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Thief! Thief! Best Read || [Megan Whalen Turner Chad Cameron] - Thief!, Thief A short story about a younger Eugenides from the magazine Disney Adventures

  • Title: Thief!
  • Author: Megan Whalen Turner Chad Cameron
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 306
  • Format: ebook

Thief! Best Read || [Megan Whalen Turner Chad Cameron], Thief! Best Read || [Megan Whalen Turner Chad Cameron], Thief!, Megan Whalen Turner Chad Cameron, Thief A short story about a younger Eugenides from the magazine Disney Adventures. Thief! Best Read || [Megan Whalen Turner Chad Cameron] - Thief!, Thief A short story about a younger Eugenides from the magazine Disney Adventures

  • Thief! Best Read || [Megan Whalen Turner Chad Cameron]
    306Megan Whalen Turner Chad Cameron

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  1. Megan Whalen Turner is the author of short stories and novels for children, teenagers and adults She has won the LA Times Book Award for Young Adult LIterature, a Boston Globe Horn Book Honor and a Newbery Honor She won the Mythopoeic Award and was shortlisted twice for the Andre Norton Award.

  2. I ve never written a proper review for any of the Queen s Thief books I have read even though I love them so, however much portions of the story make my heart ache , but seeing and reading this short story inspired me a bit to give some of my impressions of this story and the main character, Eugenides Note Here there be SPOILERS for the novels themselves, so read with caution if you have yet to read said novels for yourself It s strange that I would come across this short story because, years an [...]

  3. 3.5 stars for this short story about Gen s childhood, a prequel to the QUEEN S THIEF series Review first posted on Fantasy Literature Readers who like me are fond of Megan Whalen Turner s THE QUEEN S THIEF fantasy series, and who mourn the length of time between publication of her novels, can ease their pain just a little with the short story Thief , originally published in August 2000 in Disney Adventures Magazine and now posted on her website here Thief is a prequel to The Thief, the first boo [...]

  4. Megan Whalen Turner made this short story available online for us to read Go HERE to read little Gen s story before he became The Queen s Thief.If you haven t read The Queen s Thief series then treat this illustrated short story as a major spoiler MAJOR , and avoid reading it if you can till you ve at least finished the first book The Thief.If you have read the series or at least The Thief , then you ll understand the undertone and sweetness of this story very well.On it s own this story might g [...]

  5. Oh, Gen, you just never change, do you This is a very cute little short story it doesn t add a lot to the actual books but Gen is just so much fun as a character that it s worth a read anyhow Thanks to Megan Whalen Turner for putting it up online.

  6. There are some books you wish would just shut up already, but there are some little pieces of writing you wish would just go on and on This was one of them.Reading about Eugenides all over again as a little kid just had that SQUEE factor, because isn t it lovely to revisit a series where everything is all nice and innocent and there are no wars and no politics and no hatred Reading about him now, knowing what he goes through later, is undoubtedly kinda sad, but at the same time I really want [...]

  7. A cute little story about Gen There was a part about inheritance that I wasn t too clear on but overall I enjoyed this and didn t realize he has a brother

  8. 3.5 stars It s somewhat hard to rate a story this short, but I enjoyed reading it, and I did appreciate getting a glimpse of the childhood of Eugenides.

  9. This series is hands down one of my absolute favorites I have been through a few sets of paperback copies because I read them so often they fall apart.

  10. You can find the story here meganwhalenturner DisneyAdThis is a snapshot about little Gen, that in the future will become Thief of Eddis

  11. A quick delightful insight into the world of Gen as a child, who s as witty and determined as we came to know him in The Thief.

  12. Thief I 100% read this short story before I read The Thief I m pretty sure it s the reason I went out and bought the book in the first place , and it spoils the ending of that book But really that reveal is only one small part of the story, and I 100% didn t mind when I read it as a kid Spoilers under the read I haven t reread this short story since then I vaguely remembered the details, but I found it confusing this time around mainly the whole jumping the light well thing The writing wasn t v [...]

  13. This book If one can call it that was great It was a short story 6 pages with a bunch of pictures about Eugenides the Thief of Eddis as a kid It was just as good, witty, funny, and awesome as all Megan Whalen Turner s other books, and it just added even amazingness to Eugenides character LOVE LOVE LOVE this series Make sure you read the thief before you read this short story And, while you are at that, go read the whole series They are FANTASTIC They do not disappoint.

  14. Short prequel to the Queen s Thief series relating a brief incident from Gen s childhood I found it on the author s website.While it s an interesting story that explains some of how Gen became a Thief, it s not exactly the right thing for impressionable kids to read in a Disney book It s makes stealing look like a fun, even good thing to do.Fave part the long jump.

  15. This is a really cute story about young Eugenides getting into a scrape We see him interact with his brother, Stenides, and his cousins There s a little hint of Eddis s politics in the background, but it was an otherwise great story about youthful escapades.

  16. Better read the first book before reading this prequel short story it s of a glimpse into Gen s childhood , or you ll feel really confused.

  17. This short 8 page novela can be read for free online and should not be read before The Thief as you would severly spoil yourself.

  18. Nice little short story about young Gen, back then when he was still chased and bullied by his cousins but already shown traces of his qualities as a future thief It also involves his older brother Stenides who as far as I can remember hasn t showed up in the other books yet It took a bit to get used to the illustration that accompanied the short story by Chad Chameron, not the author Turner The characters in the The Queen s Thief have always been somewhat ageless to me which is perfect for me, [...]

  19. YA Fantasy A prequel to the Queen s Thief series Gen s ten and causing trouble with his cousins I read this after The King of Attolia, and it made an otherwise simple story quite bittersweet, which is a nice trick Chad Cameron s illustrations are charming, as well.The story s available at Turner s website for free, but unfortunately it s in jpg format, scanned from a magazine, and won t be accessible for all readers.

  20. First off, like other reviewers, I wouldn t read this short story about Gen free online until after you ve read the first book in the series, The Thief otherwise you risk spoiling some of the surprises that come next As a stand alone story, it s a fun little race with an impish little boy as he sharpens his thieving skills on the backs of his cousins As background to Gen s life, it s a bit illuminating to get this glimpse into the series protagonist.

  21. I m so glad this is available online, it s always worth a quick re read, and no one should read it unless you ve read The Thief and perhaps The Queen of Attolia Also, I really adore the illustrations, even though they re nothing like the Gen I imagine in my head.

  22. I just read The Thief, and mentioned in my review that I could not figure out Gen s age by the details This prequel, written four years after says he 10 yo I don t get that He sounds 10 here, but not in The Thief How much time has actually passed between the events in this one and that one

  23. Liked this well enough Nice to see Gen as a child, before he becomes a fascinating, yet annoying, semi adult However, this story won t make much sense without having read at least the first book And it is actually a huge spoiler for the end of the first book, so that s pretty disappointing Luckily, people wouldn t be reading this short story now without having read the first book, so there s that.

  24. Well lets just say that if your obsessed with the series, like I am, then you should defiantly read this short story Gen is 10 in here and you get a glimpse of his cousins but we see his brother whom he actually likes I had no idea where to get this short story, but I have finally found a way, it s on Megan Whalen Turner s page I suggest reading it I suggest not reading it before you ve read the Thief and all the other wonderful books because it s a SPOILER

  25. I love the thief series and this little glimpse into Eugenides life before becoming the Queen s Thief was fun The only other mention of his family outside his cousins was in the Queen of Attolia when Gen looks at his watch and someone asks him if his brother made it for him I hope if Megan Turner ever writes about Eugenides, we can learn what happened to his brother and other siblings because, gosh, I just love him.