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Liliom [PDF] Liliom | by ✓ Ferenc Molnár - Liliom, Liliom THIS PAGE ARTICLE WAS EXTRACTED FROM THE BOOK The Theatre Guild Anthology V by Ferenc Molnar To purchase the entire book please order ISBN

  • Title: Liliom
  • Author: Ferenc Molnár
  • ISBN: 9781425470876
  • Page: 199
  • Format: Paperback

[PDF] Liliom | by ✓ Ferenc Molnár, [PDF] Liliom | by ✓ Ferenc Molnár, Liliom, Ferenc Molnár, Liliom THIS PAGE ARTICLE WAS EXTRACTED FROM THE BOOK The Theatre Guild Anthology V by Ferenc Molnar To purchase the entire book please order ISBN. [PDF] Liliom | by ✓ Ferenc Molnár - Liliom, Liliom THIS PAGE ARTICLE WAS EXTRACTED FROM THE BOOK The Theatre Guild Anthology V by Ferenc Molnar To purchase the entire book please order ISBN

  • [PDF] Liliom | by ✓ Ferenc Molnár
    199Ferenc Molnár

One Comment to Liliom

  1. Ferenc Moln r Americanized name Franz Molnar was a Hungarian dramatist and novelist During the World War II he emigrated to the United States to escape the Nazi persecution of Hungarian Jews.

  2. This play by the Hungarian author Molnar was first seen on stage in 1909, and was translated into English in 1921 by Benjamin F Glazer, who says this about it in his introduction .I know of no play written in our own time which matches the amazing virtuosity of LILIOM, its imaginative daring, its uncanny blending of naturalism and fantasy, humor and pathos, tenderness and tragedy into a solid dramatic structure Even so, the work seemed to puzzle audiences at first In the same introduction, Glaze [...]

  3. When I visited the premier of John Neumeier s new ballet Liliom in Hamburg at the beginning of December last year, I had never even heard of Moln r s play before The ticket was a gift from two friends, and I had no idea what to expect Suffice to say, I was bewitched from the first moment Neumeier s Liliom is amazingly colourful, feels like a dream built out of cotton candy, with countless humorous moments in between, while at the same time being unbelievably moving, incredibly tragic and sad, an [...]

  4. I knew indirectly this play Fritz Lang met Goebbels who had appreciated M the maudite He wanted that Lang works for the Nazis He assured him for us, those are Jewish are whom we want that they are it Lang runs away in Paris.He realized here a single movie Liliom from the play I keep of it a memory of a constructivo symbolist work A curiosity The,play is very different from the movie It is a little dated but it s good.

  5. I read this because it s the basis for the musical Carousel The most interesting thing, aside from the cultural differences between early 20th century Hungary and America, is what a spitfire Julie is in the first scene with Mrs Muskat Mullins.

  6. This is the play that the Rogers and Hammerstein Musical Carousel Is based on I wanted to read it in its original form, and I was surprised how closely carousel followed it If you are a fan of Carousel you might want to check it out.

  7. Ebben a dr m ban im dtam a Liliom Juli f le szerelmet K t ember, akik szeretik egym st, de nem k pesek kimutatni, kimondani gy, mint egy tlagember Gy ny r en lett meg rva Szerettem a v g n azt a csavart is, hogy az ngyilkos sz l lemehet x v m lva a f ldre, hogy j t tegyen a csal dj val, mert egy szentiment lis kis iz vagyok.Viszont voltak hom lyos pontok Od ig m g eljutottam, hogy a magam sz m ra rtelmezzem azt, hogy a ver s tal n az rt nem f jt, mert van, akinek elj r a keze, de lehet k zben re [...]

  8. The play is the source material behind the musical Carousel Three stars for its cultural historical interest But only two stars for the actual coherence of the story line This is a tale of an abusive relationship, told from the abuser s perspective I think this material would be much cogent and acceptable to contemporary views if it focused on the abused person, not so much one the person committing the abuse.

  9. Like others, I read this out of curiosity because it was the source of the story in Carousel Without the connection I think this would have been two stars That Liliom never gets anything right is frustrating and sad I prefer a story where there is a turning at a corner toward hope and redemption People that don t change and hope that remains elusive into the afterlife is the story here.

  10. The story is bizarre, though surely innovative The justifying way in which it deals with domestic violence is obviously fraught by today s standards perhaps the best thing it did was serve as an explanation as to why so many women have stayed with emotionally physically abusive men in the past It definitely advocates a Stand By Your Man mentality It becomes bit disturbing as a result.

  11. Classic Hungarian PlayI read this because of my interest in Hungarian my background literature It was a big success in New York in 1921 I liked the blend of reality and fantasy Molnar uses.

  12. I found this book on a bench in the West Valley Med Center It s from Bookcrossing, a website where folks let their books go and follow them around the world I was intrigued I read it and am now ready to release it Kind of depressing play, but interesting take on the afterlife.

  13. Part of a prep school textbook that also included R.U.R and other plays Date read is a guess This is the source for the musical Carousel Date read is a guess.