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Winger [PDF] Read ↠ Winger : by AndrewSmith - Winger, Winger Ryan Dean West is a fourteen year old junior at a boarding school for rich kids in the Pacific Northwest He s living in Opportunity Hall the dorm for troublemakers and rooming with the biggest bully

  • Title: Winger
  • Author: AndrewSmith
  • ISBN: 9781442444928
  • Page: 392
  • Format: Hardcover

[PDF] Read ↠ Winger : by AndrewSmith, [PDF] Read ↠ Winger : by AndrewSmith, Winger, AndrewSmith, Winger Ryan Dean West is a fourteen year old junior at a boarding school for rich kids in the Pacific Northwest He s living in Opportunity Hall the dorm for troublemakers and rooming with the biggest bully on the rugby team And he s madly in love with his best friend Annie who thinks of him as a little boy With the help of his sense of humor rugby buddies and his penchantRyan Dean West is a f. [PDF] Read ↠ Winger : by AndrewSmith - Winger, Winger Ryan Dean West is a fourteen year old junior at a boarding school for rich kids in the Pacific Northwest He s living in Opportunity Hall the dorm for troublemakers and rooming with the biggest bully

  • [PDF] Read ↠ Winger : by AndrewSmith

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  1. Andrew Smith is the author of Winger , The Marbury Lens , Passenger , Ghost Medicine , Stick , and In the Path of Falling Objects Grasshopper Jungle is coming from Dutton Penguin on February 11, 2014.

  2. Winger is about a fourteen year old boy named Ryan Dean West who plays rugby at Pine Mountain Academy He is very teenage boy if you know what I mean hormonal, crude, and thinks he s in love with every girl he sees He also draws some, and those cartoons are integrated right into the text of the novel.Why am I giving this book a 1 star rating I am fine with saying that I just found myself too old for this book Some people may argue that you can t be too young or old for books, but in this case, ha [...]

  3. I can t even begin to tell you how good this book was I wasn t expecting to enjoy it as much as I did I had issues with the main character, but I like when I have problems with a main character I enjoy reading about flawed characters It gets annoying when you read books where the main character is perfect and everybody likes them The main character in this book goes through a transformation throughout this book and that was really neat to follow The plot was really interesting and the book went [...]

  4. Ah, Ryan Dean, Ryan Dean, Ryan Dean He s definitely not your usual contemporary YA hero Actually, this whole book is a breath of fresh air Set at a boarding school for both boys and girls, Winger illustrates the life of a fourteen year old boy in love with his super hot sixteen year old best friend, Annie, and his way of coping with being put in the same dorm as someone he s afraid might strangle him in his sleep.Ryan might come off as an immature, obsessed with the idea of sex and troublemaker [...]

  5. How can one story make you literally crack up laughing on one page and the next you find yourself bawling your eyes out If I could give this than 5 measly stars I would 440 pages of genius.

  6. I ve got to be brutally honest, I m not sure why this book has so many glowing reviews and award nominations Andrew Smith is a good writer, and his truthful, unedited portrayal of teenage boys reminds me of John Green s Paper Towns yes, for once, the Green comparisons are actually valid But Winger is poorly paced and as a feminist and a LGBTQ ally I found Smith s novel deeply problematic Winger tells the story of Ryan Dean, a fourteen year old junior and rugby player at a boarding school for ric [...]

  7. Unpopular opinion of the day Winger wasn t that wonderful.Seeing all the glowing, five star reviews of this book, I wonder if it s me who went wrong Andrew Smith did a lot of the little things right in this in Winger He established a consistent narrative, incorporated rugby and its rules with ease, used a boarding school as the book s setting, and featured a nice friendship between Winger, the main character, and his best friend, Joey.But I wanted from this 400 page book Several themes or chara [...]

  8. Well then What even was this catastrophe I feel like squinting at this book and then poking it with a long pole and saying WHAT IS THE POINT OF YOUR FACE because what I feel like I just read 430 pages of a teenage boy moping about how dorky he is and punctuating each freaking page with I m such a loser You know what, Ryan Dean West YOU ARE SUCH A LOSER And as my friend said, maybe it should ve been titled.WhingerBasically it s a boarding school book Cue rich kids In a strict environment When the [...]

  9. Here I am again, the voice of reason, fighting a tidal wave of support in a heroic attempt to save you some irritation and wasted time But I know what you re thinking, This is the guy that hates everything, right How can I possibly trust his opinion Well no worries, friendo, because I m about to break it all down for you If you re a teenager or you can relate to or still have the mentality of a young, horny, sex crazed, mouthy adolescent, then, by all means, delve in Feel free to ignore this old [...]

  10. What if I were to write my entire review like this in a hyphen abusing sort of way Would it annoy you nearly as much as reading several sentences like this on every single page of the book annoyed me Let s try it Ryan Dean is many things He is a stupid name and an unlikeable protagonist He is the author of his own troubles He is a loser, he is a skinny bitch ass, and he is not gay If you can t remember any of this don t worry he will incessantly remind you in a guy with alzheimer s sort of way A [...]

  11. I don t know how to review a book like Winger I ve loved every single one of Andrew Smith s books Some that others But each one has offered up something honest and real and beautiful Winger is different I read in the NYT s review that Winger belongs to a group of books that are all very John Green in nature And while John Green is certainly a talented writer, I think he writes the kinds of teenagers that adults wish teenagers were Andrew Smith, on the other hand, writes teenagers as they actual [...]

  12. 4 STARSIn this episode of What The F ck HappenedMeet Winger.Pine Mountain Academy is a school for the rich and the supposedly neglected where Ryan Dean West is a 14 year old junior The story starts as he begins to serve his sentence for stealing a teacher s phone in Opportunity Hall, the school s dorm for the exceptionally delinquent His day begins by getting dunked in one of the common toilets in O Hall by two football bullies Fun times To make thing interesting, he is also bunkmates with Chas [...]

  13. Meet Ryan Dean aka Winger, he is that guy that isn t really a nerd but sure isn t that cool guy either You remember him don t you He s the guy that makes you laugh like no one else could Little horn dog fellow who thinks about sex five thousand times a day Ryan Dean is fourteen and in the 11th grade at a rich kids school he has been assigned in OR hall for stealing a teacher s cell phone and hacking into it He is to share a room with the school s jock bully so he is sure to die before the first [...]

  14. Joey told me nothing ever goes back exactly the way it was, that things expand and contract like breathing, but you could never fill your lungs up with the same air twice The first few pages I wasn t sure I liked it A hundred pages in I really enjoyed it and about halfway through, I was fed up with the main character Yeah he s a loser, I get it, I don t need to hear it again Yeah he s horny, I know, cause apparently everything that walks and isn t male gets his blood pumping Just tone it down, t [...]

  15. I don t know if these are spoilers, per se emotional spoilers, maybe Anyway, read at your own riskNo JustThis book didn t earn what it tried to do at the end And it s sonsational that it makes me angry, like really and truly MAD, at the author for trying it 410 pages of dick and ball jokes, homo bashing, and objectifying girls are NOT erasable by a shock ending.Fuck you, author man I m so mad I can t even with this I can see, based on this novel s Printz nod and unbelievably high average rating [...]

  16. This review can also be found at Carole s Random Life.Why did I wait so long to read this book I could kick myself for putting this one off for so long This book has to be one of the best YA novels that I have ever read It is really that good I read this book cover to cover in a single day and I can t think of a better way to spend a free day Of course, I really didn t have much of a choice because once I started reading this story, I simply could not put it down.Ryan Dean West is in many ways a [...]

  17. Find all of my reviews at 52bookminimum Ryan Dean West Winger to the guys on the rugby team is a Junior at a boarding school He s different than the other boys, though He s only 14 This is the story of Ryan Dean s life altering year dealing with first kisses, first bullies, first love, first loss all while trying to remove himself from the stigma that is being the little guy It s always that one word that makes you so different and puts you outside the overlap of everyone else and that word is s [...]

  18. I m so freaking upset right now Did I laugh Yes.Was the writing good Yes.Were the drawings pretty Yes.Those were the only redeemable things about this book.And Joey, the only character I actually liked cared about.Other than that it just felt like a homophobic and sexist read view spoiler I didn t care about the cursing nor the constant mention of genitalia or how Ryan Dean was so perverted I got that he was a 14 year old boy, I did Winger made me incredibly upset because of two things that carr [...]

  19. OK, I never say this, but all I could think as I finished this book was, WTF Seriously, what just happened There are two kinds of terrible books the kind that you put down after a few pages, because the writing or characters or storyline are awful and the kind like Winger, that draw you in with decent writing and engaging characters and an award winning author and then reward your trust with sloppy plotting and a completely out of the blue ending.I had a few problems with this book 1 There isn t [...]

  20. Part of my Huge Review Binge 2k15 aka trying to catch up on reviews I haven t done in the past two years Date read December 1st, 2013Date reviewed July 11th, 2015 One of the things about rugby that s an inescapable tradition is that everyone on the team has to sing, and everyone also gets a nickname It s not conscious or thought out, it just happens And, when someone finally settles on calling you by a nickname you re stuck Forever.So no matter what happened to me in my life, as far as the guys [...]

  21. Check out this review on Lauren Reads YA, with photos of the book What a piece of crap is full of 5 star reviews of this book, and I m honestly not sure if we all read the same book.The entire book is literally just what I imagine it s like inside the head of a horny teenage boy Ryan Dean is fourteen and constantly thinking about hot girls, making gross comments at them, sometimes even inappropriately touching them when he gets the chance Throughout the entire book he objectifies nearly every wo [...]

  22. O M G You know what I expected a light, funny read that would make me laugh BUT WOW JUST WOWWOWWOW I didn t see THAT coming This book is really so much fun and it has pictures and you just have to read it MAN I M BLOWN AWAY READ THIS IF YOU LIKE LOOKING FOR ALASKA

  23. I agree with the reviewer who said there was a tragic twist way too late in the plot For one, it was completely unneeded the main theme of the story was already resolved and everything that followed did feel tacked on It was also not in keeping with the rest of the book s tone The narrator makes you believe you are in a comedy for about 400 pages when actually he s narrating a tragedy Plus it s not really relevant to most of us cause that kind of thing basically doesn t happen view spoiler There [...]

  24. IF I m being honest when am I not honest haha , I found Ryan Dean to be a huge knob And that s putting it lightly He spends half the book whining about how much he dislikes other people but is a huge hypocrite and doesn t see those same traits in himself He was a dick There were no proper descriptions of the characters, I don t really know what anyone looked like I am sure the writing was meant to convey the inner machinations of a fourteen year old boys brain, but it just came of as misogynisti [...]

  25. Andrew Smith s Winger flattened me I was breezing along, laughing and cringing at the shenanigans Ryan Dean West gets into, and then the ending cold cocked me in the feels Yes, I saw some kind of tragedy on the horizon, but I expected something different than what I received I was a blubbering mess by the final page Such a mess that my lovely wife said, Dude, it s just a book Yet there are some books that rise above simple ink and paper, or collected kilobytes There are some books that breathe S [...]

  26. I found out something about words There are plenty of words I can put on paper, words I can see with my eyes and scribble with my hand, that I never had the guts to say with my mouth Since this year has started, I ve only cried over two books Winger by Andrew Smith is one of them I m not sure if it s Ryan Dean s moving, realistic voice that had me hooked, or if it was the way I could easily relate to the character and connect with them on such an intense level that made it so hard for me to acce [...]

  27. Ekrana bo bo bak p nereden ba lasam diye d n yorum Ba n anlatsam sonunun buruklu unu atlatamad m, sonunu anlatsam ba n n e lencesini ka raca m San r m en ba tan anlatmal y m.Ryan Dean West her ne kadar kendine durmadan ezi in tekiyim dese de ki bunu diyip durmas kitap boyunca beni delirtti kendisi g rd m en orjinal karakterlerden biriydi Kitap boyunca yle bir olay oldu u yok Ryan Dean in y r yen hormon olmas ndan kaynakl ba na gelen komiklikleri, ba na a t belalar okuyoruz Ama olay olmamas na ra [...]

  28. I often get asked, So what do you like to read The answer is Anything, as long as the voice is there I can t make it off the first page if it isn t Just finished Winger, and man, is the voice ever there Smith is such a good writer, and the funny, smart, confused, hornswoggling Winger aka Ryan Dean West is so alive on the page that I feel I ve lived inside the head of a fourteen year old boy for a week Smith, whose novel Grasshopper Jungle won a Printz Honor, is a new writer to me, and I will be [...]