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Lunar Caustic

Lunar Caustic Lunar Caustic Best Download || [Malcolm Lowry] - Lunar Caustic, Lunar Caustic Bill Plantagenet is a British jazz pianist alcoholic ferving reader of Melville and passionate about big boats When he arrives to New York finds that everything in his life have been sinking and lo

  • Title: Lunar Caustic
  • Author: Malcolm Lowry
  • ISBN: 9780224613408
  • Page: 361
  • Format: Book

Lunar Caustic Best Download || [Malcolm Lowry], Lunar Caustic Best Download || [Malcolm Lowry], Lunar Caustic, Malcolm Lowry, Lunar Caustic Bill Plantagenet is a British jazz pianist alcoholic ferving reader of Melville and passionate about big boats When he arrives to New York finds that everything in his life have been sinking and losses like his own band and his companion Ruth His pilgrimage by the taverns of the city port culminates in a psychiatric hospital in fact a hell or a stranded boat depeBill Plantage. Lunar Caustic Best Download || [Malcolm Lowry] - Lunar Caustic, Lunar Caustic Bill Plantagenet is a British jazz pianist alcoholic ferving reader of Melville and passionate about big boats When he arrives to New York finds that everything in his life have been sinking and lo

  • Lunar Caustic Best Download || [Malcolm Lowry]
    361Malcolm Lowry
Lunar Caustic

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  1. Malcolm Lowry was a British novelist and poet whose masterpiece Under the Volcano is widely hailed as one of the greatest novels of the twentieth century Born near Liverpool, England, Lowry grew up in a prominent, wealthy family and chafed under the expectations placed upon him by parents and boarding school He wrote passionately on the themes of exile and despair, and his own wanderlust and erratic lifestyle made him an icon to later generations of writers Lowry died in a rented cottage in the village of Ripe, Sussex, where he was living with wife Margerie after having returned to England in the summer of 1955, ill and impoverished The coroner s verdict was death by misadventure, and the causes of death given as inhalation of stomach contents, barbiturate poisoning, and excessive consumption of alcohol.It has been suggested that his death was a suicide Inconsistencies in the accounts given by his wife at various times about what happened at the night of his death have also given rise to suspicions of murder.Lowry is buried in the churchyard of St John the Baptist in Ripe Lowry reputedly wrote his own epitaph Here lies Malcolm Lowry, late of the Bowery, whose prose was flowery, and often glowery He lived nightly, and drank daily, and died playing the ukulele, but the epitaph does not appear on his gravestone

  2. 3 Pentagrams 3 Swords 3 GoatheadsAt 76 pages, Lunar Caustic is slim by anyone s measure Maybe it can serve as a crash course for the uninitiated to Lowry as it touches upon all his hallmarks booze, madness, the sea, booze It really is quite fantastic and contains some goddamn harrowing passages regarding delirium tremens that left me shaking with memory s ghost If you ve ever had to detox from a long bender, this slender book will have you doing that hebejebe move with your head neck shoulders I [...]

  3. Only around 50 pages but really good, probably the best short story i ve ever read it s about insanity and degeneration.

  4. The Purgatorio of Lowry s trilogy that would eventually expand to a 7 book series It s set in the town where Moby Dick starts, and features a typical Lowry ian drunk protagonist It s also has the classic drunk hallucinations, but with the added feeling of swaying being on a boat The prose itself seems to lilt and tilt with the protagonist as he stumbles from bar to rehab The jazz scenes were particularly great.

  5. Malcolm Lowry began writing this novella In 1936 but due to his turbulent lifestyle he didn t finish it until some years later The main character, if he could be described as such, is Bill Plantagenet, a piano player who has drunk himself into a nervous breakdown Bill admits himself voluntarily into hospital for treatment and it is here we pick up the story, told from his point of view From reading a little into Lowry s life it appears the story is semi autobiographical in nature Lowry himself w [...]

  6. Nothing in the way of mind blowing A few sad, profound observations on loneliness and damaged people The chapter between Bill and the doctor is the real highlight There is something damning in the response from the doctor that This is only a city hospital to accusations of cruelty and filth No denial on his part I really liked this bit But you see I remember well the last few days before I came here and I was drinking heavily I remember every movement, every slow lurch, every place where I welch [...]

  7. Its hard not to approach this book knowing that it was written by the guy who wrote Under the Volcano which very well might be my favorite novel and just because he wrote UtV, I wanted to give this novella a bunch of leeway but it actually set my expectations too high Originally I was going to give it 3 stars, but truthfully I didn t enjoy it very much The drunken stream of consciousness of UtV was replaced with a story about his time in a mental institution, and the bulk of the story focuses on [...]

  8. A drunken sailor, Plantagenet, staggers through the streets of New York, his mind torn and ragged, and his only hope of salvation the city s mental hospital Inside the hospital, and in between bouts of delirium and horrific visions, he makes friends with a few of the inhabitants, all of whom are struggling to understand their place in the institution, as they once struggled to understand their place in the wider world.Plantagenet s immurement gradually reveals the degenerate behaviour of the pat [...]

  9. Lowry had only two books published during his lifetime Ultramarine and Under the Volcano Lunar Caustic, a novella, was edited from several drafts by Lowry s widow and his literary executor An earlier version had been submitted for publication to a magazine, but Lowry had withdrawn it Partly auto biographical, as was much of Lowry s fiction, it s also typical of him A sailor voluntarily commits himself to a lunatic asylum in New York, the novella describes his time there, the people he meets, the [...]

  10. This is a novella about an alcoholic finding himself in a mental hospital in New York after a binge I assume it s based on the author s own experience as he had a serious alcohol problem, and this certainly has the kind of quality of harsh truthfulness about it that s hard to fake An obsession with Melville is evident throughout the doctor s even called Claggart There s little in the way of story, but the writing s brilliant, although Lowry s hyper poetic style won t be for everybody Under The V [...]

  11. Ce petit bouquin sur la maladie mentale a s rement t lu par ceux qui ont fait la music video Basket Case de Green Day ou bien encore le film One Flew Over the Cuckoos Nest La mati re tragi comique est cependant mieux trait dans ces uvres mentionn s, car le livre ne r ussit jamais d coller et fait plut t penser un tr s mauvais trip.

  12. Not really my cup of teaAfter a promising beginning, that novella descends into a tedious mess of overly symbolic, but completely pointless stream of consciousness ramblings, without any hint of a plot The end is good again if only the whole book had been written like that

  13. A quick, fascinating read that makes you muddle through some dark waters before shining a terrifyingly bright light of malice and melancholy in your eyes I was happy to finish it like walking out of a fun house when the power s gone dead.

  14. Haunting story of a man staying at a psych ward to treat his alcoholism His own mind becomes the prison as he experience visions of his time as a sailor mixed with his experiences in the ward.

  15. No es una obra maestra como Bajo el volc n, eso est claro Pero tiene momentos emotivos y sumamente po ticos que la convierten en una peque a y entra able historia.