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The Kindness of Strangers

The Kindness of Strangers Free Download The Kindness of Strangers - by Don George Dalai Lama XIV Lonely Planet - The Kindness of Strangers, The Kindness of Strangers When we miss our train or bus lose our wallets fall ill or get lost a kind stranger can save not only the day but the entire journey This collection explores the unexpected acts of kindness that c

  • Title: The Kindness of Strangers
  • Author: Don George Dalai Lama XIV Lonely Planet
  • ISBN: 9781740595902
  • Page: 108
  • Format: Paperback

Free Download The Kindness of Strangers - by Don George Dalai Lama XIV Lonely Planet, Free Download The Kindness of Strangers - by Don George Dalai Lama XIV Lonely Planet, The Kindness of Strangers, Don George Dalai Lama XIV Lonely Planet, The Kindness of Strangers When we miss our train or bus lose our wallets fall ill or get lost a kind stranger can save not only the day but the entire journey This collection explores the unexpected acts of kindness that can occur on the road those unforgettable connections that transfigure and transform our travels. Free Download The Kindness of Strangers - by Don George Dalai Lama XIV Lonely Planet - The Kindness of Strangers, The Kindness of Strangers When we miss our train or bus lose our wallets fall ill or get lost a kind stranger can save not only the day but the entire journey This collection explores the unexpected acts of kindness that c

  • Free Download The Kindness of Strangers - by Don George Dalai Lama XIV Lonely Planet
    108Don George Dalai Lama XIV Lonely Planet
The Kindness of Strangers

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  1. Don George Dalai Lama XIV Lonely Planet Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the The Kindness of Strangers book, this is one of the most wanted Don George Dalai Lama XIV Lonely Planet author readers around the world.

  2. Although I haven t finished every one of these essays, I ve read the vast majority of them I give the collection four stars on the whole, because a few of the tales are mediocre at best and a few are truly beautiful and outstanding I like the fact that some are written by brand new authors while others are by famous ones and, as you might guess, some by the budding authors are better than those by the seasoned There is a fairly good variety of locales covered, though it s a bit light on the Euro [...]

  3. heartwarming stories about, you guessed it, the kindness of strangers when your hope in humanity is looking a little dim, pick this up.

  4. Liked I love reading travel books because I feel like I get to know places without having to move This book was great because it made me want to look around for someone traveling in my town and help them out.Did not like At first you think Ah, there are good people in the world but then you realize that many of the stories are nice people saving the author of the story from threatening situations many of which are brought about by bad people So its kind of a wash for humanity.

  5. I really love short stories, and I have read short story anthologies in the past, but I struggled a little with this one because the stories were so short Any time I start a story, it takes a while to wrap my mind around the setting, the characters and the voice With this book, by the time I settled into the story, it ended, and I was sometimes loath to start the next one because of the work it would take to mentally get into the new setting, character and voice That said, I have done quite a bi [...]

  6. This was the perfect read for the world in 2017 A gentle reminder that behind every these people and those people are good hearted individuals The intro by the Dalai Lama just sets it perfectly The collection is dated, with many written before 9 11 so the Middle East stories have a different flavor to them I ve read some in other collections, or in the writers own volumes, but overall a quick and enjoyable read Heavy on Africa and the Middle East but I think that was reflective of the time in wh [...]

  7. Some of the stories were great but many were about travel in troubled areas of the world or just troubled neighborhoods and I wondered why the traveler was so set on stupidly rushing headlong into danger.It s always hard to rate a volume of short stories There were some real gems in this collection Others were maddening in some way or another Too many ended without endings, leaving you hanging That s my number 1 pet peeve with contemporary writing I m perhaps too old school, and want a satisfyi [...]

  8. What a disappointingly disjointed collection of stories Kindness apparently does not make for a very good writing prompt Most of these stories should have never seen the light of day Some I downright hated I m thinking particularly of the truly horrible Andean High , though Egg Child and numerous others made me throw up in my mouth a little as well.There were two, I repeat, TWO stories that were very good and those are the last two stories in the collection Might be your lucky day and Ascension [...]

  9. I enjoyed reading The Kindness of Strangers slowly, savoring each story on its own The stories take place all over the world Russia, Burma, Hawaii, Morocco, Scotland, Argentina, Ascension Island, Lebanon I loved getting glimpses into places far from home And I loved that the focus of these stories is on the people than the places, and the humanity that links us all This isn t just a feel good book Many of these stories feature kindness coupled with fearful or potentially tragic circumstances Th [...]

  10. A collection of short reminiscences, many of them specially commissioned for the volume, that highlight unexpected encounters in remote and exotic locations There are lots of a perfect stranger went out of his way to help me stories, but most are much subtler and faceted and introduce whole new ways of looking at unfamiliar places and new reasons travel is thought to make us better people The pieces are exciting, moving, and thoughtful and most short enough to enjoy over a work break As am anth [...]

  11. The Kindness of Strangers is a collection of true stories about traveling Having been to some of the countries in the book, I was interested to find out what kind of experience the authors had, and what sort of kindness they experienced The stories made me smile, made me laugh, and made me cry Most were funny and heartwarming, but I wasn t envious of the author in every story a refreshing departure from what I expected The book starts out with light humour mistaken identity, buying the wrong typ [...]

  12. The Kindness of Strangers is a great idea for a book A variety of Authors, travellers and traveller authors all give us a series of snapshots from travel experiences, all based around the kindnesses of strangers A Lonely planet publication, with a preface by the Dalai Lama and a few stories by authors I am very fond of, such as Simon Winchester, I was intrigued enough to buy this book with no prior knowledge of it and I am glad I did.It is hard to review a book of short stories by different auth [...]

  13. I was really looking forward to reading this book, mostly because I have been the beneficiary of the kindness of strangers while traveling over and over again in many situations Some of the stories were stronger than others and I think though I could be wrong because I had a many month pause while reading this book that the second half were generally interesting to me I d probably give it a 3.5 if I could I really liked Sarah Levin s Egg Child about traveling by bus taxi in Kenya because it was [...]

  14. Lonely Planet Travel guide Lonely Planet Publications Aug 2008A timely collection of 26 inspiring tales, The Kindness of Strangers explores the unexpected human connections that so often transfigure and transform the experience of travel, and celebrates the gift of kindness around the world Featuring stories by Jan Morris, Tim Cahill, Simon Winchester and Dave Eggers.I greatly appreciate the theme of this book that gathers stories of kindness received when it was most needed and perhaps least ex [...]

  15. I ve just begun this book but was completely drawn in by the forward by the Dalai Lama And I thought it was quite the coup of editing by Dan George to begin with the story by Jan Morris, wherein Jan injects a tiny bit of cynicism, and then circles back to the warm and squishy and immediately lovable concept of the power of human kindness A few essays further and a little weakness emerges only to be turned around again by the transcendent but simple story by Alice Waters I m seeing 4 stars coming [...]

  16. I really enjoyed this book It s easy in today s world with daily news focusing on the negative, to become jaded about humanity in general These varied stories were fun to read and reminded me of times in my own life that simple kindness, often from strangers, touched my heart and gave me hope The theme of kindness while traveling provided me, not a big traveler, with an almost virtual travel experience I especially liked Brief Encounter , Everything Come Round and Losing it in London Now I am mo [...]

  17. This is a remarkable book, with an inspiring forward by the Dalai Lama In the introduction, the author writes, I have learned two things the first is that when you travel, at some point you will find yourself in a dire predicament out of money, out of food, unable to find a hotel room, lost in a big city or on a remote trail, stranded in the middle of nowhere The second is that someone will miraculously emerge to take care of you to lend you money, feed you, put you up for the night, lead you wh [...]

  18. I was surprised as to how much I enjoyed this book I say surprised because anthologies tend to be patchy It is natural when you put together stories fiction or non written by various different people, some will be great and others not so great Yes, there were a few here that I was rather indifferent towards, but there were enough really interesting stories to make this collection worthwhile reading Some of the stories even had me riveted There was a fair bit of danger and tension involved in tho [...]

  19. As you would generally expect from a collection such as this one, I loved some of the stories and really didn t care for others Not all of them are as lighthearted as you would expect given the theme Some are quite dark and in a few instances the act of kindness doesn t happen until the writer has done something stupid reckless enough to put themselves in a situation of really needing it There were at least a couple that I didn t feel really fit the theme well at all.Overall, a decent read It go [...]

  20. This is the loveliest kind of travel book, a series of stories about the unexpected kindness of people met during foreign travel As soon as I saw that the Dalai Lama had writen the introduction, I knew this would be a special, inspirational and uplifting collection of essays.Reading this reminded me of all the serendipidy and joy to be found in visiting new and different places and turning strangers into freinds The biblical admonition Go and do thou likewise is surely the final message of this [...]

  21. What a fantastic collection on the beauty of chance while traveling Some of the stories I had to skip, because I m not interested in war stories or tales of people visiting war relics Some of these stories scared me and made me doubt my sanity in traveling Southeast Asia, but some of them put a smile on my face and provided a very welcome respite from the stresses of an intensive CELTA course I wish the story about the couple traveling from Mexico to San Francisco had not been so close to the en [...]

  22. Wonderful collection of traveller s tales with the common theme of being the receipent of some form of kindness of strangers The authors range from famous writers who recount stories from journerys, alongside newbies with equally moving tales Each chapter can be read as a stand alone and at times its hard to discern the seasoned from the novice authors Recommended for anyone looking to restore their faith in their fellow man, regardless of nationality The introduction is beautifully written by t [...]

  23. The short story Special Delivery by Lindsy Van Gelder is probably my favorite only because it takes place in the Venneto region of Italy I am familiar with the locations mentioned like Bassano del Grappa as well as the friendliness of the people in that region After reading, I long to return Other stories sparked the wanderlust I only hope to avoid needing the kindess of strangers for my survival.

  24. I don t normally like short stories, but this collection is quite possibly perfect Every story was beautiful and poignant and moving and restorative all at the same time Rather than devouring it, I found myself wanting to savor each story to read just one at a time and marinate on it before moving on And, fortunately, unlike much travel writing, it didn t result in intense wanderlust This is, perhaps, an overly effusive review, but it will not disappoint.

  25. Loved reading these stories it s like sitting around with your traveling friends hearing amazing tales that will sometimes make you uncomfortable and then smile for the angels that happen by to help or visit a life somewhere in our vast world The stories make you want to pack your bags and get on the road So much to see So many people to meet.

  26. Some of the stories are better than others, which is why I can t give it stars than I did It is a quick, light read for the most part I wasn t always captivated, but decently enjoyed the stories Is that vague enough Sorry, I definitely will not be a professional book reviewer in the future profession I can rule out

  27. Even though I have a signed copy and had met Don George, I finally decided I will donate sell this Many of the stories are set in 80 90 s and I feel they are outdated I thought about saving the book to pass along to kids but the war torn stories of Israel, Afghanistan, etc might be lost on them Could not believe there was a story on Bassano del Grappa pg 69 in there

  28. Travel stories with a twist Transported as we are to other parts of the world, it is the human interactions which remain with us and remind us to be kind, to think about when we have received unexpected help from strangers ourselves.A great selection of stories, all well written I thoroughly enjoyed it.

  29. Wonderful pieces on the sweet funny things you run into when you travel Unexpected kindnesses that all of us encounter no matter how brief the moment or unusual the circumstances Brought up great memories of my own travels through Europe, Thailand, Malaysia and Japan fun book

  30. At a time when there is so much discussion about all of the negative qualities of humanity, it is nice to find a book that celebrates kindness and reminds us it is still out there no matter how far we stray from home.