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Spy School Spy School Best Download || [Stuart Gibbs] - Spy School, Spy School Can a normal average kid become a superstar secret agent Maybe not but it ll be fun to watch him try Ben Ripley may only be in middle school but he s already pegged his dream job C I A or bust Unfo

  • Title: Spy School
  • Author: Stuart Gibbs
  • ISBN: 9781442421820
  • Page: 309
  • Format: Hardcover

Spy School Best Download || [Stuart Gibbs], Spy School Best Download || [Stuart Gibbs], Spy School, Stuart Gibbs, Spy School Can a normal average kid become a superstar secret agent Maybe not but it ll be fun to watch him try Ben Ripley may only be in middle school but he s already pegged his dream job C I A or bust Unfortunately for him his personality doesn t exactly scream secret agent In fact Ben is so awkward he can barely get to school and back without a mishap Because of hisCan a normal average. Spy School Best Download || [Stuart Gibbs] - Spy School, Spy School Can a normal average kid become a superstar secret agent Maybe not but it ll be fun to watch him try Ben Ripley may only be in middle school but he s already pegged his dream job C I A or bust Unfo

  • Spy School Best Download || [Stuart Gibbs]
    309Stuart Gibbs
Spy School

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  1. Stuart Gibbs Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Spy School book, this is one of the most wanted Stuart Gibbs author readers around the world.

  2. I would have given it four stars had there not have been useless cussing in the book one damn and three occurrences of ass It s really too bad,too, cause it would be a great mystery action adventure book, otherwise What young reader wouldn t love a good spy novel, especially when the main character is a young boy Such a shame

  3. This message will self destruct in approximately 30 seconds Meet Ripley Ben Ripley He thought spy school was going to be all fancy clothes, exotic places, and crazy cool weapons He was only sorta right See, at 12 years old, Ben is a truly gifted mathematician So, he knows that exactly 4,583 days after his twelfth birthday, secret agent Alexander Hale recruited him to the Academy of Espionage for the Central Intelligence Agency, the CIA He also knows that it is awfully suspicious to recruit a new [...]

  4. The book Spy School is about a thirteen year old boy named Ben Ripley who gets recruited to be a spy He meets this girl named Erica and already he likes her He thinks he is going to be all like James Bond but boy is he wrong His first night there somebody sneaks in his room and tries to kill him Ben ends up finding out that he is on a mission He finds put that there is a mole and an evil organization named SPYDER targeting him Ben and Erica work together to find the mole and stop the SPYDER I lo [...]

  5. The local librarian handed us this book along with _Dead Guy Spy_ after she stubbornly argued that just because of his gender my son would not like _Harriet the Spy_ I still want to revisit Harriet, but I have to admit the librarian was right that this page turner would be a better fit for my son His reading level is a year ahead of his grade in school just finished 2nd , so it s difficult to find reading material that s a challenge but avoids content above his maturity level This book had some [...]

  6. I gave this book 4 out of five stars because I just wasn t my type of book, but I still enjoyed it It starts off with a 12 year old boy named Nick that comes home from school and there is a spy on his couch He goes with the spy to spy school.on his first night an assassin comes into his room while he is sleeping and almost kills him Nick fought him off and called for help No one believes him that there was an assassin Later in the book, Nick figures out that he is the bait for the school, read t [...]

  7. BEST BOOK EVER This book kept me entertained for about a day so it is somewhat short compared to maybe something like Harry Potter This book is great for young readers or at least it would be if not for the unnecessary cussing as it downgrades the over all kid factor of the book But through the potty talk Stewart Gibbs has managed to write an amazing book I can t wait for Spy Camp to be ordered by my library Over all this book is a must read for any spy loving teen who can stand through a few mi [...]

  8. This book was very good I think a theme in this book is trust your instincts From the beginning Ben had a feeling that Chip wan t so good Even though he may not have been correct he was still on to something If Ben had not suspected Chip in the fist place he would never have found the real mole Trusting your instincts is very important in this book.

  9. Ben is surprised when he is recruited by the CIA to go to their Academy of Espionage, which is cleverly disguised as a geeky science academy because aside from some cryptography skills, he s not that smart Turns out that he has been brought in as bait the word is put out that he invented a special code, and people start coming after him The daughter of the man who recruited him, Erica, tells him that all is not as it seems at the school, and there is a mole that must be found Of course, if Ben c [...]

  10. This book kept me interested the whole time Ben Ripley is admitted into spy school and immediately encounters danger on his very first night As a reader it makes you wonder who s behind all the mayhem and just when you think you know the answer, another twist comes up The only thing I didn t care for was the 5 or 6 cuss words throughout the story Granted they are minor words and if this was simply for me, I wouldn t think anything of it but I will definitely have to notify the parents of my fift [...]

  11. This book is about a 12 years old boy name ben Ripley He had an invitation to go to the CIA for school called spy school His parents thought that his on a science school but his really in spy school He met friends and also enemies that tried to kick him out of the school One night an assassin tried to kill him and he reported it to the principal but the principal can t do anything because they don t have evidence from the assassin Ben likes a girl from the spy school and the girl is helping ben [...]

  12. Actual rating 3.7 5.0 Preread Thoughts Okay so, I need a funny pick me up Actions Looks at this book You ve been on my shelf for awhile Flips through I will read you So yes, I chose to read this book because it was sitting on my shelf I was actually surprised by it Let s break it down shall we I didn t think this book would be great I didn t think this book would be awful Turns out that s exactly what this book was I enjoyed the main characters sass quite a lot, and found my self laughing at 11 [...]

  13. Ben Ripley was a normal kid until he got transferred to St Smithen s Science Academy for Boys and Girls in the middle of the school year It turns out, the science school is actually a spy school called the CIA Academy of Espionage Shortly after he got in, he almost got assassinated in the middle of the night and the headmaster,as well as the CIA, figure out there is a mole in the school It is up to Ben to find the mole before it is to late After I made it though first few chapters of Spy School [...]

  14. If it was possible I would give the book SPY SCHOOL ten out of five stars That just shows how amazing this book is, this book has everything you could ever want in a great book, both adventure and comedy I would recommend this book to anyone and everyone.Spy School is a book about this ordinary guy named Ben Ripley being accepted in to a spy training academy Now anyone would think that would be awesome including him, but the day he actually got there was what he thinks is the worst decision of h [...]

  15. Spy School is about Ben Ripley a nobody at his school until a CIA agent shows up at his house He gets sent to a spy school who knows where meanwhile his parents think he s at some science school The first week was rough first he gets attacked by an assassin then attacked by ninjas he meets two bully s Chip and Hauser one day while their playing paintball he sees chip and Hauser wonder off he follows them underground and the next thing he sees is a huge bomb right underneath the school I recommen [...]

  16. Read with my kiddo who enjoyed the humor and adventure There is some mild language but it s in context, doesn t detract from the story, is not excessive, and quite frankly made my son giggle to hear me read it out loud Great book for reluctant readers.

  17. I really liked the book a lot The thrill in the mystery part is so good, I couldn t put the book down I also couldn t stop laughing at some parts.

  18. In the book Spy School by Stuart Gibbs, Ben Ripley is recruited to be in a prestigious spy school only for the best of the best Ripley is gifted at math but other than that he is a normal kid He is recruited by a James Bond look alike and is left wondering what is so special about him As he arrives at spy school, he is thrown in to a tactical situation He is forced into combat and has to use his wits to get him away from the threat, only to find out it was his first exam at spy school, and he wa [...]

  19. The book Spy School by Stuart Gibbs is not my favorite but is still humorous and good The writing in this book is powerful, there are many big words that you may not find in other novels The strengths and weaknesses of the book are that the book brings you in and gives you the five senses of writing, but the spy kind of stuff does not pop out as much I thought it would I would recommend this book to another classmate because it has lots of humor in it and a lot of things that someone at the age [...]

  20. I loved this book because it had a lot of action and had some funny parts in it This book would be great for the people who enjoy reading about spy s and secretiveness I think if you like the Diary of the Wimpy Kid series you d problem like this one too Ive never read the Diary of the Wimpy Kid be looking at the cover i think you guys will like it So in this book this guy named Benjamin or Ben got elected in spy school Bens room got invited by an assassin and it was a crime scene So Ben had to s [...]

  21. I liked this book well enough It had a good plot line, I liked the story, and I liked the idea of a spy school But what really threw me off for this book was the main character I didn t like him I don t know what it was, maybe the way he was always talking about getting the girl hint hint but I didn t like him One thing I did like about this book was Erica She was a strong, smart, brave girl who played a major role in the story I plan to read the next book and hope that Ben grows on me.

  22. I took one of my student s BookTalkTuesday recommendations and read Spy School I can definitely understand why these books are flying off the shelf When Ben Ripley is recruited to CIA Spy School he s honored That is until he realizes that he s been selected as a patsy and his life is in danger But Ben isn t going to let that get him down He s determined to show the CIA he deserves to be a spy, even if it gets him killed.

  23. this book was good it was about this boy in middle school who thought his life would be boring but he got assigned to work in the CIA and he was happy cause he got to do missions n stuff but he was also scared cause it was dangerous but he still did missions.

  24. This was so funny I actually had a gut feeling who was going to be the mole, and surprisingly I was right Which barely ever happens, but this might actually might be my favorite book

  25. This book was INCREDIBLE it s a book for those teenagers who don t like reading or are looking for something to read this will get you hooked for a long time.It s about Ben Ripley who s not the most popular kid in his school who dreams of getting recluted by the CIA but little did he know his dream might become reality

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  27. the spy school is about the CIA recruit called Ben Ripley who was falsely recruited to spy school as bate but he wasn t told about the CIA s master plan to take down a world wide terrorist organisation code name spyder In this book there are a lot of plot twists and mysteries to be solved, i definitely recommend it because it is a short action packed book.