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Burn Unlimited Burn - by Addison Moore - Burn, Burn Celestra Series OPTIONED for FILM by th CENTURY FOX From the New York Times and USA Today bestselling author Addison Moore Sixteen year old Skyla Messenger is having difficulties with the living a

  • Title: Burn
  • Author: Addison Moore
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 107
  • Format: Kindle Edition

Unlimited Burn - by Addison Moore, Unlimited Burn - by Addison Moore, Burn, Addison Moore, Burn Celestra Series OPTIONED for FILM by th CENTURY FOX From the New York Times and USA Today bestselling author Addison Moore Sixteen year old Skyla Messenger is having difficulties with the living and the dead With Chloe s diary in her hands Skyla embarks into the mind of one of Paragon s most twisted former residents After accidentally kick starting the fac Celestra Series OPTIONED for FI. Unlimited Burn - by Addison Moore - Burn, Burn Celestra Series OPTIONED for FILM by th CENTURY FOX From the New York Times and USA Today bestselling author Addison Moore Sixteen year old Skyla Messenger is having difficulties with the living a

  • Unlimited Burn - by Addison Moore
    107Addison Moore

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  1. Addison Moore is a New York Times and USA Today bestselling author who writes contemporary and paranormal romance Previously she worked as a therapist on a locked psychiatric unit for nearly a decade She resides on the West Coast with her husband, four wonderful children, and two dogs where she eats too much chocolate and stays up way too late When she s not writing, she s reading.

  2. OK So I literally just finished this books, and before I explode I have to say OH MY GOD THE ENDING WAS SO SURPRISING I WAS LIKE NO WAY IN HELL THAT JUST HAPPENED YOU WOULD NEVER GUESS EVER EVER EVER view spoiler LOGAN NOOOOO I mean, I do like Gage , but that doesn t mean I m not really sad that he s a count also, like EVERY FREAKING PERSON IS A COUNT wtf her family All her friends Pretty much like only her and Gage aren t then the chloe thing at the end i was just like That did not just happen [...]

  3. I don t even know where to begin with this book First, if you have not read the the first two, then STOP Buy them all, then read them in order You CAN read them in any order you wish, but why would anyone want to read them out of order Anyway, back to this one.Again we pick up where the last book, Tremble, left off and we jump right into Chloe s diary For those like me who wondered if we would get to know the contentswhy yes, yes we do every last word And let me tell you something, as I typed th [...]

  4. oH GREAT,another cliff hanger Are you trying to kill me Ok back to the beginning, you can tell by the 13 status updates, I really got into this book But there s still some disconnect with me and actually feeling for Skyla Most of the time I m engrossed on what is happening to the girls and boys around her than actually her I think it s because I just don t get why and how she can be in love with Gage and still pine over Logan like she lost an arm oh wait that was the last book And please hasn t [...]

  5. I read book two and book three of this series back to back, and the plots of both were so similar and boring that I am having trouble distinguishing between the two I bought all four books and I read all four mostly because I m a masochist, but partly because there are some VERY FEW redeeming qualities.The plot of this book is Skyla makes out with Logan and Gage and HER TEACHER Marshall nonstop throughout the story She time travels to visit a psychopath a lot too Oh yeah, there s also an angel w [...]

  6. I don t know how to write this review without being spoilery So from here on out, vague is the name of the game And enthusiastic Wow I don t even know where to begin with BURN My friends told me this series was a wild ride And I got that, but I didn t get it Just when I had things sorted out, author Addison Moore virtually picked the entire story up and shook it, letting the pieces fall back into place like glitter in a water globe Addison is still torn between Logan and Gage I know this won t e [...]

  7. Alright, as I stated in my short review of Tremble Celestra book 2 I read both Tremble and Burn back to back because I could NOT get enough This is the type of series that leaves you thinking about it long after you are finished reading it There were times where I was so mad at Skyla for the whole not being able to make a choice between Logan and Gage, but that little fact didn t deter me from loving the story The last three or four paragraphs in Burn have left me anxious to read book 4 in the s [...]

  8. I was traipsing around, leisurely enjoying my reading of this third novel in the Celestra series, and my thoughts were, This is getting much better with each book I m not ready to give it a four star rating yet, but it s getting there That was up to the last two chapters of this book when my previous feelings about this series were completely obliterated Before I get to that point, let me say a little about my feelings while reading the majority of this book As I said, Moore s writing gets bette [...]

  9. Skyla Messenger failed to save her father from dying in the last book Now she accidentally starts a wars against the Counts when she mistakenly kills one for being a Fem Skyla now has a the ghost of a Count and his twin torturing and using her since they know she s Celestra Skyla finally reads Chloe s diary and everything does change Chloe is a totally different person from the last book and she dishes about everything and everyone in the last last few months before she dies Skyla is still confl [...]

  10. Holy jeez Addison MooreI just have a question for you Do you like taking my mind on a freaking roller coaster ride You have kept me on the edge of my seat all three books now Not one second did I ever fully go, okay I know what is going to happen next Because I don t know whats going to happen next, and if anyone says they do, they are lying.From the twists and turns to the intense romance and swooning going on I do not know what to tell you all as far as my favorite part of this series You neve [...]

  11. Right just completed Burn which is the third book in its series after Ethereal and Tremble and I got to say this story is getting and intense and little confusing with each chapter OI still enjoy Skylar as a character but she is beginning to annoy me with the amount of times she is close to death but gets fixed up like that snaps fingers you d think the girl would have a little recovery timeke fair enough she has the cuts and bruises and the anaemia now but her mother and Tad are so delusiona [...]

  12. Crazy good Definitely worth the wait until the link became available on Addison, hurry up and publish book 4 Holy moley I was just getting into the action and noticed I had finished 68% of the book I was seriously hoping that all of the action wasn t going to be jam packed into the last portions of the book Once I realized that wasn t going to happen I was sad because then the book was going to be over and I was going to have to wait for another one Great book, definitely my favorite of the book [...]

  13. One afternoon evening and I completely tore into this book I just can not get enough ob Skyla, Logan and Gage Onto book 4.ed book 2 and completely read book 3 in one day Not since The Hunger Games have I invested this kind of time into a series and read it so intensely.

  14. Gage or Logan who to choose What is up with Chloe ghost or not Oh and let s not forget about Marshall By far one of the best books Ive read in a while Love all the twists and turns and crazy characters.

  15. Burn was amazing Not a surprise coming from Ms Addison Moore I ve found each book to keep getting better and the ending of Burn blew my mind I can t wait for the fourth This was a great summer read I spent the weekend at the beach devouring Be warned this series is seriously addicting

  16. Love this one as much, if not than the first two Is that possible I can t say enough great things aout this seriese charactors, the story, the lovel I can saiy is.ady for book four Addison I can t wait to see where the story goes and who Skyla ends up with

  17. Your killing me here Addison I loved Burn, which is no suprise Now the end knocked me for a loop and I m probably gonna chew my nails to the quick waiting to read .

  18. I am sorry i can t take it any This book or should i say this series is haphazaard and a disaster First of all the girl s just not right like there is Nothing right in her So confused about gage or logan or marshall sometimes and i m like wtf I was only intent on reading Because of the story as i thought it is a good story but i feel its just being dragged There are things just thrown around anywhere, anyplace and what s with skyla always getting hurt i mean, not hurt hurt but like dead hurt Her [...]

  19. Holy crap ola I have never hated a character so much as I do Chloe Okay, there may have been a few others in other books, but wow Girl needs to GO I was so happy when Sky made it seem like she was gone for good, but Chloe was right about coming back because she slit her throat so dur This is going to mean all kinds of trouble and I m starting to wonder what is up with her family being stupid Counts and now Logan too I feel like raging at the end of this book Like said before too, she better not [...]

  20. This book has been the best one yet, the end came as a shock to me and I love how almost every chapter ends with a mystery yet to solve which makes you want to keep reading I love how Skyla defines her relationship with Had, how I can get a clear imagine and perfect character in my head of who he is.

  21. I am in love with this series The first two books were sitting on my Kindle forever, I can t believe it took me so long to read them Now I have to wait until pay day to finish up the series, and the ending of this book has me going crazy for the next one Super fun, quick read, great characters, and plenty of WTF moments Loved it

  22. EPIC EPIC EPIC Oh my goodness that was such a great read that I almost skipped rating it so I could start the next book What an ending I can t wait to read the rest of the series

  23. Progress is sloth like, there s no fantasy history background to build this other world the Angels are of at all.Glad it only costed 99 cents.

  24. Ho.leee.Moses What a cliffhanger of an ending It was not a turn I saw coming But totally makes me wonder what other twists and turns that await

  25. BURN Book 3 Celestra Series by Addison MooreBURN is the 3rd story in Addison Moore s Young Adult Celestra series Focusing on the life of 16 year old Skyla Messenger and her friends family of Angels and Demons, Addison continues her series, delving deeper into the darkside of a YA paranormal adventure Once again the cast of characters range from the angelic Celestra, the evil demon Fems, the Countenance enemy and Marshall Dudley the all encompassing Sector.BURN is a much darker novel than the pre [...]

  26. These are all my updated comments while I was reading this book, its just much easier to write a review while everything is fresh in your mind.Wow this girl Skyla, has already gotten view spoiler her neck slit, wow first her arm now her neck, hide spoiler these Counts don t really like her.Skyla killed a view spoiler freaken Count hide spoiler and now they re really going to be after her, it turned out to be the son of one of the Count leaders named Holden, and then she goes and frustrates me ag [...]

  27. Surprise So many surprises in these books already Read read again And how many are there in this series Lots

  28. Burn is a never ending, whacked out, shit storm of crazy The Celestra Series is one hell of a roller coaster ride and has been anything but average You never, and I mean NEVER, know what the hell is going to happen next and is by far the absolute least predictable series I ve ever read It s nearly impossible for a book to actually surprise me, but these books somehow manage to do it over and over and over again Seriously, expect the unexpected when it comes to these books The entire Celestra Ser [...]

  29. The third book as well as the gorgeous cover in the Celestra series did not disappoint The action never stopped and there was a surprise around every corner Almost right away Skyla is in the middle of another event in which she gets injured.One small criticism of the book is that it could not really be stand alone Even after reading the first 2 books in the series, Ethereal and Tremble, not that long ago, a few lines added in would have helped refresh my memory a lot faster with some of the less [...]