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Shell Game

Shell Game ☆ Shell Game ↠ Ridley Pearson - Shell Game, Shell Game As the Disney Fantasy joins the cruise fleet a special treat is in store for guests aboard its inaugural sail from Cape Canaveral to Los Angeles the Disney Host Interactive teenage guides will be par

  • Title: Shell Game
  • Author: Ridley Pearson
  • ISBN: 9781423153368
  • Page: 136
  • Format: Hardcover

☆ Shell Game ↠ Ridley Pearson, ☆ Shell Game ↠ Ridley Pearson, Shell Game, Ridley Pearson, Shell Game As the Disney Fantasy joins the cruise fleet a special treat is in store for guests aboard its inaugural sail from Cape Canaveral to Los Angeles the Disney Host Interactive teenage guides will be part of the Fantasy crew Finn Maybeck Charlene Willa and Philby are to attend the cruise as celebrity guests and to perform a ribbon cutting for the DHI server to go live As the Disney Fa. ☆ Shell Game ↠ Ridley Pearson - Shell Game, Shell Game As the Disney Fantasy joins the cruise fleet a special treat is in store for guests aboard its inaugural sail from Cape Canaveral to Los Angeles the Disney Host Interactive teenage guides will be par

  • ☆ Shell Game ↠ Ridley Pearson
    136Ridley Pearson
Shell Game

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  1. Ridley Pearson is the author of than twenty novels, including the New York Times bestseller KILLER WEEKEND the Lou Boldt crime series and many books for young readers, including the award winning children s novels PETER AND THE STARCATCHERS, PETER AND THE SHADOW THIEVES, and PETER AND THE SECRET OF RUNDOON, which he cowrote with Dave Barry Pearson lives with his wife and two daughters, dividing their time between Missouri and Idaho.Also writes Chris Klick mysteries as Wendell McCall.

  2. The ending went like this First, I stared at the words in shock.Second, I went, Huh Third, I screamed.Fourth, I ran downstairs, cursing well, like complaining loudly and with emotion, no actual swears Ridley as I went.I HAVE TO WAIT ANOTHER YEAR Other than that, I did enjoy it Although I ended up walking away with questions then I started with Storey Ming, Tia Dalma s role, that Fairlie girl , I know that originally there was only going to be one book on the ships so most likely they my questi [...]

  3. Alright, I ve had it with this series Not because the writing is bad or there are errors The books are just dull and repetitive.I don t know how he does it, but Mr Pearson is somehow capable to writing action scenes that are incredibly boring Don t get me wrong, there is plenty of action but somehow it s as much fun as sitting in a three hour Saturday morning lecture on Geology Kudos to him for finding a way to take entertainment out of a kid s book about Disney characters.And that s another thi [...]

  4. Did you ever wonder what happens at Disney at night The Kingdom Keepers, or The DHIs, know DHI are Disney Host Interactives, aka Holagrams who tour people around the parks In this book fantasy adventure, Kingdom Keepers V Shell Game by Ridely Pearson there is a war for the base in Disney World The base is what controls the parks and the whole of Disney World The original Kingdom Keepers Finn, Charlene, Maybeck, Phibily, and Willa are back to stop the Overtakers from taking over the base The Over [...]

  5. Here s what happened at the end I yelled, Di immortalis Then I screamed.Then I almost burst into tearsThen I yelled, WILLA Anyway, it was the best book in the series so far I LOVED IT Storey kept annoying me, though It was pure GENIUS It was well written and I even had to take out the old dictionary a few times Not that I have a small vocabulary, mind you I like to compartmentalize my inquiries in files in my intellect filled brain.

  6. Here s my complaint to Mr Pearson I HAVE TO WAIT UNTIL APRIL 2013 FOR THE NEXT ONE Seriously, dude That s just mean Because here s the thing, Mr Pearson, this time you didn t finish the episode You just left us there, with many, MANY questions which you d best be answering, and soon Namely What s the end game of the OTs in Disneyland On that note Is there only one real OT for each character, or does each park have one How Why did Finn see the future Who s the new Fairlie and will there be aid c [...]

  7. There was so much that Pearson could have done with these books The idea was solid The first book was great.Unfortunately the farther into them we go, the they don t seem planned at all, but just a haphazard mixture of experiences the Kingdom Keepers have Each book doesn t really give any knew information, it just strings you along For instance, why has it taken so long to see any of Disney s good guys I mean we re in the fifth book and we only have a glimpse Mickey and half a chapter of Poside [...]

  8. I started reading the Kingdom Keeper series because I wanted to make sure they were okay for my niece to read and I got hooked I had the privilege of meeting author Ridley Pearson in March of this year and getting Shell Game autographed It will make a wonderful gift for my niece this Christmas Each book in the series is better than the last and Shell Game is no exception The characters are definitely progressing into their teen years and the conflicts developing between the Keepers reflects this [...]

  9. DISCLAIMER I admit this review is kind of overlong and rambly, but considering the book I m reviewing, it seems quite fitting indeed.Those rascally kids known as the Kingdom Keepers are at it again, and this time their mission to defend Walt Disney s theme park world from the Overtakers leads them to a two week cruise on the Disney Dream Danger apparently lurks around every corner, and it seems the kids are no longer really kids, and are facing at once the threat of puberty and also annihilation [...]

  10. These are hard to rate There are moments of cleverness stopped by a hair, electricity s effects and always a neat idea or two, but they are overall bland to me The same things keep happening over and over OTs taking over, KKs keeping the kingdom, OTs plan a trap, KKs get trapped or trap them back.The magic science has been inconsistent from the beginning, and now it is even so Why don t we fall through the floor Me this was brought up in book 1 holograms don t have weight Sadly, this question k [...]

  11. I really liked the book, now that I read the book for the second time IT really surprised me how much information and secrets I have gathered from the story that I didn t notice the first time that I read it Overall, really awesome action packed story

  12. Book 5 in the on going seriese Keepers are in high school now and about to take part in a Disney Cruise As the Disney Fantasy joins the cruise fleet, a special treat is in store for guests aboard its inaugural sail from Cape Canaveral to Los Angeles the Disney Host Interactive teenage guides will be part of the Fantasy crew Finn, Maybeck, Charlene, Willa, and Philby are to attend the cruise as celebrity guests, and to perform a ribbon cutting for the DHI server to go live The Fantasy is now the [...]

  13. Ah Can t belive I ll have to wait another year for the next one What a cliffhanger You jump straight into the action with this one Two new locations Typhoon Lagoon, which I thought Ridley could have done with and The Disney Dream Which dispite all the things that happen to the kids there, I still really want to go on a cruise Lots of new characters, lots of distrust Everyone seems to be disliking Philby in this one, I didn t like that to much and that it was mentioned about a million times that [...]

  14. I can t believe it took me so long before reading this one I forgot how I love the Kingdom Keepers This one was a little bit different from the others since I ve never been to Typhoon Lagoon or the Disney cruise, it was less familiar The ending was crazy I need to read the next book soon

  15. In Shell Game Kingdom Keepers Book 5 , the crew are celebrity guests on an inaugural sail of a new ship traveling from Florida to California via the Panama Canal Their presence also means that a new DHI server is being unveiled that will have their hologram counterparts working the crowd on the cruise ship and on some of the shore excursions.Prior to the trip, we learn that the Overtakers have been mounting an assault in Florida at the site of the main DHI headquarters The Keepers have recruited [...]

  16. The biggest problem with the Kingdom Keepers Series is that it is too long If Ridley Pearson had kept it to three or four books, he could have done what he wanted to do with it but would not have run out of plot devices This book dragged on and on with the same things happening over and over again from the previous books but set on a ship which somehow made it boring than interesting The characters never learned anything and just made me annoyed I used to like some of the characters but now the [...]

  17. I thought that this book was good This is the fifth book in this series and has been able to hold my attention and keep my interest for the next book Overall this would have to be my least favorite of the series so far It was dull and difficult to get through at times which was difficult from its polar opposite of the last book, leaving the reader in suspense throughout the entire book I did think it was a slight let down from the last book but good all the same Shell Games takes place in a Disn [...]

  18. I really wanted to like it I really did Unfortunately, I could only in good conscience give it 2 stars For me, there was too much going on as if Pearson threw any plot idea into the book and forgot to finish them Yes, they were eventually brought up again in the end WAYYYY end of the book but not enough to explain anything for me or give me an a ha moment The story only started to pick up for me a few chapters before the end of the book At least some of the character story lines were interesting [...]

  19. Nothing is quite as simple for the Keepers as it once was Their relationships are changing and danger lurks around every corner The Maintenance Base that controls all four parks is under attack as the Keepers leave on a Disney cruise ship, but they aren t safe either Overtakers are replacing their Cast Member selves and the Kingdom Keepers don t know exactly what they re planning Everything is about to change.

  20. To start off ahh a cliffhanger at the end, i can t wait for the next one I love this series but do far this is my least favorite book in it It wasn t as smooth as the others, there were times I felt liked I d skipped pages when in fact I hadn t but I love this series The idea behind the whole story is just amazing

  21. just from reading the description of how it s on the maiden voyage of the Dream, but it s going to LA instead of just the Bahamas, like it actually did is going to bother the heck out of me the entire time.

  22. I have very mixed feelings about this book The plot intrigued me as the Kingdom Keepers would be fighting the Overtakers on one of the Disney Cruise Ships, but unfortunately this book fell short for me This book was definitely my least favorite in the series The first book was my favorite and could stand alone This book definitely had an identity crisis and the plot was all over the place The author takes us back to Hollywood Studios where the KK and allies are fighting a battle to protect the M [...]

  23. Fifth in the Kingdom Keepers fantasy series for kids set in Disney World in Florida and revolving around a core group of five middle schoolers whose images are being used in three dimensional holograms, DHIs, to serve as guides at the Disney Parks In this installment, the majority of the action takes place aboard the Dream, a Disney cruise ship sailing through the Panama Canal on a two week cruise.My TakePearson is working at creating drama with the new fears he s given Finn about being replaced [...]

  24. This one is taking a very different turn than the other Kingdom Keepers books I have to admit, I was not thrilled for this shift to the Disney Cruise Line, as I felt this might get a little stuck with the plot line However, this has to have been the most exciting book yet in this series The rapid shifts between the boat, the Kingdom Keepers, the new OTKs, and the island all make for a very interesting setup It felt like the story kept twisting and turning in a good way and kept me on my toes the [...]

  25. Like many reviews I ve read, I m starting to lose patience with this series It was spectacular to start with but it was getting better Then this book sets it back a few steps The characters are hard to keep track of as their development and descriptions are lacking At times it is very easy to forget who they are speaking about Is it Philby and Maybeck are interchangeable As are Willa and Charlene I have no distinct image for either of them I fear I m going to grow to hate the last two books but [...]

  26. Not sure how to rate this It is for YA readers but I got bored While some great things happened I was left thinking this is the same old plot time and time again.I did like that finally some of the good characters showed up to help, I was not happy with how the main characters seemed to change personalities on a dime without any explanation.Even though it was left on a literal cliff hanger not sure if I will read the next one.

  27. I love this series of books When I read them I imagine myself at the park where they are talking about or the different sections of DISNEY that is mentioned I mean who doesn t like be DISNEY It s awesome

  28. Great Disney backstage locations one, fun twistsGood story with nice twists along the way Love the Disney backstage locations one and insights Best to read entire series in order.

  29. One of the best of the series so far It has suspense and is adult like, you see characters grow and evolve Unexpected ending so to say, since it does not end, leaves you with many questions so you must read the next one.