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The Hunt

The Hunt ☆ The Hunt ✓ Heather Killough-Walden - The Hunt, The Hunt Byron Caige has been a prisoner for the last fifty years of his supernaturally long life Just when he gives up hope of ever knowing the taste of freedom again he is unwittingly rescued by the very sa

  • Title: The Hunt
  • Author: Heather Killough-Walden
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 454
  • Format: Kindle Edition

☆ The Hunt ✓ Heather Killough-Walden, ☆ The Hunt ✓ Heather Killough-Walden, The Hunt, Heather Killough-Walden, The Hunt Byron Caige has been a prisoner for the last fifty years of his supernaturally long life Just when he gives up hope of ever knowing the taste of freedom again he is unwittingly rescued by the very same woman who only wants to see him dead Katherine Dare Kat is smart fast strong and beautiful but unfortunately she s a Hunter and she s convinced that Byron murdered heByron Caige has be. ☆ The Hunt ✓ Heather Killough-Walden - The Hunt, The Hunt Byron Caige has been a prisoner for the last fifty years of his supernaturally long life Just when he gives up hope of ever knowing the taste of freedom again he is unwittingly rescued by the very sa

  • ☆ The Hunt ✓ Heather Killough-Walden
    454Heather Killough-Walden
The Hunt

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  1. Heather Killough Walden is a California native currently living in Texas with her husband and child She is the New York Times bestselling author of the Big Bad Wolf series Heather s educational background includes religious studies, archeology, and law She has traveled all over the world but hopes to one day live in a town with a world class hockey team Let s Go Pens Visit Heather s website at killough walden, where you can sign up for her newsletter Also, be sure to keep in touch with her and other fans through her Facebook fan page and through Twitter killoughwalden

  2. I will start by saying that this was an incredible book I don t even know where to start but I ll give it a go, so others hopefully see this and go start buying these books HKW deserves all the recognition she can get there Firstly, what I love about every single book, is the charcters I am so invested in them all and have come to care for them all deeply Every single person is present in the newest book Nobody is left out Therefore the book comes in many different POV s Which is great There isn [...]

  3. I have read all of the BBW series and have fallen in love with the world that Heather has created for her wolves and other super natural beings.The strength of the characters, the pain, doubt and tribulations that they have to endure make the characters real and most of them carry on from book to book Each one centers around a specific couple, but since the wolves make up one large family you get little tidbits from each of the previous couples which tie into the current story nicely.Although ea [...]

  4. I was a little distracted while reading this book If I LOVED it, I am not so easily distracted Since it brought back many previous characters, and I have read 30 40 books since the last one, I had a little difficulty remembering who was who But then I remembered.I had trouble with that when I read the first 3 also St Claire St James Charlie and Danny all easy names to confuse She brought back all the old characters, and I just couldn t remember the backstories enough to really get into this book [...]

  5. This book was probably my favorite out of this series so far except for maybe the first one I m not sure This book kept me interested through its entirety, but I did end up taking a break towards the end because I was just bored with paranormal romance at the time Good werewolf series.

  6. 4.5 stars Hopefully, the ending is a lead off to a next book.Recommend you start off with book 1 of the series, or you won t know much about all of the characters that show up in this story.

  7. I read the Hunt with the whole series and Heather Kilough Walden writing is so amazing You just have to read this series.

  8. The story wraps up the series and brings all the different sup races together as Byron Caige escapes the vampires and finds his mate among the Hunters It also introduces the main character for the first of the next spinoff series The Kings the Vampire King.Very exciting Lots of running around, magic, rescues, miraculous healing and angst Fave scenes escaping the vampire castle, Danny, Lily Claire s phone calls, the brotherly reunion and skinny dipping.

  9. The Hunt is the final book in The Big Bad Wolf series and for me, it s the most intense of them all Why Because Byron is alive We learned at the end of The Spell that he was being held prisoner by the vampire princess But his brother Lucas and the other werewolves don t know this After spending fifty years as a captive, Byron finally gets his shot at freedom and in the midst of his escape he encounters a dormant his intended mate Sounds great right Freedom Check Dormant mate Check Mate s occupat [...]

  10. The Hunt is the fourth book in Heather Killough Walden s Big Bad Wolf series In these novels, we see a captivating world of werewolves and their mates called dormants dormants because their wolf gene is dormant until they find their mate with which to bond There is Hunters humans sworn to kill werewolves , witches and Akyri magical demon beings who couple with black magic warlocks to produce offspring vampires.The Plot as written by Heather.Byron Caige has been a prisoner for the last fifty year [...]

  11. The last book in the series and my favourite Lucas believes that his brother was killed half a century ago by magic casters Byron has actually been held captive all that time as a vampires sexual plaything he has been kept isolated from the world, it s developments and advancements He has effectively been kept in a time capsule of pain, sexual depravity and isolation.His one and only thwarted escape resulted in the tragedy of innocent blood being shed.He finally escapes when his captor is killed [...]

  12. Kat and Byron were two of the most enjoyable characters of this series for me I loved her courage I loved Byron s determination Their love story fell perfectly into the destiny of the werewolves that are the backbone of an exciting series overall.I felt like this is a wrap for the wolves Finally the curse I never understood had an origin and a means to be broken Kat, as a hunter, had contributed to the closely approaching extinction of werewolves She believed that Byron had killed her father and [...]

  13. The Hunt, fourth and last book in the Big Bad wolf series was my favorite of the series.Byron, Lucas s brother was not dead but prisoner to the Vampire princess the daughter of the warlock king.For 50 years he has endured her torment and the only time when he managed to escape the kings man killed an innocent bystander.For a brief time Byron saw and sensed the promise of a dormant.Kat is the little girl of the man killed to punish Byron She is a hunter looking to kill the werewolf demon who kill [...]

  14. This is actually a second times I read this series The first was so long ago that I couldn t remember LOL Anyway, after the second read, I was reminded again of how brilliant these books are I love The Big Bad Wolf series and also its spin offs and I can tell you one thing that makes Heather Killough Walden books so very wonderful There is no black or white in her books everything is a gray area Even the most vicious villain has his her own good side and thier own reasons Sometimes you read abou [...]

  15. In this 4th installment to The Big Bad Wolf Series Byron Caige has been a prisoner for the last fifty years of his supernaturally long life Just when he gives up hope of ever knowing the taste of freedom again, he is unwittingly rescued by the very same woman who only wants to see him dead Katherine Dare Kat is smart, fast, strong and beautiful but unfortunately she s a Hunter, and she s convinced that Byron murdered her father twenty years ago.She s also Byron s dormant.This wasnt my favorite o [...]

  16. This book did not disappoint at all I really liked Katherine and the way her character grew in this novel, she went from killing the race to saving the race at the end Byron was also a well developed character, I found it funny that once he is finally free after being held prisoner for 50 years he finds his mate right away what luck.Katherine had a lot going on in this book she was a hunter but the only she became one was to kill the wolf who killed her father all other wolves she didn t care fo [...]

  17. This is another great instalment in the Big Bad Wolf series, and is full of action and excitement and also cleared up a few loose ends from previous books The only downside to the book, is that it tended to jump around a lot from character to character in each chapter, and there were a lot of different character s from previous plot lines in this book, which at times got a bit confusing and I found myself going back to earlier chapters to clarify things Having said that, however, this showed the [...]

  18. This was a truly inspiring story A great tale of vengeance, redemption and the power of love I hope it is not the last in the series, I see that it could be, but I really want Jessie and Imani and even Jason to get their own stories Katherine Dare s father was murdered when she was 10 years old She finds him in a pool of blood, with a werewolf standing over him She becomes a hunter Yet, as fate would have it, she is a dormant, a destined mate for an alpha werewolf, and precious to the werewolf c [...]

  19. I really loved the characters of Byron and Kat, and the romance did not disappoint This series is amazing for chemistry But I was expecting of a conclusion Such as the destruction of the hunters Maybe it will be followed up in the spin off Kings series I already read The Vampire King but it was a long time ago and now I feel like I should re read it There were probably things I didnt catch, and some familiar characters I think The Spell was probably my favourite of the series I still really enj [...]

  20. So Byron Caige is alive after all this time Vampires have remained a secret among all the supernatural community for the longest, but as their existence are coming into light, Byron has a chance to find his way home To escape the evil bars that has imprisoned him all these years Kat is a hunter driven by her need for revenge To hunt the wolf that killed her father When the opportunity arises for her to do such a thing, Kat takes a grab at it, but she soon realizes that revenge is not something s [...]

  21. I have read all the books in this series and loved them They are hard to put down It helps to read them in order so you have a better idea of who each character is They are all available on Smashwords for all eReaders, Barnes and noble for Nook, for Kindle.Byron Caige has been a prisoner for the last fifty years of his supernaturally long life Just when he gives up hope of ever knowing the taste of freedom again, he is unwittingly rescued by the very same woman who only wants to see him dead Kat [...]

  22. Kat is a hunter She hunts and kills werewolves What she does not know is that she is a Dormant.Byron is Lucas s brother He has been held prisoner for 50 years by a Vampire When something happens and he is able to get free he runs into Kat and realizes what she is That she s a hunter but also his mate They both end up getting captured by the Hunters who are in chaos right now because they do not have a leader.Kat eventually realizes how wrong she was and to make amends she will have make the ulti [...]

  23. I finished the series 4.19.12 My review on themDangerous, daring, seductive and deeply sensual Dark Romance lovers, get ready to be taken on a ride that you will not soon forget Heather Killough Walden has found her place among my favorite authors This Series is action packed, daring, and dangerously seductive You have your Dominating alpha men wolves that are powerful, sexy, and will stop at nothing to protect their mates Your female made wolves are strong, independent, and loyal Villains that [...]

  24. I really liked The Hunt, the fourth and last of Heather Killough Walden s The Big Bad Wolf series, and, like the three books before it, I found it to be humorous fascinating magical surprising romantic at points terrifying and dark at other points and for lack of a better term amazing Heather brought out new twists to werewolf culture, and to the rest of the supernatural culture in general in this book as well I deeply enjoyed the story and its characters, especially the two main characters I ho [...]

  25. I really really wanted to make this one 4 stars but in the end I just can t Byron is a great character and his back story could ve made the story so much better I find myself saying that a lot about this series Kat is a pretty good female MC, I wish she d been consistent but at least she wasn t spineless It s pretty obvious by this point that there were going to be spin off books about the various kings vampire, wraythe, etc but they are interesting, so much so that I found myself wanting to kn [...]

  26. I read The Heat , The Strip , The Spell and The Hunt in a compilation With this in mind this review is posted along side each individual book.With Alpha wolves, serial killers and beautifully smart strong female leads these books are a must have for any paranormal romance fans The intrigue and complex plots flow beautifully through each novel combining into a fantastically vivid prompt to the reader s imagination The background of each novel interlocks with the previous story to build a larger p [...]

  27. I actually liked this book and did smile a couple of times while reading it It had a good amount of action and a pinch of romance Had the book been longer I m sure it would ve been romance I didn t care for the way it kept jumping from one character story to another It did all tie in near the end but it was quite confusing and you have a couple of moments where you have to go back to remember who is who This is the first in the series I have read and according to some of the reviews the last I [...]

  28. All of the other books in this series I read within a few hours Thus one took me a few days I had a hard time remembering which characters went with which book I couldn t remember the pairs very well and there wasn t much of a backstory to remind me It s probably also because I read books 1 3 back to back and have read too many books to count in between those 3 and this one I thought I read this was the last in the series which is why I went ahead and read it but the epilogue definitely makes it [...]