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Moderato cantabile

Moderato cantabile Free Download Moderato cantabile - by Marguerite Duras - Moderato cantabile, Moderato cantabile A distressed young man murders the woman he loves in a caf watched by a large crowd Fascinated by the crime she has witnessed Anne Desbaresdes returns several times to the scene forming a relation

  • Title: Moderato cantabile
  • Author: Marguerite Duras
  • ISBN: 9783518376782
  • Page: 165
  • Format: Paperback

Free Download Moderato cantabile - by Marguerite Duras, Free Download Moderato cantabile - by Marguerite Duras, Moderato cantabile, Marguerite Duras, Moderato cantabile A distressed young man murders the woman he loves in a caf watched by a large crowd Fascinated by the crime she has witnessed Anne Desbaresdes returns several times to the scene forming a relationship with a man who also saw the murder and drinking through the afternoon with him as he patiently answers her eager questions Slowly they find themselves being taken oveA distre. Free Download Moderato cantabile - by Marguerite Duras - Moderato cantabile, Moderato cantabile A distressed young man murders the woman he loves in a caf watched by a large crowd Fascinated by the crime she has witnessed Anne Desbaresdes returns several times to the scene forming a relation

  • Free Download Moderato cantabile - by Marguerite Duras
    165Marguerite Duras
Moderato cantabile

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  1. Marguerite Donnadieu, better known as Marguerite Duras pronounced ma g it dy as in French April 4, 1914 March 3, 1996 was a French writer and film director.She was born at Gia Dinh, near Saigon, French Indochina now Vietnam , after her parents responded to a campaign by the French government encouraging people to work in the colony.Marguerite s father fell ill soon after their arrival, and returned to France, where he died After his death, her mother, a teacher, remained in Indochina with her three children The family lived in relative poverty after a bad investment in an isolated property and area of farmland in Cambodia t te de pisse The difficult life that the family experienced during this period was highly influential on Marguerite s later work.At 17, Marguerite went to France, her parents native country, where she began studying for a degree in mathematics This she soon abandoned to concentrate on political sciences, and then law After completing her studies, she became an active member of the PCF the French Communist Party and was engaged in the resistance.In 1943 she changed her surname to Duras for Duras, the name of a village in the Lot et Garonne d partement, where her father s house was located.She is the author of a great many novels, plays, films, interviews and short narratives, including her best selling, apparently autobiographical work L Amant 1984 , translated into English as The Lover This text won the Goncourt prize in 1984 The story of her adolescence also appears in three other forms The Sea Wall, Eden Cinema and The North China Lover A film version of The Lover, produced by Claude Berri, was released to great success in 1992.Other major works include Moderato Cantabile, also made into a film of the same name, Le Ravissement de Lol V Stein, and her film India Song She was also the screenwriter of the 1959 French film Hiroshima mon amour, which was directed by Alain Resnais.Duras s early novels were fairly conventional in form their romanticism was criticised by fellow writer Raymond Queneau however, with Moderato Cantabile she became experimental, paring down her texts to give ever increasing importance to what was not said She was associated with the Nouveau roman French literary movement, although did not definitively belong to any group Her films are also experimental in form, most eschewing synch sound, using voice over to allude to, rather than tell, a story over images whose relation to what is said may be or less tangential.Marguerite s adult life was somewhat difficult, despite her success as a writer, and she was known for her periods of alcoholism She died in Paris, aged 82 from throat cancer and is interred in the Cimeti re du Montparnasse Her tomb is marked simply MD.From

  2. Jamais les paroles de Roland Barthes, qui affirmait que la diff rence entre l criture traditionnelle et celle moderne reste notamment dans la vitesse de la lecture, n ont sonn plus vrai Moderato cantabile, un mini roman d peu pr s cent pages, doit tre lu lentement, un mot la fois, et m me comme a on n est pas s r d avoir tout saisi Et cela n a aucun rapport avec la construction de la phrase ou avec autres issues linguistiques Au contraire, la phrase a la m me belle cadence et son sens la m me cl [...]

  3. Moderto Cantabile is the somewhat innocuous story of two strangers, Anne Desbaresdes and Chauvin, who meet at a seedy caf every day for a week, following the murder of a young woman by her love outside that caf The sparseness of the language coalesces with the repetition of various symbols the sunset, a magnolia flower and tugboats which only serve to add to the ambiguity which underlines the characters motivations and actions Take for example the description of the various sky scapes and sunset [...]

  4. The novel Of PERFECTION OF LIFE S Soul and its POETENTIAL to ITS Way to ACHIEVeMENT through COMPREHENSION C est un recit de narration moderne, genre de Nouveau Roman, ecrit en 1958 ou tout se passe et rien de special Tout est dans l interieur des personnages des personnes de passage L ecriture comme objet d elle meme, plongee dans sa propre creation.A parftir d un titre et d un sonate, d un enfant trop jeune, bute et obstine devant son piano et ui bute devant ces mots inconnus, MODERATO CANTABIL [...]

  5. There s s kind of simple, fine honed perfection to Duras constructions Nothing on the surface of her stories ever really breaks through the calm shell, they re almost soothing in cadence and repetition of details Perfect calm is deceptive, however they re seething underneath And so a careful progression that begins with a death and a piano lesson, a series of meetings, a dinner party flailing inside and out, a fading into eternal unresolution.

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  7. Mod r et chantant Le titre sied parfaitement au livre Mod r dans son discours on ne sait pas tout, on ne sait pas rien, on ne sait que ce qu il faut , mod r dans ses ardeurs ni passion, ni fadeur, mais une justesse absolue , chantant, chantant par sa forme cyclique, du retour et de l habitude, et de la r p tition, encore Le livre est absolument magnifique, tremblant de justesse, stylistiquement jouissif, po tiquement autonome Au fil des pages, le lecteur averti se rend compte que l important n e [...]

  8. The discovery of Marguerite Duras was a revelation for me When I first read the screenplay for Hiroshima, Mon Amour literally, Hiroshima, My Beloved , I was unprepared for the author s narrative approach, which is a complete departure from the degree of narrative authority we expect from English novelists Gone were the usual tropes used for introducing characters, making sure we knew who they were, and giving us the hook for the next scene Instead, we were treated to a story that gradually revea [...]

  9. Valha me a paci ncia santa Mas que raio foi isto Foi o primeiro livro que li da autora e tenho a dizer que n o percebi o seu prop sito Aqui vai um breve resumo h um assassinato no caf por baixo da casa onde o filho de Anne Desbaresdes tem aulas de piano o mi do n o quer aprender mas obrigado o mi do passa quase o livro todo a perguntar se a m e j sabe por que que a mulher que foi morta gritou daquela forma Anne passa a ir ao caf beber uns copitos de vinho e entretanto come a uma conversa sem nex [...]

  10. Anne Desbaresdes continues to smile and say nothing The man has decided to leave the garden and walk to the edge of town As he goes, the scent of the magnolias grows fainter, giving way to the smell of the sea.Anne Desbaresdes will accept a little coffee ice cream, for the sake of appearances.In spite of himself the man will retrace his steps Again he sees the magnolias, the railings, the bay windows in the distance, still lit, still lit On his lips, the song heard that afternoon, and the name t [...]

  11. In this novel by Marguerite Duras, we get to know a woman named Anne Desbaresdes who, every Friday, brings her child to have piano lessons with a very strict woman, called Madame Giraud When there s a murder right under Madame Giraud s apartment, Anne starts frequenting a local bar, situated at the place of the murder to inquire a bit about what happened That s when she meets Giraud, a man who over the course of a few weeks, shares drinks with Anne Desbaresdes This is a strange little novel And [...]

  12. A slim, seductive novel, sort of a nouveau roman version of Brief Encounter Anne Desbaresdes meets Chauvin after a shooting heard at her son s piano lesson, where she sits in with the haughty Mademoiselle Giraud, urging her stubborn son to play a Diabelli sontana moderato cantabile moderately and singingly We later learn Anne is a drunk and is desperately in love with Chauvin, but nothing is ever said only the poetic, slippery prose helps make the subtext clear, and the ending quietly heartbreak [...]

  13. Cartea asta e un fel special de t cere.T cerea efemer ce exist numai ntre notele unei sonate c ntate la pian de un copil, ntr o dup amiaz nsorit.T cerea ngrozit i surprins care i cople e te pe martorii unei crime pasionale.T cerea unui sur s sau a unei m ini ntinse pe jum tate, care nu tie dac cealalt m n va veni n nt mpinarea ei.T cerea grea ce se a terne ntre dou priviri pasionate, care nu au nevoie de cuvinte Niciodat.Cartea asta e o od sublim nchinat lui Niciodat.

  14. By the time I finished my first reading of this novel in 1979, I had fallen completely in love with Duras At the time, it was, for me, experimental fiction that worked For those who are discovering it today, it s one of the first classics by an equally classic novelist, best remembered for her autofictional book The Lover To me, it remains the Madame Bovary of its day and the perfect point of entry into Duras world.

  15. muted romance where the two don t fuck is my favorite genre coppola based Lost in Translation off this novella i now know what bob whispers to charlotte reminds me of joyce s The Dead so bare and intentional, all you can see is between the lines plus it s feminist, right ambiguity, oppressed wives, dinner parties The Lover puts much on the table, which pays off Moderato cantabile is like the product of a creative writing workshop, careful and clever 3 1 2 stars

  16. La po tica del humano existencialista De muchos puntos que conviven en Moderato Cantabile , el m s vehemente es el que se asoma en la conjunci n de circunstancias y tiempos que tienen como t pico central la existencia tomar los postulados del existencialismo, principalmente los postulados del existencialismo humanista manifestados por Sartre la nada, la libertad, la soledad, la duda y la resignaci n Novela, peque a a la primera hojeada pero enorme en su encaramado, incre ble no s lo por su capac [...]

  17. Come amos por encontrar uma crian a teimosa e que n o quer aprender a tocar piano, t o teimosa como a sua m e Anne Desbardes, que insiste que a crian a tem de aprender, mesmo a contra gosto.Anne Desbardes, parece ser uma mulher conformada com a vida e com a rotina da mesma, at ao dia em que num bar, sucede uma estranha morte que vira a sua vida de pernas para o ar Este estranho incidente atrai Anne como um man para o tr gico local onde foi cometido o crime Aquilo que parece ser uma forma de Anne [...]

  18. J coutais la sonatine de Diabelli pendant que je lisais ce livre Mais quel contraste la musique voque de la joie, et les personnages moderato, comme des pas lents pendant une marche le long du Boulevard J imagine un bruit lointain dans ce calme Et la patronne, qui comme nous, observe sans mot dire ou peine , ne comprend s rement pas comme nous, d ailleurs , et les juge malgr elle, comme nous encore Je me m fie de Chauvin, je ne sais pourquoi, mais sa fixation me rend mal l aise j ai comme une en [...]

  19. la narration, qui repose essentiellement sur des dialogues brefs, secs et bruts, cultive le vide v nementiel et les faits relat s paraissent lourds d insignifiance Aucun l ment ne trouve d aboutissement, ni l intrigue autour du crime passionnel, ni la relation naissante entre les deux personnages Une culture de l chec Que de frustrations devant cette totale absence d explications et c est au lecteur de s approprier l histoire sans r elles indications.

  20. He le do varias veces esta po tica novela y siempre me ha dejado un gusto musical de nocturno, una suave melancol a Anna Desbaresdes es otro de mis personajes femeninos favoritos Su peque o hijo est tomando clases de piano con una r gida maestra que critica la blandura con la que es tratado por su madre, all presente, cuando oyen un grito proveniente de un caf cercano Un crimen pasional acaba de suceder y de alguna forma Anne queda fascinada Acude al caf y conoce a un hombre que al parecer es ex [...]

  21. Spraigs, pies tin ts un smadzenes labi samaiso s gabals, kas nor da oti daudz, bet visu t aptuveni, tikai ar m jieniem, visu laiku sniedzot saj tu, ka atkl j nepat kamo paties bu kop ar autori.

  22. Liksom med Halv Elva en Sommarkv ll sl s jag av vilket inre liv Moderato Cantabile har Vi f r bara ta del av det allra mest ytliga i handlingen och m ste egentligen l sa mellan raderna f r resten Vid f rsta l sningen r handlingen ganska ytlig och simpel Moderato Cantabile utspelar sig till stor del p ett sjabbigt arbetar caf p en obest md plats i Frankrike Kvinnan, Anne, r besatt av ett mord som beg tts mellan tv lskare och f rs ker ta reda p vad som egentligen h nde genom att prata med en man p [...]

  23. J ai referm ce livre sans savoir si je l avais aim ou d test , sans savoir si l histoire m avait touch e ou agac e C est l histoire d Anne qui, marqu e par la mort d une femme, tu e par son amant dans un caf , y revient comme pour rompre la monotonie de sa vie Elle y trouve Chauvin, ils parlent les dialogues ne m nent rien, les paroles se r p tent.J ai beaucoup pens au th tre dans cette premi re partie du livre beaucoup de dialogue, des d cors l pour servir la situation Par contre, je ne savais [...]

  24. Maybe reading it in 21st Century America robs it of something I principally understood it as about a bored housewife grown jaded to her boring life The other reading I had was less mundane but problematic, about a self destructive woman who fetishizes her own subservience Not that there s anything wrong with such a story, but it s ugly and not suitably developed to be much What I liked most was the relationship between mother and child, how they cling to each other in their loneliness The way [...]

  25. Quintessentially French elements that I encountered in this book as well as one or other French books I ve read in my short time as a student of French 1 Repressed wife who longs for sexual liberation 2 Excessive drinking of red wine by sexually repressed wife but also by others.3 Husband who just doesn t get it Not usually evil, just sort ofere, which is evil enough Extra points if he s never named because he s THAT useless 4 Young child whom the sexually repressed wife loves even though he sh [...]