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Richard Scarry's Best Storybook Ever!

Richard Scarry's Best Storybook Ever! [PDF] Unlimited » Richard Scarry's Best Storybook Ever! : by Richard Scarry - Richard Scarry's Best Storybook Ever!, Richard Scarry s Best Storybook Ever From the cheery sun on the first page to the sleepy moon on the last and throughout all pages in between there are stories rhymes and fun with the one and only Richard Scarry Classic tales al

  • Title: Richard Scarry's Best Storybook Ever!
  • Author: Richard Scarry
  • ISBN: 9780307165480
  • Page: 269
  • Format: Hardcover

[PDF] Unlimited » Richard Scarry's Best Storybook Ever! : by Richard Scarry, [PDF] Unlimited » Richard Scarry's Best Storybook Ever! : by Richard Scarry, Richard Scarry's Best Storybook Ever!, Richard Scarry, Richard Scarry s Best Storybook Ever From the cheery sun on the first page to the sleepy moon on the last and throughout all pages in between there are stories rhymes and fun with the one and only Richard Scarry Classic tales alphabet and counting stories lots of new words and concepts and visits around town to the airport and across the world make this essential book that will capti. [PDF] Unlimited » Richard Scarry's Best Storybook Ever! : by Richard Scarry - Richard Scarry's Best Storybook Ever!, Richard Scarry s Best Storybook Ever From the cheery sun on the first page to the sleepy moon on the last and throughout all pages in between there are stories rhymes and fun with the one and only Richard Scarry Classic tales al

  • [PDF] Unlimited » Richard Scarry's Best Storybook Ever! : by Richard Scarry
    269Richard Scarry
Richard Scarry's Best Storybook Ever!

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  1. RICHARD SCARRY is one of the world s best loved children s authors EVER In his extraordinary career, Scarry illustrated over 150 books, many of which have never been out of print His books have sold over 100 million copies around the world, and are currently published in over twenty languages No other illustrator has shown such a lively interest in the words and concepts of early childhood Richard Scarry was posthumously awarded a Lifetime Achievement Award from the Society of Illustrators in 2012.

  2. This book was my husband s when he was a child It s seen a lotta love It s missing the cover and some outside pages Legomeister spent hours pouring over all the vehicle pictures, and we loved to read the nursery rhymes and stories.Little Miss really liked I am a Bunny by Ole Risom It shows the bunny in four different seasons And The Bunny Book by Patricia Scarry, where everyone asks Baby Bunny what he wants to be when he grows up A daddy These longer stories weren t my favorite, except for the s [...]

  3. This book has so much sentimental value to me as it was one of the staples of my daughter s reading diet for years We really loved Lowly Worm I adored how the stories were morally engaging without being didactic or pendantic or boring I think I even may have kept it, although it was rather falling apart Oh the memories

  4. Best Storybook Ever.Well, maybe not quite But it s pretty great and all of the art was extremely nostalgic for me Hadn t seen this thing since I was about six years old I used some of my 34th birthday money to buy it today and flipped through it at the coffee shop, recognizing all of the pictures and smiling at all of the smoking including on the cover.

  5. My son got this book for Christmas and we love it, I love how it has daddys cooking and cleaning and moms doing yard work Well drawn and so much snarky Britt lit.

  6. I loved this as a child and my 15 month old daughter also delights when dada reads from this book during her goodnight routine.

  7. One of my absolute favourites as a child, so full of images and stories and adventures, I could spend hours absorbed in this book.

  8. Adalyn 2 pours over this book in the car It s not my favorite because it s not in the style of his other Busy town books But for a child who doesn t sit still well, she ll read this in the car for 20 minutes at a time Some of the stories are weird so I try to skip those Some of them are just pictures with word labels.

  9. Two of my favorite stories in this collection were written by Patricia Scarry I found a copy of this book at a thrift store that matches exactly the book i owned as a kid Why did my mom toss or give away all my books from my childhood Having fun recalling and searching for copies of all my childhood favorites.

  10. I finished reading my twenty fifth and sixth books in English for this year without using a dictionary My twenty fifth book is a child book and sixth book is a book for adults Each book has around 100 short stories, so I d read one story per a day around for three months.I think this idea is really great because after three month I can finish reading the book Plus, it s not difficult for me to keep reading a short story in English every single day In Japanese we have a proverb Chiri mo tsuba yam [...]

  11. Mama got this as a gift at a baby shower She thought of giving it away, because she did not think it looked very fun I am so glad that she did not I love ALL the stories in the book There are 82 stories But, I have four favorites that I go to again and again When I was very sick and had to stay in bed I asked to have this book with me I would turn on my tummy and slowly turn each page It gave me great comfort to have a book I love with me when I felt yucky At night, when I go to bed I beg to tak [...]

  12. This was a family favorite when we were kids I just bought it for my family and oh man.ries It is just as fabulous as I remembered It has great illustrations to spark a child s imagination This is a fantastic pick for young learners as it covers counting, abc s, shapes, seasons, months, occupations, manners, vocabulary, nature, chorese list goes on Of course, the nostalgia is a big plus for me, but I hope Ari and Mirabel will curl up on the couch or lay on their tummies, feet kicking, reading th [...]

  13. This book has been the nighttime routine for my two year old and I for the past few months It s an edited collection of stories, poems, etc from other Richard Scarry books 288 pages of illustrated magnificence The writing is nothing to get too excited about It s fine writing, but there is nothing truly memorable about it The illustrations, however, are genius Father bears in smoking jackets, double decker buses heavy laden with adventuring young animals, cats in fezzes, owls in lettermans sweate [...]

  14. 2008 A collection of previously published stories and poems by Richard Scarry Topics include words, colours, alphabet, numbers, fables, mother goose, cars, planes, manners, animals and much .This is a fun book for young children The topics are most suitable to very young children but those a bit older will be able to read most of the text We used this book with our curriculum this year, reading a few stories spread out over the whole year He was always happy when it time to read the stories and [...]

  15. Featuring 82 short stories and poems, this book also features some of the most beautiful imagery i ve seen before Words To Learn , for instance, teaches children about the names and locations of body parts, the months of the year, the names of designated names of family members, and the days of the week and are accompanied by drawings There are also stories that deal with the seasons, colors, and how to be nice one another.

  16. This was my favorite book when I was younger I read it so many times.Great kids book Funny This book would be best for ages 4 and up Maybe a little younger This book is funny I remember everything that happened When I read this book it I thought it was the funniest thing ever but that was awhile ago I love this random book because it is easy to read, and quite funny I think everyone should read this books So read it now Bookworm

  17. I recommend this book all the time It is a wonderful book for a child to grow with It has everything from the alphabet and colors to easy reading stories to bedtime stories to read to the little ones Good to carry everywhere for those times when the kids are getting cranky Lots to occupy their busy minds.

  18. My kids love looking at this book in the carlots of fun pictures and stories A number of the pages are scenes with everything labeled or different concepts colors, counting etc It s a great book to take along for quiet reading while at the doctors or someplace else since it s large enough to keep them entertained for awhile.

  19. Richard Scarry s books are great for young children They have interactive pages The pages have a collection of short vignettes or little descriptive explanations of activities Thus these books can be read in bits, so they are good for engagement of young children They are great for print motivation as well as print awareness.

  20. My first grade teacher gave everyone in her class a copy of this I read it, and re read it, and re read it It didn t exactly teach me to read, but it certainly helped And Yes, I still have it, falling apart though it is, poor thing.Want a good book for a child beginning to read Look no further.

  21. I read this to Lydia, and of course she didn t pay attention she s five months old , but I still enjoyed it I love this book partly for the nostalgia my parents read it to me when I was young , partly for the anthropomorphic animals this book might be why I love animals in hats so much , partly for the wonderful art.

  22. This book was okay, but I would highly very recommend Richard Scarry s Cars and Trucks and Things that Go The images in both books are detailed and inspire conversation, but this book lacks a consistent narrative When the child gets a long enough attention span, the storyline in Things that Go makes it enjoyable than this one.

  23. Meet Huckle Cat, Loly Worm and other fun characters in this wonderful book Pages and pages of great artwork that will entertain a child with just trying to find all the items on the pages It s a great book to pick up and fill time with your kids, my kids wore out 3 copies just from the constant reading of the book.

  24. This may not be the Best Storybook Ever , but it was a favorite of mine when I was a child Memorable stories for me were the paint color story that explains how colors mix to make new colors, various international stories Pip goes to London , A Castle in Denmark , Officer Montey of Monaco , Couscous the Algerian Detective , etc , and The Bunny Book by Patricia Scarry.

  25. This big book compiles many of Scarry s best loved book Not all of them are stories it also got rhymes and encyclopedia like things different types of planes, what we do everyday, etc , which in my opinion making the book delightful However, this collection does not include stories featuring Scarry s signature character Huckle Cat.

  26. Each night we read one or two stories to my littlest ones it is never enough for them my two year old will beg adin adin and now as soon as he feels a little tiered he grabs the book and his blankie and brings it strait to me.

  27. My siblings and I grew up with this book, and so for Christmas one year, my mom sent all of us our very own copy I loved this book when I was little, and my kids love it now too It s a classic Great pictures, of course and cute cute stories