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Time of the Eagle

Time of the Eagle à Time of the Eagle ¾ Sherryl Jordan - Time of the Eagle, Time of the Eagle I was the first child born to a hunted people in the first winter of their flight My earliest memory is of being carried on my mother s hip across barren plains with wild mountains all around and o

  • Title: Time of the Eagle
  • Author: Sherryl Jordan
  • ISBN: 9780060595548
  • Page: 178
  • Format: Hardcover

à Time of the Eagle ¾ Sherryl Jordan, à Time of the Eagle ¾ Sherryl Jordan, Time of the Eagle, Sherryl Jordan, Time of the Eagle I was the first child born to a hunted people in the first winter of their flight My earliest memory is of being carried on my mother s hip across barren plains with wild mountains all around and of rough tents made of skins stretched across sticks planted in the dust of hunger and thirst and a feeling I did not like or understand but which I know now was the fear thI was th. à Time of the Eagle ¾ Sherryl Jordan - Time of the Eagle, Time of the Eagle I was the first child born to a hunted people in the first winter of their flight My earliest memory is of being carried on my mother s hip across barren plains with wild mountains all around and o

  • à Time of the Eagle ¾ Sherryl Jordan
    178Sherryl Jordan
Time of the Eagle

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  1. Award winning New Zealand author Sherryl Jordan began her writing career with picture books, but soon moved on to novels for older readers Her breakthrough came with Rocco, published in the United States as A Time of Darkness, and since that time she has gone on to pen many titles for young adult and juvenile readers that have been published both in her native New Zealand and throughout the world The recipient of a 1993 fellowship to the prestigious writing program at the University of Iowa, Jordan used her time in the United States to speak widely at schools and conferences about her books, which blend fantasy with bits of science fiction and romantic realism All my young adult novels have been gifts, she noted in the St James Guide to Children s Writers I don t think them up They hit me over the head when I least expect them overwhelm me with impressions, sights, and sounds of their new worlds enchant me with their characters and dare me to write them.

  2. Reviewed by Carrie Spellman for TeensReadTooAvala is a member of the dwindling race of the Shivali Avala is special her mother, Ashila, is the tribe s healer and her father, Gabriel, was Navoran, a member of an enemy tribe who became a great ally in times of trouble The Navoran still conquer lands, and the Shinali have become nomads, but there are still a few Navoran who honor Avala s father, and are willing to deal gently with Shinali The true reason that Avala is held in high regard is due to [...]

  3. Time of the Eagle is an amazing sequel to Secret Sacrament, but also works well as a stand alone novel as a lot of content from the first book is explained throughout the story.Avala is a character that can be related to as she has doubts about her abilities as a healer and being able to fulfil the destiny laid before her that her father began As the story moves forward, we began begin to see that she is a determined and driven young woman, who fights to leave her mark on the world.It is a beaut [...]

  4. Time of the Eagle is a book that should get praise, due to its richly built worlds and interesting characters I picked up the book by chance, being intrigued by the synopsis of the book It s a book that genuinely made me think, and wonder about things that happen in the book It made me feel the emotion and made me truly believe that the character was real It could do well as a stand alone book since the book explains in detail what happened before the events of Time of the Eagle.Sherryl Jordan [...]

  5. Avala s fate is might, for she is the chosen one the one who will bring the Time of the Eagle, when the hunted will become the hunters and win back their freedom It is a destiny that requires the spirit of a warrior and the heart of a healer Although this is technically a sequel to Secret Sacrament , there is no need to read that book to know and understand what is happening in this one Though if it is anywhere close to being as good as this one, I recommend it In this book, Avala, daughter of t [...]

  6. I fell in love with one of Sherryl Jordan s books when I was younger The Juniper Game and recently realised that I d never read anything else of hers Well, I said, this must be rectified To the library, Jeeves And off we went.Time of the Eagle didn t grip my imagination like The Juniper Game did It s a young adult fantasy, and shares some of the painful aspects of that genre characters saying things like, It was a high lot good to emphasise the fact that we re in a different world I was a high l [...]

  7. My name Avala I m about to turn 16.I was the first child born to a hunted people, in the winter of their flight My people are called the Shinali, and by the time I was born, there were only a few of us left Always, we were moving.Things were not between my father s people and my mother s The Navorans my dad s side had hunted my people for years, and still did We hid, camped in valleys hidden by snow, moving often to avoid being found and wiped out.That day, that fateful day, I was gathering herb [...]

  8. Maybe a 3.5 I don t remember much about the book to which this book is a sequel, other than loving it when I read it a decade or so ago And now wanting to re read it soon.I m not sure why I quite liked this book, but I did It was a beautiful native people fantasy type world, and I liked most of the characters.There were a few things that bothered me, though It was way too long especially in the denouement, which went on for 50 pages , and Not a lot happened Nothing shocking anyway With one excep [...]

  9. The Shinali people have been exiled from their land for many years, but rather than being discouraged, they look forward to the Time of the Eagle, a time when they will rise up with other displaced peoples and take back their land as the prophecy foretold Avala is the daughter of a healing woman and a peacemaker who came from the enemy Navorans On her sixteenth borning day, Avala receives a new prophecy that she is to usher in the long awaited Time of the Eagle, as a peacemaker between all enemy [...]

  10. This is the sequel to Secret Sacrament and it has a prophecy about the overthrow of a vicious and malevolent power, in this case the evil tyrant and sorceror Jaganath Avala s father, Gabriel, sacrificed himself so that her people, the Shinali, would gain their freedom Avala however has plans to be a healer, not a martyr Her wonderful vision of creating the Time of the Eagle by uniting the Shinali, the Igaal and the Hena founders on the drive for appeasement which some of the tribal chieftains ad [...]

  11. A surprisingly good read for me I loved that it was clean so swearing, no sex, only minor descriptions of war I loved that the point was love To win with love Sure, some of it was lengthy and oversimplified and cliche, and I liked that too Sometimes it is nice to not have a book full of twists and turns It was relaxing to not be wondering what the next nasty surprise or evil plot might be, and I could put it down to get things done like dinner and laundry but I still wanted to pick it up again T [...]

  12. Time of the Eagle is about Avala a girl completing a prophecy left by her father This book is fantasy and a very good one The author explains everything the way it happens and sometimes flashes back to other important things This book had lots of good events and description with the landscapes and all the different villages Avail and the other tribes joins together and took back the city This book shows alot of similes and metaphors comparing the tribes against each other I did not like this boo [...]

  13. The book is about the fulfilling of a prophecy for a nation of people who have had their land stolen, have been stricken with war, and must become nomads to escape the emperor who wants their race dead A young girl, Avala, bares the weight of having to fulfill the prophecy, the book is from her perspective The author is one of my favorites I really enjoyed the way in which Avala grows from an unsure girl to an amazing healer and confident young woman The scenes that speak of their final freedom [...]

  14. I really enjoyed this book for its detail and well thought out plot with no holes I also enjoyed the longer ending, that actually explained what happens after the happy ending instead of stopping right after the victory Lastly, I very much enjoyed the writing style for it portrayed every emotion very well.

  15. Oh your god I loved this book It was great and I could never take my eyes off of it Sure it is long but it was so awesome, nothing in the entire book made me think that it could be dumb All of the scentences were really detailed and nothing was that inapropriate There were a few wars butyways I loved it and it did a good job of really captivating me.

  16. This book is sooo good I highly reccomend it to anyone that has a working, caring heart This book is about a girl that is part of a prophecy that talks about the uniting of the tribes and defending the villian It s really cool, without the fake stuff, like the happiness to serve all the time, and not getting tired, and it seems so sureal So, basicly, read it.

  17. I really lived this book I feel like I have been in another world for a little while The authors ability to create a works that you can vividly imagine is incredible I will be reading all of Sherryl Jordan s books A great read.

  18. A very encouraging and romantic book about fate and the strong and determined belief of a young girl who wants to have peace between the tribes on the earth The language is slightly different, but very right in a way that is almost wrong Lol I recommend it for any young reader

  19. I love Sherryl Jordan, but I like it better when she makes me cry This was too happy ending to really excite me, and periods would go too long with nothing really happening In the end, Avala has it all and I m afraid I couldn t really believe it.

  20. I was rerereading this book, it was just really good, and I really loved the story, and I picked up on some details that I d forgotten, or just kinda read over by accident This is just a great book I loved it

  21. I have read this book multiple times since I was 14 years old I absolutely love the world that Sheryl Jordan creates in this series It s a beautiful Romeo and Juliet style tale of healing, war and peace.

  22. Sequel to Secret Sacrament by Sherryl Jordan, this book tells the story of Gabriel s daughter who struggles to find her own identity than just his daughter and than her destined role as peace bringer.

  23. this is a story most don t take notice of that I think they should it s a great story that follows the journey of a woman that has this great destiny upon her shoulders fantastic and amazingly well written

  24. Not one of her best then I don t like books that follow on from the next generation and the story line isn t as gripping as some of her others, but still a good read

  25. The sequil to The Secret Sacrament , is a great follow up book I love when stories continue and this one is just as fun as the other I love the names she gives the characters too.

  26. This book was amazingI couldn t put it down til I finished it and now it makes me want to get the Secret Sacrement which I know its kind of reverse but without reading it was still a great book.

  27. Such an amazing story full of beautiful dialogue and endearing characters It was a great book to get swept up in and enjoy I hope to read from this author in the future truly a great story.

  28. I read this book a long time ago but i still remember the time i finnaly got sick of passing the book so i picked up form my library and i read it Its a good book.

  29. I totally expected this book to be cheesy because of the title, but it was great I enjoyed the story, and the underlying theme of good conquering evil.