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Common Sense and Other Writings

Common Sense and Other Writings Free Read Common Sense and Other Writings - by Thomas Paine - Common Sense and Other Writings, Common Sense and Other Writings Introduction and Notes by Joyce ApplebyThough he didn t emigrate from England to the colonies until just a few months before the Revolutionary War began Thomas Paine had an enormous impact on t

  • Title: Common Sense and Other Writings
  • Author: Thomas Paine
  • ISBN: 9781593082093
  • Page: 370
  • Format: Paperback

Free Read Common Sense and Other Writings - by Thomas Paine, Free Read Common Sense and Other Writings - by Thomas Paine, Common Sense and Other Writings, Thomas Paine, Common Sense and Other Writings Introduction and Notes by Joyce ApplebyThough he didn t emigrate from England to the colonies until just a few months before the Revolutionary War began Thomas Paine had an enormous impact on that war the new nation that emerged from it Common Sense the instantly popular pamphlet he published in January argued that the goal of the struggle against theI. Free Read Common Sense and Other Writings - by Thomas Paine - Common Sense and Other Writings, Common Sense and Other Writings Introduction and Notes by Joyce ApplebyThough he didn t emigrate from England to the colonies until just a few months before the Revolutionary War began Thomas Paine had an enormous impact on t

  • Free Read Common Sense and Other Writings - by Thomas Paine
    370Thomas Paine
Common Sense and Other Writings

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  1. Thomas Paine was an English American political activist, author, political theorist and revolutionary As the author of two highly influential pamphlets at the start of the American Revolution, he inspired the Patriots in 1776 to declare independence from Britain His ideas reflected Enlightenment era rhetoric of transnational human rights He has been called a corset maker by trade, a journalist by profession, and a propagandist by inclination.Born in Thetford, England, in the county of Norfolk, Paine emigrated to the British American colonies in 1774 with the help of Benjamin Franklin, arriving just in time to participate in the American Revolution His principal contributions were the powerful, widely read pamphlet Common Sense 1776 , the all time best selling American book that advocated colonial America s independence from the Kingdom of Great Britain, and The American Crisis 1776 83 , a pro revolutionary pamphlet series Common Sense was so influential that John Adams said, Without the pen of the author of Common Sense, the sword of Washington would have been raised in vain Paine lived in France for most of the 1790s, becoming deeply involved in the French Revolution He wrote the Rights of Man 1791 , in part a defence of the French Revolution against its critics His attacks on British writer Edmund Burke led to a trial and conviction in absentia in 1792 for the crime of seditious libel In 1792, despite not being able to speak French, he was elected to the French National Convention The Girondists regarded him as an ally Consequently, the Montagnards, especially Robespierre, regarded him as an enemy.In December 1793, he was arrested and imprisoned in Paris, then released in 1794 He became notorious because of his pamphlet The Age of Reason 1793 94 , in which he advocated deism, promoted reason and freethinking, and argued against institutionalized religion in general and Christian doctrine in particular He also wrote the pamphlet Agrarian Justice 1795 , discussing the origins of property, and introduced the concept of a guaranteed minimum income In 1802, he returned to America where he died on June 8, 1809 Only six people attended his funeral as he had been ostracized for his ridicule of Christianity.

  2. The only thing I can say about this book is that at the time, it was probably quite remarkable It s a relic of the past, I suppose Now, it just sounds like someone railing against the necessity of slavery that argument has long since been fought and won.

  3. THESE ARE THE TIMES that try men s souls Overall 4 out of 5 stars for Common Sense and Other Writings by Thomas Paine This collection of Paine s major works includes African Slavery in America, Common Sense, The American Crisis Papers, Rights of Man, The Age of Reason, Agrarian Justice, and Letters to the Citizens of the United States of AmericaAfrican Slavery in America was decent but it was too short and there wasn t a lot of meat on the bones , so I d give it 3 stars The issue of slavery was [...]

  4. I ve only read the first three papers African Slavery in America, Common Sense and The American Crises Papers 1,10 13 so far and even 200 years later it is stirring one can only imagine how reading or having it read to you in a public these inflammatory writings at the time could incite the imagination of a new world and galvanize the will of our fledging patriots.Although Paine and his famous rhetoric were taught, I don t recall these as mandatory reading during my HS days over 20 yrs ago I can [...]

  5. One line synopsis from the Age of Reason The unnatural anything is, the is it capable of becoming the object of dismal admiration.Paine was, of course, denouncing those savage Abrahamic religions Judaism, Christianity, and Islam Languages change and people copyeditors, for example are fallible therefore, the immutable Word of God cannot be found in any book Besides, the Torah, Bible, and Koran are tawdry books they are a history of only the grossest vices and a collection of the most paltry an [...]

  6. It s truly amazing that this one book had a huge significant impact on a fair percentage of the colonists This book is a testament to the time period and certain things may be applicable to today s society Paine s thoughts seem, well, like common sense and convey the views of many of his contemporaries of the time The other writings are a little less interesting, but still informative and read worthy.

  7. Tough but necessary read Our forefathers ideas about how to create the new government, and discussion surrounding the need for no monarchy or king Freedom to let the people decide whom will govern them.

  8. The namesake of this collection of Paine s writings is a wonderful piece of persuasive writing that manages to effectively cut through the intimidating and sometimes baffling perceptions of government In Common Sense Paine builds his philosophy from the ground up, explaining the differences between society and government and the uses of both It is a wittily written and extremely educated piece that deserves its status as a classic.Mileage varies for the other pieces in the collection The America [...]

  9. This book was a collection of writings by Thomas Paine an early supporter of the American quest for independence , I loved the background story to Paine s experience writings The portion of the book I m choosing to focus this review on is his writing called Common Sense, a paper on why Paine thinks America should be free from the grips of England I found his arguments both persuasive and uncomfortable at times I can definitely see why it wasn t very well received by the Crown There are a number [...]

  10. Common Sense is an extraordinarily difficult book to read today when one cannot possibly understand what it was like to be in the middle of a state of flux between America and England 237 years ago Hence, the statements from the readers are as follows Boring, Difficult to understand, and Dry Understandably, it was a time of action for the citizens back then as to the future of America, but what was the right prescribed course of action Here came Common Sense that served as the catalyst en route [...]

  11. Although Thomas Paine has a penchant for propaganda, I was still intrigued to read the major works of this man, whom John Adams considered the one who started the American Revolution Our country s history aside, however, I found the most fascinating section of the entire book to be The Age of Reason , Paine s scathing attack against Christianity and other false religions It is amazing that a man who so sincerely wanted to honor His Creator was so sincerely wrong about His knowledge of that Creat [...]

  12. A difficult book to read And not all of the ideas got into my head For example, the endnotes mentions Paine s hatred of George Washington, yet I couldn t encounter that in the book I could only encounter his dislike of John Adams That said, some of the ideas in the book are intriguing For example, how a constitution was a new instrument Kingdoms never had such a thing all governance was hereditary And the constitution was what limited executive power Additionally I had never thought of taxes and [...]

  13. Thomas Paine s writings are as prevalent today as they were back in the 18th century To understand Thomas Paine, the Civil Rights movement, and equal liberties, one understands the Articles of Confederation, Constitution, The Bill of Rights and The Declaration of Independence.Any Englishman who berates America s struggle has not had the piece of mind to understand Thomas Paine or Colonial America An American who says who cares about the bill of rights, has not had the piece of mind to understand [...]

  14. Excellent collection of Paine s works, which are probably the best American Revolution era political philosophy I ve ever read, or at least aligns with my own thoughts than any other founding father Well, it does until late in his life, when he apparently decides to deride John Adams in every article he writes when it comes to John Adams lovers, it s me, David McCullough, and Tom Hanks, and that s it At least, it seems like that sometimes But other than that, Paine hits an important road betwee [...]

  15. I, of course, read Common Sense once upon a time in high school, but can t remember much about it other than the mystique that surrounds Paine s most famous work I m thinking about starting a new blog called Education of a Political Journalist in which I read and explore American political writings and thought starting with the Enlightenment and working my way to the present day and try to put some current political discussions into context There s a lot of talk about the Constitution and the Fo [...]

  16. Still relevant enough in today s time Should be required reading for all the hacks that want to be voted into house and senated president for that matter The american govt is becoming exactly what we broke away from in 1776 Common sense read in today s context illustrates that The others are informative and enlightening I enjoy how Paine matter of factly explains religion to us in rights of man Paine s stance on slavery abolition nearly 100 years ahead of the civil war Also some good comments on [...]

  17. This collection of Thomas Paine writings is too complete Some of the included texts, such as Common Sense, are good reads in that they are still relevant to the modern reader They can tell us where we have been and can make us question our modern view of the proper role of government If those had been the only texts included, this would have been a fine collection Unfortunately, the texts that ramble about how much people should be taxed were dull and meaningless in the twenty first century, and [...]

  18. A finales del siglo XVIII apareci un libro, cuyo autor firmaba como Un ingl s , que se convirti en un xito de ventas en Norteam rica en tres meses vendi 120.000 ejemplares en un a o, medio mill n en m s de veinticuatro ediciones Ning n libro posterior ha tenido tal xito en los Estados Unidos Hablamos del panfleto libro pol mico y breve Common Sense, de Thomas Paine, publicado en 1776 y considerado uno de los principales propiciadores del movimiento independentista americano sigue oswaldoeduardo [...]

  19. Highly recommended to anyone who wants a diverse view of the American Revolution and the following years This was a fascinating follow up to McCullough s Adams biography, especially since Paine and Adams came to be enemies This includes Agrarian Justice and Age of Reason , one of which essentially proposed the Social Security system, and the other which harshly denounces organized religion Paine s works really fly in the face of any side claiming that the Founders as a whole had a single voice.

  20. Most of the things in Common Sense are not directly related to our own lives, however the gold of Paine s writing today is how well he formulates his argument If you want to learn how to improve your writing skills, then I highly recommend pick up Thomas Paine and thumbing through With all that said, from a historical point of view, Common Sense is, understandably, very valuable It s also pretty interesting, so check it out It s not very long, about 52 pages, and The Rights of Man is supposed to [...]

  21. I really enjoyed reading this book I see why now the pamphlet was called Common Sense The content makes so much sense however, I do not think that is the best or most important writing in this version That designation rests with The Rights of Man I definitely feel that was Paine was getting across there is definitely relevant in today s political climate I was also impressed with Agrarian Justice, for the time period, it was a revolutionary argument for modern day social security I m definitely [...]

  22. I really liked reading this book PayneExpressed very power and wise thoughts that sparked and embraced the believes of thoseWho fought to give us the liberties that we enjoy today This should be required reading in our High Schools today however that is very unlikely because those who run our government and make these Decisions do not possess or believe in the principles of of Common Sense.

  23. I picked this volume up at BN a few years back for less than 10 It is an essential for all true patriots and students of history The principles laid out in Paine s essays and pamphlets are unwavering and underpin the foundations of this nation If we are to restore the power and prominence of America, here at home and abroad, we must first begin by restoring its principles in our own hearts and minds.

  24. So they don t exactly tell you in school that Paine wrote a pamphlet denouncing Christianity and that he managed to upset a lot of people with his directness against religion Paine was a Deist He wrote a lot after the Revolutionary War, including some letters against the Federalist faction during John Adams presidency, but all we ever hear is that he wrote Common Sense before US history decided that he faded away.

  25. It is interesting to think that this book was a catalyst for the colonials to join the revolution What is interesting about it is that in Common Sense Paine seems to frequently use the Holy Bible to support his call to independence Then, only a short time later in The Age of Reason, he shoots down not only Christian beliefs, but Judaism and Muslim alike It disappointed to think that perhaps he was just a politician.

  26. If you do nothing else read the Age of Reason The most perfectly reasoned argument for banishing religions from the universe and perhaps replacing it with pure deism What we see is what we get from a God who lays it all out in front of us to see The bible and all other written words become fraud pure and simple It is a stunning revelation for all.

  27. Thomas Paine is one of the most significant of the Founding Fathers for the United States of America In fact, he is the one who coined the phrase The United States of America He is often paired alongside George Washington as the two most significant individuals in the American Revolution Washington provided the action and Paine provided the reasoning.

  28. I certainly expanded my vocabulary with his writings I picked it up intending to read common Sense but continued on This is really 5 books and while one may not agree with his views, his logic is certainly worth discussion Age of reason I found particularly compelling The overall theme I believe is that the individual has rights that should not be subverted by governments or religion.

  29. I d already read Common Sense a few years back and enjoyed it I grabbed this lil book for his other works, and a quick reread And, of them all The Age of Reason has proven itself to be a flaming beacon of intelligence and reason.

  30. This is a book that every American should read It is not an easy read The ideas must be pondered and assimilated It has some provocative ideas about monarchies and the formation of our new country Very interesting.

  31. I finished reading Common Sense and found it very interesting and something I had to read a few times to get it There are many things he writes about that apply to today It is also a good study of a well thought out and defended idea