer Angels story and historical fiction novels, but I think For Love of the Game will have to stand on its own The movie version is excellent, maybe even better than the book although I saw the movie first, so I don t know Regardless, it s worth reading.

  8. One of those books I d like re read Here s what a professional reviewer has to say KIRKUS REVIEWAn aging Rocky faces a midlife crisis in a tightly crafted baseball novel about a great pitcher who ends his career while brooding about the woman he might lose Billy Chapel, 37, pitching for the last place Hawks, has been Carol Grey s lover for four years The first half of the story is slow moving but necessary foreplay before the big game and its play by play Billy, amidst a slew of faces and voices [...]

  9. This is a beautifully written baseball story A declining great major league pitcher is approaching what is likely the final game of his career, thanks to a trade rumor he has just been told about That same morning, his girlfriend of four years has decided to end their relationship And so the book proceeds with the narrative of this last game, pitch by pitch with a few fast forwards While Billy, the pitcher, rests as his team bats, he reflects on his relationship with his girlfriend, remembers hi [...]

  10. Pulitzer Prize winner Michael Shaara s last book, published posthumously I read this after enjoying the Kevin Costner movie The book is short, but deep and intense Short enough, in fact, that the movie adds without really removing in order fully flesh out the relationship It is a moving and compelling story, that affected my moods and brought me to the edge of tears several times This story could make you look at your own life.

  11. Entertaining work that is a classic feel good baseball story which was made into a movie I had never seen the movie so I really did enjoy the unfolding of the story A quick read but worth the effort Anyone would enjoy this work, especially baseball fans If you ever played or coached the game this is a really well done piece regarding a remarkable event.

  12. A great story about a man contemplating the future of his life Told while the man is pitching a baseball game, this book will satisfy readers of baseball fiction looking for strong characters encased in melodrama Just try not to picture Kevin Costner as the lead character HIGHLY RECOMMENDED if fans of baseball

  13. If you are a lover of baseball, like me, it was a wonderful book But it would not surprise me if someone who didn t love the game did not understand this book.

  14. A little too stylized for my taste, and a little too tidy too I guess it s supposed to be basically a fable, but it was all just a bit off kilter referencing real baseball players and real teams, but casually lumping them in with not real baseball players and not real teams Maybe I don t have the proper scope of baseball history, but it also seemed pretty un moored from time, undoubtedly in what was supposed to be a timeless, fable y way, but too much real detail kept it from crossing over into [...]

  15. For the Love of the Game by Michael Shaara is good story about the game of baseball and friends in your daily life What first impressed me about this book was sports because I love sports and also the way the author wrote it The author writes this book in a way that you cant put it down and really describes the characters Much of the book is written in dialogue and it is used very skillfully to develop characters Each character has his or her special way of speaking unique phrases, choice of wor [...]

  16. A love story.A real life story for those who love baseball We root for our teams, through good times and bad, and suffer and celebrate with them They re ours, you see, for better or worse Yeah Just like a marriage.

  17. Shrug it was ok Best part of the book was the description of pitching the no hitter, however I missed Vin Scully calling the game.

  18. Great story of inner turmoil that is about baseball, but also about life and the choices we make Sometimes you have to stand up for what you know is right to prove a point Great story.

  19. I d been wanting to read For Love of the Game for years after I read Shaara s The Killer Angels in the early mid 90 s I waited too long to get to it Baseball fans and many non sports fans alike will enjoy this short work of fiction immensely It s a coming of age story of redemption The protaganist, Billy Chapel, before heading off to work at Yankee Stadium as the starting visitor pitcher, has just lost his girlfriend because of being unable to commit for years His immaturity has caught up with h [...]

  20. For Love of the Game is a love story about the love of baseball, flying, friends, teammates, and a girl.Much of the book is written in dialogue and it is used very skilfully to develop characters Each character has his or her special way of speaking unique phrases, choice of words, accents etc You always know which character is speaking and learn about their personalities and relationships based on what they have to say I thought the author showed considerable talent by doing this The dialogue i [...]

  21. I didn t know this was a book until after I d seen the film which is one of my favorites, though I recognize it s too sappy for some , and this is a rare case in which I liked the film better than the book though not as much better as I d have said if you d asked me partway through the book The characters in the film are definitely better developed, but there s a certain extent to which the book doesn t require well developed characters, as it s really just about one day really, one event in the [...]

  22. Playing his Heart Out Touted as a Hemingwayish novella this story presents an in depth account of one day in the life of Billy Chapel, ace pitcher for the Hawks Made intense because of the Greek Unity of Time the action takes place on several levels his discovery that the new team managers plan to trade him after 17 years of faithful service hits below the belt while the woman he has never confessed to himself that he loves, Carol, announces that she will marry an older man Two crushing blows w [...]

  23. Full disclosure I am a person who deeply loves the game of baseball, as well as all the literature, history and stories surrounding the game.I enjoyed the story, and I would recommend people reading the book before watching the movie I saw the movie first because I did not realize there was a book it was based off The movie followed a large amount of the book, but made changes that I feel ultimately take away from the story.A pitcher, who will eventually be heading for the Hall Of Fame, but for [...]

  24. This is a lovely story Written in a Hemingway esque style, it covers the last two days in the baseball career of a future Hall of Fame pitcher The characters are well drawn and believable The inner ramblings of pitcher Billy Chapel are particularly well done The book takes us into the heart of baseball where time is an illusion and the past and the future somehow are joined.It s basically a one day read and yet, I suspect, it will stay in my mind for a long time The love story is done in a total [...]

  25. I LOVED this book Written in first person, and mostly stream of consciousness, this novella follows a little over 24 hours in the life of a soon to be retired baseball major league pitcher This is a hell of a day for this man, as he reflects on his childhood, his love life, his career, and his future We follow his thoughts as he attempts to pitch a perfect game , hoping but unsure whether his girl of the last four years is watching I found the stream of consciousness as done by Shaara very true [...]

  26. It s a long,long while from May to December,but the days grow short when you reach September and for Billy Chapel it is the September of his life in Baseball,he has pitched for 17 star performance seasons for the same team and he knows this will the last game he will ever pitch His team is in last place and the game doesn t mean much to them,but they are playing the Yankees in New York and they need desperately to win for a play off berth When Billy is on the mound he is always thinking about ho [...]

  27. I can easily imagine the many ways in which someone could put down this book Words like sentimental, overly sweet, etc would be tossed around, and they would have merit But I don t really care Ultimately For the Love of the Game, a very short novel about an ace pitcher s last game, is about a perfect moment, the kind of moment where the universe gets together to make everything right We can relate to this because most of us have been lucky enough to have a few perfect moments in our lives For me [...]

  28. Michael Shaara is a wonderful author After winning the pulitzer prize for The Killer Angels, he shifted gears and came up with a heartrending, sentimental novella that those of us who still love baseball will find a wonderful read PLEASE make no mistake and confuse this tight, beautifully written piece with the overlong, hideous extravaboondogle thing that Kevin Costner corrupted from Shaara s work A fine screen writer friend once told me that a novel may have 6 or 8 main plot themes while a mov [...]

  29. Let s be clear, I don t like baseball Yes, I know, how unamerican But I am a reader, and reading this book, I couldn t put it down Billy Chapel is an excellent pitcher, He finds out that he s going to be traded after giving 17 years of his life to his team In this game, which he decides will be his last, because he refuses to accept the betrayal by his team s new owners Page after page, we follow pitch after pitch, as Billy pitches a perfect game, memory after memory, through his imperfect life [...]

  30. This novella is about Billy Chapel, a Hall of Fame pitcher at the end of his baseball career, and a late season game against the New York Yankees Chapel, in the middle of a perfect game, thinks about Carol, his long time girlfriend in New York, who has decided to end their relationship and get married The novella weaves between Chapel s majestic game and his memories of Carol.While the baseball action is solid, there is little else to like about this book It s a mess of nostalgia and melodrama w [...]