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Lies [PDF] Lies | by ↠ Enrique de Hériz - Lies, Lies Isabel Azuera an anthropologist is deep in the jungle of northern Guatemala She has told everyone that she is doing field research but in fact she has made the journey to escape her family When she

  • Title: Lies
  • Author: Enrique de Hériz
  • ISBN: 9780385517942
  • Page: 134
  • Format: Hardcover

[PDF] Lies | by ↠ Enrique de Hériz, [PDF] Lies | by ↠ Enrique de Hériz, Lies, Enrique de Hériz, Lies Isabel Azuera an anthropologist is deep in the jungle of northern Guatemala She has told everyone that she is doing field research but in fact she has made the journey to escape her family When she learns that she is believed to have died in a terrible boating accident and that her children have misidentified a mutilated body as her own she decides to keep the truthIsabel Azuera an anthr. [PDF] Lies | by ↠ Enrique de Hériz - Lies, Lies Isabel Azuera an anthropologist is deep in the jungle of northern Guatemala She has told everyone that she is doing field research but in fact she has made the journey to escape her family When she

  • [PDF] Lies | by ↠ Enrique de Hériz
    134Enrique de Hériz

One Comment to Lies

  1. Enrique de H riz 1964 is one of the true storytellers For years he worked as a lecturer, translator and publisher before he completely gave himself to writing His first novel, El dia menos pensado, received overwhelmingly good reviews In 2003 he was awarded the Premio UNED for short stories His third novel, Mentira Lies was awarded the Spanish booktraders prize.

  2. A very interesting novel I kept wanting to underline passages concerning lies and truth The anthropological details were wonderful, and I liked the lightly sketched characterisations Some digressions seemed a little unnecessary particularly a subplot about a Russian couple that didn t quite go anywhere, and a story of a long ago battle that was interesting but not wholly relevant Overall I suppose I d call this novel uneven but worth the draggy bits I was genuinely moved towards the end, too, wh [...]

  3. This is superficial, really, but I was slightly annoyed that one of the two narratives was written entirely in italics Since the narratives are divided into separate chapters, I didn t think this was entirely necessary and felt like everything was being emphasized.As for the story itself, I don t know say in a erudite fashion that it just didn t do it for me I probably need to take time to really think about the novel, but at first read it didn t really strike a chord.

  4. It was interesting reading about the work and studies of an anthropologist, but I didn t really get in to the whole narrative history of this family I didn t like how each character seemed so locked in to their particular role, I just guess I didn t really care that much for them Maybe I d rather read a whole book about the Russian couple.

  5. Parts of this were beautiful beyond explanation, and others I found myself skipping entirely I think I appreciated it when I finished reading it than during the actual reading Stories, and, in some ways, lies, are a part of each of us.

  6. I enjoy dual perspective novels on the whole, but Enrique de Heriz s Lies, which I read for the Guatemala stop on my Around the World in 80 Books challenge, did not really do anything for me Serena s sections of the narrative felt overwritten, and I felt detached from both perspectives, quite unable to get into it I thought that this sounded as though it would be right up my street, as I love books about exploration and mysteries, but it did not live up to its premise The prose flowed well enoug [...]

  7. An edited version of this article was first published as Book Review Lies by Enrique de H riz on Blogcritics.How much do you care about the truth How far are you willing to go to uncover the truth Conversely, how far are you willing to cover up a lie These are just some of the questions that this multi layered complex book tries to answer This book is the story of Isabel Azuera, who is an aged anthropologist, and her family At the age of 69, she suddenly announces to her family that she is headi [...]

  8. Mid 4 This is an enchanting investigation into the nature of truth, where every event, in its retelling, passes into family lore and history through the creative processes of each narrator As such, the mistakenly reported death of Isabel Garcia Luna in the depths of the Guatemalan jungle enables her to reflect on how her own husband s tales about their own famly history may have shaped their own children s lives To her mind the past, like the future, can only be imagined Isabel s own professiona [...]

  9. I took a long time to read this book, and half wondered from time to time if I was going to ever finish it But every time I picked it up from under the rest of the pile beside the bed, I glanced at what I d most recently read in it and wanted to know what was going to happen next So, while I can t agree with the quote on the cover I was gripped from the start , I do agree that it s worth reading.An anthropologist who specialises in death customs is herself mistakenly thought dead When she realis [...]

  10. Very well written, thought provoking novel examining the mythology that families and other groups create and pass on The narration alternates between the older woman anthropologist who is mistakenly thought to be dead and is in no hurry to correct that mistake , and her daughter back home in Spain, who obsesses about learning the truth about her family s history I especially like the sections focusing on the mother what a fascinating character the author has created here Some of the family legen [...]

  11. Always nice to read a novel from a different country and this one from Spanish writer de Heriz is very good It deals with the lies that families tell each other through the generations to amuse, to mislead, or to preserve family ties It is good how the various lies over the years all come together at the end when the presumed dead mother of this family is reunited with her husband and children.

  12. Quite interesting until the last 10% which felt pretty weak or anyway very different from the rest and the final handful of pages left me feeling very blah All of the sudden all the characters seemed to resolve their personal issues, but I didn t see any real reason for the change Maybe poor translation was the problem, though the language itself seemed to flow nicely Enjoyable overall, just all a little sudden and pat at the end, and that s colored my feelings about the book.

  13. El Premi Llibreter 2004 no deja indiferente a quien lo lea Destacar a fundamentalmente la mezcla bien trabada de g neros, temas y estilos en especial el mon logo, las cartas y las referencias etnol gicas, mar timas y metaliterarias La novela describe sin ambages y con una prosa muy elegante la omnipresencia de la mentira y la leyenda en nuestras vidas Una verdadera joyita.

  14. Good storytelling of a modern day Spanish family and the lies that have been a part of their family in the past and the present.

  15. fantastico libro sobre la libertad de escapar de una vida que oprime, encorseta y a la que se vuelve desde una posici n nueva.