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The Eleventh Hour

The Eleventh Hour [PDF] Read ☆ The Eleventh Hour : by Graeme Base - The Eleventh Hour, The Eleventh Hour When Horace the elephant turns eleven he celebrates in style by inviting his exotic friends to a splendid costume party But a mystery is afoot for in the midst of the games music and revelry some

  • Title: The Eleventh Hour
  • Author: Graeme Base
  • ISBN: 9780810932654
  • Page: 471
  • Format: Hardcover

[PDF] Read ☆ The Eleventh Hour : by Graeme Base, [PDF] Read ☆ The Eleventh Hour : by Graeme Base, The Eleventh Hour, Graeme Base, The Eleventh Hour When Horace the elephant turns eleven he celebrates in style by inviting his exotic friends to a splendid costume party But a mystery is afoot for in the midst of the games music and revelry someone has eaten the birthday feast The rhyming text and lavish detailed illustrations each provide clues and it s up to the reader to piece them together and decide whodunitWhen Hora. [PDF] Read ☆ The Eleventh Hour : by Graeme Base - The Eleventh Hour, The Eleventh Hour When Horace the elephant turns eleven he celebrates in style by inviting his exotic friends to a splendid costume party But a mystery is afoot for in the midst of the games music and revelry some

  • [PDF] Read ☆ The Eleventh Hour : by Graeme Base
    471Graeme Base
The Eleventh Hour

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  1. Graeme Rowland Base is a successful Australian author and artist of picture books that have been sold internationally He is perhaps best known for his second book, Animalia published in 1986, and third book The Eleventh Hour which was released in 1989.He was born in England but moved to Australia with his family at the age of eight and has lived there ever since He attended Box Hill High School and Melbourne High School in Melbourne, and then studied a Diploma of Art Graphic Design for three years at Swinburne University of Technology at Prahran.He worked in advertising for two years and then began illustrating children s books, gradually moving to authoring them as well.Graeme resides in Melbourne with his wife Robyn and has three children.Winner of the Dromkeen Medal 1998.

  2. Don your favorite costume and join Horace the elephant in celebration of his eleventh birthday Bring your magnifying glass and your suspicion too, for a mystery awaits in The Eleventh Hour Graeme Base s curious tale of a birthday party gone awry is a visual treat Eleven animals arrive for Horace s party, all bedecked in costume The Pig came as an Admiral, the Zebra as a Punk The Rhino was an Astronaut, his spacesuit made of junk.The Swan arrived as Princess Pure, a most enchanting sight Bejewell [...]

  3. In their dotage the Offspring will still be talking about their crazy mom having a signed first of this that she would read to them, but wouldn t let them touch until they washed their hands.

  4. Here is a story about Horace s an elephant eleventh birthday party, and apparently there s a mystery to solve The mystery isn t revealed until near the end, and the book definitely requires that you look back through it to solve the mystery Overall, mystery hunting aside, I enjoyed this book, the fun characters, and the whimsical, jam packed illustrations For a rhyming book, the rhymes were really pretty good I didn t find myself tripping over the rhythm or words hardly at all For the mystery, w [...]

  5. I LOVE THIS BOOK I did a program based in it for tweens last year and it was amazing albeit sparsely attended, but it s a tween program so any attendance is great Any time any person expresses any interest in puzzles coworkers, kids, parents, strangers I leap up and offer them this book I love introducing kids to anagrams and pigpen ciphers, because I distinctly remember my elementary school library helping me as I pored over this book as a weird 5th grader I had so much fun

  6. One of the most amazing illustrations I ve ever seen in children s books Can t believe I ve never heard of Base before now The pictures are so detailed and there are hundreds of things going on in them, you could just look for hours In this case, there s a mystery to be solved and some really fun clues to be looking for in the pictures Not easy enough of a mystery for a small child, but just tough enough for my 1st grader, and it kept me interested too The clues are hidden in the pictures and ma [...]

  7. The other day, my son brought this home from my parents house I remembered it as one of my favorite children s books and it didn t disappoint This who dunnit mystery is teeming with hidden puzzles, many of which I couldn t even solve today morse code, musical notes, and I had so much fun re reading like puzzling over this that I ordered seven of Base s books ostensibly for my kids.

  8. Graeme Base one of my favourite authors and artists, as a child, and now, still I read this, and several of his other books, like The Sign of the Seahorse and Animalia , with my siblings than a decade ago when I was growing up This book, specifically, came to my memory recently really vaguely at first My brother and I spent something like two hours researching online from our memory and finally rediscovered Graeme Base and this book, his book that stuck with us the most Then, in 90 degree weath [...]

  9. Wow, what a book I had read this before, but that time I didn t make the effort to look for clues, solve the mystery, or even read the solution I always planned to come back and spend time with this book, so I m glad I finally did This time I read the book, looked for clues, deciphered many of the hidden messages, and solved the mystery before ever reading through the solution pages And wow, the solution pages pointed out many clues I hadn t even noticed Although some of those clues are red her [...]

  10. Ok this may be the coolest kids book ever, if you have a smart kid who likes puzzles or codes It took us two or three HOURS to solve the book It was so exciting that we did it in one sitting, working like mad It is that absorbing He did solve it, but we had to resort to a hint off the internet to find the swan s name I d say a smart 8 year old and up can do it, maybe with some help Besides being super fun, the book is also lovely My kid is now enjoying looking back at the amazing illustrations S [...]

  11. This was a gift for my then, twenty year old daughter She loved it One of her favorites.Who says all kids books have to be read to, or bought for kids D

  12. In this curious mystery by Graeme Base, author of Animalia,Horace Elephant invites 11 friends to his eleventh birthday party After a great deal of elaborate preparation, games, and sport, the awesome feast prepared by Horace is stolen Which guest was responsible for this heinous crime The brilliantly embedded clues and breathtaking illustrations contribute to the clever rhyming tale in this modern masterpiece.No elementary school classroom or personal library is complete without The Eleventh Hou [...]

  13. This is a good mystery story for older young kids My niece and I read it together, and we enjoyed the story I pre read the book before I read it with her, and I admit, I had to cheat and look at the key in the back of the book to discover the answer to the mystery I don t think that the clues presented themselves very readily, and that s a good thing in a mystery If this were an adult mystery, I d think it was great In a children s mystery story, however, maybe a few slightly obvious clues woul [...]

  14. My mom bought this book for my sisters and I after the illustrations caught her eye in a local bookstore She brought it home, and we had a lot of fun reading it together, pouring over the beautiful illustrations, and trying to decipher the mystery.When Horace the elephant turns 11 he throws himself an elaborate birthday party, and invites all of his other animal friends to join in the fun There are games, costumes, and of course an elaborate feast that Horace himself had prepared Unfortunately, [...]

  15. This book is great for kids who are into mysteries, clues, and decoding Even better, this is great for kids who are into awesome illustrations Even better, even better, this poem features some pretty sweetly rhyming pages I was shocked I owned Animalia as a kid, but didn t realize Graeme Base could be a pretty good writer Secret aside for parents If your child is not a decoder, figure out the mystery ahead of time, or look it up on the Internet Luckily, the help pages are now taped together in t [...]

  16. My husband grew up with this book and, although I loved Animalia as a kid, this book was not in my collection The two of us spent a couple of nights over the Thanksgiving break working out this mystery what a fun way to pass an evening The mystery here is simple enough for an older child to figure out with a little parental guidance, but the clues in code are quite difficult There are so many beautiful and funny details hidden in the illustrations, and the whole concept is extremely well carried [...]

  17. I m just not a big fan of animals in human clothing, but I did like how much is going on in each of these paintings at the surface level Intrigued by all of the codes lurking in the background Might take a shot at solving this without consulting the Internet If kids can figure it out, surely I can, right

  18. The Eleventh Hour by Graeme Base is a wonderful mystery picture book for children When Horace, the elephant turns eleven he plans a grand affair Friends are invited, party games are chosen and a beautiful birthday feast is made The day of the party arrives and all of his friends show up in their best costumes Throughout the day, they all play the different games waiting for the eleventh hour when they can finally devour the feast To their horror, the eleventh hour comes and the feast is gone One [...]

  19. Horace the Elephant is planning a spectacular party for his 11th birthday He plans all sorts of games and events, such as pool, chess, and tennis The most important part of the party, however, is the giant feast that he promises to feed his guests on the 11th hour Once the time to feast arrives, all of the food is gone Every guest denies stealing the food, but someone has to be lying Who could commit such an atrocious act This book is unnecessarily long, meaning that about half of the pages had [...]

  20. The children s mystery book The Eleventh Hour by Graeme Base tells the story of Horace the Elephant who holds a party for his eleventh birthday He invites his ten best friends to the party, with carefully planned games and a strict schedule to eat at 11 00 The clock strikes 11 and everyone proceeds to the Banquet Hall when they are all suddenly stunned to find all their food is gone Someone snuck around and ate all of their food but who could it be Many of them had plausible alibis that helped t [...]

  21. I actually read this book for the first time while completing the genre presentation with my group I have to say, that I was really surprised When I initially flipped through it, I saw all the colorful illustrations and the all the busy pages and was really intrigued Finding a picture book in the mystery genre is truly difficult, and I m really impressed with all the details throughout the book as well as the diverse backgrounds and style employed I really liked how at the end, it turns out to b [...]

  22. I fondly remember the hours of fun I had figuring out the puzzles in this book with my mother when I was in 5th grade or so Like all of Graeme Base s books, the illustrations in this story are superb They are full of amazing details that can t all be noticed in just one read through The story is fun, with a clever rhyme scheme The puzzles are challenging and it will take a lot of time even for very clever children to figure them out and they may need some help from a friendly adult I remember be [...]

  23. The Eleventh Hour by Graeme Base is about an elephant named Horace Horace is having an extravagant birthday party He invites all of his friends and each one comes in a costume Throughout the story they play games There s a feast, but towards the end the food disappears Horace isn t saddened though because he reappears with sandwiches and his humungo surprise birthday cake.The genre of this text is mystery The lexile number is 1070 The author has won numerous awards Children s Book Council of Aus [...]

  24. A combination mystery and picture book in rhyme It is extremely rare to find such a skilled and creative illustrator poet that makes children s books I remember working on solving all the different puzzles hidden in this book with my siblings when we were young It took us quite a while, but we felt very accomplished when we figured them out.

  25. Wonderful rhyming, rhythm, and story Superb artwork A story filled with merriment and mystery How did I miss this one for my children This book will sure to spark the brain cells of any youngster.

  26. Very clever book that will entertain for hours Illustrations are magical with hidden clues, and drawings So much in this little book that could absorb especially a child for very long periods of time.

  27. This book is so classic, I am afraid that whatever review that I am going to give here is not going to do it any justice nor add any value to the already exceptional feedbacks given by the author s fans since the 1980s.Little AJ loves this book at first sight and was instantly captivated by the stunning illustrations, despite the extreme complexity of each picture Little AJ adores animals, and is obsessed with identifying different animals on picture books each day This book is unique, because t [...]

  28. Absolutely brilliant Using the messages and codes hidden in the illustrations, can you solve which of the guests stole the feast Some puzzles are simple, some are quite challenging Some may even require you to do a bit of research although you don t need to in order to solve the mystery Great fun to read, and one I m looking forward to sharing with others I wish I had several copies to hand out

  29. A beautifully illustrated story where there reader uses clues in the pictures on every page to solve a mystery Yes YES YESSSS I love this book The mystery is simple enough for children to solve, but the clues can be complex enough to engage a puzzle loving adult I absolutely recommend this book to mystery lovers, puzzle solvers, or anyone who enjoys a whimsical story Love, LOVE LOVE

  30. A book challenge for 2017 Had to find something quick and this was on the shelf A book with a number in the title Adore Graeme Base and the art work in all his book are superb This was a rhyming story about Horace s birthday party.