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The Last Storyteller

The Last Storyteller ☆ The Last Storyteller à Frank Delaney - The Last Storyteller, The Last Storyteller Frank Delaney New York Times bestselling author of Ireland Shannon Tipperary Venetia Kelly s Traveling Show and The Matchmaker of Kenmare is the unparalleled master of Irish historical fiction

  • Title: The Last Storyteller
  • Author: Frank Delaney
  • ISBN: 9781400067855
  • Page: 275
  • Format: Hardcover

☆ The Last Storyteller à Frank Delaney, ☆ The Last Storyteller à Frank Delaney, The Last Storyteller, Frank Delaney, The Last Storyteller Frank Delaney New York Times bestselling author of Ireland Shannon Tipperary Venetia Kelly s Traveling Show and The Matchmaker of Kenmare is the unparalleled master of Irish historical fiction bringing Ireland to life with exceptional warmth wisdom and wit Now in The Last Storyteller Delaney weaves an absorbing tale of lasting love dangerous risk and the healFrank. ☆ The Last Storyteller à Frank Delaney - The Last Storyteller, The Last Storyteller Frank Delaney New York Times bestselling author of Ireland Shannon Tipperary Venetia Kelly s Traveling Show and The Matchmaker of Kenmare is the unparalleled master of Irish historical fiction

  • ☆ The Last Storyteller à Frank Delaney
    275Frank Delaney
The Last Storyteller

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  1. Frank Delaney was an author, a broadcaster on both television and radio, journalist, screenwriter, playwright, lecturer, and a judge of many literary prizes Delaney interviewed than 3,500 of the world s most important writers NPR called him The Most Eloquent Man in the World Delaney was born and raised in County Tipperary, Ireland, spent than twenty five years in England before moving to the United States in 2002 He lived in Litchfield County, Connecticut, with his wife, writer and marketer, Diane Meier.

  2. There were some notable things lacking in Frank Delaney s The Matchmaker of Kenmare, which surprised me, because Delaney is capable of writing, and had already written a nearly perfect novel Ireland What I didn t know back then, is that Delaney was holding back He was saving the big punches for his newest book,the final in the Ben McCarthy trilogy, The Last Storyteller This novel, like Ireland, is everything an Irish novel should be It s funny at times, tragic at times and always a tiny bit epic [...]

  3. It is time for Ben MacCarthy to face his past and defeat his worst enemy his own pusillanimity Every single aspect and person he comes into contact with seems to be telling him so, yet he remains a coward But how can he risk rejection again, when life seems to be uncontrollably happening to him, and not at all in a pleasant way His mentor is gone, the Irish Republican Army is rising and he got involved somehow, his parents are selling his childhood home and Venetia is back to Ireland.It always c [...]

  4. The Last Storyteller A Novel Of Ireland is a book of enduring beauty, suspense and heartbreak Ben MacCarthy is a flawed, but idealistic hero, searching for his purpose as a father, and learning to overcome cowardice to reconnect with his long lost wife The complex characters of this book, endure emotional and often brutal realities, which Delaney concisely depicts with carefully chosen words and phrases He is a true word master, whose narrative skills create memorable and compelling scenes MacCa [...]

  5. It s always risky reading the last book of a trilogy as a stand alone without first having read the previous titles, but that s what we did in our group with this book As it turned out, several of the group abandoned Storyteller before finishing because of character and plot confusion Those of us who actually stuck it out to the end agreed that although it started out slowly and was hard to follow, things became clearer and engaging in the second half But one thing that everyone agreed on was t [...]

  6. This book is kind of fun, it s a series of stories within a story The narrator is the story teller sharing his stories and wisdom with his traveling companion I enjoyed it.

  7. I was offered a free copy of this book to review, being the outspoken fan of Delaney s that I am, and would like to offer my thanks for that opportunity That being said, this book made me nervous I normally tear through Delaney s books, but this one was slow going for me I was actually convinced about halfway through that I wouldn t like it, and then dramatically changed course when I got to the superb last third of the book As others have mentioned, this is the third book in a trilogy, and whil [...]

  8. Original review posted at Layers of Thought.This is a book for story tellers and story readers It s the third stand alone book in Frank Delaney s Novel of Ireland series It includes Irish history, myth, and lore layered with its 1956 setting It s a book that will please those who wish a vicarious trip to Ireland and the oral traditions of its past Do you have room in your mind for a tale of life itself, a tale of wonder, wisdom, and delight page 331 About This is a multi layered story which is t [...]

  9. Frank Delaney s latest novel, The Last Storyteller A Novel Of Ireland, is a book to be savored, an unforgettable story of love, joy, loss, danger THE LAST STORYTELLER is a history of Ireland told in bits and broken pieces, bitter fact, story, and myth I read it through once, then flipped back and forth, re reading underlined passages, all the while basking in its spell For make no mistake, Delaney is a prodigious weaver of words.It is 1956 and Ireland is again in upheaval, the nation, downtrodde [...]

  10. As in the novel most feel was his masterpiece, Ireland, in The Last Storyteller, the craft of storytelling is not only celebrated, it s gift wrapped and presented in ways that feel important, and yet, personal and intimate For those who love the idea of Once Upon a Time this is the book for you Like all of Frank s books, the language is gorgeous No doubt you expect me to say something like that But really listen This book is somethingThe story is compelling and moving and full of all the things [...]

  11. A sigh of satisfaction escaped my lips as I finally put this book down With a plot as meandering as an Irish country road, this final book in the Venetia Kelly trilogy is deeply satiating read From the first page Delaney pulls you into the old Ireland the humor, the poetry of the vernacular, the poverty, the ability to always pull through and laugh at everyone This book goes deeper into Ben s personal struggles, and throughout the book he examines and questions his actions over the years We foll [...]

  12. I was fortunate enough to receive an ARC copy to read, but The Last Storyteller is available at a bookstore near you or online, etc etc etc If you re a fan of Frank Delaney, if you love a good story, then move The Last Storyteller to the top of your to read list The Last Storyteller is a beautifully written, wonderful, Magical Love story from Frank Delaney to the world Ben MacCarthy, working for the Irish Folklore Commission, returns once in the final book of the Venetia Kelly trilogy While the [...]

  13. I was fortunate to receive an advance review copy of Frank Delaney s The Last Storyteller It was my first introduction to his work, and even though the book is part of a continuing series, it works wonderfully as a stand alone novel While the beginning is just a tad slow, it was soon easy to be lost in Ben and Venetia s story while still being captivated by the interweaving of the legends and mythos of Ireland too not an easy feat, and one that shows off Delaney s considerable narrative skills D [...]

  14. Venetia has traveled back to Ireland She is joined by her new husband A man that is cruel and nothing like Ben No matter where Venetia is, Ben always has her on his mind Ben would go to the ends of the Earth for her That is why Ben goes on his last trip to reclaim Venetia as his forever.The Last Storyteller is the last book about couple, Ben MacCarthy and his true love, Venetia Kelly I have enjoyed reading these books I instantly fell in love with Ben, Venetia and author, Delaney, when I picked [...]

  15. I loved this book I loved his writing It s hard to find books these days that are well written, have an interesting story line but don t have a lot of junk in them I m looking forward to reading his other books.

  16. I think the best way to sum up this story is to call it a fictional memoir of a storyteller who confesses to doing things he s not proud of.Ben MacCarthy was born and raised in Ireland He falls in love with and marries the one love of his life, Venetia Kelly Their happiness is short lived when she is taken away from him He later finds her, and watches her from a distance He also discovers that he has two children, twins, with Venetia, that he didn t know existed But he feels inadequate in his po [...]

  17. I love this book It took me a while to get into it, but once I did, I couldn t put it down.The book is so layered that it s impossible to absorb or even notice everything Delaney is doing on the first reading I haven t read the other books in the series I suspect that familiarity with the characters would help a bit, but there s still so much going on that I recommend multiple readings Read it the first time to get acclimated, the second time to savor every word, every story, every nuance You mi [...]

  18. So very different from Ireland that I was not sure it was the same author I think the challenge might have come from accidentally skipping book 2 in the series, which is not clearly marked as sequential But I learned a great deal about the IRA of the 1950s, as well as about the Storyteller himself.

  19. I actually gave up on this book at page 50 The timeline was confusing to me and I had to constantly think about whether the chapter I was reading was in the present, the near past, the distant past, or even the future Also I found some of the violence very disturbing to read about I m sure the Irish history would have been interesting but I just couldn t get into the story enough to continue with it I did not realize this was the 3rd book in a trilogy until reading some other reviews here, so ma [...]

  20. I find Delaney to be one of the great storytellers His novels capture you and hold you as he weaves his tale His passing was a literary loss.

  21. I absolutely loved Ireland by this author, so I had high hopes for this book A few loose ends did not get tied up at the end and that spoiled the book for me Very unsatisfying and disappointing.

  22. I did not enjoy this book as much as the other two in the trilogy, although the ending saved it for me The story was too disjointed and I found it a struggle to read rather than enjoyable to read.

  23. At a fairly late point in The Last Storyteller , the protagonist Ben McCarthy says that, in times of acute pain and fear, people needed something other than their norms By this, he was referring to the power of stories to heal and unite people At one stride we had returned to a kind of spiritual paganism, an intense humanism almost, a reaching for primitive beliefs in the power of the human spirit to learn how to heal itself 337 This is, at heart, what The Last Storyteller is about the power of [...]

  24. The Last Storyteller by Frank DelaneyISBN 978 1 4000 6785 5Published by Random HousePublished February 7, 2012Hard Cover, 385 pagesI like Frank Delaney s style of writing It s different and undoubtedly quirky, but somehow perfect for an Irish tale I can hear an Irish lilt as I read it The Last Storyteller is the third book in a trilogy that began with Venetia Kelly s Travelling Show, followed by The Matchmaker of Kenmare and it brings to a close the story of Ben MacCarthy and Venetia Kelly.Ben s [...]

  25. Delaney s Last Storyteller is an ambitious novel that seeks to connect history, myth, and personal reality, all in the guise of a tale or series of tales about recently independent Ireland of the 1950s.The main storyline focuses on Ben MacCarthy, a government employee whose job is to collect folklore from around the country The setting is an Ireland being torn apart by violence the fight over the freeing of Northern Ireland from British control supported by a group of rebels that would become kn [...]

  26. I have been attempting to read The Last Storyteller by Frank Delaney for several months, but I ve been excited, anxious, and, quite frankly, dreading reading this book Let me explain The Last Storyteller is the last book in a trilogy about the incredible life of Ben McCarthy Ben works for the Irish Folklore Commission collecting stories, anecdotes, home remedies, and lore The riveting final installment of Delaney s Ben McCarthy trilogy focuses on the protagonist s folklore studies with legendary [...]

  27. Part way through this book I realised that Delaney had written another book, Venetia Kelly s Travelling Show I felt that perhaps I should have read the earlier book first, but not having done so the Last Storyteller had to stand on its own It didn t quite, for Venetia also occupies some of these pages and I could never fathom her motives.Venetia also occupies the mind and life of Ben MacCarthy, the storyteller in this book, so it would have helped to have understood her better, but no matter, li [...]