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Thou Shalt Not Road Trip

Thou Shalt Not Road Trip [PDF] Thou Shalt Not Road Trip | by ↠ Antony John - Thou Shalt Not Road Trip, Thou Shalt Not Road Trip When sixteen year old Luke s book Hallelujah becomes a national bestseller his publishing house sends him on a cross country book tour with his older brother Matt as chauffeur But when irresponsi

  • Title: Thou Shalt Not Road Trip
  • Author: Antony John
  • ISBN: 9780803734340
  • Page: 330
  • Format: Hardcover

[PDF] Thou Shalt Not Road Trip | by ↠ Antony John, [PDF] Thou Shalt Not Road Trip | by ↠ Antony John, Thou Shalt Not Road Trip, Antony John, Thou Shalt Not Road Trip When sixteen year old Luke s book Hallelujah becomes a national bestseller his publishing house sends him on a cross country book tour with his older brother Matt as chauffeur But when irresponsible Matt offers to drive Luke s ex soul mate Fran across the country too things get a little crazy On the trip Luke must loosen up discover what it truly means to haveWhe. [PDF] Thou Shalt Not Road Trip | by ↠ Antony John - Thou Shalt Not Road Trip, Thou Shalt Not Road Trip When sixteen year old Luke s book Hallelujah becomes a national bestseller his publishing house sends him on a cross country book tour with his older brother Matt as chauffeur But when irresponsi

  • [PDF] Thou Shalt Not Road Trip | by ↠ Antony John
    330Antony John
Thou Shalt Not Road Trip

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  1. Antony John was born in England and raised on a balanced diet of fish and chips, obscure British comedies, and ABBA s Greatest Hits In a fit of teenage rebellion, he decided to pursue a career in classical music, culminating in a BA from Oxford University and a PhD from Duke University Along the way, he worked as an ice cream seller on a freezing English beach, a tour guide in the Netherlands, a chauffeur in Switzerland, a barista in Seattle, and a university professor Writing by night, he spends his days as a stay at home dad the only job that allows him to wear his favorite pair of sweatpants all the time He lives in St Louis with his family.

  2. I looooooooooove Road Tripsand I loooooooooove Antony John 333333333333333Am I excited JUST KIDDING I AM SUPER FRIGGIN EXCITED

  3. I m surprised that I ended up giving this book 2 stars This is the author that wrote Five Flavors of Dumb which I absolutely loved So what went wrong you say sigh Too much unfortunately for this reader Luke has written a little book A little book that suddenly becomes a nationwide sensation So what do you do Go on a book tour of course Luke is going to do the book tour along with his older brother Matt Some unexpected traveling buddies come up as well Matt s long distance girlfriend Alex and her [...]

  4. It s been five months since I read an ARC of Thou Shalt Not I didn t write a review at the time which is not the smartest thing to have done However after six months I still remember the story line and characters from this book which is saying something.Antony John s last book, Five Flavors of Dumb, was a big hit with me so I was excited to have a chance to read an early ARC of Thou Shalt Not I ve been on a similar Road Trip when I graduated from High School My trip was seven weeks long and took [...]

  5. Must I give this book a rating I couldn t put it down I can t explain why, but trust me, that doesn t mean this is a good book Quite the opposite, I hate this book passionately.Every single character was a terrible person.Luke, the narrator was hypercritical, selfish, and annoying the entire time His manner of speaking reflected much closely what I d expect from a middleschooler than the highschooler he was supposed to be There s a general lack of maturity and common sense on his part.Luke s br [...]

  6. Because I loved his first book, Five Flavors of Dumb, I asked the author for an ARC of his new book, Thou Shalt Not Road Trip, and he graciously complied.This book is about a boy named Luke who writes a best seller Hallelujah at Bible camp, and because of his growing fame, goes on book tour He s piloted by his older brother Matt, who just happens to bring his girlfriend, Alex, and her sister, Fran Luke has a complicated history with Fran, and this trip just magnifies how far they ve grown apart [...]

  7. Luke Dorsey was just a regular kid, until his book really just some reflections he wrote at church camp was published Suddenly, he s the new Messiah, a modern day savior, the boy who will lead us all to salvation His publishers love this of course, and send him on an LA to St Louis book tour to promote his new gospel.To complicate matters, Luke s older brother, Matt, is driving and seems pretty excited about the publisher s unlimited charge account Even worse, Luke s ex best friend, Fran, is rid [...]

  8. Thou Shalt Not Road Trip is humorous, just like Luke s Hallelujah, but it s also incredibly poignant Antony John addresses so many issues that teens face within the pages, all wrapped in a totally realatable story John makes the reader think about what they d do in Luke s situation, and about their own beliefs I love when books have the power to inspire self examination And through it all, John keeps the story light for the most part there s drama, but there s always laughter and hope at the end [...]

  9. Eh I really like Five Flavors of Dumb It was one of my favorites from last year And I love road trip books, so I was pretty excited for this one It was okay.It reminded me of the Disenchantments, which also just came out and also was about a boy girl long term friendship where the boy really liked the girl and then the girl really disappointed the guy by changing before they go on a road trip, but the girl won t explain why she changed for some reason until their road trip is over and it ends up [...]

  10. Okay so I m conflicted on how I feel about this book While the author had a great idea, I don t feel like I connected with any of the characters personally, especially Luke the main character It s no secret that Luke s best day ever was winning the debate team competition with his best friend Fran, before the book actually starts But the as the book progresses he is constantly thrown in positions that require him to defend himself and those around him and each time i wanted to slap him because h [...]

  11. 4 5 Maybe 4.5 5 I was hoping, even expecting, to really like this, especially because of how much I enjoyed John s second book, but then I was nervous when I found out that it was religious which I didn t find out until I read another review, since I completely ignored the title I was just like, Antony John s new book WANT, and pre ordered Which might not be surprising, if you ve read this one review of mine I m not too big on religion, so I was wary, and then I was surprised by how easily I got [...]

  12. While I enjoyed this book, I m giving it four stars, after all I can t say that I loved it There was too much left out for it to completely work.Luke, the narrator, is a wonderfully fleshed out and flawed character He is a teenage boy and isn t quite sure that he even believes what he wrote a year earlier, but he s off on a book tour anyway He makes mistakes, some knowing they are mistakes and some inadvertent ones as well Yet, he is trying to do what he thinks is right or perhaps it is that he [...]

  13. Thou Shalt Not Road Trip starts out all clever and funny in the lead s book and the humor with which he presents his brand of faith, BUT things shift, there s less and less humor and and instances of the narrowness of his views all their views, in fact and even an the overly simple way in how almost everyone sees certain things people So this became less clever and funny, mainly because liking the lead became and difficult with each page of him doing what he was doing Frankly missing the mar [...]

  14. For of my reviews, check out my blog Moosubi Reviews When you look at the cover of Thou Shalt Not Road Trip, what kind of book do you think you ll get A road trip, just full of fun and wit At first glance, that was what I thought I would get, along with the authenticity I was hoping for Unfortunately, mostly because of the characters, I found that this novel was lacking of the fun I had with his previous novel that I LOVED, Five Flavors of Dumb.To an extent, you do get what the blurb promises y [...]

  15. After reading Antony John s Five Flavors of Dumb, I was beyond excited to get my hands on a copy of his next YA novel Thou Shalt Not Road Trip As a fan of novels about road trips and let s be honest, a closet fan of standalone contemporaries , I had high expectations for this novel While I wasn t disappointed per se, I wasn t quite as blown away with awesomeness as I expected to be you have to understand how much I ADORED Five Flavors of Dumb.When we first meet Luke, he s on his way to start his [...]

  16. Low on the road trip, high on the Christian angst wank, plus a clutch of characters that I either actively disliked or just didn t buy Having had high hopes after Five Flavors of Dumb, yes, I was disappointed.Sixteen year old Luke has written a humorous parable lite, which has been picked up by the Christian masses and become an inspirational hit Think The Shack, buttually, let s never mention that piece of shite again On a cross country book tour with his big bro, he discovers that Matt is usin [...]

  17. July 2, 2015After much deliberation, I ve decided to demote this from 4 stars to 3 The fact that I couldn t even remember the main character s name two weeks after I read it validated that I don t like it nearly as much as I thought I did.June 12, 2015This book should not be called Thou Shalt Not Road Trip It should be called Everything That Could Possibly Go Wrong on a Road Trip Without Actually Dying XDLately, I ve had trouble deciding how to rate books, and this one is certainly no exception. [...]

  18. When Hallelujah, the book he wrote chronicling his spiritual journey when he was fifteen, starts selling and gaining attention, sixteen year old Luke s publisher sends him on a publicity tour The only catch is that Matt, Luke s older brother, will be responsible for getting him to the book signing venues on time, and Matt has his own agenda involving his girlfriend Alex Matt rents a Hummer which he navigates along Route 66 The fact that Fran, a girl on whom Luke once had a crush, comes along add [...]

  19. Sixteen year old Luke has written a runaway bestseller novel titled Hallelujah, that has worked its way into the hearts of the nation When his publishing house sends him on a cross country book tour, his publicist has a prior engagement and decides that Luke s older brother Matt will chauffer Irresponsible and reckless Matt has ulterior motives for the trip, and Luke is less than pleased to find out that Matt s girlfriend and her younger sister will be joining them, since the little sister is no [...]

  20. I m a sucker for a road trip book so when I saw the cover for this one, I knew I had to read it I think that due to the fact that I was strongly focused on the cover, I wasn t sure exactly what to expect with this book The summary doesn t tell us a lot so I didn t know how focused it would be on spirituality.Luke Dorsey is sort of an overnight success He is very young but is already super famous among book lovers He has difficulty dealing with this success and is mostly amazed at the way people [...]

  21. This was disappointing From the author of Five Flavors of Dumb , which I simply loved, here comes the tale of Luke, a christian boy, who becomes a famous, bestselling, author due to writing about God Somehow he s in high demand, and must travel the country in a book tour, and chooses to do so on a roadtrip with his brother, Matt, who brings his girlfriend, Alex, and her sister, Fran Only problem is, Luke used to love Fran, until she changed her style and become distant from everything, that mean [...]

  22. I was hoping for so much from this book Guess I wasn t sure what I was getting myself into When I think of a roadtrip book I think Morgan Matson s Amy Roger s Epic Detour, Nina LaCour s amazing The Disenchantments, or Jessi Kirby s In Honor I love love love all of those books Roadtrip novels should be about the sights along the way, the main character discovering himself herself, and a little romance and fun thrown in Thou Shalt Not Road Trip was disappointing One of the main problems I had was [...]

  23. This book was way better than i thought it was going to be.To tell you the truth i didn t really know what to expect of this book because the whole road trip thing seemed kind of i don t knowybe cheesy But i loved the characters right away Luke wrote a book and now is pretty much famous for it So he goes on a tour with his older brother and his girlfriend But without Luke knowing Fran, Luke s ex crush is coming along Luke used to like Fran, but then last summer Fran changed her appearance She no [...]

  24. Religion Relationships Awkwardness Misunderstandings Road tripping These are the key elements of this novel I really like how it captures change If I were to write an essay about this novel, it would be titled Change in Thou Shalt Not Road Trip Oh, unless I decided to write about disguises That could be a great theme from this book, too.I really enjoyed how this novel covered Luke s experiences as he travels about for book signings and book promotions I expect that the way it is described in thi [...]

  25. Originally posted on my blog, From A to Z.I m not really sure exactly how to review this one I actually went back and forth about whether I should even write a review or not, but I decided to at least put some thoughts down.It s not that this was a bad book, by any means It s just that it wasn t really for me, mainly because the story has much of a Christian slant than I had realized There were hints in the title and the blurb, but since I hadn t seen it marketed as Christian fiction anywhere I [...]

  26. Okay So this book took me by surprise I m mostly surprised that I liked it so much, for a few reasons.1 It was sort of a Christian book I mean, it wasn t trying to convert the readers or anything, but the main character and several of the side characters were Christians, some devoutly so And most Christian fiction is at least subtly but not really subtly preachy.2 Luke was kind of a tool throughout most of the novel.3 Most Christian fiction is just genuinely horrible.Despite these things, though [...]

  27. This book kind ofSCARED me, I guess Mostly it s because I also want to be a writer author of a bestselling book some day and if I have to experience anything that Luke s had to endure in this whole book, well, then you can forget it I m WAY too freaked out now The way he was treated like a celebrity and the way the things that happened around him all the bad events and circumstances, all the judgment and the misunderstandings It was like a lot of bad publicity and there were a lot of things he d [...]

  28. What do you get when you take a trip on The Mother Road with a teen Christian author, a rebellious teenage girl, and a couple facing a crossroads in their relationship You get another wonderful read by Antony John entitled Thou Shalt Not Road Trip John takes us on a book tour with Luke Dorsey who has just read one of the most recent top selling Christian books Hallelujah Due to a conflict in schedules with Luke s publisher, Luke s brother Matt is put in charge of making sure Luke completes his b [...]