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Wenny Has Wings

Wenny Has Wings [PDF] Unlimited ✓ Wenny Has Wings : by Janet Lee Carey - Wenny Has Wings, Wenny Has Wings In the fight with the truck barreling toward them Wenny and Will lost big Wenny lost her life Will lost a sister and lost faith in himself But then Will starts writing letters to Wenny He tells her a

  • Title: Wenny Has Wings
  • Author: Janet Lee Carey
  • ISBN: 9780689867590
  • Page: 212
  • Format: Paperback

[PDF] Unlimited ✓ Wenny Has Wings : by Janet Lee Carey, [PDF] Unlimited ✓ Wenny Has Wings : by Janet Lee Carey, Wenny Has Wings, Janet Lee Carey, Wenny Has Wings In the fight with the truck barreling toward them Wenny and Will lost big Wenny lost her life Will lost a sister and lost faith in himself But then Will starts writing letters to Wenny He tells her all about the secret of his near death experience and the troubles he s having at home Some letters are funny Some letters are harsh And when read together they teIn the fight with th. [PDF] Unlimited ✓ Wenny Has Wings : by Janet Lee Carey - Wenny Has Wings, Wenny Has Wings In the fight with the truck barreling toward them Wenny and Will lost big Wenny lost her life Will lost a sister and lost faith in himself But then Will starts writing letters to Wenny He tells her a

  • [PDF] Unlimited ✓ Wenny Has Wings : by Janet Lee Carey
    212Janet Lee Carey
Wenny Has Wings

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  1. Things are never what they seem Find the lost inside the dream Janet Lee Carey is the award winning author of nine Children s and YA novels Her YA fantasy is critically acclaimed Verdict This is quite simply fantasy at its best original, beautiful, amazing, and deeply moving School Library Journal starred review Janet links each new book with a charitable organization empowering readers to make a difference in the world She tours in US and abroad presenting at schools, children s book festivals, and conferences websiteVisit my blogs dreamwalksLibrary Lions RoarBook Party photos litartphotography

  2. Although this book was sad I really enjoyed it Its one of those books which its short, to the point, and that you make a connection with I liked that the book was written in one person perspective and that it was also written in a journal entry form It created a true story feel and it became a way of copping with someones death I also liked that the book was written in a eleven year old point of view but in a way that teenagers wont get bored of reading If the book was made into a movie I think [...]

  3. You know how sometimes you start a book when you re a kid and then you spend years trying to find it again and when you finally do it s not anywhere near as cool as you remembered Too bad It shouldn t happen, but it does Wenny Has Wings is one of those books that never quite lives up to its potential The idea is strong, there are many good elements, but the execution is somehow underwhelming When I was 12 or 14 the voice worked just fine for me, but reading it now I have trouble connecting to Wi [...]

  4. This is a perfect, poignant look at how an 11 year old boy struggles to go on after the tragic death of his little sister and his own near death experience Many have called it sad, but I don t see it that way at all It s brutal, yes, and honest, but also beautiful and filled with hope and healing Nicely done, Janet

  5. Wenny Has Wings was a marvelous book Janet Lee Carey captured all the aspects of a great book If you read this book, make sure you have a couple of tissues on hand Wenny Has Wings will than likely make you shed a few tears Eleven year old Will and his sister, Wenny, both get hit by an eighteen wheeler Will makes it through, but just barely Wenny, unfortunately, does not Will remembers a warm, bright light in a tunnel Even with all of his broken body parts, Will writes letters to his deceased si [...]

  6. Dealing with the death of a loved one is a hard thing to deal with for anyone, but it s even harder when it s through the eyes of a young child This book is about a boy named Will that was walking across the street with his little sister, Wenny, when a truck came by and hit the both of them When this happened, Will was hospitalized and badly hurt, but Wenny died While Will was in the hospital, the doctors gave him a note book to sketch in when he was bored, but instead he wrote letters to Wenny [...]

  7. I read this book for our kids book club at the library Little did I know when I chose it three months prior that this book would reflect my life Two weeks before meeting with the kids to review the book, I lost my brother We were very close and this book just brought so much to me It was hard to read at times, just because I would cry, but the story is amazing I think it was great and healthy for him to wrote to his sister and give her a birthday party It was just an amazing book I think it woul [...]

  8. This is such a good book Once I started it I couldnt put it down The ending made me cry And I dont ever cry at any books Janet Lee Carey is an amazing author.

  9. In a beautiful and eloquent series of letters to his sister Wenny, eleven year old Will North relates his near death experience after the accident that has taken his younger sister s life, landed him in the hospital with broken bones, and devastated his father As guilt stricken Will moves through the grieving process and begins to cope with his loss and his unusual experience, the reader is moved to catharsis as well.The tone of the young narrator is mostly believable as that of a thoughtful and [...]

  10. Very, very, very, sad As a mother, I had a very hard time getting through a paragraph This story is about a young boy who lost his sister It s a journal of his experience after a serious accident In the fight with the truck barreling toward them, Wenny and Will lost big Wenny lost her life Will lost a sister and lost faith in himself.But then Will starts writing letters to Wenny He tells her all about the secret of his near death experience, and the troubles he s having at home Some letters are [...]

  11. The book I am going to review is Wenny Has Wings I think that this is probably one of my all time favorite books, and that is the reason I chose to review it At the beginning of the book, Wenny dies and her brother writes in his journal to her every day This book truly shows what happens to a family and how emotional it is in a family when a child dies I definitely think that if you just went through a loss of a young friend or family member, this book will help you cope with that Wenny Has Wing [...]

  12. Its amazing I love the story that Janet Lee Carey wrote it really makes you fell what the characters are felling.If you like books with sadness and a very amazing story read this book.

  13. Sweet and poignant story told in journal entry style of a young boy s thoughts and feelings coping with the death of his little sister.

  14. I started reading Wenny Has Wings in November I enjoyed this book because it told a story a lot of people can relate to losing a loved one Wenny Has Wings is about a little boy named Will He and his little sister were going out one day to the store, and as they walked across the street, a huge truck went down the hill and was unable to stop Will was injured, but Wenny didn t make it Will said he saw where Wenny went because he was there too He died and went to heaven, but when he thought of his [...]

  15. Have you ever read a book in elementary that you loved and after you ve grown up you look for it again and when you finally find it it s not as good Wenny has Wings is not like that I read this book in elementary and absolutely loved it Since it is meant for younger children it is an easy read for me now that I am an adult Wenny Has Wings is a heart breaking story about the tragic death of the narrator Will s sister, Wenny Readers can take on the perspective a child dealing with a loss Will is a [...]

  16. This book was a touching book about how one family deals with the terrible grief of losing a child far too early in life We enter this story through the eyes of her older brother who is eleven years old We are reading this boy s letters to his dead sister in the hope that she receives them We witness his anger at her for leaving his guilt for not saving her as an older brother should, and his sadness at her being gone and not being able to see her again While he deals with his own emotions his p [...]

  17. I formally had read this book in 2nd grade thinking it was a good choice but no, I understood nothing I read So I decided to read it again this year as I came across it in the library I m so glad I read it now that I can understand it This book really just got you in your thoughts and made you think about real life events of Wenny s death happening to you if you were her brother This author was really good about describing events, you could really imagine was was going on at the exact moment I l [...]

  18. In a fight with a truck, Wenny and Will lost Wenny was killed that day and Will lost his sister and lost faith in himself But quickly begins to feel like he never lost his sister Will begins to write letters to Wenny He tells her about the secrets of his near death experience, which no one knows about, and the troubles that he has been having since her passing at home Some letters are funny, while some are harsh, This book tells the story of a boy who finds a way to move past death and begins to [...]

  19. I can t even count how many times I ve read this book, and it is great It s a really interesting story about a brother and sister who get in a car accident that changes their life It takes you thought the after math of the accident with will and his parents It s a tear jerker but it can also make you laugh It s also interesting to read what it s like to have a near death experience Wenny has Wings is a great easy read that will teach you a lot about tragedy and how to move past it I would highly [...]

  20. The guilt of survival and harshness of life lead young Will on a journey of self discovery and healing as he writes letters to his dead sister who passed as a result of an accident they were both involved in We are catapulted into his thoughts, fears and hurts as he delves into his nightmares about the accident, his anger at Wenny for not turning back, and the weight of caring for his parents and their growing depression Carey writes with a such a personal tone that is authentic to the inner wor [...]

  21. Review from 2005I think Wenny Has Wings is one of the best books I have ever read I even cried some My favorite characters are probably Will, Wenny, and Bullwinkle I like the way the author put in the part about what the names meant I couldn t pu the book down My sisters and I kept trying to read it at once I also like the way Will kept hinting at the bad thing that happened while he was dead and the way it comes out in the end I love the picture on the front of the book and how it was in the st [...]

  22. I enjoyed this book I appreciated the 1st person POV and that it was written in journal form by a 10 12yo child I feel this book is appropriate for all ages and could be beneficial in opening lines of communication with children who have lost loved ones of any age The manner in which Will deals with his loss and the tension in his home is timeless, treasured and heartbreaking all at once The story ultimately ends on an upbeat note, which I feel is necessary for the target audience.h

  23. This book is about a 12 year old boy named Will He loses his little sister Wenny and breaks his leg when a semi hits then while they are walking across the street Will claims that he had a near death experience and that he saw Wenny as she died too While he is in the hospital he got a notebook from a family friend The man that gave it to him said he could write letters to Wenny and he did He wrote in the notebook every day for two years He writes in the notebook how him, his parents, and his dog [...]

  24. I have always loved this book My heart breaks for Will every time I read it I want so much to comfort him when he doesn t feel he can find comfort anywhere else Even though Wenny isn t a physical character in the book her spirit is still kept alive through Will You definitely get a sense of who she was as a person This is definitely a book I will read over and over and will continue to love it.

  25. I picked this book up by chance at the library It is a very quick read, meant for middler schoolers I read it in one sitting It s about a boy who has a near death experience when he and his sister are in an accident His sister, Wenny, dies The book is heartbreaking, yet the author does a great job writing from the point of view of an innocent 11 year old boy I cried thru out the book, but it ends on a good note and I enjoyed it.

  26. Wenny Has Wings is my favorite book of all time It s kind of sad, though It s about this boy I forget his age who when he and his sister, Wenny, when crossing the street got hit by a big truck This is his journal, letters to Wenny He and Wenny are going up to heaven then he gets zapped back to earth, but Wenny didn t I m not going to give anything else away, but this is one amazing, heart breaking book I really suggest it, even though it makes me cry every time.

  27. This is a really moving portrayal of one little boy s struggle to understand the loss of his little sister Simply written and a quick read.I do have a complaint about the accuracy of some of her research, though Will writes about his Pinewood Derby car for Cub Scouts and then references his troop Cub Scouts are organized in packs Boy Scouts are organized into troops It is just a small oversight but doesn t have a good impact on the author s credibility.

  28. This was probably one of the easiest books I ve ever read but it was worth reading I enjoyed it and the main character was easy to relate too The way Carey wrote it helped me imagine how painful it must be to lose a younger sibling which actually made me a cry a little Something I hardly ever do It was simple yet powerful in its own way so I in my opinion in did deserve being in the WAW list.

  29. I read Wenny had Wings in 5th Grade and loved it It made me smile, laugh, cry and I felt a connection with the characters, especially Wenny, even though she s only mentioned I picked it up again last year, and I must say, the effect wasn t the same I didn t like it as much it wasn t as believable Such a shame.