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The Juniper Game

The Juniper Game [PDF] The Juniper Game | by ↠ Sherryl Jordan - The Juniper Game, The Juniper Game This compelling new page turner by the highly praised author of A Time of Darkness tells the story of two teenagers who experiment with thought transference and find themselves caught up in a terrifyi

  • Title: The Juniper Game
  • Author: Sherryl Jordan
  • ISBN: 9780590447294
  • Page: 442
  • Format: Paperback

[PDF] The Juniper Game | by ↠ Sherryl Jordan, [PDF] The Juniper Game | by ↠ Sherryl Jordan, The Juniper Game, Sherryl Jordan, The Juniper Game This compelling new page turner by the highly praised author of A Time of Darkness tells the story of two teenagers who experiment with thought transference and find themselves caught up in a terrifying time traveling game where past and future come together. [PDF] The Juniper Game | by ↠ Sherryl Jordan - The Juniper Game, The Juniper Game This compelling new page turner by the highly praised author of A Time of Darkness tells the story of two teenagers who experiment with thought transference and find themselves caught up in a terrifyi

  • [PDF] The Juniper Game | by ↠ Sherryl Jordan
    442Sherryl Jordan
The Juniper Game

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  1. Award winning New Zealand author Sherryl Jordan began her writing career with picture books, but soon moved on to novels for older readers Her breakthrough came with Rocco, published in the United States as A Time of Darkness, and since that time she has gone on to pen many titles for young adult and juvenile readers that have been published both in her native New Zealand and throughout the world The recipient of a 1993 fellowship to the prestigious writing program at the University of Iowa, Jordan used her time in the United States to speak widely at schools and conferences about her books, which blend fantasy with bits of science fiction and romantic realism All my young adult novels have been gifts, she noted in the St James Guide to Children s Writers I don t think them up They hit me over the head when I least expect them overwhelm me with impressions, sights, and sounds of their new worlds enchant me with their characters and dare me to write them.

  2. I wanted time travel, I got of Juniper treating Dylan like a doormatfriend for almost the entire book and long descriptions of Dylan drawing better pictures than Da Vinci.Or maybe I was just Sassy McCrankypants while I was reading this I wanted it to be BAM POW TIME TRAVEL and it totally wasn t Can you think of quirky cool or quirky annoying characters Let s discuss I am immovable regarding the characters on the list but feel free to disagree

  3. This is New Zealand book that my mates and I were crazy about in High School Contemporary high school ESP Amazing artist guy crushing on dynamic wild girl Time Travel Medieval England Witch burnings Incredible, crazy story Most of all, it still resonates with me a decade after first reading it.

  4. Juniper is beautiful, brilliant, bubbling with vitality, buoyant with theories about life and immensely popular at school She s also manipulative Dylan is creative, artistic, withdrawn, nerdish and desperately lonely Their home lives couldn t be different Juniper s mother has a house full of light and imaginative touches as well as a boyfriend who lives in a gypsy caravan Dylan s mother, on the other hand, is a wounded, broken woman who is about to leave because his underemployed father is havi [...]

  5. I m not sure how to review this book I enjoyed most of the plot and the description writing style, but not the characters or the pace of the story.I nearly dropped the book when I found out Dylan was supposedly 14 about to turn 15 It didn t fit at all How old will Juniper be Speaking of Juniper I really hated her I liked how she was described and how she spoke, but I didn t like her she used Dylan and didn t see it as such Just felt annoyed when he painted that picture for her and caused her to [...]

  6. If I was still a kid, this would have a higher score but I m not, and it doesn t stand up well reading it now The parents are just totally chill and blase at the idea that the kids are telepathically linked WTF No one ever makes the kids do homework or go to sleep The Dad doesn t care that some stranger is giving his fifteen year old kid enough wine to get him drunk and home at 3am on a school night I just all the characters are ridiculous, and I couldn t suspend disbelief at allat said, it is a [...]

  7. I don t remember much of this book, except I loved it so much I checked it out multiple times at the library, and I was so happy when my grandparents got this one for me for the holiday season in 2001, it wasn t even in stores any at that time I do want to re read this one to relive this book

  8. When I was 10, I took a long trip across the United States with my family and this was one of the books I had along for the ride It fascinated me, and I believe I read it several times over on that trip, and reread it again several times in the years that followed Fifteen years later, I still have that same copy of it sitting on my shelf A great read for young and intelligent book lovers.

  9. A reread of a YA book I remember enjoying as a teenager As an adult I found it simpler than I remembered, perhaps MG than YA though there are some mature themes A quick enjoyable and captivating read that doesnt feel dated.

  10. I loved this book when I was a kid I still love it a little bit now, even though I found Juniper to be pretty unbelievable I m pretty sure I wanted to be like her when I was growing up, and that was part of the draw for me This book has ESP, telepathy, time travel sort of , underage drinking, neglectful parents but not maliciously , an older woman dating a younger man who is also a gypsy Juniper s mom , a cheating husband Dylan s dad , nightmares, a car crash, witch trials burning, and allusions [...]

  11. I loved this book as a kid, but hadn t read it for over a decade On coming back to the book, I found it simplistic than I remembered The fact that everyone was immediately au fait with the concept of these two teenagers being telepathic was jarring, and I was frustrated with Juniper s treatment of Dylan than I remember being at the time That being said, her descriptions of medieval England feel so vivid that it still retains a large part of its old charm, and I must remind myself not to judge [...]

  12. I read this once when I was in middle school I wanted to read this again as an adult He story is definitely different and certain details stuck out to me this time Juniper is not a good friend, but also very selfish Which is most of the time the case for kids their age That being said I still enjoy this book It s a different twist on time travel through meditation I live the descriptions of Juniper s home And he ending still made me cry.

  13. not as exciting as i thought I picked up this book from this book sale, and from the sound of it, it seemed pretty exciting But once I started reading, it didn t sit well with me ESP and medieval time traveling is great and all that, but it didn t have the emotional aspect of it The link Juniper and Dylan shared weren t exactly expressed properly Overall, it wasn t what I was expecting You may like it, but it wasn t my type of book.

  14. I think I had attempted to read this once before but didn t get past the first or second chapter It s an interesting book, I had a sense of discomfort through the whole thing, partially because of distrust of Juniper and fear for what would happen The premise of the book is super interesting, it s written in a lovely, visual manner and it totally gave me weird dreams.

  15. I liked this book, especially as it took place down under.Take an almost perfect teenage girl and have her notice a bumbling but talented artistic boy and combine them with time travel, ESP, and medieval witchcraft and lore The result is a Julian Thompson cast in a Margaret Mahy plot There is, no doubt, an audience for fantasy that seems grounded in this contemporary reality of high school and single parent households Yet Dylan s artistic abilities and Juniper s telepathic powers never take on r [...]

  16. This is a book I used to read over and over as a pre teen early teen and this is the first opportunity I have had as an adult to re read it.I first read this book in my last year of primary school, so I would have been 10 11 years old This surprises me a little because I m not sure I would feel comfortable recommending this book to anyone else at that age, even if they were a bit of a mature reader Maybe it was because I was younger and viewed the 14 year old high school students portrayed in t [...]

  17. This book is written in what is probably my favourite type of fantasy no magical powers, no magical creatures, but things to do with the mind and with time Brilliant.Though this book was published over 20 years ago, I hadn t read it till now Twenty years ago I wasn t reading teen fiction with strong female leads, nor was my then 10 year old son In fact, I only discovered this fabulous author this year There is clearly much there for me to remedy.I love the characters in this book I love the bits [...]

  18. 15 year old Dylan, a nobody at school, is not having much fun at home either His mother is miserable in her barren marriage and leans on Dylan to care for his young twin sisters when Mom abandons the family, it is up to Dylan to be cook and housekeeper as well Small wonder that he is bewitched by dazzling Juniper, a new girl at school, who recruits him to play a strange game She will send him mental images, and he will draw them for her Juniper s images become ever vivid and it is soon clear th [...]

  19. I recently re read The Juniper Game by Sherryl Jordan and what an excellent read it was While I think that there were some caveats in the progression, the characterization, the conflict, and the prose keeps you reading until the very end Very imaginative and immersive experience The story revolves around two 14 year old protagonists Dylan Pidgely and his odd friend Juniper Juniper is a very spontaneous girl fascinated by the unknown, so much so that she tends to ignore the world and people aroun [...]

  20. One of those books that I don t really want to give stars to, because it fell between I liked it and I really liked it I liked the way it approached the idea of time travel and I liked reading about Dylan finding people and a place that felt like his kinds of people and places I thought a lot of things rang true about the story the levels of friendship that fluctuate between people, the manic episodes of laughter between friends, the mindless terror of a real phobia, the regret for being blind [...]

  21. This is a one of my fun mystery book It was a good book for people who like a magical stuff It about Dylan the boy who have such an amazing art skill and that make Juniper interested in him Juniper is a beautiful girl but she has secret which is she has a magic an she send picture, real picture by her magic to Dylan then he draw it He was in Juniper game which is he not even know why he need to draw few sculpture for her and He didn t do his homework he come back to his house late everyday he no [...]

  22. I first read this book when I was around 12 years old, and I loved it 18 years later, I went looking for it only to discover it is out of print Luckily, I found a used copy on I read this very quickly I finished it in a day I still love the story However, with my adult understanding now, there are some things that feel unfinished or unnecessary in the plot, and although this is clearly a fantasy novel, there were times I found the interactions between the characters a bit lame and hard to believ [...]

  23. At times, I almost rated this a 4 Then something would drop it down to a 3 So maybe a 3.5.It was a compelling read, especially for the first half However, it got disoriented and odder by the second half I also felt like Juniper and Dylan didn t really act like 14 year olds And What to the parent condoned alcohol drinking at that age And that Dylan s parents were too calm and too collected considering what was going on in Dylan s family.Still, I loved Jordan s writing when I was younger, so I wan [...]

  24. I know this is a young readers book This was the first Chapter book I ever read and finished I think I was about 11 or 12 This book captivated me so much that I read it 3 times in a row I still have a copy of it to this day even though the cover is ripped off and it has water damage I suggest this book to any young reader out there and the young at heart I now have read this book a total of at least 8 times I still enjoy it

  25. As an 10 year old I loved all of Sheryl Jordens books I loved her characters and the places they took me to Understand that this is 10 year old tracys opinion not 23 year old Tracy I would recommened you read it with that in mind Also definatly a great read for any of your little rothers or sisters All her books have strong female leads, that often overcome things men can t So 100% yes read this book, I still re read all her books when i am feeling nostelgic

  26. This is the best book from my childhood, hands down This is the book which introduced my love of fantasy to my soon to be all consuming love for all things time travel cross dimensional etc This is a lovely book, and something I will always say Have you read this Please, go and read it I must have been ten or eleven when I first read it, and my love has only grown for both this book, the presence of the past in the present, and time travel thank you, Sherryl Jordan.

  27. This comes under the catergory Book written by a Female.1 I chose to read this because there was nothing else that looked interesting to me.2 I liked how the author mixed a lot of genres into the story.3 I didnt like how the strange romance had come between all the characters.4 I recommend this for anyone that is into Art, Medieval Times, or Telepathy.