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The White Castle

The White Castle The White Castle Best Download || [Orhan Pamuk Victoria Rowe Holbrook] - The White Castle, The White Castle From a Turkish writer who has been compared with Borges Nabokov and DeLillo comes a dazzling novel that is at once a captivating work of historical fiction and a sinuous treatise on the enigma of id

  • Title: The White Castle
  • Author: Orhan Pamuk Victoria Rowe Holbrook
  • ISBN: 9780571164660
  • Page: 167
  • Format: Paperback

The White Castle Best Download || [Orhan Pamuk Victoria Rowe Holbrook], The White Castle Best Download || [Orhan Pamuk Victoria Rowe Holbrook], The White Castle, Orhan Pamuk Victoria Rowe Holbrook, The White Castle From a Turkish writer who has been compared with Borges Nabokov and DeLillo comes a dazzling novel that is at once a captivating work of historical fiction and a sinuous treatise on the enigma of identity and the relations between East and West In the th century a young Italian scholar sailing from Venice to Naples is taken prisoner and delivered to Constantinople TFrom a Tur. The White Castle Best Download || [Orhan Pamuk Victoria Rowe Holbrook] - The White Castle, The White Castle From a Turkish writer who has been compared with Borges Nabokov and DeLillo comes a dazzling novel that is at once a captivating work of historical fiction and a sinuous treatise on the enigma of id

  • The White Castle Best Download || [Orhan Pamuk Victoria Rowe Holbrook]
    167Orhan Pamuk Victoria Rowe Holbrook
The White Castle

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  1. Orhan Pamuk was born in Istanbul in 1952 and grew up in a large family similar to those which he describes in his novels Cevdet Bey and His Sons and The Black Book, in the wealthy westernised district of Nisantasi As he writes in his autobiographical book Istanbul, from his childhood until the age of 22 he devoted himself largely to painting and dreamed of becoming an artist After graduating from the secular American Robert College in Istanbul, he studied architecture at Istanbul Technical University for three years, but abandoned the course when he gave up his ambition to become an architect and artist He went on to graduate in journalism from Istanbul University, but never worked as a journalist At the age of 23 Pamuk decided to become a novelist, and giving up everything else retreated into his flat and began to write.His first novel Cevdet Bey and His Sons was published seven years later in 1982 The novel is the story of three generations of a wealthy Istanbul family living in Nisantasi, Pamuk s own home district The novel was awarded both the Orhan Kemal and Milliyet literary prizes The following year Pamuk published his novel The Silent House, which in French translation won the 1991 Prix de la d couverte europ ene The White Castle 1985 about the frictions and friendship between a Venetian slave and an Ottoman scholar was published in English and many other languages from 1990 onwards, bringing Pamuk his first international fame The same year Pamuk went to America, where he was a visiting scholar at Columbia University in New York from 1985 to 1988 It was there that he wrote most of his novel The Black Book, in which the streets, past, chemistry and texture of Istanbul are described through the story of a lawyer seeking his missing wife This novel was published in Turkey in 1990, and the French translation won the Prix France Culture The Black Book enlarged Pamuk s fame both in Turkey and internationally as an author at once popular and experimental, and able to write about past and present with the same intensity In 1991 Pamuk s daughter R ya was born That year saw the production of a film Hidden Face, whose script by Pamuk was based on a one page story in The Black Book.His novel The New Life, about young university students influenced by a mysterious book, was published in Turkey in 1994 and became one of the most widely read books in Turkish literature My Name Is Red, about Ottoman and Persian artists and their ways of seeing and portraying the non western world, told through a love story and family story, was published in 1998 This novel won the French Prix du meilleur livre tranger, the Italian Grinzane Cavour 2002 and the International IMPAC Dublin literary award 2003 From the mid 1990s Pamuk took a critical stance towards the Turkish state in articles about human rights and freedom of thought, although he took little interest in politics Snow, which he describes as my first and last political novel was published in 2002 In this book set in the small city of Kars in northeastern Turkey he experimented with a new type of political novel , telling the story of violence and tension between political Islamists, soldiers, secularists, and Kurdish and Turkish nationalists Snow was selected as one of the best 100 books of 2004 by The New York Times In 1999 a selection of his articles on literature and culture written for newspapers and magazines in Turkey and abroad, together with a selection of writings from his private notebooks, was published under the title Other Colours Pamuk s most recent book, Istanbul, is a poetical work that is hard to classify, combining the author s early memoirs up to the age of 22, and an essay about the city of Istanbul, illustrated with photographs from his own album, and pictures by western painters and Turkish photographers.

  2. Benim a mdan tek kelimeyle kusursuz bir okuma deneyimi oldu Beyaz Kale Orhan Pamuk a olan hayranl m bir kat daha artt O kadar derinlikli tarihsel detaylar n i inde zaman atlamalar yaparak kurgu yaratma cesareti, kabiliyeti, ba ar s , sonunda ya anan d n m, hatta yle bir roman ki bana kal rsa sonunun da ok nemli olmamas , sona gelene kadar i sel t m gerginli i, z mlemeyi yol boyunca yapt rm olmas , ve ve ve benim i in en haz verici olan k sm ya att his inan lmazd S ze b yle girdikten sonra geleli [...]

  3. A Short StartI started reading this novel, because it was Pamuk s shortest and although I liked the subject matter of his other novels, I was worried I might bite off than I could chew I am the sort of person who must finish a book once I ve started it, even if I hate it So this was a taster for me.From A to B Inevitably I think it is fair to say that what happens at the end is inevitable His craftsmanship lies in how he achieves it There is a moment towards the end of the book when the door op [...]

  4. Warning you have to relax to read this book, just let go and let it take you where it wants This is a novel on identity the plot really does not matter is this the defining feature of good literature , the crucial point is how two individuals actually become one, to the point that we no longer know ourselves who is whom Is the Italian slave really taking the place of his hoja i.e master, according to Adam Shatz in the London Review of Books , are they really swapping lives as previously fantasis [...]

  5. 7 10Kitab n sonunda O.Pamuk un kaleme ald sons z, hem samimi hem de doyurucuydu.Sons z okumasayd m baz eyler bende havada kalm olacakt Pamuk okurken hep fazladan beklenti i indeyim belki ald d l nedeniyle Beklentimi kar lamad ancak keyif ald m diyebilirim.

  6. He did not want to think about how terrible the world would be if men spoke always of themselves, of their own peculiarities if their books and their stories were always about this I don t know how to write a review for such a book I m sure it deserves than 3 stars cause it s a unique and one of a kind story but I haven t enjoyed it that muchThe ending was vague as were the characterssometimes I thought the character Hoja was mentally disturbed and sometimes I thought he was a genius as for his [...]

  7. Yakla k 20 y l sonra yeniden okudu um Beyaz Kale yi bu defa daha ok sevdim lk okudu um zamanlarda san r m daha yirmi de ildim okunmas gereken her eyi s rayla okuyup, yan na bir tik atan, a bir gen okurdum sadece imdi daha sindire sindire, keyifli okumalar yap yorum eskiden okuyup rafa kald rd m, hakk az verilmi romanlar oldu unu yeni yeni idrak ediyorum Beyaz Kale kesinlikle bu romanlardan biri ocuk ya ta tahta oturtulan hayvanlara merakl Padi ah Avc Mehmet zaman nda ge en hikayede T rklere esir [...]

  8. The White Castle is a colorful and intricately patterned triumph of the imagination said the annotation But I don t see The White Castle as a triumph It s good but nothing Pamuk tells us a story about a slave who inspite all diffuculties and troubles took his place in the turkish society of masters and a master who seemed to be insane and genious at the same time They are similar like brothers and their mind had become similar, too Knowledge of the Slave became a part of Hoja Hoja s enthusiasm [...]

  9. It is almost impossible to talk about this book without revealing its ending or at least what one might consider to be its ending This strange work purports to be a 17th century manuscript found by one Faruk Darvinoglu in 1982 We find that in the manuscript we are about to read, some events described in the story bore little resemblance to fact , although the truth of the general knowledge of the period seemed to be accurate p.2 On page 3 Faruk reveals that a professor he had consulted tells him [...]

  10. Pamuk s talent for storytelling is definitely unquestionable Well, OK, you can disagree, I don t care I loved the setting it was basically the main criteria for choosing the book I d probably need to mention the reader friendly length, as well I loved the plot the double the identical twin, the capacity of exchanging not only identities, but also memories, ideas and beliefs , the framing device, the unreliable 1st person narrative, the mind games and the twisted relationship brutal conflict love [...]

  11. I was surprised at how easy and fast this was to read Until I got to the end, I mean Then I felt that I should start over and read it again, because I was sure I missed something You tricked me, Mr.Pamuk And I liked it The best part about this book was the exploration of identity What does it mean, when I say who I am What makes me me and not someone else Not something I want to think about all the time, but excellent thoughts to spin around in the early hours of the morning.Slightly beside the [...]

  12. Video review youtube watch v Po4dQFeatured in my Top 20 Books I Read in 2017It ll make you feel wonderfully sinister A dreamy, absorbing novel that s very dense but immensely captivating on par with the weirdest fiction of Calvino, Borges or Hoffmann.

  13. Are we really so different from one another Why am I not the magnificent white castle that sits on top of the hill but a rusty, creaking and nonsensical monstrosity wrought in hopes of proving things to them , stuck in mud and sinking to its death with poor, accidental participants in it Why can t I be you If I knew who you were, where you come from and what you thought of while eating lunch with your family on an idle summer day of your youth Are there really things to be found inside oneself A [...]

  14. Do u bat ikilemi ve ki inin kendisinden ba kas olma zlemi Pamuk un her okudu um kitab nda g r l yor, bu konuyu ok g zel i ledi ini d n yorum Orhan Pamuk favorilerim aras na giremez belki Beyaz Kale fakat ne yazsa keyifle a kla okuyorum.

  15. i didn t like it, but may be because i expected a lot from it as a historical novel was boring for me, i leave it several times,but finally i finished it

  16. If you want To know the differences between a Western mind and an Ottoman mind read this bookMaybe this is the reason of our backwardness in east

  17. I wanted to love this book, and it seems uncomfortably unintellectual for me to say that I have mixed feelings about it Much of the time I felt like I was reading through a haze which had the added effect of slowing all action down The end of the novel I first found vexing in the extreme I spent the whole rest of the day after I finished it in a snit But I ve made my peace with it, and I understand I think why it may have done what it did In the end, I m glad I read it, but I didn t entirely enj [...]

  18. The White Castle, or Beyaz Kale as it was first printed in Turkish is a book which looks long and hard at the idea of personal identity The narrator asks Of what importance is it who a man is The important thing is what we have done and will do This Kafka esque statement eloquently sums up the essence of the two main characters, the Hoja teacher and his Italian slave Throughout their time together slave and master are caught in a tussle over their identities Both recognise the similarities in ap [...]

  19. Orhan Pamuk has won the Nobel Prize for literature and is supposed to be the premier man of letters in contemporary Turkey However, I noted that than one person on my friends list on was less than enthused with his books Thus, instead of reading his famous My Name is Red or Snow, I deliberately chose the slimmest volume on the shelf for my introduction The White Castle a mere 161 pages yet this couldn t hold me even that far.Set in seventeenth century Turkey, it s the first person account of a [...]