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Perfect Cover

Perfect Cover Unlimited Perfect Cover - by Jennifer Lynn Barnes - Perfect Cover, Perfect Cover Bayport High operates like any other high school jocks at the top outsiders at the bottom and everyone else in between Enter Toby Klein a sopho computer hacker who doesn t play well with others She

  • Title: Perfect Cover
  • Author: Jennifer Lynn Barnes
  • ISBN: 9780385734547
  • Page: 416
  • Format: Kindle

Unlimited Perfect Cover - by Jennifer Lynn Barnes, Unlimited Perfect Cover - by Jennifer Lynn Barnes, Perfect Cover, Jennifer Lynn Barnes, Perfect Cover Bayport High operates like any other high school jocks at the top outsiders at the bottom and everyone else in between Enter Toby Klein a sopho computer hacker who doesn t play well with others She has zero school spirit a black belt in karate and what her guidance counselor calls an attitude problem She s the last person you d expect to be invited to join theBayport High operat. Unlimited Perfect Cover - by Jennifer Lynn Barnes - Perfect Cover, Perfect Cover Bayport High operates like any other high school jocks at the top outsiders at the bottom and everyone else in between Enter Toby Klein a sopho computer hacker who doesn t play well with others She

  • Unlimited Perfect Cover - by Jennifer Lynn Barnes
    416Jennifer Lynn Barnes
Perfect Cover

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  1. Jennifer Lynn Barnes who mostly goes by Jen was born in Tulsa, Oklahoma She has been, in turn, a competitive cheerleader, a volleyball player, a dancer, a debutante, a primate cognition researcher, a teen model, a comic book geek, and a lemur aficionado She s been writing for as long as she can remember, finished her first full book which she now refers to as a practice book and which none of you will ever see when she was still in high school, and then wrote Golden the summer after her freshman year in college, when she was nineteen Jen graduated high school in 2002, and from Yale University with a degree in cognitive science the study of the brain and thought in May of 2006 She ll be spending the 2006 2007 school year abroad, doing autism research at the University of Cambridge in the United Kingdom.

  2. OH MY GOD I ve just found out I almost died today.From Death from laughter refers to a rare instance of death, usually resulting from cardiac arrest or asphyxiation, caused by a fit of laughter Instances of death by laughter have been recorded from Ancient Greece to the modern day The first recorded use of the alternative term fatal hilarity is from 1956.Death may result from several pathologies that deviate from benign laughter Infarction of the pons and medulla oblongata in the brain may cause [...]

  3. Rating 3 5Toby Klein never expected that one little invitation to join varsity cheerleading squad would change her life completely But as she soon finds out these cheerleaders are not your typical girls They are undercover government operatives Toby can t turn down the opportunity to join them and soon she finds herself with a makeover and doing things she never though she would, like breaking into the enemy s office and falling for a guy.This was a really fast paced and fun read It was everythi [...]

  4. Perhaps I would have liked this book if I hadn t read the Gallagher Girls series Ally Carter Similar idea high school girls training to be secret agents Except that in this book, it s all about perfection Perfect hair, perfect accessories, perfect make up, perfect wardrobe Complete makeovers and everything pink Pulling off missions by flaunting their bodies and flirting Cheerleaders are untouchable head of the social hierarchy, vice principal obeying their every whim, homework completed for the [...]

  5. In the course of this book, the heroine hated on mocked sneered at constantly cheerleaders, pretty girls, cheerleaders, pop music, cheerleaders, Britney Spears, cheerleaders, Christina Aguilera, cheerleaders, make up, cheerleaders, sequins, cheerleaders, the color pink, cheerleaders, happy people, cheerleaders, hot boys, cheerleaders, dating, cheerleaders, jocks, cheerleaders, looking good, cheerleaders, fashion sense, cheerleaders you get the message.Stupidest book ever And not even because of [...]

  6. Actual rating 4.5Not all books need to be poetic works with deep meaning Sometimes what you need is light and fun and trashy.

  7. I AM OFFICIALLY IN LOVE WITH JLB I m in daze of re reading a bunch of books I previously enjoyed, and after going through the many JLB books I ve already read, I decided to get on this series and it Was Awesome Basically, at Toby s school, the cheerleaders rule with their perky happiness and sociable intuitiveness, being called the God Squad for a reason which is why Toby is so surprised when she gets an invite to join In code Multiple codes, actually which the hacker in her automatically figure [...]

  8. Reviewed by Jennifer Rummel for TeensReadTooToby hates cheerleaders She could care less about the God Squad, the most popular girls in school Then she finds two coded messages in her locker inviting her to try out for the squad At first she thinks these messages are a joke, but then curiosity gets the better of her The first meeting is just an introduction to the squad, without practicing At 5 30 the next morning, she attends her first practice Toby is not a morning person her snark and wit come [...]

  9. If you d told me at the beginning of sopho year that I was going to end up a government operative, I would have thought you were crazy, but if you d told me I was destined to become a cheerleader, I would have had you committed, no questions asked At that point in time, there were three things in life that I knew for certain 1 I was a girl who d never met a site she couldn t hack or a code she couldn t break, 2 I had a roundhouse that could put a grown man in the hospital, and 3 I would without [...]

  10. Ok, let me start this review of by saying that I actually really love some of JLB s work The Fixer and the Naturals series which is why I decided to read as many of her books as possible I was really excited for this series because the premise sounds great I mean cheerleaders as government spies Sign me up Sadly, I was disappointed.Don t get me wrong, there were a few things that I liked.Some of the characters especially Lucy, Zee and Tara were cool and their base sounded amazing, but that s sad [...]

  11. Tasers and bulletproof push up bras In practically the same sentence So wrong So, so wrong Between this book and The Naturals series, it s safe to say Jennifer Lynn Barnes has a little obsession with teenagers working for CIA FBI but The Naturals is waaaay better, just sayin.Toby Klein is a sopho student who doesn t fit in with anyone else She s her own persona and doesn t follow highschool rules Until she s invited to join the Cheerleader team a group of people that Toby hates She then finds ou [...]

  12. I really tried with this one I kept thinking, if I just got through a few cliches, stereotypes, horrendous world building, repetitive snark, and self righteous brats, a kick ass plot would make up for it I was wrong.And Toby, I kept hoping for the badass computer geek I was promised, but all I got was this bratty brat face who thought she was the shit becausea she didn t know her bra sizeb she was almost ubiquitously dislikedc she s never worn makeupd she finds happiness and being nice overrate [...]

  13. I was really disappointed with this book I practically had to force myself to finish reading, just because I hate leaving books unfinished The biggest problem I had with this book was the main character Toby She was constantly complaining throughout the novel like yes, we get it you re sooooo special because you aren t a cheerleader and you re constantly acting salty about anything and everything girly The premise of the novel and the idea was good, and I thought the idea of having a spy service [...]

  14. I liked The Squad and I guess I have to begrudgingly agree with the people out there saying it was shallow, because it was a little but it was obvious by the summary that is was going to be at least a little shallow.But whatever, I though it was good I liked the different look on cheerleaders I mean, think about it when was the last time you read a YA book when the cheerleader wasn t the evil ahem witch I personally can t remember.So yeah, this was a nice refreshing book that really proves to yo [...]

  15. I was surprised by how hilarious I thought this book was Very witty and sarcastic, but usually not overtly so I m not sure how that will translate into the second book if I ll get tired of the voice , but it worked well here Toby s attitude and voice literally made me laugh out loud than once It s not as young as some other spy novels like the Gallagher Girls series references to bullet proof bras, butt photocopying, some swearing, etc so I probably won t be giving it to my niece for a few yea [...]

  16. Cheerleaders and secret agents have in common than you might think If you want to read a book about a group of kick ass high school girls that are secret spies as well as beautiful cheerleaders that can keep their clothes, nails and hair perfect after a mission then this is your book.

  17. The heroine s persistent bad attitude was super tiresome, but apart from that this was a fun read So onboard with the concept of cheerleading spies Will be picking up the sequel, but I m not in a particular hurry.

  18. I liked the book and then stumbled upon the last paragraph of the acknowledgements which made me do a retake on the thought the book stands upon and it made me appreciate the book than I would have done otherwise From what I saw in the book, I appreciated the parody the books makes of the society that is only concerned and satisfied with what is visible on the surface be it a person or a squad or an idea.

  19. A fun, fast read The premise is who would be a better CIA operative than a cheerleader People will always underestimate your intelligence, so you will never be suspected.

  20. A fun quick read Ever wonder how CIA operatives disguise themselves Cheerleaders Thanks for the loan Lesa.

  21. OMG I haven t laughed this much in a while Here s the cover blurb Bayport High operates like any other high school jocks at the top, outsiders at the bottom, and everyone else in between Enter Toby Klein, a sopho computer hacker who doesn t play well with others She has zero school spirit, a black belt in karate, and what her guidance counselor calls an attitude problem She s the last person you d expect to be invited to join the varsity cheerleading squad.But things are different at Bayport.Bay [...]

  22. This review is also posted at readingnookandcranny.Late June early July has been a rather slow period for me with books, so I decided to dive into another one of Barnes s series since I just inhaled the new Fixer novel and am eagerly awaiting the next installment in The Naturals series.Perfect Cover, the first novel in The Squad series, isn t quite up to par with Barnes s recent novels The plot was kind of bland Toby gets a few mysterious and coded messages left for her, telling her to go meet [...]

  23. This book was a TEN on the twists and turns scale The ending was so unexpected I thought I knew what was going to happen but I was wrong.I couldn t help but notice it s kind of similar to The Specialists Series In both books, each person on the team has a special skill And it s kind of ironic how both series are in the perspective of a computer whiz.I loved the characterization of Toby She s sassy, sarcastic, and smart But the zero to hero thing is a little unrealistic In reality, someone like T [...]

  24. High school sopho Toby Klein is not exactly cheerleader material She wears combat boots, is a third degree black belt, and spends her spare time hacking into very secure computer systems So when the God squad, as they are frequently referred to, sends her coded notes inviting her to try out, Toby is bewildered and curious, but has no intention of wearing a short skirt and sporting pom poms Then she learns that The Squad is a top secret government program that trains and uses the girls as spies a [...]

  25. 2 out of 5 StarsI really wanted to like this book and I thought I was going to because Jennifer Lynn Barnes is one of my favorite authors, but this book was just ok I don t know if the book was the problem or if I was the problem I didn t fully understand what I was getting myself into with the idea of undercover cheerleading squad because as I read it I just keep thinking to myself how silly and corny it was I also really did not like how Toby just transformed her life completely in the time sp [...]

  26. This is one of those books with a great plot but horrible boring characters.Cheerleaders who are secretly FBI agents Really interesting plot.However as with many books by Jennifer Lynn Barnes that I have a problem with, the characters were so predictable and boring Toby is your typical nerd who spends her free time hacking websites of big companies and looks down the god squad for being dumb When she receives a crypted invitation to join the squad she is immediately intrigued Upon joining she le [...]

  27. Alias meets Bring It On in this great, funny novel about cheerleader espionage Toby is surprised when she gets a note in her locker inviting her to try out for the varsity cheerleading squad She d think it was a joke except that there s a code hidden inside the note And hacker Toby is just too intrigued to ignore it Suddenly Toby is caught up in a world she couldn t have imagined the varsity cheerleaders at Bayport High are actually a group of highly trained spies and they want her to join them [...]

  28. Solid 4 StarsI finished a while ago, but I remember I freaked The plot is nice, I can relate to having to change but I wouldn t no matter the black mail They have good points and funny times I like the emphasis on the training cheerleaders have to go through and how people would find them stupid because they are pretty Real cheerleaders are from all grades, they are of all diversity, they actually EAT, and they have lots of training to do They had a better concept of real cheerleaders faking to [...]

  29. It was so strange reading this after flying through Barnes s latest novel, The Fixer As a storyteller, she has definitely improved over the years This one was somewhat predictable and relied on cheap shots and jokes to carry it forward Definitely of a vanilla fluffy read.At the same time, I think this shows how much YA has grown as a genre I consider this book part of the first coming of YA spy books, in the same vein as The Specialists and Death by Nowadays, a lot of YA takes itself seriously [...]

  30. What could be a perfect cover that the cheerleading squad Toby learns that her varsity cheerleaders are up to than high kicks and social domination They are also government spies and she s been invited to join the clique.Why I started this book Recently found Barnes other series and I am always up for a good teen spy book.Why I finished it I ve read this before, but didn t remember that until I was halfway thru Fun to revisit the squad missions Next I have to reread I d Tell You I Love You, Bu [...]