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Bitten Bitten Best Read || [Kelley Armstrong] - Bitten, Bitten Elena Michaels is the world s only female werewolf And she s tired of it Tired of a life spent hiding and protecting a life where her most important job is hunting down rogue werewolves Tired of a wo

  • Title: Bitten
  • Author: Kelley Armstrong
  • ISBN: 9780452286030
  • Page: 461
  • Format: Kindle

Bitten Best Read || [Kelley Armstrong], Bitten Best Read || [Kelley Armstrong], Bitten, Kelley Armstrong, Bitten Elena Michaels is the world s only female werewolf And she s tired of it Tired of a life spent hiding and protecting a life where her most important job is hunting down rogue werewolves Tired of a world that not only accepts the worst in her her temper her violence but requires it Worst of all she realizes she s growing content with that life with being that personElena Michaels is the. Bitten Best Read || [Kelley Armstrong] - Bitten, Bitten Elena Michaels is the world s only female werewolf And she s tired of it Tired of a life spent hiding and protecting a life where her most important job is hunting down rogue werewolves Tired of a wo

  • Bitten Best Read || [Kelley Armstrong]
    461Kelley Armstrong

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  1. Kelley Armstrong has been telling stories since before she could write Her earliest written efforts were disastrous If asked for a story about girls and dolls, hers would invariably feature undead girls and evil dolls, much to her teachers dismay All efforts to make her produce normal stories failed.Today, she continues to spin tales of ghosts and demons and werewolves, while safely locked away in her basement writing dungeon She s the author of the NYT bestselling Women of the Otherworld paranormal suspense series and Darkest Powers young adult urban fantasy trilogy, as well as the Nadia Stafford crime series Armstrong lives in southwestern Ontario with her husband, kids and far too many pets.

  2. Had any of the characters been even half as cool as this guy I may have keep reading Or to be accurate I should say I may have read it correctly Which I didn t Instead, I did this notices all the 5star reviews of Bitten clicks confirm order button on BookDespository waits by mail box for about 40,000 years receives Bitten does happy dance like a happy thing in a happy place with a happy hat begins reading page one of Bitten 18 minutes later ZZZZzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz etc.Following da [...]

  3. How can I write this review without sounding like I m about to start stalking Kelley Armstrong I loved this book I loved all the characters in it It was well written, with engaging, interesting characters The plot was fast moving and interesting I never got bored, I never felt like it was dragging and the story was a PLEASURE to read.This is what reading should be Turning from page to page, absolutely and completely emotionally invested in the characters and feeling like you re right there, expe [...]

  4. You know when you don t really expect to like a book based on the fact that you re prejudiced to its contents For example, thanks to Twilight, I am completely Team Vampire and I m terribly ashamed at having brought Twilight up, trust me so anything Werewolf ish automatically sets off some inner resentment Knowing this book was about werewolves just made me go blegh but I was suddenly determined to give it a chance, and so I did Oh My God FANTASTIC I was utterly absorbed by this book from the fir [...]

  5. This might be the best first in series I ve ever read I have favorite series, and this is definitely one of them, but most of the time my favorite book in the series is not the first one This one is I love Elena I love Clay I love them together, and I HATE them separated I love their issues, and I love their issues getting resolved even I can t think of a single think about this book that I don t likeSO Clayton Danvers might be my all time favorite book boyfriend 1 He s a friggin HOT werewolf.2 [...]

  6. A lot of authors tend to rely on supernatural abilities to make their fantasy and paranormal characters appealing to us foolish mortals who seek our escapes amongst their pages But Kelley Armstrong s werewolves in Bitten must rely on grit and personality alone, because aside from having the ability to Change their shape, they don t have any bizarre powers They aren t immortal, they can be killed just as easily as any other non supernatural creature and it doesn t take a silver bullet to do it t [...]

  7. I first read this book when it came out and loved it It was one of the few books I d read that focused predominantly on werewolves I ve read MANY since and so I went back and reread this because I was curious if it would hold up against the masses Oh boy It did Let me just say that out of all paranormal books I ve read, Clay has to be one of the sexiest, if not the sexiest male character I m not sure why exactly, maybe it s because nothing about him is really overdone, a lot of his appeal is in [...]

  8. This one s been hanging around for a while, since it was recommended to me sometime last year I saw that kiwiria loved it and remembered that I had it, so thought I should get onto it sooner rather than later To be honest, the fact that it s about werewolves put me off I greatly enjoyed Kerri Arthur s Riley Jensen Guardian series the main character is a werewolf , and Kresley Cole has some wonderful lycanthrope characters whom I love, but generally they don t hold the attraction that vampires do [...]

  9. I m sick with a cold flu thing so I m not sure how good my judgement is right now, but I definitely found my new book boyfriend here His name is Clay and he s a sociopathic werewolf He hates humans and kills them without remorse But, he is also willing to kill anyone for the woman he loves Isn t that romantic He s so sweet aww, you are kinda cute with your little noseless face, aren t you So, this book is about the only female werewolf in existence, Elena She s not happy being a furry and left t [...]

  10. I hate to do this, but DNF at 24% No rating There is nothing wrong with this I guess it s just that, written in 2004, and reading it now, I don t feel I am being exposed to anything I haven t seen before If I had only read this about 5 years ago I was still eating up every urban fantasy paranormal romance I could get my hands on Now There are only a small handful of authors who write UF that I can enjoy It sucks.The writing is fine, the story is fine I m just not engaged It reminds me of Mercy T [...]

  11. A warning to the reader, don t pick this book up if you cannot devote hours to reading it You will be completely absorbed into this tale of a woman who happens to be a werewolf, and isn t completely happy about it Elena is a fascinating protagonist, not all bad, but not all good either She has an animal side to her that she has suppressed, but when dead bodies start turning up, killed by what is clearly a werewolf, she can no longer hide from her werewolf origins Another thing that makes this bo [...]

  12. 3.44 A buddy read with the MacHalos, because we were in a wolfish mood There is nothing really wrong with this book, it is just written in a heavy info dump type of style It is written from the POV of Elena Michaels, a bitten werewolf who is trying to live like a normal human, since the circumstances under which she was turned felt like a betrayed and she did not want to have anything to do with the pack The Pack wants her back, and particularly Clay, who considers her belonging to him The main [...]

  13. Out of all of the shifter books I have read this has got be the be the best one I have ever read I was starting to think that shifters may not be for me, but wow can Kelly Armstrong write I was a little worried about this series because I wasn t too fond of her young adult series But I can definitely say I will be continuing with the Women of the Otherworld series I am highly addicted to some Elena and Clay You forget, darling.I am the local psychopath She stared at him Oh my God, it s scary you [...]

  14. 41 Bitten by Kelley Armstrongrating 4 of 5436 ppThis is the literary equivalent of eating potato chips Not terribly filling or nutritious but lots of fun, and it sure is hard to stop once you get started I have already read the author s third and fourth books, Dime Store Magic and Industrial Magic and I have to say I wish I d started here, at the beginning Note to self read a series in order Regardless of when you manage to pick them up at the used bookstore, forbear until you can begin at the b [...]

  15. Elena Michaels is the most idiotic and annoying main character ever As if it s not bad enough that she s the stereotypical urban fantasy heroine hates being different , continually tries to be normal , etc , she s also just plain stupid The spends the entire book swearing on her life that she doesn t love Clay ex fiance, turned her into a werewolf, blah blah blah , and yet is cuddling up with him and spending time with him the whole time, DESPITE the fact that she keeps saying how much she cares [...]

  16. Well, I think it s very safe to say that I am not a fan of Kelley Armstrong s writing style Too bad, she s very popular But I just could not get into this and I tend to love Urban Fantasy So what happened Well, for starters I think I am starting to tire of the Werewolf plot in books you d think it would be the Vampire storyline, but no I get so bored by reading all of the pack dynamics and posturing As a result there s only a few shining examples of Werewolf fiction done extremely well for me Ma [...]

  17. Apart from the fact that only Jericho Barrons could have rescued Bitten from a pool of mindboggling dullness, Armstrong s werewolves just didn t match my expectations sulkily stripes away raw animalism, carnality, pack troubles, alpha fights, angst, werewolvish sex whatever that may be I actually caught myself longing for the werewolves in Blood Chocolate, trailer trashy and imperfect as they were Wouldn t surprise me if the pack in Bitten grows organic tomatoes for a living too.I m probably jus [...]

  18. 1 8 2014 UPDATEI finished this freakin book YES, I read it all on my third attempt I feel f cking proud right now The most weird thing is that I didn t hate it You would think that since I d already tried the book 2 times and couldn t finish it either of them I would hate it But I didn t The writing was decent, the characters interesting if not exactly mind blowing and the plot pretty original for its genre.And I will admit here that I read it mostly because I ve watched the show and I liked it [...]

  19. Bitten is than just a werewolf book Yes, it follows the story of a werewolf named Elena and the trials and tribulations of her pack There s plenty of action and sex But what is so exceptional about this book is the complex emotions invoked by our main character.Elena never wanted to be werewolf She had a miserable childhood, shuffling through the foster system, enduring horrific abuse She survived, clinging to the idea that she could make a normal life for herself grow up and create the kind of [...]

  20. I really liked this book It was a bit slow at the beginning but once I got over that I was completely hooked We are introduced into a new werewolf world with this series, one that has not been described in any other series I have read so far Our heroine is Elena She was just a normal girl who made the mistake of falling in love with her teacher, a young hot and sexy blonde who had her crazy in love since they first met I mean, what would you have done in Elena s place I know if I was in her plac [...]

  21. Forse spoiler, ma una storia cos assurda e brutta che non vi perdete niente se pure non l avete letto Quanto brutto questo libro da uno a tanto TANTISSIMO OLTREMODO VERSO L INFINITO E OLTRE.Il libro una porcheria aberrante e non mi capacito del perch io lo possegga in primo luogo cartaceo Rendo la disperazione , perch abbia deciso di leggerlo e soprattutto perch abbia deciso di arrivare alla fine nonostante il BIG NO che trasudava gi dal prologo che ilsonno vero probabilmente la Armstrong lo bre [...]

  22. Bitten gets off to such a good start It reminded me climbing inside a late model luxury car at a rental agency, a car that s been recently waxed and has that New Car Smell And then doesn t goddam go anywhere I gave Kelley Armstrong 86 pages to turn the ignition before I got out and walked back into the rental office for other options This 2001 novel is the first person account of Elena, a blonde haired Toronto resident who s a werewolf What lured me in here was Armstrong s prose, which is often [...]

  23. WrensReads Review I m going to start off by saying this is my all time favorite series of books I love a lot of series, but I read this one when I was in high school which, I shouldn t have honestly and INSTANTLY fell in love with it.Why shouldn t I have read it then Well it is 100% an adult book It has graphic scenes, sexual and bloody and probably shouldn t be read by a fifteen year old I was tired of reading the high school equivalent reading level though, and my Kindle recommended this serie [...]

  24. I knew it even before beginning this book that either I would completely loathe it, or I would not finish Bitten was forced upon me by a colleague who s a paranormal romance fanatic The book was also mentioned several times to me by other members, so I decided to give one chance to paranormal I always end up giving too many chances to things I know I would never find a likeness for Perhaps I m biased In fact, I think I am starting any book with I m going to hate this doesn t really help push aw [...]

  25. Elena is a werewolf, and the only female werewolf in the world at that She is turned werewolf against her will and knowledge by a person very close to her Mad and unable to forgive, she tries to escape her pack to find her place in the human world When she finally thinks she is settled in her human normal life, the pack calls for her help and she can t say no When she is back, she faces her past and at last realizes what she really wants and needs.I am a huge fan of currently popular urban fanta [...]

  26. The first book I read in this series was Living with the Dead my local bookshop only had this paperback copy yes those days before I discovered the magic world of eBooks and whilst I liked that story, I did find it a bit difficult to get into.Now, I wasn t exactly uber lover of werewolves shape shifters before, but something about that book had me wanting to read books by Kelley Armstrong.I decided to read the books in order to be able to get into the world that the author created.Bitten is the [...]

  27. 4 tiny stars but still 4 It s not 3.5 It s So I m rounding up although I m quite conflicted about it Let s face it guys This was first published in 2001 How many similar books are published since I ll tell you quite many Still the story is very interesting and the book keeps its ground If you re looking for a very good UF read with strong focus on werewolves, that s your book My big, big issues are were with Elena Our idiotic most of the time protagonist Oh, she s not stupid Not at all I m just [...]

  28. Sheesh, I don t know what kind of review to give this book I get the feeling I m going to be way too harsh I m still angry with this book because it wasn t even close to being as good as Armstrong s Darkest Power series I had such high hopes I thought I had found my new favorite author I know this is one of Armstrong s first books, and for that reason I should give her some slack, but I probably haven t First off, it s SO slow There s so little suspense In the Darkest Powers series, Armstrong pi [...]

  29. 3.5 StarsI m a huge fan of swoon worthy anti hero type male leads My absolute favorite being Jericho Barrons from the Karen Marie Moning s Fever series he is also known as Jericho Fucking Barrrons depending on if you fall on the side of love him or hate him Clay has that same type of fuzzy morality going for him as well He is completely comfortable with the animal that he is and does just enough to get by in the real world He does not apologize for the man he is he will kill, maim, torture or do [...]

  30. This book was AMAZING I loved every minute of it and can t wait to start the next one Typically I don t really enjoy werewolf stories I prefer vampires for the most part, but this story changed my mind on so many levels It was great I loved watching the relationship between Clay and Elena build, and I loved learning about the Pack I loved Elena and Clay s snarky attitudes as well.Kelley Armstrong definitely knows how to create a world that you can be sucked right into